Border Security Using Wireless Integrated Network Sensors by rwr16448

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Border Security Using Wireless Integrated Network Sensors document sample

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List of selected papers
Sr.No.      Topic                          Paper Title                                Authors                          Contact            Email id
  1      Sanket          Optomechanical sensors based on the               Mr. Abhijeet Pimpalgaonkar,      III yr Electronics, ,
                         combination of Integrated Optics and MEMS         Mr. Yogesh Moon                  RCERT Chandrapur    
   2     Sanket          MULTI-MEDIA COMPUTING BASED                       Mr. Satish A. Husukale           Mo.:- 9922203263    
                         TELEMEDICINE SYSTEM                               Ms. Shraddha P. Deopujari        GEC, Chandrapur
                                                                           Mr. Shrikant P . Nawghade
   3     Sanket          BIONIC EYE”                                       Ms. Samrrudhi P. Dhole           SMT.BHAGWATI
                         [Biomedical Instrumentation and smart sensors                                      CHATURVEDI COLLEGE
                                                                           Ms. Vishakha V. Itankar          OF ENGG  
   4     Sanket          Industrial Communication by Fieldbus              Ms. Harshali G. Atkare           2nd year Instrumentation

                                                                                                            G.C.O.E. Amrawati
                                                                           Ms. Neha R Zamre                                     
   5     Sanket          MEMS and NANOTECHNOLOGY                           Mr. Sachin Chavan                GEC, Chandrapur.    

   6     Sanket          MICRO-ELECTRO-MECHANICAL SYSTEM                   Ms. Rucha D. Mishra              GEC, Chandrapur     
                         (MEMS)                                            Ms. Monali S. Bodhe                                  
                                                                           Ms. Pratiksha G. Fundkar                             

   7     Sanket          SIXTH SENSE DEVICE                                Mr. Ishan Rahalkar,              GEC, Chandrapur     
                                                                           Mr. Ganesh Shete                                     
   8     Sanket          Wireless Sensor Network                           Ms. Tapaswani B Nawarkhede       GEC, Chandrapur     

                                                                           Ms. Wrushali G. Uttarwar                             
10   Sanket    Nanotechnology and MEMS                          Ms. Baby B. Mistry          GEC Chandrapur         
                                                                Ms. Ishita S. Dupare                               
11   Sanket    Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)                                         KGIET Darapur, Amrawati

13   Shalaka   A Distributed Static Series Compensator System   Mr. VIRENDRA UMALE                                 
               For Realizing Active Power Flow Control on       Mrs. SMITA BHUYARKAR                               
               Existing Power Lines                             Mrs. DIPTI INGLE                                   
                                                                Mrs. KIRAN KIMMATKAR                               
14   Shalaka   SIMULATION OF PERMANENT MAGNET                   Mr. Rahul Shende                                   
               SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR USING MATLAB                   Mr. Rakesh Puri
                                                                Mr. Anand Raj
                                                                Mr. Amrit Raj
                                                                Mr. Durgesh Wanjari
                                                                Mr. Prashant G.Asutkar                             
15   Shalaka   AN OPTIMAL POWER FLOW CONTROL IN                 Ms. LATA BALA AWALE         4 TH Sem. M-TECH (Energy
               TRANSMISSION LINE USING INTERLINE                                            Management System)
16   Shalaka   Energy conservation and auditing of equipments   Prof. Kanhaiya B.Pinge      Student of M.Tech 4th sem
               in captive thermal power plant- A case study                                 (EMS)
                                                                Prof. Prashant G. Asutkar   RCERT, Chandrapur.     
                                                                Prof. Uttam B. Vaidya                              
17   Shalaka   advancement in POWER SYSTEM CONTROL              Mr. ARVIND A. BONDRE        GEC CHANDRAPUR         
               AND FUTURE TRENDS                                Mr. ASHIT Y. RAMTEKE                               
18   Shalaka   MODELLING AND SIMULATION OF                      Ms. Neelima V. Bhange       RCERT, Chandrapur      
               DOUBLY FED INDUCTION GENERATOR                   Mr. Prashant G. Asutkar                            
               WIND TURBINE                                     Mr. Uttam B.Vaidya                                 
19   Shalaka   Heliostat Skylight                               Mr. Snadip yergode          Smt. Radhika Pandav College of
                                                                                            Engg. Nagpur Mo:9730620797
               (Non –conventional energy sources)
20   Shalaka   POWER QUALITY & IMPROVEMENT                      Mr. Prafulla J. Kale        GEC Chandrapur         
                                                                Mr. Umesh T. Mane           Mo.:- 9730753017       
21   Shalaka   DETECTION & LOCALIZATION OF                      Mr. Shrikant L. Shinde      GEC chandrapur         
               TRANSFORMS (COIF LET & MEXICAN                   Mr. Bhishan D.Wadhai                               
22   Shalaka   VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE                        Mr. Pratik Rajkondawar      GEC Chandrapur     
                                                               MR. Bhushan Warghane                           
26   Shalaka   ADVANCEMENT IN ELECTRICAL POWER                 Ms. SAVITA A.               GEC Chnadrapur     
               TRANSMISSION SYSTEM                             BUDDHAWAR
                                                               Ms. KANCHAN B.
37   Tarang    3G UMTS (W-CDMA )                               Miss. Shubhangi V.Funde     Babasaheb Naik College of
               UNIVERSAL MOBILE                                                            Engg., Pusad
               WIDEBAND CDMA                                   Miss. Priyanka C.kantode                       
38   Tarang    4G TECHNOLOGY                                   Mr. NACHIKET N. TATWADI     Babasaheb Naik College of
                                                                                           Pusad Dist. Yavamal(M.S)

39   Tarang    “Industrial AUTOMATION USING FIBER              Mr. A. L. Telang            S.S.G.M.COE, Shegaon
               optic CABLE”
40   Tarang    RADIO FREQUENCY INDENTIFICATION                 Ms. Mona P. Sherki          Rajiv Gandhi College of
               TECHNOLOGY                                      Ms. Shweta J. Ramteke       Engineering Research and
41   Tarang    high-speed pipelined application-specific       Mr. Rajiv Iyer              Terna Engineering College,
               instruction set processor (ASIP) for elliptic                                     Navi Mumbai.
               curve cryptography                              Mr. Rohan Dalal                 Sinhgad College of
                                                                                               Engineering, Pune
42   Tarang    CABLE MODEM                                     Ms. Priyanka Arun Randive                      
                                                               Mr. Anup Dilip Ambekar                         
43   Tarang    ALIAS FREE SUBBAND ADAPTIVE                                        Mr.                         
               FILTERING WITH CRITICALLY SAMPLED               Venkata AP Chavali
               FILTER BANKS                                    Ms. Padma Kunthe                               
44   Tarang    DIGITAL COMMUNICATION &                         Mr. SURAJ G. DHONGADE       BABASAHEB NEIK     
               APPLICATION                                     Mr. ASHISH C. BOBATE        COLLEGE OF         
                                                                                           ENGINEERING, PUSAD
45   Tarang    BORDER SECURITY USING WIRELESS                  Mr. AMIT PRASAD                                          amitramnareshprasad
               INTEGRATED NETWORK SENSORS                      Ms. ROSHNI GAWANDE                             
46   Tarang    Soft computing.                                 Ms. Prajakta R. Gophane                        
                                                               Ms. Sneha P. Ghunage        J.S.P.M’S BABASAHEB
                                                                                           NAIK COLLEGE OF
                                                                                     ENGINEERIN, PUSAD.
58   Tarang      Digital Imaging                          Mr. Akash M.Umate          R.C.E.R.T chandrapur
                                                          Mr. Gopichand W.Panghate                    
                                                          Mr. Mayur V.Bongirwar                       
60   Tarang      FUZZY LOGIC AND APPLICATIONS             Mr. Nikunj B. Vaishnav     GEC Chandrapur   

61   Tarang      LOW POWER MEASUREMENT USING              Mr. S.G.Akojwar            M.Tech Student of Energy
                 HEAT SENSING                                                        Management System
                 BY TEMPERATURE SENSOR                    Mr. Mohammed Akram Syed    R.C.E.R.T. Chandrapur
                                                          Mr. U. B. Vaidya                            

62   Tarang      CONTENT BASED IMAGE RETRIEVAL            Mr. ASHISH A. AMBULKAR     R.C.E.R.T,       
                                                          Mr. HIMANGSHU H.           CHANDRAPUR
                                                          Mr. DEEPAK D.
63   Tarang      WIRELESS IMAGE COMPRESSION USED          Ms. VISHAKHA KALE          S.R.P.C.E.Nagpur 
                 IN HUFFMAN ENCODING                      Ms. PRERANA B.                              
72     Yantram   Aquatic Robot                            Mr. Vaibhav V. Punwatkar   B.N.College Of   
                                                          Mr. Rakesh N. Bhise        Pusad, Yavatmal– 445215
73     Yantram   Artificial intelligence (AI)             Mr.Shrikumar P Ugale       OMCOE WARDHA     

74     Yantram   ROBOTICS IN INDUSTRIAL SENARIO           Mr. Aditya Khedikar    Umrer College Of
                                                          Mr. Ashish Shivhare    Engineering,Umrer
                                                          Mr. Harshad Udtewar
                 FIBRE OPTIC                              Mr. RAHUL R. JOGE           ENGG. PUSAD
77     Yantram   PLASMA CONVERTER                         Mr. HIMANSHU M. SHUKLA      GOVERNMENT
                                                          Mr. NIKHIL S. BANSAL   POLYTECHNIC NAGPUR
79     Yantram   Energy Separation In Vortex Tube & CFD   Mr. GIRJASHANKAR S.    GEC Chandrapur
                 Simulation                               RAHANGDALE

                                                          Ms. VAISHALI J. KATRE
81     Yantram   VACUUM LIFT MACHINE                                                                 GEC Chandrapur   
                                                                    Mr. Nikhil S.Kumar

                                                                    Mr. Ishwarsingh H. Nagpure

                                                                    Mr. Snehal M.Chaudhari
85     Yantram    PROTON EXCHANGE MEMBRANE FUEL                     Ms. Jayshree Laxman                               
                                   CELL                             Dhanvijay                        GEC chandrapur
86     Yantram   3-Dimensional Modeling For Biomechanical           A.H.Khan                         RCERT Chandrapur Mtech

88     Yantram   BLUE BRAIN                                         Mr. Manishkumar D. Khichy        B. N. College of
                                                                                                     Engineering, Pusad
                                                                    Mr. Amrendra Kumar Singh                        9028210518
90     Yantram   WATER FUEL                                         Mr. Anurag S. Jambhulkar         Govt. Polytechnic Nagpur
                                                                    Mr. Sagar R.Kulkarni
92    Yantram    Nano-materials and manufacturing                   Mr. Sushil a. Supekar                             
                                                                    Mr. Suryakant n. Wahane                           
                                                                    Mr. Atul s. Ramteke                               
93    Yantram    Proton exchange membrane fuel cell                 Ku . Jayshree laxman dhanvijay                    
94    Yantram    And fabrication of solar paraboloid concentrator   Mr. Imran khan pathan                             
                 for generation of 1kw power                        Mr. Kushal d. Chaware
                                                                    Mr. Hariyali patil
                                                                    Mr. Nagesh m. Pode
101   Ashtaadhyayi ZERO KNOWLEDGE PROOF                             Ms. DHANASHREE                   S.R.P.C.E., Nagpur
                                                                    Ms. DARSHANA A.BANSOD                             
                                                                    Ms. SAYLI S. WADKAR                               
109   Ashtaadhyayi DATA WAREHOUSING                                 Ms. RANJANA S.                   U.C.O.E. ,UMRER  
                                                                    Ms. PALLAVI N. FULKAR                             
121   Ashtaadhyayi DATA MINING AND DATA                             Ms. Ruchita Deshmukh             UMRER COLLEGE OF 
                   WAREHOUSING                                                         ENGINEERING
                                                            Ms. Prachi Janbandhu       UMRER             
                                                            Ms. Shital Gulghane                          
124   Ashtaadhyayi EMBEDDED SYSTEM                          Ms. Abhilasha R. Wakde     Babasaheb Naik College of
                                                            Ms. Sangita R. Kankhar     Engg, Pusad       
126   Ashtaadhyayi MOBILE COMPUTING                         Ms. Sneha .V.Tiwari                          
                                                            Ms. Jaya . R. Gadge                          
127   Ashtaadhyayi GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM                Ms. Apurva Akulwar         Yeshwantrao Chavan
                                                            Ms. Dhanashri Ingle        College Of Engineering
                                                            Ms. Monica Nipane#                           
128   Ashtaadhyayi IMAGE PROCESSIN SERVER                   Mr. ANISH N. JAIN          walchand institute of
                                                                                       technology, solapur
129   Ashtaadhyayi INTERNET SECURITY                        Mr. Kishor S. Sawarkar     Bapurao Deshmukh College
                                                                                       of Engg.
                                                            Mr. Ashish S. Puttewar     Sewagram (Wardha)
130   Ashtaadhyayi INTERNET SECURITY                        Mr.Varun Kanthwal          Umrer College Of
                                                            Ms.Shruti Khanorkar                       
133   Ashtaadhyayi INTERNET SECURITY AND PROTOCOLS          Mr. Shreyans Wakekar       Yeshwantrao Chavan
                                                            Mr. Pankaj Meshram         College of Engineering
                                                            Mr. Sandeep Ladvikar                         
136   Ashtaadhyayi MOBILE COMPUTING”                        Mr.Dnyaneshwar S.Gavhale   Babasaheb Naik College of
                                                            Mr.Amit R. Kamadi          Pusad (M.S.)      
137   Ashtaadhyayi NETWORK SECURITY                         Ms. Prajakta V. Gundawar   Babasaheb Naik College of
                                                            Ms. Kalyani R. Jumnake     Engg., Pusad         
138   Ashtaadhyayi Network Security – A Complete Guide to   Mr. GAJANAN S UBHALE       Babasaheb Naik College of
                   Firewalls                                Mr. ARVIND KAUL            Engineering       
140   Ashtaadhyayi PASSWORD AUTHENTICATED KEY               Mr. Ishant Mangrulkar      B.D.C.O.E. Sevagram,
                   EXCHANGE PROTOCOL DESIGN AND                                        Wardha.
                   IMPLEMENTATION”                          Ms. Bhavana Pote                             

141   Ashtaadhyayi VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL             Ms. Nilima.A.Raut            R.C.E.R.T,Chandrapur

                                     Ms. Vinita.V.Salve                     

                                     Ms. Pranjali.N.khiratkar               

                                     Ms. Nikita.S.Rajurkar                  
146   Ashtaadhyayi BLUE BRAIN”       Mr. Manishkumar D. Khichy   B. N. College of
                                                                 Engineering, Pusad
                                     Mr. Manishkumar D. Khichy              

148   Ashtaadhyayi RFID ESSENTIALS   Mr. Manoj B. Dhobale        G.C.O.E.Chandrapur
                                     Ms. Anita G. Dhandgulwar


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