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                               The Constitution Worksheet
Answer the following regarding the Constitution of the United States.

1.   According to the Preamble, where is the source of authority for the new Constitution?

2.   What are the six (6) responsibilities of this new government found, also within the

3.   Which branch of the new government is dealt with in Article I?

4.   Why do you think the Founding Fathers placed a discussion of this branch first?

5.   What role, or power, was given to this branch?

6.   How was this branch organized?

7.   What is the term for each member of the House? The Senate?

8.   What are the qualifications for a member of the House? The Senate?

9.   According to the original Constitution, what determined the number of representatives per

10. How often do we reevaluate this apportionment?

11. Who is the chief officer of the House? The Senate?
12. What does it mean to impeach a public official? In the process drawn up in the
    Constitution, what is the role of the House in this process? the role of the Senate? the role
    of the Supreme Court?

13. Which of the two houses of Congress has the power to originate any revenue bills? Why did
    the Founding Fathers give this house this power or privilege?

14. What role does the Constitution give the President in the legislative process?

15. What is the purpose of section 8, Article I?

16. What is the meaning and/or purpose of clause (or sentence) 18 in section 8, Article I?

17. What are some of the prohibitions of Congress found in section 9, Article I?

18. What are some of the prohibitions placed upon the states in section 10, Article I?

19. Which branch of government is dealt with in Article II?

20. How many executives to the new government did this article create?

21. What is the Electoral College? How does it work according to the original Constitution?
22. If no candidates for President receives a majority of the electoral vote, how do we decide
    who will be the next president according to the original Constitution

23. What are the qualifications for being President? How long does he serve?

24. What powers are given the President in section 2, Article II?

25. What charges can result in the impeachment of the president and all other civil officers?

26. Which branch of the government is discussed in Article III?

27. How many courts did the Constitution create?

28. Who creates all of the lower or inferior courts?

29. What is original jurisdiction? appellate jurisdiction?

30. Where does the U.S. Supreme Court have original jurisdiction?

31. Treason is defined by the Constitution as ….

32. How can one be convicted of treason?
33. In Article IV, what does “Full faith and credit” mean?

34. In section 3, Article IV, who has the power to admit new states?

35. What obligations to the states did the Constitution give to the national government in section
    4, Article IV?

36. What is the purpose of Article V?

37. What are the Bill of Rights?

38. What fundamental rights are protected in the First Amendment?

39. Amendment Two?

40. Amendment Three?

41. What protections of civil rights are provided for in Amendment Four?

42. What rights does the Fifth Amendment guarantee?

43. According to Amendment Six, what rights of the accused in a criminal case are protected?
44. What does Amendment Seven do?

45. Amendment Eight?

46. What does Amendment Nine provide for?

47. What does Amendment Ten allow the states to do? Why did the first Congress put this
    amendment into the Constitution?

48. Briefly describe what the additional amendments do?

A. Eleven:

B. Twelve:

C. Thirteen:

D. Fourteen:

E.   Fifteen:

F.   Sixteen:

G. Seventeen:

H. Eighteen:

I.   Nineteen:
J.   Twenty:

K. Twenty-one:

L.   Twenty-two:

M. Twenty-three:

N. Twenty-four:

O. Twenty-five:

P.   Twenty-six:

Q. Twenty-seven:

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