; January 2011 Monthly Horoscopes
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January 2011 Monthly Horoscopes


January 2011 monthly horoscopes for all 12 Zodiac signs.

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									January 2011 Monthly Horoscopes

         By Ria Nicks
January 2011 Aries Monthly Horoscope
You may find it necessary to take pretty significant alternate
path. Don't be too eager to give your opinion, instead really
listen to others intently. It will definitely be in your best
interest to explore a money making opportunity even if you
have to make a trip to do so. It's important for you to let
others know how you feel about certain family members and
get things out in the open, this will avoid any awkward
situations later this month.
Now that the holidays are over, you will be anxious to pick up
where you left off, this will be a good time to make a career
change for the better. You will feel a huge boost and be thrust
into the spotlight when you experience the solar eclipse on
the 4th, then things will return to normal for the next couple
weeks. Experience something totally new while staying
focused and weighing all possibilities carefully. Keeping your
composure is not as easy as you may like.
Once solid friendships will become strained so pay special
attention to them. Communicate openly with your mate, do
not allow anything to come between the two of you or you
will be sorry.
Allow your creativity to blossom from the 20th on especially
in group settings. Your team mentality will allow projects to
finish on or ahead of schedule. Implement plans you have
been on hold.
January 2011 Monthly Horoscope for Taurus
You should keep a close eye on your heath and possibly seek
professional advice if something has you concerned, it's best to know
exactly what you are dealing with. Do not allow secrets to disrupt
progress. Communicate openly with others in your life. Be open to
You will start off 2011 on moral high ground and everything you say
and do will have to have meaning behind it. You are more
determined this month to really make a change but don't rush too fast
and do something you will regret later. Take care in not allowing
yourself to be overextended. Integrity is of paramount importance to
you. Putting others on notice that may have been disruptive in your
life in December 2010 clears the air and puts you in a better mood.
Start the year off organized and with your financial house in order.
Give your bank account a boost and put your nose to the grindstone.
In January the Sun,Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn. Venus and the
Moon are in Scorpio creating a renewed sensuality in you that would
make Bill Clinton blush. Good judgment mixed with some passion
and understanding guide you in life and love.
When all is said and done. Your enthusiasm and drive when it comes
to commitment is never in doubt. Sentimentalism is a driving force
behind all you do. You will really see significant movement around
the 16th of January when it will become inspired to focus your
abilities to achieve maximum results. You will create your own path
and only do what satisfies you completely.
January 2011 Gemini Monthly Horoscope
Concerns about finances can cause stress and you will dislike
being called on it. Now would be a good time to find another
source of income, perhaps starting an online business. You
should think about partaking in activities where people are
offering you options this month, they just might be full of
great ideas - ones you may not have thought of yourself. You
might receive the recognition for all the hard work you have
been putting in.
January likely will start off with a boom, primarily in the area
of career with a toss up between strategic Jupiter and creative
Uranus bring around a couple of chance opportunities that
could turn things around for you completely. You were not
prepared for the turbulence in your life in 2010 because you
were not in control of the direction it was going. January
2011 promises more of the same with some very pleasing
Your wallet took a big hit last year,be more disciplined and
get back on track. Do not keep loved ones in the dark or they
will feel neglected. They will be much more understanding if
you fill them in on the details.
With the oncoming of the solar eclipse on the 4th you may
become more aware of the insight needed to transform your
life and elevate yourself to the position you've been working
so hard to achieve. At the end of the month it is the perfect
time to implement your ideas. No need to hold back
cautiously. Your timing could not be better.
January 2011 Monthly Horoscope Cancer
Problems at your employment may arise if you talk loosely
and spend excessive time with co-workers. Do not over
complicate things. Concentrate on the current task finish it
and move on. Emotions run extremely high early in the
month. Do not keep things bottled up. Right now is a good
time to let others know what you are truly feeling.
Your heart and soul will be tested because of responsibilities
on the home front. You only have a couple more days to wait
for the solar eclipse on the 4th and that will shine some light
on your parental influence. Having a heart to heart with that
certain someone will clarify true feelings and open up the
lines of communication to be who you really are around them.
Assert Yourself. In the romance department you may have to
pinch yourself to prove it is really happening.
A new beginning in your career may present itself around the
23rd of January when Jupiter begins a new cycle. Perhaps it's
a promotion, a new location or a whole new direction, this
might be the opportunity you've been waiting for - but it may
not appear that way in the beginning. This may be a once in a
lifetime opportunity so do not hesitate or over think the
January 2011 Monthly Horoscopes for Leo
Now is a great time for you to be productive. You may
benefit tremendously if you channel your energies in your
work world. To avoid stress later in the month openly discuss
spending habits eliminating a possibly unpleasant moment.
Your emotional prowess may be tested because you are
experiencing higher than normal emotions.
Now that the holidays are a memory its time to pick up where
you left off. There is a lot of things that are motivating to you.
Get out that notepad and compose a To Do list,Time to
refocus. Ambitions will be running high so make a clear plans
for the near future. You likely will have a large amount of
work ahead of you to complete in a short amount of time. Put
great ideas into action and you will operate like a well oiled
machine, this is to your advantage as you'll likely have to
make a move quickly.
Do not let the full moon on the 19th overwhelm you. Find the
right balance between work and love. Do not allow you
enormous supply of energy to dwindle. You are able to
rebound swiftly from feeling exhausted. Goals are attainable
if you reassess them every so often and measure your
progress. It is entirely possible you will cruise into February
at the top of your game.
Let those who love you know your plan and they will
understand and don't forget to come up for air.
Virgo Monthly Horoscope
Emotions ran high in the latter half of December 2010, but
they are starting to level off. The time for experimentation is
at hand. You may come into contact with eccentric people
and find yourself in unusual situations this month. Be sure
you have all the facts and pertinent information before
making any major decisions. You will find it easy to move
forward with confidence.
Were those conflicting messages you were getting for a loved
one over the past holiday season. Do not wonder. Find out for
sure. Your normal tendency to proceed cautiously is enhanced
on the new moon around the 4th of January. It becomes
abundantly clear where you stand with that certian someone.
While things are likely to progress over the course of the
month, you may also notice that your social life picks up
momentum and you'll be in the mood for letting your hair
down and livening things up. Opportunities may materialize
out of thin air. be sure to write things down that you can refer
to at a later date. An unexpected phone call might have to be
Love is in the air this month, show that special someone how
much you appreciate them, it will go a long way!
Monthly Horoscope for Libra
Looking for a job? Jump right in as two perfect opportunities
will present themselves right off the bat in January. Choose
wisely. Use your intuition and look forward to the big picture.
Everything will work out as planned if you the take time
necessary to decide on things. Keep alert to new offers that
arrive constantly. Your mindset is terrific. Continue to be
cautious but procrastination is out of the question when career
opportunities are present.
All things considered 2010 was quite a roller coaster for you.
On a positive note your inner passion and personal resolve
have strengthened allowing you to become wiser. Doing more
with less. (especially money) may have become your norm. In
order to gain lifetime lessons you mave to face a heavy
burden soon. Frustrating as it may be, everything happens for
a reason. Expect things to brighten up.
The new cycle of Jupiter in your opposite sign will arrive on
the 23rd. This will lighten things up considerably and bring
about new encounters of chance. Individuals will come into
your life soon clearing a path for advancement and growth
and possibly a positive directional avenues for you. But it
won't be one sided, you'll have something equally beneficial
to offer.
In order to be appreciated for your determination you have to
strike a balance between love and work.
Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio
Filing paperwork and tying up a few loose ends are
imperative at the start of the month of January. You exude
confidence. People at work may see you in a different light
and make you offers, your income should increase because if
it. Moving forward you make decisions based on intuition and
trusting your gut. Respect your time because it is money.
Your bank account may have gotten hit pretty good
throughout the festive season, you might feel as though you'll
have to pinch your pennies just to get by this month because
you've probably been generous beyond your budget. With
some restraint, you'll have your affairs in fine order earlier
than you expect, as Venus moves into your area of money
matters on the 8th bringing a possible surprise windfall. Your
long term plans for revamping your finances looks a little less
daunting. Your contributions as well as your plans need
Broadening your horizons and learning some new skills is
paramount at this time of your life. You may want to revamp
how you socialize and this is possible when Jupiter enters a
new cycle in the last week of January. You will likely have a
good burst of energy to take on new projects. Your
persistence to make the most of your new venture will give
you the drive and energy needed.
You may feel your relationship bonds are stronger than ever.
Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope
You may have felt annoyed to a point in the later part of
December of 2010 and felt like you had some limitations
placed on you, but you will remain optimistic. Things are
starting to look up for you so do not go in blindfolded. You
have got some good experience under your belt so look for
opportunities to shine and let others see how much you
contribute and you just may see an advancement at work.
Seeking your advice a person close to you will benefit
tremendously from your wisdom.
Celestial connections abound as you continue to reap
financial gains to start off 2011. Protect money and proceed
cautiously around the 4th of January when a solar eclipse
happens. Focus more on long term projections rather than
short term gain.
Others have some doubts about your ambitious plans.
Nothing that you can not easily persuade their thinking
though. From the middle of January until the 30th you are
excited to put your ideas into action. Others will come to see
the value of your ideas. Although skeptical at first they
eventually see the light.
Someone in your inner circle is interested. If you are not in a
relationship do not give up hope just yet. Keep alert that
certain someone is closer than you think.
Capricorn Monthly Horoscope
The first two weeks of January find you feeling extremely
tired and considering throwing in the towel. That will not last
long. You love what you do and your good at it so give
yourself a break. Words taken out of context can cause
difficulties with people you work with. Pick your battles with
care do not overlook the third persons feelings. Stop and
smell the roses and get out there and meet some friends.
Chances are you will be determined to make a lot of headway
with regards to your personal life but everything is a process
so be patient as to avoid making a big mistake you might
regret later. Get the ball rolling for your big plans you have
for 2011. Personal growth starts with taking action. Perhaps
you can start by getting more involved in local community
affairs. The solar eclipse on the 4th inspires you to go for it.
This year whether it's amongst family or society in general,
you'll want to make your mark. When Jupiter (planet of
growth) starts it's new cycle on the 23rd, it will emphasize
internal matters helping you smooth over any strain with
family members but overall it likely will bring improvements
to your home base. There may be additions to your family or
extension of your home or property.
Aquarius Monthly Horoscope
Hold on Aquarius, it is not the right time to expand your
business you have taken this far. Testing the water is not
advisable right now,and you will be wise to avoid matters
involving lawyers. Be patient and do your research
thoroughly, you may be over confident. Changes that need to
be made present themselves early in 2011. More changes than
you realized in all of 2010.
You may have some inner questions to ask yourself such as,
are you really being true to yourself? Perhaps over the
holidays of 2010 you have done some soul searching. Not
clearly defining your motives may lead to you being unsure
of how to proceed. Sharing your feelings with someone does
not make you vulnerable. These doubts can weigh heavily on
you until the 13th, things will become much clearer for you as
you make your way to the end of January.
Mars begins to enter your sign on the 16th of January
followed closely by the sun boosting confidence enthusiasm
and stabilizing your moods. You will have many great ideas
and be content marching to the beat of your own drum.
Conflict may arise when others think they know what is best
for you.
You may want to consider picking up a class or two to get
you where you want to be.
January 2011 Monthly Horoscope for Pisces
The new year starts off with a bang. Lord knows you had
your share of ups and downs last year. Creatively you are in
your prime. You are very driven and so sure of yourself right
now. great things are about to flow into your life. Just roll
with it. Keeping track of events that inspire you will be
helpful as you move forward. Write it down.
As far as work goes, you may be pleasantly surprised how a
hobby ties in with what you get paid for! No one is immune
even the boss you will not be any ones doormat. Confidence
and cockiness are not the same thing. It is important to
understand the difference. Choose you battles wisely although
there won't be many.
Progress is made easy by the people you have surrounded
yourself with. A number of spiritual, eccentric and enticing
people are sure to enter your life Your instincts are on target.
The strength you need to assert yourself is provided by the
power of the solar eclipse on the 4th. You will stand out
above the crowd. This will set the rhythm for a more secure
approach in the months to follow. A boost in enthusiasm puts
you on cruise control after the 16th of January.

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