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									                    TOWN OF NACHES COUNCIL MINUTES
                            September 13, 2010

Present:                      Absent:
Mayor, Eric R. Wolfe
Councilman, Wayne
Councilman, Rick Carney
Councilwoman, Kit Hawver
Councilwoman, Gayle
Councilman, Paul Williams

Others in Attendance: Administrator, Jeff Ranger, Attorney, Sara Watkins, Lt. Brian
Winter and Clerk/Treasurer, Tanya J. Luke.

Call to Order                 The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM by Mayor Eric
Introductions                 Wolfe.
Roll Call

Additions to the Agenda       Mr. John Miles of the Naches Lions Club has requested to
                              address the Council in regards to purchasing a bench in
                              memory of a former Lions Member who has passed away.
                              The Lions Club is asking about cost and the location of the
                              bench. Councilman Carney made a motion to add Mr. John
                              Miles to the agenda, with a second from Councilwoman
                              Hawver. Motion carried unanimously.

Agenda                        Councilwoman Lloyd moved to approve the agenda as
                              amended with a second by Councilman Hawver. Motion
                              carried unanimously.

Consent Agenda                Councilman Williams moved, seconded by Councilman
                              Hawver to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.
                              Motion carried unanimously.
                                 1. Approve minutes of 8/09/10 Regular Council
                                 2. Approve Claim Checks #13696-13738 in the amount
                              of $540,460.75 dated through September 13, 2010.
                                 3. Approve Payroll Checks dated through August 31,
                              2010 in the amount of $29,963.44. Check #’s 5527-5548.

Gang Commission/Mayor         Mayor Wolfe informed Council that he had attended the
Wolfe                         newly created Gang commission meeting in July and
                              basically it was a plan as to how they were going to attack
                              the gang involvement that is really causing havoc in our

9/13/10 Council Minutes                                                                 1
                            September 13, 2010
                              communities. They went over what had and had not been
                              successful in some communities. Lots of the participants
                              really wanted parent involvement in many of the situations.
                              If these kids were given community service in some
                              communities and for some reason it didn’t get done, parents
                              were held accountable, and somehow the service that was
                              assigned was completed. The group also decided they
                              would work on a web-page. Mr. Randy Towns from ESD
                              #105 is heading up this committee at this time if anyone has
                              any questions in regards to the gang commission they are
                              more than welcome to contact him.

Sheriff’s Report/Lt. Winter   Lt. Winter handed out reports to the Council for August that
                              compared contract time from this time last year until now.
                              Lt. Winter is still working on getting Councilman Williams
                              request filled. Please be patient, but know he has not
                              forgotten. There were 33 incidents for the month of August
                              and compared to this same time last year we are still in good
                              shape. He is not seeing any real trends in the calls; they
                              seem to be all over the board and not specific things such as
                              thefts or malicious mischief. Councilman Williams asked if
                              a person went into the Sheriff’s office and asked for the
                              Where and what on incidents in Naches if they would be
                              available. He does not want to know who is involved. Lt.
                              Winters does believe that this is possible, but will talk with
                              the gal that produces the report to make sure. Adm. Ranger
                              also informed Lt. Winters that the town has received
                              numerous complaints on speeders during the early morning
                              hours before school and in the afternoons after school.
                              Adm. Ranger asked if they could step up their patrol during
                              these times and maybe hand out a few warnings or tickets so
                              that the message would get out.

Additions to the Agenda       Mr. John Miles from the Naches Lions Club informed
                              Council that they would like to donate a bench as a
                              Memorial to Mr. Dave Zimmerman on the Naches Trail.
                              Adm. Ranger will get together with Mr. Miles as to the exact
                              location and the costs associated with the bench and
                              installation at their next meeting on Tuesday, September 21,
                              2010. Councilman Williams made a motion to allow the
                              Naches Lions Club to donate a bench for the Naches Trail
                              and place it in a place that is acceptable to Town staff, with a
                              second by Councilwoman Lloyd. Councilman Carney
                              abstained from the vote, as he is a Lions Club member.
                              Motion carried unanimously.

9/13/10 Council Minutes                                                                   2
                       TOWN OF NACHES COUNCIL MINUTES
                               September 13, 2010

Allan Road Utilities         Adm. Ranger informed Council that Progress Estimate #2
Extension Project            was included in their consent agenda tonight. There is still
                             approximately 30-35 working days left before the project is
                             complete. Mayor Wolfe asked about the different size pipes
                             that he had seen out there. Adm. Ranger explained that
                             some of them were for water, forced main and sewer.

Allan Road and US            This project is basically out of our hands. It actually belongs
Highway 12-Improvement       to WSDOT. There may be some federal dollars left and we
Project                      are going to see about using it for lighting on this particular
                             project. This project is projected to begin in early spring.

Allan Road Project           Adm. Ranger informed Council the bid was awarded to
                             Columbia Asphalt & Gravel. There were two other bidders
                             but they were both disqualified because they failed to meet
                             DBE requirements. There will be regrinds from this project
                             and Adm. Ranger is thinking about placing those on
                             Simmons Road and getting rid of the wash board that we
                             have out there.

Naches Avenue & Third        Adm. Ranger informed Council that Granite Northwest has
Street Resurfacing Project   completed this project. We are not just waiting on the close-
                             out of the paperwork and that will take about 60-120 days.

KNIK Development Right       Mr. Ted Schmelzer from 10206 Old Naches Hwy. is the
of Way Beautification        Managing Partner of KNIK Development and addressed the
Project                      Council in regards to the beautification project that they
                             would like to do in the Apple Loop Development. Mr.
                             Schmelzer feels it is easy to graffiti fences, but not so easy
                             to graffiti arborvitaes. KNIK development will be
                             maintaining the trees on the Town Right of Ways. Mayor
                             Wolfe had a concern of the trees being somewhat impassible
                             when they mature, will they be planted closer to the
                             sidewalk? Councilman Williams was concerned about an
                             agreement with KNIK Development and the Town. He just
                             wants to make sure that the Town is covered just in case that
                             we need the trees removed. More discussion ensued in
                             regards to the donation of the trees and the agreement with
                             both parties involved.

                             Councilman Williams made a motion to allow Attorney
                             Watkins to draw up an agreement with KNIK Development
                             and the Town of Naches to plant Arborvitaes in the Town
                             Right of Way and to allow the Mayor to sign as he sees fit,
                             with a second by Councilwoman Lloyd. Motion carried

9/13/10 Council Minutes                                                                 3
                            September 13, 2010

Resolution 2010-16 A          Councilman Williams made a motion to approve Resolution
Resolution authorizing and    2010-16 authorizing the Mayor to sign an agreement with
directing the Mayor to sign   Columbia Asphalt, Inc. for the Allan Road Improvements,
an agreement with             with a second by Councilman Hawver. Motion carried
Columbia Asphalt, Inc. for    unanimously.
the Allan Road

Council FYI Items             Councilwoman Lloyd asked about a complaint letter
                              addressed to Council in the packet. Adm. Ranger informed
                              Council that it was in regards to impeding business while
                              our road project was underway. A discussion issued about
                              other similar cities that had the same types of projects going
                              on, particularly Union Gap.

Continue                      There being no further business to come before Council,
Meeting/Adjournment (7:44     Councilman Hawver moved to adjourn the Council Meeting
p.m.)                         with a second by Councilwoman Lloyd. Motion carried

_________________________________                   _______________________________
Eric Wolfe,                                         Tanya J. Luke, Clerk-Treasurer

9/13/10 Council Minutes                                                                  4

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