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									                OPENING FILES IN PAINT SHOP PRO 10
You can open an image in many different ways—one way is the browser tool. The first
time (usually) this icon is clicked on a specific computer, the default location is the
Sample Images folder in PSP. On your own computer, you should organize all your
pictures in folders inside the My Pictures folder, so you should train PSP to go there by
default. Browse to My Documents | My Pictures. The next time you click the browser
icon, you will go to the most recent location. In the browser tool, you can doubleclick a
file to open it or drag the file to the work area.

Of course, you also have the usual choices: If PSP is open, click File | Open or click
the open icon on the toolbar (folder). Within the Open dialog box, you can select
multiple files by using the conventions of click+Shift for contiguous files or click+Ctrl for
non-contiguous files.

If PSP is not open, doubleclick a file with an extension that is associated with Paint
Shop Pro. (See the handout on setting your file-association preferences.) If the file
type is not associated with PSP, you can rightclick the file, click Open With, and select
Paint Shop Pro. (In the lab, please do NOT change the associations for any file types.
On your own computer, change jpg and gif to open with PSP.)

Opening Recently Used Files
If PSP is open, you can open a recently used file by clicking File | Recent Files and
then choosing the file name. If PSP is not open, click the Start Menu | My Recent

Almost 14! But wait . . . you can also open images directly from your scanner or digital

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