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									                                             Word Bank

    a. 11th Amendment                                    w. Federalist #51
    b. 12th Amendment                                    x. Federalist Papers
    c. 26th Amendment                                    y. Fiscal Federalism
    d. Amending Process                                  z. Full Faith & Credit
    e. Articles of Confederation                         aa. Great Compromise
    f. Baker v Carr                                      bb. Inherent powers of the President
    g. Block grants                                      cc. Initiative
    h. Buckley v Valeo                                   dd. Judicial Powers
    i.   Categorical grants                              ee. Legislative Powers
    j.   Checks & Balances                               ff. Locke
    k. Concurrent Powers                                 gg. Marbury v Madison
    l.   Cooperative Federalism                          hh. Montesquieu
    m. Declaration of Independence                       ii. New Federalism
    n. Devolution                                        jj. Pluralist theory
    o. Dual Federalism                                   kk. Powers denied to Congress
    p. Dual Soverignty                                   ll. Preamble to the Constitution
    q. Elastic Clause                                    mm. Referendum
    r. Elitist theory                                    nn. Rousseau
    s. Executive Powers                                  oo. Shay’s Rebellion
    t. Federalism                                        pp. Supremacy Clause
    u. Federalist #10                                    qq. U.S. v Lopez
    v. Federalist #47                                    rr. Unfunded mandates

            a. 17th Amendment                                     y.    Senate Minority Whip
            b. Appropriations                                     z.    Senator
            c. Closed Rule                                        aa.   Standing Committee
            d. Cloture                                            bb.   The Senate Majority Leader
            e. Conference Committee
            f. Congressional Budget Office
            g. Congressional Caucus
            h. Constituent Services
            i. Filibuster
            j. Franking Privilege
            k. House Appropriation Committee
            l. House Judiciary Committee
            m. House Minority Leader
            n. House Minority Whip
            o. House of Representative
            p. House Oversight and
               Government Reform
            q. House Rules Committee
            r. House Ways and Means
            s. Joint Committees
            t. Legislative Veto
            u. Logrolling
            v. Pork Barrel Legislation
            w. President Pro Tempore
            x. Select Committee                      (38-47)
            a. 22nd Amendment                                     k.    OMB
            b. 25th Amendment                                     l.    Pocket Veto
            c. Attorney General                                   m.    President’s Cabinet
            d. Bully Pulpit                                       n.    Secretary of State
            e. Chief Justice of the Supreme                       o.    Senatorial Courtesy
               Court                                              p.    Signing Statements
            f. Council of Economic Advisors                       q.    Starr Report
            g. Executive Office of the President                  r.    State of the Union Address
            h. Executive Orders                                   s.    Treasury Secretary
            i. Executive Privilege                                t.    U.S. Department of Commerce
            j. No                                                 u.    U.S. v. Nixon
                                             Word Bank

          v.   Vice-President                            y. White House Press Secretary
          w.   Watergate Scandal                         z. White House Staff
          x.   White House Chief of Staff                aa. Yes

          a.   10th Amendment                            s.    Griswold vs. Connecticut
          b.   1st Amendment                             t.    Habeas Corpus
          c.   2nd Amendment                             u.    John Peter Zenger
          d.   4th Amendment                             v.    Lemon vs. Kurtzman
          e.   5th Amendment                             w.    Libel
          f.   6th Amendment                             x.    Mapp vs. Ohio
          g.   7th Amendment                             y.    Miranda vs. Arizona
          h.   8th Amendment                             z.    New Jersey vs. TLO
          i.   9th Amendment                             aa.   New York Times vs. United
          j.   Assembly and association rights                 States
          k.   Bill of Rights                            bb.   Patriot Act
          l.   Engle vs. Vitale                          cc.   Planned Parenthood vs. Casey
          m.   Establishment Clause                      dd.   Roe vs. Wade
          n.   Free exercise of religion                 ee.   Schenck vs. United States
          o.   Free Speech Principles                    ff.   Selective Incorporation
          p.   Gideon vs. Wainwright                     gg.   Slander
          q.   Gitlow vs. New York                       hh.   Texas vs. Johnson
          r.   Gregg vs. Georgia                         ii.   Tinker vs. Des Moines

          a.   “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”                   u.    Gitlow v. New York
          b.   13th Amendment                            v.    Glass Ceiling
          c.   14th Amendment                            w.    Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeirer
          d.   15th Amendment                            x.    Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United
          e.   19th Amendment                                  States
          f.   24th Amendment                            y.    Hispanic Americans
          g.   Affirmative Action                        z.    Martin Luther King, Jr.
          h.   Americans with Disabilities Act           aa.   Men
          i.   Brown v. Board of Education               bb.   N.J. v. T.L.O.
          j.   Cesar Chavez                              cc.   Plessy v. Ferguson
          k.   Civil Rights Act of 1875                  dd.   President Truman
          l.   Civil Rights Act of 1964                  ee.   Regents of the University of
          m.   De facto segregation                            California v. Bakke
          n.   De jure segregation                       ff.   Selective incorporation
          o.   Dred Scott v. Sanford                     gg.   Senior citizens
          p.   Due Process provisions of the             hh.   Thurgood Marshall
               14th Amendment                            ii.   Tinker v. Des Moines
          q.   EEOC                                      jj.   Title IX of the Education
          r.   Elizabeth Cady Stanton                          Amendments of 1972
          s.   Equal Opportunity Act of 1964             kk.   Voting Rights Act of 1965
          t.   Equal Rights Amendment                    ll.   Women

          a.   Amicus Curiae                             l.    Majority Decision
          b.   Appellate Jurisdiction                    m.    Minority Decision
          c.   Concurring Decision                       n.    Oral arguments
          d.   Conservative Activism                     o.    Original intent
          e.   Constitutional Requirement for            p.    Original Jurisdiction
               Federal Justices                          q.    Rule of Four
          f.   Earl Warren                               r.    Sandra Day O’Connor
          g.   John Marshall                             s.    Stare Decisis
          h.   John Roberts                              t.    U.S. District Federal Courts
          i.   Judicial Activism                         u.    Warren Burger
          j.   Judicial Conference                       v.    William Rehnquist
          k.   Judicial Restraint                        w.    Writ of Certiorari
                                            Word Bank

           a.    15th Amendment                         dd. JFK and Nixon
           b.    17th Amendment                         ee. LBJ
           c.    1968 Democratic National               ff. Mass Media
                 Convention                             gg. McCain-Feingold Act
           d.    1988 Republican National               hh. McGovern-Fraser Commission
                 Convention                             ii. Media Bias
           e.    1992: Year of the Woman                jj. Media frenzy
           f.    24th Amendment                         kk. Midterm election turn out
           g.    26th Amendment                         ll. Motor Voter Act
           h.    Bounce                                 mm.Negative
           i.    Caucus                                 nn. New Hampshire
           j.    Conventional political                 oo. Nixon
                 participation                          pp. Pardoned Nixon
           k.    Dark Horse                             qq. Political Socialization
           l.    Dealignment                            rr. Positive
           m.    Democrat                               ss. Public Opinion Polls
           n.    Divided Government                     tt. Ralph Nader
           o.    Electoral Coalition                    uu. Reagan
           p.    Electoral College                      vv. Reapportionment
           q.    Exit Poll                              ww. Redistricting
           r.    Faithless electors                     xx. Reform
           s.    FCC                                    yy. Republican
           t.    Federal Matching Funds                 zz. Sarah Palin
           u.    Front-loading                          aaa. Soft money
           v.    George HW Bush                         bbb. Sound Bite
           w.    Geraldine Ferraro                      ccc. Straw
           x.    Hard money                             ddd. Stump Speech
           y.    Horse race journalism                  eee. Super Tuesday
           z.    Incumbents                             fff. Swing States
           aa.   Invisible Primary                      ggg. Tip O’Neill
           bb.   Iowa Caucus                            hhh. Unconventional Political
           cc.   JFK                                         Participation

           a.    “527”                                  q.    Linkage institutions
           b.    “765”                                  r.    Lobby Reform Act
           c.    1st party era                          s.    Lobbyists
           d.    2nd party era                          t.    Loyal Opposition
           e.    3rd party era                          u.    PACs
           f.    4th party era                          v.    Party Dealignment
           g.    AARP                                   w.    Party Realignment
           h.    AMA                                    x.    Platform
           i.    Coalition                              y.    Political Party
           j.    Contract with America                  z.    Ralph Nader
           k.    Direct lobbying                        aa.   Reform Party
           l.    George Wallace                         bb.   Ross Perot
           m.    Gerrymandering                         cc.   Special-interest groups
           n.    Grassroots Lobbying                    dd.   Strom Thurmond
           o.    Grassroots Politics                    ee.   The Populist Party
           p.    Hot button issues                      ff.   Trusting Eye

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