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					   Reasons
   Resources
   Responsibilites
   To have a child who looks like me
   To have a child who will carry on the family
   To have a child who will inherit the family
   To have the satisfaction of loving a child
   To save one’s marriage
   To make up for one’s unhappy childhood
   To help a child grow and develop
   To teach a child how to be responsible
   To please one’s parents or guardian
   To do what one’s peers are doing
   To keep from being criticized for being
   Health/hospitalization insurance
   Prenatal care for the mother
   Maternity clothes
   Delivery and postpartum care costs
   Hospitalization for baby
   Pediatrician hospital visits, well-baby checkups, required
    shots, medications
   Nursery furnishings (bassinet, crib, bedding, linens,
    bathtub, stroller, highchair, car seat, infant carrier, toys)
   Clothing for baby
   Diapers
   Formula, food, vitamins
   Baby supplies – bottles, swabs, baby wipes, diaper rash
    ointment, powder, baby soap and shampoo
   Day care?
   Quantity and quality time with child
   Learn age-appropriate development
   Teach rules (health/safety)
   Give love and affection
   Teach with a positive attitude
   Teach moral/ethical values
   Teach self-discipline and self-control effectively
   Provide economic security
   Respect child’s rights
   Raise child in stable, secure family that is free
    from substance abuse