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					                                               New York University
                                     Business Education Program Scholarships

The Peter L. Agnew Foundation Scholarship Fund and the Herbert A. Tonne Scholarship Fund have generously made
available monies to be used as scholarships for Business Education graduate students at both masters and doctoral level.

A limited number of $1000 scholarship awards will go to highly qualified applicants with strong leadership skills to
further their career goals within the field of Business Education. To be considered for these scholarships, applicants must
be accepted to the Business Education Program, and enrolled for at least 6 credits. The scholarships will be awarded
through a competitive selection process.

Selection Process

1. Prospective and current students need to complete and submit a scholarship application form along with a personal
   statement of career goals to Professor Michael Bronner, Professor of the Business Education Program. Prospective
   students must also send their admissions application along with supporting materials to the Steinhardt School of
   Education Office of Graduate Admissions, Pless Hall, 82 Washington Square East, New York, NY 10003.
   Please note: All applications must be submitted by deadline dates listed.

2. The Selection Committee, consisting of the faculty in the Business Education Program and the Associate Dean of
   Student Services, will review all applications and may request applicants to meet with the committee for a personal

3. The Selection Committee will rank-order the eligible scholarship applicants. Criteria will consist of GPA’s, previous
   academic work in the field, the statement of career goals, and the personal interview. Applicants must intend to
   register for at least two courses (6 points).

4. The Selection Committee will announce the awards to the successful candidates. These scholarship awards are
   offered per semester. Renewal of application and repeat scholarship awards are permitted, but an application must be
   submitted for each semester.

5. Awardees must accept the scholarship within two weeks of award notification. Prospective students may be fully
   matriculated at this time (which includes having submitted the appropriate application deposit). Scholarships not
   accepted by this date will be offered to the next ranked candidate(s).

Applications are considered for each fall and spring semester. Submissions are required prior to the start of each

For more information and to submit your application, contact Professor Bridget O'Connor, Professor, Higher Education
and Business Education, 239 Greene Street, Suite 300, New York, NY 10003.
                                               New York University
                                    Business Education Program Scholarships

Name:                                                                        Student Number


 Work Phone:                                 Home Phone:                          Email Address:

         This is a new application requesting for                I have applied to the Business Education Program and
         scholarship funding.                                    am awaiting a decision.

                                                                 I have been admitted to the Business Education
         This is a renewal request for scholarship
                                                                 I am a current student in the Business Education
                                                                 Program and as of _____________ (date), will have
                                                                 completed _______ credits.

For new application requests:
Personal Essay: Please describe what you expect to accomplish professionally within the five years following the
completion of your degree, and what specific problem or set of problems you hope to address in your field. Maximum
length: three double-spaced, typed pages. Your personal essay must be submitted with this completed application.

For renewal application requests:
Paragraph Summary: Please offer a short description of your progress to date along with any changes in your professional
objectives. Submit summary with this completed application.

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