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									Universal Studios Theme Parks

Universal studios theme parks, operated by the Universal Studios, an NBC
Universal division are based around movies that the company has produced
over the years. Currently, open parks include Universal Studios
Hollywood, Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Japan theme
parks. The idea of Universal Studios theme parks started back in 1981.
While Universal had a Studio Tour that was fairly popular back in the
days, they wanted something a bit bigger. They wanted a working studio
that could double as a theme park and thus the concept of Universal
Studios theme parks was born.

The first theme park from Universal Studios was opened in 1990. The early
days of Universal Studios theme parks were not impressive. The
attractions did not prove to be as effective as it had been expected.
Long line delays caused many people to vow never to return. In fact the 2
theme parks, Earthquake and Kongfrontation, the most popular attractions
at the time of their opening failed. JAWS likewise suffered a similar
fate. As a result of these failures, Universal Studios resulted in
handing out free passes as apologies to the disappointed fans. However,
damage had already been done and it would take a number of years before
Universal could recover from these catastrophic failures.

By 1996, a massive expansion was taking place with the introduction of a
second theme park, a new hotel and an entertainment district that were
launched almost simultaneously in 1999. The new theme park that was
entitled “Islands of Adventure” made all aware that universal Studios was
capable of delivering the same level of excitement to a park as Disney.
In fact, some of the creative talent behind the highly successful Disney-
MGM studios was responsible for Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The
theme park was no “kiddie park” as it was able to deliver high energy
coasters and thrill rides that were targeted at an older audience.

In the same year 1999, Universal Studios theme parks division came up
with the CityWalk, an entertainment district similar to Disney’s Pleasure
Island and luxury hotel Portofino Bay. Now, the district has 3 hotel
properties, 2 theme parks and an entertainment district that seems to
rival Disney. With an additional 2000 acres, Universal is far from
finished. They plan to develop 2 additional theme parks and more resorts.
If you are looking to experience the world of the spine-tingling
excitement of films like Jaws, Twister and out-of-this-world adventure
with movies like E.T., Men In Black and Back to the Future, Universal
Studio theme parks is the place to relive those fantasies.

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