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Tri Harder by ProQuest


"Nothing of this magnitude has ever happened here," said Eugene Conway, chief of police for the town of DeWitt, which is dispatching 12 officers for the all-day duty. "We have had just cyclists and just runners through the town, so we have had similar events. But we're detailed through most of the day, which is a little longer than what we're used to. We have to make it safe for both the participants and for people who are going to be driving the roads that day."Because athletes connected with the store, [Jerry Rice] decided to apply to the race organizers to be an official aid station. "We'll be handing out water and Gatorade to the cyclists, but also folks can watch the race from here," he said. "My hope is to get to the high school and secure the use of some bleachers for the day and bring them out here so spectators will have a place to sit. The store will be open. We'll sell coffee and hot chocolate."Marketing and snow sport director Rick Bunnell, himself a triathlete, wanted to give athletes a reason to get that far, and to keep going. So he mowed the side of Badger run into the capital-M-with-ball-on-top Ironman logo. "I thought it would be a great inspirational/ motivational thing for the race," he said. "I've received a bunch of e-mails from people saying they enjoyed it and it motivated them. I think it's nice to know that out in the middle of nowhere people are thinking of you."

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