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									Casey Anthony’s Jail Visits Like A
“Parade For Attorneys”
Thursday, January 6, 2011
By Express

According to Casey Anthony’s official jail visit records obtained by The
Caylee Daily, these days Casey is getting visits from everyone except Jose
Baez. Jose Baez has only visited Casey once in the last month on December
5, 2010. Further, visiting Casey must not be too much fun for Cheney Mason
as he hasn’t visited Casey in jail since August 30, 2010.

Casey’s gotten to meet some new people recently, a new psychologist and new
attorney (s). Casey has her own parade at jail, a “parade of attorneys” that
just keeps coming & coming ….. they march in but then they march right out
of the case. Who will be the new attorney to march in next week?


Deborah Day and Mr. Kyle Goodwin visited Casey on November 11/12, 11/17,
and November 30th conducting interviews. Kyle spent about 8 hours with
Casey on November 17th …
Dr. Deborah Day

Dr. Deborah Day is a psychologist. According to Psychological Affiliates, Dr. Day
received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology and
is a Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Certified Family
Mediator. Dr. Day is in private practice with Psychological Affiliates, Inc., of Winter
Park, Florida. Her practice specialties include forensic psychology including
divorce/parenting plan evaluations, collaborative law practice, Factitious Disorders
(Munchausen By Proxy), child abuse, and criminal matters. She has testified regarding
numerous psychological issues and presents professional workshops and seminars
throughout the country.

Kyle Goodwin attended the same school as Dr. Day, Florida Institute of
Technology, and co-authored an article with Dr. Day regarding assessment of
psychological testings.


Just days before Christmas, A new attorney met with Casey. On December
21, Attorney Bryon Hugo and Gilbert R. Colon met with Casey at the Orange
County Jail. It was another pow wow meeting which also included Death
Penalty lawyer Anne Finnell and mitigation expert Jeanene Barrett. Casey’s
jail visits still focus on the death penalty. I could not verify with certainty
if Gilbert R. Colon is an attorney. Below I list information on a Gil (Gilberto)
Colon who is an attorney .. .. (as of now, I cannot verify Gilbert R. Colon’s
                    According to the Colon & McNelis, P.A. website, Attorney
Gil Colon is an accomplished trial lawyer representing the injured and
accused. Gil has been involved in over 180 trials in multiple venues and
courts, both on the Federal and State levels. He is an experienced litigator
who has handled trials throughout central Florida including hundreds of
death penalty, drug trafficking, and major sex offense cases. (Note: Gil
Colon is a member of the Florida Bar but lists his name as ’Gilberto’ Colon–
the only Gilberto/Gil Colon listed as a member of the Flordia Bar) Note: I
believe this is likely the Gilbert who visited Casey but I have not been able
to verify as of yet.

                                         Attorney Bryan Hugo has his own law
office. According to his website, his practice focus is:

…the exclusive concentration on criminal defense matters. This practice
includes felony and misdemeanor charges, violation of probation, appeals and
post conviction relief. Previously I have obtained verdicts in cases involving
capital sexual battery; armed robbery; kidnapping with a firearm; credit
card fraud; sale and delivery of narcotics; and aggravated assault on a law
enforcement officer with a firearm, amongst others. In addition, I have
litigated numerous cases involving attempted murder, drug trafficking, sex
offenses and related crimes which were resolved either on substantive or
procedural grounds prior to trial. Finally, my experience includes numerous
matters which I have litigated in the appellate courts of the state and
federal system, involving both criminal and civil matters.

Casey’s last visitor at jail was on December 22nd with Jeanene Barrett.
 Casey did not have any visitors on Christmas day. However, Michelle Medina
(an attorney for the Baez Law Firm) did visit Casey on Thanksgiving Day.

Attorneys leave just about as quickly as they join the Casey Anthony
case. Who will stay and who will go? The ‘march’ goes on …. and on and on …

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