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									                       ISyE 6201 (Manufacturing Systems) Fall 2005
         Section A (TuTh 12:05-1:25 PM, IC 105) and Section Q (Distance Learning)
Instructor: Dr. Ron Billings                Teaching Assistant:             Aphiwat Charnprasitphon
Office:       Room 430, ISyE Main Bldg.     Office:                         Room 215, ISyE Main Bldg.
Phone:        404-385-4082                  Phone:                          404-376-1177
Office Hours: TuTh right after class        Office Hours:                   W 1:00-2:30 PM, F 10:00-11:30 AM
Email: Email:                 
Fax:          +1-775-206-0897               WebCT:                
Web Site:

Objectives: This course will cover the basic concepts and techniques of inventory, production, and scheduling
in the context of the manufacturing enterprise. Quantitative approaches to key managerial decisions including
demand management, production planning and control, make or buy and capacity planning will be developed.
These approaches will be applied to various industry contexts.

Enforced Prerequisites: ISYE 6650 (Probabilistic Models) and ISYE 6669 (Deterministic Optimization)

Texts and Other Resources:
The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement (any edition) by E. M. Goldratt and J. Cox, North River Press.
Factory Physics: The Foundations of Manufacturing Management (2nd Edition) by W. J. Hopp and M. L.
        Spearman, Irwin Press, 2001.
All of the lectures will use PowerPoint slides that can be found on the class web site.
To participate in the Littlefield Technologies simulations, you will need to buy a course packet (which contains
        your individual Littlefield access code) from the bookstore.
Display your name card in class every day.

There will be several tests during the semester. It may happen that some tests will be taken in teams. No
        makeup tests will be given under any circumstances! If you have to miss a test (for whatever reason),
        you will receive a grade of zero for that exam unless you immediately upon your return produce a
        doctor’s documentation of illness or official travel documentation for Georgia Tech business. Distance
        learning students (in section Q) have 10 additional days to turn in tests.
The test questions will be loosely taken from the Study Questions and Problems at the end of each textbook
        chapter (as well as a few covering The Goal). You are strongly encouraged to work and discuss all of
        these “homework” problems in groups, although homework will not be collected. However, collusion
        with other students during tests is a violation of the GT Academic Honor Code.
On all assignments, tests, and exams, please write your surname first and then your given name.
Any request to reconsider a grade on any test or assignment must be made within a week of getting back the test
        or assignment and must be accompanied by a Grade Groveling Form that Ron will post on the web.

Littlefield Technologies: Two team assignments will involve how well your team manages a simulated factory.
Each team needs to submit a written report at the beginning of class one week after each simulation. Each report
will have the same weight as a test, and the team’s numerical results in the two simulations will together have
the same weight as one test. At the end of the semester, each student’s team scores will be multiplied by a factor
that is derived from the other team members’ evaluations of his or her performance on the team.

Final Grades: Determined somewhat subjectively from the weighted sum of the scores mentioned above (with
each score normalized by subtracting the combined class mean and dividing by the standard deviation). If 90%
of the students in the combined class (both sections A and Q) have filled out the online Course-Instructor
Opinion Survey by the 2nd to the last week of classes, then students may drop their lowest normalized score (or
one half of the weight of the final exam, if that is their lowest score) from their final grade.
Tentative Outline (You are responsible for all changes announced in class or by email to your GT account.):
Tue      Thu Chapter in Factory Physics                         Other
                0: Factory Physics?
8/23 8/25 1: Manufacturing in America (not all)                 Begin reading The Goal.
                2: Inventory Control: from EOQ to ROP
8/30 9/1        2 (Cont.)                                       Finish reading The Goal.
9/6      9/8    2 (Cont.)                                       Discuss The Goal.
                                                                Test Thursday over Chapters 0 through 2 and The
9/13 9/15 2 (Cont.)
                3: The MRP Crusade: Push
                4: The JIT Revolution: Pull
                                                                1st LT registration Mon. 8:00 PM to Tue. 8:00 PM,
9/20 9/22 5: What Went Wrong?
                                                                and simulation starts Wed. 8:00 PM.
                6: A Science of Manufacturing
                7: Basic Factory Dynamics
                7 (Cont.)
9/27 9/29                                                       1st LT simulation ends Wed. 8:00 PM.
                8: Variability Basics
10/4 10/6 8 (Cont.)
10/11 10/13 9: The Corrupting Influence of Variability 1st LT simulation report due Tuesday.
                                                                No Class Tuesday (Fall Break).
10/18 10/20
                                                                Test Thursday mostly over Chapters 3 through 8.
10/25 10/27 9 (Cont.)                                           2nd LT simulation starts Wed. 8:00 PM.
                10: Push and Pull Production Systems
11/1 11/3 11: The Human Element in Operations
                12: Total Quality Manufacturing
                13: A Pull Planning Framework
11/8 11/10                                                      2nd LT simulation ends Wed. 8:00 PM.
                14: Shop Floor Control
                15: Production Scheduling
11/15 11/17                                                     Test Tuesday mostly over Chapters 9 through 12.
                                                                Submit team peer evaluations.
                15 (Cont.)
11/22 11/24                                                     2nd LT simulation report due Tuesday.
                16: Aggregate & Workforce Planning
                                                                No Class Thursday (Thanksgiving).
                17: Supply Chain Management
11/29 12/1                                                      Do course survey (
                18: Capacity Management
12/6 12/8                                                       Test Tuesday mostly over Chapters 15, 17, and 18.
  Fri. 12/16                                                    No Final Exam

The first week of classes, each student must also download from our class web site, fill out, paste in a picture of
yourself, and send to Ron by email an Excel form that asks such questions as:
        What is your name (officially and what you would like to be called)?
        What is your email address? What is your phone number (home and office or cell)?
        Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
        What languages do you speak natively? What other languages do you speak?
        What is your academic background (degrees, majors, universities attended, etc.)?
        What is your class and work schedule (for setting homework discussion and make-up sessions)?
        What work experience do you have? What do you hope to get out of this class?
        Do you have a laptop PC that you can bring to class? What is your general learning style?
        What is your mathematical learning style:
               Verbal (with words, oral or written)?               Analytical (in mathematical notation)?
      Numerical (with a examples that have numbers)? Graphical (in pictures and plots)?
What degree are you seeking (and major)? When do you hope to graduate?
What career do you hope to pursue? What is the most important thing in your life?

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