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  Other equipment used by Air Force AC&WS (Mobile), TACS and ACS
          units (and possibly Army and Marine Corps Units

Radar Ancillary Equipment (IFF, PPI’s, RHI’s, Radar Simulators

GPA-122 IFF/SIF Decoder

GPA-126 Plan   Position Indicator
12" CRT
Range: 0-50,   0-100, 0-200 mi.
Range marks:   10 and 50 mi intervals.
Power input:   120/208V 60cy AC. Mfr: General Electric

GPA-127 Plan Position Indicator

GPA-131 Video Mapper
Notes: Generates and supplies five different air space maps to
radar PPI’s.

GPA-30 Video Mapper is used in conjunction with ground based radar
sets to provide these sets with an electronic map of the region
being scanned by the radar antenna. The equipment generates a map
from opaque film negative of the territory surrounding the radar
site. The maps used are circular with the radar site at the
center; the range of the map is 10 to 350 nautical miles. On the
longest range, the equipment will resolve map lines 0.0025 inches
wide and spaced 0.0075 inches apart. This map is presented to the
PPI of the associated radar. It is superimposed over the video
signals from acquired targets, permitting the operators to locate
the position of a radar target with respect to a point on the
earth's surface. The AN/GPA-30 is capable of supplying video
mapping signals to a maximum of 12 plan position indicators. Map
making and photographic facilities for drafting and processing of
maps are not included with this equipment. Manufacturer: Televiso
Corporation (TM 11-487C-1)
GPS-T2 Radar Simulator
Notes: 70mm Tape

GPS-T4 Radar Simulator
Notes: 12 targets

GPX-18B IFF/SIF Decoder
Used for identification of friendly targets of Radar Set AN/MPS-
11. Transmits coded r.f. pulses for triggering of transponders of
Transponder Set AN/APX-25 carried by friendly aircraft to be
identified. Receives the transponder replies and after decoding
furnishes them to the associated radar indicator in the form of
video pulses. Its narrow beam width interrogations is synchronized
with that of the radar in azimuth and time thus permitting the
reply pulses to be displayed on the associated radar PPI in close
association to the radar targets being identified. Also provision
is made for symbolic display of the mode 2 response codes from
Transponder Set AN/APX-25. Manufacturer: Radio Receptor, Brooklyn,
N. Y. C. (TM 11-487C-1)

OA-99 Plan Position Indicator

TLQ-32 ARM Decoy Set
Manufacturer: Gilfillan
Notes: Lightweight, ruggedized, tunable decoy system that imitates
the AN/TPS-43E and AN/TPS-75 radars; Delivered to the USAF in

TM-1B Radar Simulator
Manufacturer: Burroughs {sp} of Santa Monica

UPA-35 Indicator Group AN/UPA-35 is a universal plan position
indicator. The indicator provides a visual display of azimuth,
range, and height data (both absolute and relative) of targets
detected by search and height-finding radar sets. The indicator
may be used to display continuous signals from a radar direction
finding set. It may be used also to display range and azimuth
between any two targets within a range of 10 to 250naut mi. Ease
of operation of the AN/UPA-35 is aided by the ability of the
indicator to retain information. Where more than one AN/UPA-35 is
used with one height finding radar antenna, indicators may control
the single antenna at preset intervals. Radar information
displayed by the AN/UPA-35 permits control and direction of
military aircraft from a ground station.
Range: 10 to 250 mi, variable manually
Operating Voltages and Power Requirements: 115 vac, 55 to 65 cps,
1-ph, 1.82 kva
Type of Presentation: Video (12-in. CRT) and mechanical indicators
Pulse Repetition Rate: 200 to 600 pps (determined by prr of
associated radar)
Trigger Input: 5 to 50v
Trigger Pulse Width: 0.5 to 6.5 µsec
Video Input: 1 to 2.5v, video, IFF and beacon
Mapping Antenna and Trace Speed: 0 to 20 rpm (can be sector
Video Off-Centering: 0 to 250rmi in any azimuth
Delayed Sweep: 4 to 200 mi
Input and Output Impedances: 68 ohms
Direction Finder Input: Synchro data from DF system
Direction Finder Gate: 2, .05v, 250 to 15,000 msec
Azimuth Accuracy: Total error between sweep input synchros and
cursor output synchros does not exceed t deg at antenna speeds of
0 to 10 rps; -1.5 deg at antenna speeds of 10 to 15 rps using a 1-
and 36-speed servo system. Indicator operates satisfactorily with
1-speed Synchro input data.
Range Strobe Output: 10 t3v; 2 t1; sec {unreadable}
Azimuth Output: 1- and 36-speed synchro data output determined by
position of electronic cursor for control of height-finder
antenna. Manufacturer: Hazeltine Electronics Corp., Little Neck,
N. Y.; (TM 11-487C-1)

UPA-48 Indicator Group is a console type plan-position indicator
designed for use with search or height finder radar systems.
Provides visual presentation of range, azimuth and height. Special
features: transistorized, portable, ruggedized, off-center
scanning, accepts 8 radar video inputs, 1 special input combines 2
videos, 6 digital inputs to mix digital data into video data,
delayed sweep capability, adaptable, by motor, servo synchro power
supply replacement to any power source, may be used in a variety
of radar systems applications.
Power Requirements:
Type: 120v plus or minus 10%, 2-wire
single ph, 400 cps plus or minus 35 cps
Voltage Tolerance: 2.5v (max fluctuation)
Power Consumption: 800 w
Crest Factor: 1.4 plus or minus 10%
Form Factor: 1.11 plus or minus 5%
Transient Voltage Limits: Plus or minus
30 pct for 3 seconds duration. Equipment may stop operating but
will re-stabilize after proper voltage is reapplied.
Functional Characteristics:
Range Coverage: Variable from 25 to 375 mi
Azimuth Coverage: 360 deg or any sector.
Range Accuracy: Plus or minus 1 pct or 0.5 mi, whichever is the
Azimuth Accuracy: Plus or minus 0.5 deg
Off-Centering Control: Continuously variable up to 250 mi in any
Displaced Cursor Control: The cursor origin can be located at any
position on the display.
Range Strobe Control: The range strobe can be located at any
position on the cursor.
Height Finder Cursor Control: For height finding information, the
cursor origin can be preset to any location within a ten mile
Delayed Sweep Control: The sweep origin can be delayed any amount
between O and 350 miles.
Signal Characteristics:
Sweep Trigger Inputs
Amplitude: 5 to 75v peak (across 75 ohms).
Pulse Width: 0.5 to 10 µsec
Polarity: Positive.
Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF): 150 to 1000 pps with up to 10
pct jitter.
Video Signal Inputs
Amplitude: 1 to 2.5v peak (across 75 ohms).
Pulse Width: Between 0.5 and 15,000 µsec
Polarity: Positive.
Azimuth Signal Inputs: 1 speed and 36 speed 400 cps, synchro data
at antenna.
Range Pulse Output for Height Computation
Amplitude: 10 plus or minus 3v peak (across 75 ohms).
Pulse Width: 2 plus or minus 1 µsec
Polarity: Positive.
Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF): 150 to 600 pps
Azimuth Information for Height Computation Gating: 1 speed and 36
speed, 400 cps synchro data for the cursor bearing. Manufacturer:
Westinghouse Electric Corporation (TM 11-487C-1)

UPA-59 IFF Decoder
Mode Interrogation Mode: 1, 2, 3, 4 and C
Interlace Operation: Multimode 1, 2, 3, 4, C (individually
selectable in any combination)
Passive Decoding
Basic: 3 channels: Modes 1, 2 and 3/A; X-pulse decoding; External
outputs for expansion to any number of channels; Range adjustment
for early decode
Option: 5 channels any mode or code
Active Readout Capability:
1 target -4 modes, 2 targets -2 modes, 3 or 4 targets -1 mode
PPI Active Readout Gating:
PPI range-azimuth gate; PPI X-Y gate; Light pen
Selected Altitude Layer (SAL):
Aircraft within SAL displayed, upper and lower limits selectable
from 0 to 99,000 feet in 1000-foot increments
Degarble Feature:
Links to select for bracket and passive decoding; always provided
for active decoding
Radar Video Mix:
Selectable radar/IFF mixing with duty cycles to 60%
Tag Video:
Tag trigger decoding on Modes 1, 2, 3, 4, and C, and reset
Mode 4 Capability:
Mode 4 interrogation control; Video amplification and mode gating
to provide video outputs for external processing
Raw Video (Code) Display Delay:
0 us, 20.3 us, 40.6 us, 60.9 us (selectable internally)
Emergency Alarms:
4X military emergency; 7700 civil emergency; 7600 communications
failure; Tone, flashing warning lights, and PPI display,
mute/reset; Selectable threshold; Short range inhibit
I/P Decoding:
Provides double slash display for decoded l/P replies
Input Video:
Operates with separated mode video, composite video (all modes
with tags) or tag video (all modes plus separate tag input)
Self-Test Capability:
Front panel selected; any code, any mode; Emergency 4X, 77, 76;
Active readout display and PPI display for all decoded test
Power Requirements:
115 VAC, 47-400 Hz, 70 watts
Manufacturer: Hazeltine

UPA-62 Plan Position Indicator
16" CRT
Range: 20, 40, 80, 160 and 320 miles with 2:1 expansion.
Power: 120V, 50, 60 or 400 Hz
Notes: Unit has height finder, cursor and range strobe and offset
sweep to 320 nm. Can accept synchro, digital or 12-13 bit ACP and
north mark data up to 60 RPM
Manufacturer: Westinghouse Electric Corporation

UPX-23 Radar Recognition Set
Freq: 1030 MHz
Power: 1.5KW
Rep rate: 3000 PPS max.
Modulation: Mode 1, 2, 3/A, 4 or C.
Power input: 120V, 60Hz.
Mfr: Zenith.

UPX-25 Radar Recognition Set
Manufacturer: Cardion Electronics, Target,

UPX-27 Radar Recognition Set
Manufacturer: Cardion Electronics, Target,
UPX-6 Radar Recognition Set
AN/UPX-6 is part of the target identification equipment for a
radar set in an IFF system. The AN/UPX-6 is a receiver-Transmitter
that transmits coded r.f. pulses to airborne transponder
identification sets and then converts the transponder reply to
video pulses. The video pulses are displayed on the indicators of
radar used with the AN/UPX-6. The AN/IUPX-6 has the ability to
interrogate any targets detected by its associated radar
Transmitter - 990-1010 mc
Receiver - 1080-1130 mc
Peak Power Output: 1.5 kw
Operating Voltages and Power Requirements:
105, 117 or 125v ac, 60 or 100 cps, single ph, 250 w
Type of Presentation: PPI and B indicators of associated radar set
Pulse Width: I µsecond
Pulse Repetition Rate: 180 to 120 pps (adjusted to conform with
pulse repetition rate of associated radar)
Receiver Bandwidth:
Broad - 8 to 11 mc - 60 db
Narrow - 5 mc - 70 db
Receiver Input Impedance: 50 ohms
Receiver Output Impedance: 72 ohms
Frequency (if.): 60 mc
Manufacturer: Radio Receptor, Inc. (TM 11-487C-1)
Radio/Communications (Air-to-ground, microwave, satellite, wire

FGC-52 Teletypewriter Set, Off-line tape preparation, on-line

GRC-206 Communications Central
Self-contained radio sets with UHF-AM, VHF-AM, VHF-FM, and HF-SSB

AN/GRC-206(V3): HF/VHF/UHF communications facility
Mounted on an M-998 HMMWV; single channel HF single sideband (2-
29.9999MHz, 150W), VHF/FM (30-75.975MHz, 2W or 10W), VHF/AM (116-
149.975MHz, 2W or 10W), and UHF (225-399.975MHz, 2W or 10W)
communications. Remotable up to 2 km. Includes encryption devices.

GSQ-120 Microwave, for remoting radar
Range: 1 kilometer
Power Output: 1 watt

GTA-6 Internal Telephone System, Manual telephone switching

KWM-2A Single Sideband Radio Set, HF Frequency voice command and
control radio (Circa 1959)

MRC-107/108 Communications Central
Self-contained radio sets with UHF-AM, VHF-AM, VHF-FM, and HF-SSB


R-390 Radio Receiver;

STU-III Secure Telephone Unit

TRC-115 Point-to-point Radio Communication Set, HF frequency voice
and teletype radio

TRC-170 Tropospheric Backscatter Radio
Point-to-point communications
Range: from 50 to 200 miles
60 channels

TRC-199 Tactical Repeater
Self-contained/stand-alone unit
TRC-32 Air/Ground Communications Sets
Notes: UHF Radio

TRC-36 Point-to-point Radio Relay Set
Notes: Broadband, VHF frequency

TRC-61 Point-to-point Radio Relay Set
Notes: Broadband, VHF frequency

TRC-87 UHF Communications Central

TRC-97 Tropo Scatter Radio Relay
Notes: Broadband, UHF radio set

TSC-53 Communications System
HF voice, teletype, and VHF/UHF air-to-ground communications

TSC-60(V) HF Communications System
Used for ground-to-ground or ground-to-air communications; Two 1
KW transmitters, receivers; voice, CW, teletype or high speed
data, multiplexed teletype, and speech-plus teletype signal
capability; four simultaneous voice frequency channels,
combination of 4, 8, or 16 teletype channels, and 8 channels of
speech-plus teletype.

TSC-94A(V)2 Satellite Communications System

TSC-100A(V)2 Satellite Communications System

TSC-147 Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS),

Notes: HF Communications; Manufacturer: Rockwell


TSQ-111 Technical Control Facility
Circuit patch and test facilities, test equipment and a 12-line
manual switchboard to provide rapid implementation of intra-site
and inter-site communication; also equipped with a telephone and
teletype order wire facility

TSQ-146(V) Multiplex System

TTC-30 Telephone Switch
TTC-39A Telephone System
Notes: A hybrid, mobile, automatic, modular circuit switch that
provides both circuit switching service and some nodal control
functions for analog and digital traffic.

TTC-41: Telephone System
Notes: Similar to the TTC-39A supporting 160 subscribers

TYC-39 DDN Switching Center
Notes: 50-line, mobile, automatic, electronic store and forward
switch under processor control with integral COMSEC and multiplex

AN/UGC-129(V)1 Information Terminal and Printer
Notes: Terminal and printer used to compose, record, transmit,
receive, edit, display, and monitor record message traffic.

UGC-144 Subscriber Terminal
Notes: Three user operated single subscriber terminals (SST)
providing a high speed data system capable of composing, editing,
storing, displaying, receiving, and transmitting messages into

URC-119: HF/SSB Radio
Used for voice communications.

URC-119(V2): HF/SSB Radio
500W voice or CW radio system tunable from 1.6 to 29.99999 KHz
(10Hz steps); controllable from up to one mile with a remote
control cable and remote control unit, or telephone lines.

VRC-47 Radio set
Notes: short range, vehicular

Vehicles (trucks, mobilizers etc)

A/M32U-17 Mobilizer
Notes: Consists of a front and rear dolly which are coupled
together during transport or storage. They are equipped with a
towing bar and steering mechanism for the front dolly. When in
use, the dollies are uncoupled and attached to opposite ends of a
shelter which is then easily transportable. Maximum Load: U-17 -
8.5 tons

M-1009 Tactical Utility, 3/4 ton 4X4
Engine: V8, 6.2L (379ci), fuel injected diesel,
Horsepower: 135 at 3,600 RPM
Transmission: TH400, 3 speed, automatic
Electrical System: 12/24 volt
Fuel Capacity: 27 gal
Manufacturer: General Motors
Notes: Modified Blazer

M-101 Trailer, Cargo, 3/4 ton

M-105 Trailer, Cargo, 1 1/2 ton

M-1083 or M1083A1 Medium, Tactical Vehicle, 5 ton
6x6 (full-time) with locking interaxle differential
Engine: Diesel, 290 hp; Caterpillar, Diesel, 6-Cylinder 6.6 L,
turbocharged and aftercooled
Transmission: Automatic; 7 speeds, automatic/select
Electrical: 12/24 V
Speed: 58 mph
Range: 300
Payload: 10,000 lb
Fuel Diesel, DF-2, JP-4, JP-8,

M-1097 High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)
Engine: 379.4 cu in; 11 mpg
Range: 275 miles
Max speed: 70 mph
Manufacturer: General Motors
Notes: Higher payload capacity configuration of the HMMWV;
Replacement for the M151 series jeeps


M-35A2 Truck, Cargo, 2½ Ton
Weight Capacity: 10,000 pounds highway; 5,000 pounds cross
Engine: LD465-1C no turbo; LDT-465-1C whistler turbo; LDT-465-1D
non whistler turbocharger;
Transmission: Spicer
Electrical System: 24V
Brakes: air over hydraulic
Fuel Type: multi fuel, diesel, gasoline and JP (required oil to be
added to fuel if using gas or JP)
Fuel Capacity: 50 gal
Fuel Range: 350 miles
Manufacturer: Kaiser-Jeep and A.M. General

M36A2 Truck, cargo, 2 ½ Ton
Notes: Extra-long wheelbase, LDS-465 multifuel diesel engine, drop

M-37 Truck Cargo, 3/4 ton
Engine: Inline 6 cylinder 230 cubic inches
Horsepower: 92 horsepower
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Electrical System: 24 volt
Fuel Type: gasoline
Fuel Capacity: 24 gallons
Fuel Range: 200 miles
Notes: Manufacturer: Dodge; Used by radar Maintenance in 116th TCS.

M-49 Truck, Tank, 6x6, Fuel Servicing

M-720 Mobilizer
Notes: Consists of a front and rear dolly which are coupled
together during transport or storage. They are equipped with a
towing bar and steering mechanism for the front dolly. When in
use, the dollies are uncoupled and attached to opposite ends of a
shelter which is then easily transportable. Maximum Load: 3 tons.

M-832 Mobilizer
Notes: Consists of a front and rear dolly which are coupled
together during transport or storage. They are equipped with a
towing bar and steering mechanism for the front dolly. When in
use, the dollies are uncoupled and attached to opposite ends of a
shelter which is then easily transportable. Maximum Load: 5 tons

M-715, Truck, 1¼ Ton
Notes: 4X4;
Manufacturer: Kaiser

M-880 Truck, ¾ Ton
Notes: 4X4, Modified Pickup
Manufacturer: Dodge

M-923Truck, cargo, 5-ton
Notes: 6X6, dropside, diesel engine

M-936 TRUCK, MEDIUM WRECKER: 5 Ton, 6X6, W/Winch
Crew/Cab Capacity: 3
Horsepower: 140 bhp @ 2,600 rpm
Transmission: Manual; 5 Fwd, 1 Rev
Electrical System: 24 Volt
Maximum Speed: 58 mph
Range: 350 miles

Terex Forklift

Forklift (GM?)

Power Generators

A/E24U-8 Transportable Power Plant
Notes: Turbine Generator 400 Hz; transportable 60/120kw, 400Hz
power plant consisting of two fully equipped EMU-3O/E gas turbine
generators and associated distribution equipment mounted on a

A/E32C-18/23 Environmental control unit (ECU)
Notes: self-contained, provide ventilation, cooling, heating,
pressurization, filtering, and dehumidification for electronics
and personnel environmental control.

A/E32C-24/25/27: Environmental Control Unit
Notes: Pallet mounted; provide ventilation, cooling, heating,
pressurization, filtering, and dehumidification electronics and
personnel environmental control.

EMU-12 Gas Turbine Generator
Notes: 20kw at 400Hz, 3ph, 120/208VAC power, compact skid mounted,
portable, self-contained electrical power unit. The generator is
driven by a gas turbine engine, enclosed in a lightweight aluminum
enclosure. May operate on JP4, JP5, kerosene, or diesel fuel

MB-15: Generator
Notes: 150kw, 120VAC, 60Hz

MB-17 Diesel Generator
Notes: 60 Hz

MB-18 Diesel Generator,

MB-3 Diesel Powered Generator,

MJQ-1612 Generator,

MJQ-1632 Generator
Fuel Bladders
Other Electronic Equipment (i.e. test equipment)

PSM-6 Multimeter, analog, ruggedized metal case
Notes: circa 1960’s possible earlier; there was a later version
with a yellow plastic case, PSM-25?

HP 5345A Counter

Tek 453 Oscilloscope

Tek 475 Oscilloscope
Notes: circa 1970’s

Tek 505 Oscilloscope
Notes: circa 1960’s, possibly earlier

TS-419 Signal Generator
Notes: Used in 1970’s on the MPS-11 for taking MDS

TS-505A/U Vacuum Tube Volt Meter

TS-545 ?? Echo Box
Notes: Used with MPS-11 in 1970’s;

TV-7D/U Vacuum Tube Tester

UPM-98 IFF Test Set

UPM-137 IFF Test Set
Notes: circa 1970’s

UPM-338 Oscilloscope
Notes: Military version of HP 1707, Solid state, Dual trace, DC to
50 MHz, 1.9 kilos

UPM-339 Oscilloscope
Notes: Military version of HP

URM-25 Signal Generator

USM-233 Multimeter

Spectrum Analyzer
Electronic/Operations Shelters (S-280, TYQ-23, S-80, S-80A, TSQ-
91, TSQ-92)

S-530 Shelter, Van, Maintenance shelter
Notes: 2 Units may be joined to form one larger shelter

S-80 Shelter, Operations
Notes: Wood arch and insulated blanket construction

S-80A Shelter, Operations
Notes: Aluminum frame and panel construction

TSQ-165 Modular TACC

TSQ-61 Operations Center
Notes: Provides radar surveillance facility; contains two AN/UPA-
62C PPI (Plan Position Indicator) scopes and aircraft control
communications through TSC-53 van.

TSQ-91 407L Tactical Operations Center

TSQ-92 Shelter, Operations
Notes: Consists of desk positions, manually posted plotting
boards, and communications equipment. Used by manual ANG TCS
units; similar to TSQ-91

TSQ-93 Operations central
Notes: manual operation; it consists of desk positions, manually
posted map displays, and communications equipment.

TYQ-23 Modular Control Equipment (MCE)
Four self-contained operator consoles
Four UHF, three VHF, and two HF radios
Notes: Up to four MCE’s linked by fiber optic cables

Other Shelters (i.e. personnel tents, M-1948 shelters, cook tents)

M1948 Shelter, General Use, Wood arch and insulated blanket

S-280 Shelter, General Purpose

Tent, General Purpose, Medium

Other Equipment (i.e. H-1 heaters, A/C, plotting boards, pop guns)
Air Conditioner,

GPA-29 Display Board Plotting Group, Provides facilities for
receiving information from a radar set PPI scope, filters it and
presents the filtered data on a surveillance screen for use in a
Tactical Air Control Center.

GPS-29A Display Plotting Board Group, is an optical plotting
device used in conjunction with conventional radar equipments such
as Radar Set AN/MPS-7 or AN/TPS-ID, Radar Recognition Set Mark
X, and Radio Set AN/TRC-1 or AN/TRC-8. The AN/GPA-29A receives
video information representing the position of targets displayed
on the radar plan position indicator (PPI). Facsimile Converter
Group OA- 948/GPA-29, of the AN/GPA-29A equipment, reduces the
radar video bandwidth, and converts azimuth synchronizing
information to a suitable form for simultaneous transmission with
the radar video over a two-wire voice frequency circuit. Facsimile
Converter Group Encoder OA-948/ GPA-29 uses a standard 600-ohm
telephone line or a frequency-modulated radio link to provide a
maximum if five paralleled outputs of radar presentation through
carrier bay equipment to remote Video Decoder KY-180-GPA-29. Video
Decoder KY-180' GPA-29 decodes the radar data and provides
filtering, projection, and plotting data for projection on the
translucent surveillance screen. Manufacturer: Westinghouse
Electric Corp. (TM 11-487C-1)

GSA-12 Display Plotting Board Group AN/GSA-12 is a group of
equipments that form the nucleus of a tactical air control center.
The AN/GSA12 contains vertical and horizontal plotting surfaces,
elevated platforms, and 12 small control desks, having provisions
for mounting telephone equipment. Information received by
controller personnel at telephone equipment desks is relayed to
plotting personnel located at the plotting board assemblies.
Status information is shown on the boards by means of the paint
and crayons supplied as accessories. Plotting, re-plotting, and
projection may be accomplished as necessary to keep information
current and to maintain suitable control over flight movements.
The method of construction of the AN/GSA12 permits disassembly and
packing into 17 cases containing all parts, spare parts, and
accessories needed for the completed assembly. Eight of these
transit cases act as platforms for plotters or controllers in the
completed operations setup. Manufacturer: Doehler Metal Furniture
Co., Inc. (TM 11-487C-1)

H-1 Heater, Gasoline powered

Jackhammer Gasoline powered, used to drive in anchoring devices
M16A2 The M16A2 service rifle is a light weight, magazine fed,
air cooled, gas operated, shoulder fired weapon, capable of firing
either semi-automatic or three-round burst.
Length: 100.66 centimeters
Weight, with 30 round magazine: 3.99 kilograms
Bore diameter: 5.56mm
Maximum effective range:
    Area target: 800 meters
    Point target: 550 meters
Muzzle velocity: 853 meters per second
Rates of fire:
    Cyclic: 800 rounds per minute
    Sustained: 12-15 rounds per minute
    Semiautomatic: 45 rounds per minute
    Burst: 90 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Manufacturer: Colt Manufacturing and Fabrique Nationale
Manufacturing Inc. ("M16A2." Colt 5 January 2002

Emersion Heater