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					                                       Endurance Tablet PC™
                                       Part of SpeechGear’s entire product line for mobile computing and language translation
                                       solutions found at www.speechgear.com/store.

Standard Features:                      Mobile Computing Solutions Custom Built for You
 Ruggedized fan-less enclosure          The Endurance Tablet PC is a portable computing
 designed for use in all                system that meets the demands of even the most
 weather conditions.
                                        versatile users. Using Microsoft’s Window’s Tablet XP
 7 ”x 10” x 1” in size with a
 weight of only 2½ pounds.
                                        Operating System and SpeechGear’s patented all-
                                        weather pen and voice-based interface, the Endurance
 9” display with 1024x600
 resolution readable in all lighting    combines the performance of a desktop with the
 conditions.                            convenience of a powerful mobile platform. From
 Hot swappable dual                     outdoors in all weather conditions, to the office where
 battery system.                        more resource-intensive applications are required, the
 Easily removable hard drive.           Endurance Tablet PC is your solution.
 Multi-element planar
 microphone array.
 Four speaker audio system.             A System that Can Keep Up with Your Lifestyle
 Support for all standard desktop       Readable: Tired of having computer screens that wash out in bright sunlight, or ones designed for the
 applications.                          outdoors that cannot be read inside? The Endurance’s 9” display with 1024 x 600 resolution is both
 A modular design that lets you         transmissive and reflective, making it viewable in all lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to no light.
 select the processor, memory
 configuration, battery solution,       Mobile: Need a reliable speech interface that doesn’t require you to wear a headset? The Endurance
 connectivity, and I/O.
                                        comes standard with a multi-element noise-canceling directional microphone array and a four speaker audio
                                        system to produce audio output that can be easily understood even in noisy environments.

Optional Features:                      Durable: The Endurance Tablet PC is designed to handle all the rain, dust, mud, bumps and drops that
                                        happen when working outdoors. This includes a fanless design, so there are no concerns about using the
 Embedded camera                        system in extreme environments. When you move inside, plug the Endurance into your dock and you have
 Bluetooth wireless                     a desktop system ready to handle all your computing needs.
                                        Secure: If maintaining absolute data security among multiple users is an issue, the Endurance is your
 2 additional USB 2.0 ports
                                        answer. With the Endurance you can pull the Hard Drive without any tools. At the end of the day, you can
 SD Memory
                                        take your data with you.
 Smart Media
 Memory and Memory Stick Pro
 XD Picture                             Design Your System Today
 Multi-media and                        The Endurance Tablet PC is designed to work on your terms, not the other way around. With
 Compact Flash cards
                                        SpeechGear’s modular design, you select the processor, amount of memory, disk space and connectivity
 Connectors for serial, CRT,
                                        that you want for your system.
 100MB Ethernet, analog
 microphone input, stereo audio                  First, select the processor that meets your cost and performance needs. No matter what
 output, PS/2 mouse and keyboard.
                                                 configuration you choose, you can easily upgrade your Endurance as new processors become
                                                 Next, select your optimum memory solution choosing from a variety of RAM, Flash Drive or
                                                 Hard Drive options.
                                                 Need more? With Endurance you select the connectivity and I/O. The Endurance comes
                                                 preconfigured with a pen-based digitizer, two USB 2.0 ports, embedded 802.11 wireless and a
SpeechGear, Inc.
                                                 PC Card Interface. Additional I/O options include an embedded camera, Bluetooth wireless,
516 West Fifth Street
                                                 GPS, up to four USB 2.0 ports, adapters for Smart Media SD Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro,
Northfield, MN 55057
                                                 XD Picture, Multimedia and Compact Flash cards, connectors for serial, CRT, 100MB Ethernet,
t: 507.664.9123
                                                 analog microphone input, stereo audio output, and PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard interfaces
f: 775.703.6730
                                                 plus the keyboard itself.
e: info@speechgear.com
w: www.speechgear.com                   Visit www.speechgear.com to design an Endurance system tailor-made for you.

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