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Piano & Keyboard Products


EU122-Vertical Piano with refined scaling, bridge configuration, and action design; UP115M5-Vertical Piano with bridge placement and scale tension that is said to provide a rich and warm color, tone and superior projection; GP160-Grand Piano, classic design incorporating the research and development in scaling and case design to maximize tone and projection found on larger grand pianos; GP188A-Grand Piano with an increased active soundboard area resulting from specific bridge placement balanced with a lower scale tension. The keys are made of satin finish acrylic glass and matt ebony wood. www.grotrian.\n www.studiologic.net Yamaha's Motif XF Workstation Yamaha's Motif XF keyboard workstation offers up to two GB of Flash memory expansion and includes 741 MB of internal Wave ROM, including detailed digital recreations of two Yamaha acoustic grand piano sounds, realistic acoustic instruments, vintage synths, and hip -hop sounds.

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