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Ghost Stories


At the end of the process, [Scott Clarke]'s team compiles their evidence and comes to a conclusion to give to their client. "When that's done, depending on what's there, more times than not, it's usually a relative," said Clarke. "But if it's not, we have a cleansing process and teach people how to coexist with them. We go, and they find out this ain't so bad. What people see on TV, that's the extreme. We've come across grumpy spirits. Just think of the spirit as you and I: They just don't have a body. If they were a nice person in life, they're usually a nice spirit. If they're grumpy in life, they're usually a grumpy spirit. We do work with them, try to find out what the problem is, and take it from there. We stick with our clients, stay right there 'til the end."Clarke was not always a believer in the paranormal. "I believed after I saw my first apparition. June 1, 1992. Gettysburg," Clarke said. "The thing appeared in front of me and dissipated. Another woman there saw the same thing: a man in a dirty hat and beard, with a musket, torn pants and everything. He was a rebel. Robert E. Lee is in my family tree, and I wanted to go down and see the battleground. The tour guide said, 'Are you guys all right?' That's when I said, 'Where'd the re-enactor go?' The tour guide said, 'Congratulations, you're one of the few to see it: That's the rebel soldier who appears.' I just could not get it though my thick skull that I just saw a ghost. Ever since then I was interested."According to Clarke, the results of any investigation can be placed in three categories: normal, paranormal and haunted. "Paranormal: maybe something's going on there, a ghost of some sort, something comes and goes. Haunted: a nuisance, something that really bothers you," Clarke said. "Yeah, there are some haunted places. But most have paranormal activity, stuff you can live with and deal with. It's not as bad as you think. We'll help you out. We don't have a problem with that. Don't let Hollywood get t

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