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									                                   car rentals
                                   Visitors Bureau Members
                                   Enterprise Rent-A-Car                   Local:     (360) 733-4363
                                                                           National     800-736-8222
Most types and styles of                     -In Bellingham at 1852 N. State St.
vehicles are available in the                -At the Bellingham International
Bellingham Mt. Baker region,
from economy cars to
15-passenger vans.
Tips & FacTs
                                   Avis Rent-A-Car                                    (360) 676-8840
•It’s 100 miles from Bellingham    Budget Rent-A-Car                                  (360) 671-3800
to seatac airport.                 Hertz Rent-A-Car                                   (360) 733-8336

•If traveling in Canada, be sure   Bellingham
your auto insurance is valid.
                                   Roger Jobs Motors (Jeep Cherokees only)            (360) 734-5230
                                   Fountain Rental                                    (360) 733-3750
•Downtown Bellingham has
                                   (All kinds of trucks, vans, cars & a motorhome)
several one-way streets.
                                   Recreational Vehicles
•Don’t miss scenic Chuckanut
Drive or the Mt. Baker Highway     Crabtree RV Rental, Lynden                         (360) 354-3058
scenic Byway.                      El Monte RV Rentals (motorhomes)                     800-367-9536

Bellingham Whatcom county
      904 Potter street
  Bellingham, Wa 98229
       t: 360-671-3990
      f: 360-647-7873
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