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A perfect SEO and Social Media Marketing for your small business.

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									SEO & Social Media Marketing
    Attracting customers and building relationships online!
      SEO & Social
      Media Marketing
                                Social Media Marketing,
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                                fad or long-term trend?
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                        On the hockey rink, on Wall Street and on Main Street,
                        analyze the trends.

                        A great hockey player once said, “I go to where the puck is
                        going… not where it’s been.” If you think about it, that advice
                        rings true for many things in life, especially for business and
                        Internet marketing.

                        On Wall Street, they have a similar saying, “The trend is your
                        friend”. You wouldn’t buy a stock just because it made you
                        money years ago, you’d look at its present fundamentals and
                        forward-looking analysis to make a buying decision.
      SEO & Social
      Media Marketing
      Guide             The same holds true with the Internet, what was once a killer
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                        application is now ancient history and holds no interest with
Market your business    today’s audience. Trends come and go online (usually at lightning
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                        speed) and most businesses tend to watch a trend develop before
                        committing resources to it.

                        One of the most powerful online trends today is the phenomenon
                        of social networking. Facebook, Twitter and other social sites have
                        turned the Internet upside down and businesses are now realizing
                        that they must be involved or be left behind. This ‘Social’ trend
                        speaks for itself…

                            •Twitter has about 200 million accounts
                            •1 in 14 people on earth have a Facebook account
                            •1 in 4 page views in the USA are on Facebook
                            •The average Facebook user visits their page every two days
      SEO & Social
      Media Marketing

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                       the trend, follow your customers and be visible.

                       Don’t try to make this a marketing effort – that will come later. For
                       now, just participate, see what’s going on and get involved in the

                       SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide teaches you how to market
                       yourself online -- build a website, optimize it, get links to it,
                       promote it and attract traffic methodically. Stop experimenting,
                       don't waste your time!

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