Interactive Intelligence's Social Channel "Buzz" by ProQuest


In an interview, Interactive Intelligence product solutions manager Denise Meyer and product manager Jennifer Wilson talked about the company's entry into social media/social channel. They said the social channel allows for a great deal of visibility and transparency to messages (public posts, directed public posts, and private directed posts). This is different from IM, SMS, e-mail and voice, which are not publicly available and thus considered a point-to-point communication between individuals. Conversations held on these channels are not visible unless the person has been added to the address information (e-mail), text forwarded, conferenced in, or invited to a collaborative workspace in IM. Organizations must recognize that their customers have a variety of preferences related to how they interact and get information. Sites like Twitter and Facebook give them the ability to develop a personal relationship with the companies they do business with by "following" or "liking" the organization.

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