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Author                 Title
                       Digital Technologies And The Museum Experience
                       Phenomenology And The "Theological Turn"
Short, T. L.           Peirce's Theory Of Signs
Downing, Lisa          Cambridge Introduction To Michel Foucault
Perpich, Diane         Ethics Of Emmanuel Levinas
Kearney, Richard       Strangers, Gods, And Monsters
Hoffman, Eva           Time
Dehaene, Stanislas     Reading In The Brain
                       Social Neuroscience Of Empathy
Bonanno, George        Other Side Of Sadness
Fisher, Philip         Wonder, The Rainbow, And The Aesthetics of Rare Experiences
Smith, Wendy           Give A Little
Tejani, Shabnum        Indian Secularism
Dardess, George        Do We Worship The Same God?
                       Salt And Light : Lives Of Faith That Shaped Modern China
                       Restored New Testament : A New Translation with Commentary
                       War In The Bible And Terrorism In Twenty-first Century
Finstuen, Andrew       Original Sin And Everyday Protestantism
Allen, John L.         Future Church : How Ten Trends Are Revolutionizing the Catholic…
                       Medieval Saints : A Reader
Wright, Ronald         Illustrated Short History Of Progress
                       Archaeology Of Environmental Change
Pegg, Mark Greg        Most Holy War : The Albigensian Crusade and the Battle for…
Fattah, Hala Mundhir   Brief History Of Iraq
Filkins, Dexter        Forever War
Mayor, Adrienne        Poison King : The Life And Legend of Mithradates
Isfandiyārī, Hālāh     My Prison, My Home : One Woman's Story of Captivity in Iran
Loyn, David            In Afghanistan : Two Hundred Years of British, Russian and …
Schwenkel, Christina   American War In Contemporary Vietnam
Walder, Andrew         Fractured Rebellion : The Beijing Red Guard Movement
Cunningham, Philip     Tiananmen Moon : Inside The Chinese Student Uprising of 1989
Horwitz, Tony          Voyage Long And Strange
                       Encyclopedia Of African American History: 1896 to the Present
Balz, Daniel J.        Battle For America, 2008
Balog, James           Extreme Ice Now
Wargo, John            Green Intelligence
Sims, Martha C.        Living Folklore
                       Veil : Women Writers On Its History, Lore and Politics
Arnold, Daniel         Early Days In The Range Of Light
Bergquist, Lee         Second Wind : The Rise Of The Ageless Athlete
Tittle, Y. A.          Nothing Comes Easy
Piascik, Andy          Gridiron Gauntlet
                       Playing The Past : History And Nostalgia in Video Games
Gilsdorf, Ethan        Fantasy Freaks And Gaming Geeks
                       Capitalist's Bible : The Essential Guide to Free Markets
Waldfogel, Joel        Scroogenomics
Freeman, R. Edward     Managing For Stakeholders
Cairns, George         Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book…
McCarthy, Tom          Auto Mania : Cars, Consumers, And The Environment
Stutely, Richard       Definitive Guide To Business Finance
Jackson, Matthew              Social And Economic Networks
Price, Terry                  Leadership Ethics : An Introduction
Gilmore, Glenda               Defying Dixie : The Radical Roots of Civil Rights, 1919-1950
Payne, Kim John               Simplicity Parenting
Eubanks, W. Ralph             House At The End Of The Road
                              Male And Female Roles
Savacool, Julia               World Has Curves : The Global Quest for the Perfect Body
Kristof, Nichol               Half The Sky : Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women…
Engel, Rafael                 Fundamentals Of Social Work Research
                              Social Workers' Desk Reference
Meisinger, Sara               Stories Of Pain, Trauma, And Survival
                              Results Are In : What Social Workers Say About Social Work
Freedberg, Sharon             Relational Theory For Social Work Practice
                              Social Work Practice With African-American Families
Husseini, Rana                Murder In The Name Of Honor
Sreenivasan, Jyotsna          Utopias In American History
Cosgrove, Kenneth             Branded Conservatives
Sen, Amartya                  Idea Of Justice
La Raja, Raymon               Small Change : Money, Political Parties and Campaign Finance..
                              Europa World Year Book
Wrong, Michela                It'S Our Turn To Eat : The Story Of a Kenyan Whistle-Blower
Jacques, Martin               When China Rules The World
                              Peace, Justice, And Security Studies
                              Constituting Equality
                              Gender Of Reparations
Crowley, Jocely               Defiant Dads : Fathers' Rights Activists in America
Fuchs, Rachel                 Contested Paternity : Constructing Families in Modern France
Bingham, Charles              Authority Is Relational : Rethinking Educational Empowerment
Shamburg, Christopher         Student-Powered Podcasting
Middaugh, Michael             Planning And Assessment In Higher Education
LaNier, Carlotta Walls        Mighty Long Way : My Journey To Justice at Little Rock
                              Soviet Music And Society Under Lenin and Stalin
Badura-Skoda, Eva             Interpreting Mozart
                              Osmo Vanska : Orchestra Builder
                              German Lieder In The Nineteenth Century
                              Big Ears : Listening For Gender In Jazz Studies
Goode, Michael                Stage Fright In Music Performance and its relationship to …
Sulzer, Johann                Aesthetics And The Art Of Musical Composition in the German…
Paton, John Glenn             Foundations In Singing : A Guidebook
Galdy, Andrea                 Cosimo I De'Medici As Collector
Banville, John                Damien Hirst : Superstition
Templeton, Joan               Munch's Ibsen : A Painter's Visions
                              Late Antique And Medieval Art Of The Mediterranean World
Mitchell, W. J.               What Do Pictures Want? : The Lives and Loves of Images
                              Monet & Japan
                              Power Of Dogu : Ceramic Figures From Ancient Japan
Kangas, Matthew               Robert Sperry : Bright Abyss
Pamuk, Orhan                  Museum Of Innocence
                              Film Theory And Criticism : Introductory Readings
Telotte, J. P.                Mouse Machine : Disney And Technology
Csicsery-Ronay, Istvan, Jr.   Seven Beauties Of Science Fiction
Cloud, Barbara          Coming Of The Frontier Press
                        By Blood We Live
Corneille, Pierre       Le Cid ; and The Liar
Levinson, Brett         Ends Of Literature : The Latin American Boom in the Neoliberal…
Martin, Gerald          Gabriel Garcia Marquez : A Life
                        Emma : An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Reviews & Criticism
                        Mansfield Park : Authoritative Text, Contexts, Criticism
                        Northanger Abbey : Backgrounds, Criticism
                        Pride And Prejudice : An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds…
                        Sense And Sensibility : Authoritative Text, Contexts, Criticism
Kiberd, Declan          Ulysses And Us : The Art Of Everyday Life in Joyce's Masterpiece
Hart, Josephine         Truth About Love : A Novel
                        Vampire Archives
Grossman, Lev           Magicians : A Novel
Hirsch, Edward          Special Orders : Poems
Phillips, Carl          Speak Low
Walls, Jeannette        Half Broke Horses : A True-Life Novel
Holderlin, Friedrich    Odes And Elegies
Levi, Mark              Mathematical Mechanic : Using Physical Reasoning to Solve…
                        Simulation And Its Discontents
Michael, T. S.          How To Guard An Art Gallery And Other Discret Mathematical…
North, John             Cosmos : An Illustrated History Of Astronomy & Cosmology
Melia, Fulvio           Cracking The Einstein Code
Hoggan, James           Climate Cover-Up : The Crusade To Deny Global Warming
Nordhaus, William       Question Of Balance : Weighing The Options on Global Warming…
Carroll, David          Following The Water : A Hydromancer's Notebook
Schulze-Makuch, Dirk    Life In The Universe : Expectations and Constraints
Barrow, Mark V.         Nature's Ghosts : Confronting Extinction from the Age of Jefferson..
Imber, Jonathan         Trusting Doctors : The Decline Of Moral Authority in American…
Godkin, Dianne          Living Will, Living Well
Halifax, Joan           Being With Dying
Halvorson, George       Health Care Reform Now! : A Prescription for Change
                        Making Americans Healthier
Gupta, Sanjay           Cheating Death : The Doctors And Medical Miracales that are…
Bradley, W. G.          Treating The Brain : What The Best Doctors Know
Cox, Caroline           Fight To Survive : A Young Girl, Diabetes & the Discovery of Insulin
                        Body Image, Eating Disorders, And Obesity in Youth
Geagan, Kate            Go Green, Get Lean : Trim Your Wais
Waldbauer, Gilbert      Fireflies, Honey, And Silk
Mahaffey, James         Atomic Awakening : A New Look At The History and Future of …
Harris, Philip          Space Enterprise : Living And Working Offworld in the 21st Century
Fried, Michael          Why Photography Matters As Art As Never Before
Smith, Alison           Recipes For Russia : Food And Nationhood Under the Tsars
Newgent, Jackie         Big Green Cookbook
Bullock-Prado, Gesine   Confections Of A Closet Master Baker
                        Ethics Of War : Classic And Contemporary Readings
Grossman, Dave          On Killing : The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War…
Pearson, David          Books As History : The Importance Of Books Beyond Their Texts
Call #                 Location
AM7 .D548 2008         MAIN
B829.5 .T6813 2000     MAIN
B945.P44 S569 2007     MAIN
B2430.F724 D69 2008    MAIN
B2430.L484 P478 2008   MAIN
BD236 .K43 2003        MAIN
BD638 .H647 2009       MAIN
BF456.R2 D449 2009     MAIN
BF575.E55 S6238 2009   MAIN
BF575.G7 B668 2009     MAIN
BH301.W65 F579 1998    MAIN
BJ1533.G4 S65 2009     MAIN
BL2765.I5 T455 2008    MAIN
BP172 .D37 2006        MAIN
BR1296 .S259 2009      MAIN
BS2095 .B378 2009      MAIN
BS680.W2 W378 2008     MAIN
BT720 .F568 2009       MAIN
BX1753 .A459 2009      SER
BX4654 .M439 1999      MAIN
CB151 .W75 2006        MAIN
CC81 .A738 2009        MAIN
DC83.3 .P448 2008      MAIN
DS70.9 .F38 2009       MAIN
DS79.76 .F559 2009     MAIN
DS156.P8 M393 2010     MAIN
DS318.84.I84 A3 2009   MAIN
DS361 .L693 2009       MAIN
DS559.62.V5 S39 2009   MAIN
DS778.7 .W359 2009     MAIN
DS779.32 .C868 2009    MAIN
E101 .H678 2008        MAIN
E185 .E5423 2009       REF
E906 .B359 2009        MAIN
GB2514.S65 B359 2009   MAIN
GE140 .W378 2009       MAIN
GR45 .S596 2005        MAIN
GT2112 .V45 2008       MAIN
GV199.9 .A768 2009     MAIN
GV708.5 .B478 2009     MAIN
GV939.T5 A26 2009      MAIN
GV955.5.N35 P53 2009   MAIN
GV1469.3 .P573 2008    MAIN
GV1469.15 .G559 2009   MAIN
HB501 .C375 2009       MAIN
HB801 .W359 2009       MAIN
HD31 .F74 2007         MAIN
HD62.4 .C35 2008       MAIN
HD9710.U52 M33 2007    MAIN
HG4026 .S788 2007      MAIN
HM741 .J338 2008         MAIN
HM1261 .P75 2008         MAIN
HN79.A13 G559 2008       MAIN
HQ755.8 .P393 2009       MAIN
HQ777.9 .E937 2009       MAIN
HQ1075 .M35 2010         REF
HQ1219 .S289 2009        MAIN
HQ1236.5.D44 K75 2009    MAIN
HV11 .E548 2010          MAIN
HV40 .S63 2009           REF
HV40.35 .M45 2009        MAIN
HV40.8.U6 R479 2009      MAIN
HV43 .F74 2009           MAIN
HV3181 .S68 2008         MAIN
HV6250.4.W65 H879 2009   MAIN
HX653 .S654 2008         REF
JC573.2.U6 C679 2007     MAIN
JC578 .S468 2009         MAIN
JK1991 .L3 2008          MAIN
JN1 .E85                 REF
JQ2947.A56 W769 2009     MAIN
JZ1734 .J338 2009        MAIN
JZ5534 .P4 2009          MAIN
K3243 .C668 2009         MAIN
K5301 .G468 2009         MAIN
KF547 .C769 2008         MAIN
KJV894 .F838 2008        MAIN
LA134 .B568 2008         MAIN
LB1044.87 .S53 2009      MAIN
LB2341 .M539 2010        MAIN
LC214.23.L56 L368 2009   MAIN
ML300.5 .S688 2004       MAIN
ML410.M9 B33913 2008     MAIN
ML422.V36 O86 2009       MAIN
ML2829.4 .G478 2010      MAIN
ML3506 .B548 2008        MAIN
ML3830 .G669 2003        MAIN
ML3877 .S85913 1995      MAIN
MT825 .P38 2006          MAIN
N5273.2.C675 G359 2009   MAIN
N6490 .U896 2009         MAIN
N6797.H527 A4 2007       MAIN
N7073.M8 T46 2008        MAIN
N7258 .L38 2007          MAIN
N7565 .M583 2005         MAIN
ND553.M7 A4 2001         MAIN
NK4167.22 .P69 2009      MAIN
NK4210.S64 K368 2008     MAIN
PL248.P34 M37913 2009    MAIN
PN1994 .F559 2009        MAIN
PN1999.W27 T45 2008      MAIN
PN3433.5 .C765 2008      MAIN
PN4894 .C5769 2008         MAIN
PN6071.V3 B9 2009          MAIN
PQ1749.E5 W55 2009         MAIN
PQ7081 .L489 2001          MAIN
PQ8180.17.A73 Z718 2009    MAIN
PR4034.E52 A4 2000         MAIN
PR4034 .M33 1998           MAIN
PR4034 .N6 2004            MAIN
PR4034 .P8 2001            MAIN
PR4034 .S4 2002            MAIN
PR6019.09 U6724 2009       MAIN
PR6058.A694845 T788 2009   MAIN
PS648.V35 V36 2009         MAIN
PS3557.R6725 M348 2009     MAIN
PS3558.I64 S694 2008       MAIN
PS3566.H476 S694 2009      MAIN
PS3623.A3644 H359 2009     MAIN
PT2359.H2 A253 2008        MAIN
QA63 .L489 2009            MAIN
QA76.9.C65 S596 2009       MAIN
QA164 .M538 2009           MAIN
QB15 .N678 2008            MAIN
QC173.6 .M459 2009         MAIN
QC903 .H648 2009           MAIN
QC981.8.G56 N677 2008      MAIN
QH105.N4 C378 2009         MAIN
QH341 .S388 2008           MAIN
QL84.2 .B378 2009          MAIN
R724 .I4937 2008           MAIN
R726.2 .G639 2008          MAIN
R726.8 .H359 2009          MAIN
RA395.A3 H359 2007         MAIN
RA395.A3 M353 2008         MAIN
RC87.9 .G87 2009           MAIN
RC346 .B73 2009            MAIN
RC660.4 .C69 2009          MAIN
RJ506.E18 B639 2009        MAIN
RM222.2 .G43 2009          MAIN
SF517 .W359 2009           MAIN
TK9145 .M349 2009          MAIN
TL795.7 .H378 2009         MAIN
TR642 .F75 2008            MAIN
TX360.R9 S65 2008          MAIN
TX651 .N49 2009            MAIN
TX763 .B859 2009           MAIN
U22 .E895 2006             MAIN
U22.3 .G76 2009            MAIN
Z4 .P43 2008               MAIN
Title                                                  Call #                   Location
Hidden Face Of Fear                                    BF575.F2 H53 2008        DVD
Mechanical Love                                        BF575.L8 M43 2007        DVD
Helping Children Grieve                                BF723.D3 .H45 2009       DVD
Great War 1918                                         D640.A2 G74 2005         DVD
America And The Holocaust: Deceit & Indifference       D804.3 .A53 2005         DVD
Rethink Afghanistan                                    DS371.412 .R48 2009      Reserve
Act Of War The Overthrow Of The Hawaiian Nation        DU623 .A38 1993          DVD
National Parks: America's Best Idea                    E160 .N385 2009          DVD
Roaring Twenties                                       E784 .R63 2006           DVD
Conquistadors                                          F1411 .C67 2006          DVD
Corporation                                            HD60 .C66 2005           DVD
You May Call Her Madam Secretary                       HD8073.P38 Y68 2006      DVD
We Feed The World                                      HD9000.5 .W4 2007        DVD
End Of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of …   HT352.U6 E54 2004        DVD
Women Of Hull House                                    HV4196.C4 W66 2004       DVD
Sin By Silence                                         HV6626.2 .S54 2009       DVD
Way Things Go                                          NX600.P47 W39 1987       DVD
Medea                                                  PA3975.M4 J442 2004      DVD
Birth Of A Nation                                      PN1997 .B57 2009         DVD
Belle Of Amherst                                       PN1997 .B447 2004        DVD
Black Robe                                             PN1997 .B527 2008        DVD
Catch-22                                               PN1997 .C38 2006         DVD
Clockwork Orange                                       PN1997 .C64 2007         DVD
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof                                  PN1997 .C377 2006        DVD
Dutchman                                               PN1997 .D88 1994         DVD
Double Happiness                                       PN1997 .D677 2007        DVD
Emperor Jones                                          PN1997 .E474 2003        DVD
Long Walk Home                                         PN1997 .L663 2004        DVD
Vincent & Theo                                         PN1997 .V563 2005        Reserve
Private Universe                                       Q183.3.A1 P75 2003       DVD
America's Wetlands                                     QH76 .A44 2005           DVD
Botany Of Desire                                       QK46.5.H85 B6525 2009    DVD
Mind In Motion                                         QP376 .M56 2008          DVD
In Search Of Memory: The Neuroscientist Eric Kandel    RC339.52.K362 A32 2008   DVD
Fat Chance                                             RM222.2 .F38 2007        DVD
Manufactured Landscapes Edward Burt                    TR706 .M36 2007          DVD
Soldiers Of Conscience                                 U22 .S65 2009            DVD
Author                Title                                            Call #             Location
Fountas, Irene        Fountas And Pinnell Leveled Book List            372.4 F771f        CPROF
Aylesworth, Jim       Mitten                                           398.2 A978m        CNEW
Pinkney, Jerry        Lion & The Mouse                                 398.2 P655l        CNEW
Milligan, Bryce       Brigid's Cloak : An Ancient Irish Story          398.209417 M654b   CNEW
Banks, Kate           What's Coming For Christmas?                     B2176wh            CNEW
Cooper, Michelle      Brief History Of Montmaray                       C7779b             CNEW
DiCamillo, Kate       Louise, The Adventures Of A Chicken              D545l 2009         CEASY
Elting, Mary          Q Is For Duck : An Alphabet Guessing Game        E51q 2005          CEASY
Fleming, Candace      Imogene's Last Stand                             F5973h             CEASY
Frost, Helen          Crossing Stones                                  F939c              CNEW
Hautman, Pete         How To Steal A Car                               H3815ho            CNEW
Heuvel, Eric          Family Secret                                    H5952f             CNEW
Jordan, Sandra        Mr. And Mrs. Portly And Their Little Dog Snack   J8252m             CNEW
Keller, Julia         Back Home                                        K2928b             CNEW
Ketchum, Liza         Newsgirl                                         K435n              CNEW
Lobel, Arnold         Frogs And Toads All Sang                         L798fs             CNEW
McCarty, Peter        Jeremy Draws A Monster                           M1236j             CNEW
MacLachlan, Pat       True Gift : A Christmas Story                    M161tr             CNEW
Madigan, L. K.        Flash Burnout : A Novel                          M1821f             CNEW
Myers, Walter D.      Amiri And Odette : A Dance For Two               M9968a             CNEW
Myracle, Lauren       Luv Ya Bunches                                   M998l              CNEW
Nolan, Janet          St. Patrick's Day Shillelagh                     N788s              CEASY
O'Connor, Jane        100th Day Of School                              O18fno             CFICT
Obed, Ellen Bryan     Who Would Like A Christmas Tree?                 O122w              CNEW
Paterson, Katherine   Day Of The Pelican                               P297d              CNEW
Polacco, Patricia     January's Sparrow                                P762ja             CNEW
Scieszka, Jon         Robot Zot!                                       S416r              CNEW
Stein, David Ezra     Pouch!                                           S819p              CNEW
Taylor, Laini         Lips Touch : Three Times                         T2438l             CNEW
Warman, Jessica       Breathless                                       W2778b             CNEW
Wild, Margaret        Puffling                                         W6682pu            CNEW
Cooper, Helen         Dog Biscuit                                      C777d              CEASY

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