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									    APRIL 2009
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                                The monthly newsletter of Ohio University Finance

                           The MARCH 2009 Financial Management System (FMS) reports are
                           now available to those of you who are report recipients at:
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                           If you need assistance accessing your reports or FMS in general, please
  Equipment                contact the IT Service Desk at: 593-1222 or
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                           New Stories!
Monthly Reminders!!!

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Do you need to refer       Concur Travel & Expense System
  to a story from
                           The Concur Travel and Expense system is now three weeks old and over
  March? February?
                           1100 campus users have been trained. The project team would like to
  December?      Please    extend its thanks and appreciation for the patience and understanding
  access the link
                           you’ve expressed as we’ve rolled this system out to campus. The overall
                           efficiency gains and improved internal controls provided by this system
  below. Click on the      will move the University towards its overall goals in these two areas. Any
  applicable month.        questions regarding the Concur Travel and Expense system should be
                           directed to either the Purchasing Card Administration help line at
                  or Tanya Hire at
                           Following is some important information regarding the system:

  tters.cfm                Cost Centers in Concur: any requests to add cost centers to the Concur
                           Travel and Expense system should be routed through your planning unit’s
                           budget unit manager (BUM). This can be done via an e-mail to your BUM
                           and a cc to Tanya Hire ( with the cost center
                           information in it. Once the BUM replies back with their approval of the
                           cost center, then central Finance systems can be updated. Generally,
                           cost centers updated before noon daily will be available in the Concur

application the following day.

Please Note: Be VERY careful when you're entering the cost center in the Concur system. The system is very
sensitive in the cost center fields. It is recommended that you completely delete the project number in the
field and slowly type in the project number of the cost center you want. PLEASE wait for the system to
recognize the project number. It should then be listed as a choice below the field. Once you see it there, go
ahead and click on it then the rest of the fields should narrow their lists to your most recently used choices
(in bold) and the correct segment value for that particular project (normal font unless it is on your recently
used list).

Supervisors in Concur: Any requests to update supervisor (approver) information in the Concur Travel
and Expense system should be routed through your planning unit’s budget unit manager (BUM). The
planning unit BUM should then put forth the request via email to Cheryl Sickels ( and
Carlotta Hensler ( in Human Resources. The email should contain the following

   1. List of employee names with their employee IDs that need supervisor information updated
   2. Effective date of the change
   3. Updated name and employee ID of the supervisor

Generally, supervisor information updated before noon daily will be available in the Concur application the
following day.

Concur Email Functionality: The Concur Travel and Expense system does include functionality that will
alert employees when they have purchasing card transactions waiting to be updated, expense reports
waiting to be approved, faxed receipts have been received, the status of a cash advance request has
changed, and the status of an expense report has changed. The system will also automatically forward an
expense report to an approver’s approver if it has not been approved within 7 days. Currently the email and
expense report forwarding functionality is turned OFF. This is due to the fact that not all system users have
been trained. Our goal is to turn this system functionality on once the majority of system user training has
taken place or April 30, 2009.

Concur Training: Face-to-face classes have been discontinued as of April 10, 2009. If you still need
system training, online training is now available at:

Please Note: Do NOT view the PowerPoint presentation as a “Slide Show”. The notes associated with each
slide contain important information relative to the training.

Follow the instructions within the online training PowerPoint and your system access will be set up. Any
questions regarding training can be directed to the Purchasing Card Administration help line at or Tanya Hire at

Concur and Rapid Reimbursements: The rapid reimbursement process that is currently handled by the
Bursar’s office is being phased out and will be discontinued by June 30, 2009. Traveler’s that have not yet
been trained on the Concur Travel and Expense system should do so at their earliest convenience per the
information directly above. Once an employee’s system access is set up, ALL travel is expected to flow
through the system. Travel expense reports fully processed through the Concur Travel and Expense system
by 5 pm on Fridays will be included in the regularly scheduled Tuesday Accounts Payable check run. Those
fully processed through the system by 5 pm on Tuesdays will be included in the regularly scheduled
Thursday Accounts Payable check run.

Concur Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): A FAQs page for the Concur Travel and Expense and
Cliqbook systems is available on the web at:

This is also the same web site for the link to the training PowerPoint and other information regarding these
new systems and processes.

Purchasing Card Update – American Express
As you are aware, the GE Capital Corporate Card division was bought out by American Express necessitating
the University to convert to the American Express corporate card. GE Capital Mastercards were all
deactivated on March 27, 2009. The Purchasing Card Administration office would like to extend its thanks
and appreciation for the patience and understanding you’ve expressed as we’ve rolled the new card out to
campus. Any questions regarding the American Express (AMEX) purchasing card should be directed to the
Purchasing Card Administration help line at

Following is some important information regarding the AMEX card:

PARIS: As of the transaction post date of March 4, 2009, purchasing card transactions were no longer fed
into the PARIS system. The Concur Travel and Expense system has been implemented to replace it. All
purchasing card transactions, whether they are Mastercard or AMEX, with a post date of March 5, 2009 or
later are in the Concur application. Please see the Business Matters section for Concur Travel and Expense
Users for more information.

Supplier Nonacceptance: Over 97% of the University’s suppliers that accepted MasterCard are accepting
AMEX. However, in the instance that a supplier does not, there is a dedicated team at AMEX that will work
with them to resolve the issue. If you have a supplier you frequently use that does not currently accept
AMEX, please provide our AMEX contact, Jason Doepke, their contact information. Jason’s contact
information is as follows:

Phone: 866-336-8386

Should a supplier refuse to accept AMEX, substitute suppliers will be identified to meet our needs. The vast
majority of our Preferred Providers DO accept AMEX. For a list of these providers, please go to:

March Purchasing Card Statements: The March purchasing card statements dated March 9, 2009 have
the potential of having some purchasing card transactions in PARIS while some may be in Concur. Please
process your March statement as you normally do. Beginning with April, there will no longer be a
requirement for statement approval. This is due to the enhanced internal controls of the Concur system and
the requirement of a supervisor or his/her delegate to approve each and every purchasing card transaction.

Transaction Substantiation: With the conversion to the AMEX card and implementation of the Concur
Travel and Expense system it is still expected that all transactions are properly substantiated. Besides the
elimination of the monthly purchasing card statement approval, there is absolutely NO CHANGE in
transaction substantiation requirements or record retention.

American Express Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): A FAQs page for the AMEX card is available on
the web at:


Equipment Inventory
The annual Equipment Inventory Report will be distributed in April, via campus mail and electronic mail. If
your department has not received the report by April 15th, please contact the Equipment Inventory office.
15, 2009.
Each University department must physically verify their equipment annually against the inventory list
provided by our office. Any incorrect data needs to be reported promptly. The state auditors randomly
select equipment yearly for auditing and the department’s inventory list must be as accurate as possible.

Additional information and forms can be located on the Equipment Inventory web site at:

If you have difficulty opening or printing the Equipment Inventory spreadsheets please contact Michelle
Schall at: 593-1904 or for assistance.

Protect Your Hard Work
Tip of the month from Internal Audit
This is part of a continuing series of monthly tips from Ohio University's Office of Internal Audit that address
common errors, misunderstandings and control failures often found during audits. Internal Audit performs
departmental and process reviews, working collaboratively with units to assess and improve controls across
the university.

Most people have had a computer lock up or the power fail in the middle of working on a large document or
spreadsheet. Spending time re-creating what was lost can be minimized by manually saving your work
frequently, configuring your Microsoft Office programs to auto-save and making sure there is a backup of all
your work.

Auto-save should be turned on in your Excel or Word options if you use these programs. If your computer
locks up or the power fails, the auto-save function will provide you with a recovered version of your
document from the last automatically saved file.

A good guideline is to set auto-save to 10 minutes. If you set it to occur too frequently, it may adversely
affect the performance of your system. If you the time between auto-saves too long, you may lose a large
amount of data in case of a failure.

The Office of Internal Audit always checks for system backups when conducting an audit. When a computer
hard drive or system fails, loss of information means a huge loss in productivity while data is recovered or
re-created. All files should be backed up in a secure manner on a regular basis.

There are many ways to back up the information on a computer. You should contact the Office of
Information Technology help desk (740-593-1222) or your departmental IT staff to determine the best
process to use to meet your needs. You must have some type of backup system in place; don't assume
someone else is taking care of it. Find out for certain if backups are performed on whatever system stores

your files -- whether it is your computer, a server in your department or a server housed or maintained by
someone else.

Finally, don't assume that your backup process is working correctly. You should test it periodically to make
certain the information on the backup is recoverable if you need it. Just like a security camera video with
quality too poor to identify anyone, a failed backup may be useless.

From Ohio University Outlook, March 31, 2009.

Monthly Reminders!

P-CARD: P-Card transactions posted through March 4, 2009, are in your March 2009 reports. P-Card
transactions posted after that date are now in the Concur Travel and Expense system. These transactions
will be reflected in your FMS reports beginning in April and will post as your P-Card expense reports are
submitted, approved, and processed by central Finance.

WEB UPDATES: Specific web updates and form updates will be listed here as we are notified.

FINANCE ONLINE TRAINING: Visit our Finance Training web site.

You will find Finance Online Training demos, Practice Your Skills and handouts. The training topics include
P-Card/Paris, Travel, Financial Management System (FMS), and WorkForce. The Finance Training web site
contains information on accessing and using Oracle FMS and Paris, applying for a purchasing card, reviewing
travel policies and forms, Purchase Order Lookup, Invoice Payments, approving Work Force timesheets and
more. We are currently working on additional training demos covering other Finance topics which will be
available soon. You may access the Finance Training web site at the following location:

REPORT DISTRIBUTION MAINTENANCE: When employees change jobs or leave the university,
please ask your planning unit’s Budget Unit Manager to contact Rita Kapp at: and copy
Cindy Smith at: to update FMS report distribution maintenance.

ACCESS TO FMS: Please contact Tanya Hire at: and copy Cindy Smith at: to request online access to FMS. This request must come from the department head.
Departments are responsible for making sure the employee completes the online training modules PRIOR to
accessing the system.

TRANSACTION DEADLINES: All Accounting Corrections for transactions posted in FMS through
FEBRUARY 28, 2009 are due in Finance by MAY 1, 2009.

All invoices for payment, internal billings, external billings, etc. dated through MARCH 31, 2009, are due in
Finance by MAY 1, 2009.

PREVIOUS ISSUES OF BUSINESS MATTERS: Previous issues of Business Matters can be found at:


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