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					Sign-In Procedure

      Human Resources
       Records Section
   Define types of new employees.

   Identify required new employee documents.

   Explain proper completion of documents.
         Types of New Employees
   Brand New Line Employees
       Employees hired into a budgeted line position
          Administrative & Professional (A&P)
          Faculty

          USPS

   OPS to Line Employees
       Any OPS employee moving to a line position
         Types of New Employees
   Brand new OPS employees
       Any employee being hired as OPS
          Adjuncts
          Undergraduate students

          Graduate students

          Hourly non-students
    Classifications of Line Employees

   University Support Personnel System (USPS)
   Administrative & Professional (A&P)
   Faculty (FAC)
   Executive Service (EXEC)
   Post-Doctoral Associates (Post-Doc)
Required Documents for Brand New
         Line Employees
1.    Agreement (if applicable)
2.    I-9 Form
3.    Supporting I-9 Documents
4.    Personal Data Sheet
5.    W-4 Form
6.    Direct Deposit Authorization Form
7.    Loyalty Oath
8.    Copy of Social Security Card
9.    Confidentiality Agreement
10.   Orientation Notice
11.   Employee Acknowledgement
Classifications of OPS Employees
   Undergraduate Students (OPSSTU)

   Graduate Students (OPSGRD, 918#)

   OPS Non-Students (USPS Job Codes, Adjuncts)
Required Documents for Brand New
         OPS Employees
1.    Signed Employment Application (if applicable)
2.    Agreement (if applicable)
3.    I-9 Form
4.    Supporting I-9 Documents
5.    Personal Data Sheet
6.    W-4 Form
7.    Direct Deposit Authorization Form
8.    Loyalty Oath
9.    Copy of Social Security Card
10.   Confidentiality Agreement
 Required Documents for Employees
  Moving From OPS to a Budgeted
           Line Position

1.   Agreement (if applicable)
2.   Confidentiality Agreement
3.   Orientation Notice
4.   Employee Acknowledgement
Items Given to New Line Employees
   Drug-Free Schools and Workplace Policy

   Orientation Flyer

   Map of the UCF main campus
   Required for all Faculty, A&P, Executive
    Service, and Post-Doctoral Associates.
   Faculty Agreements are issued by Academic
   A&P and Executive Service Agreements are
    issued by Compensation.
   Post-Doctoral Associate Agreements are
    completed at the department level.
        Employment Application
   Included in hire packet sent to Records for all
    OPS Non-Student employees.

   Completed by employee at

   Must be signed by employee.
                     I-9 Form
   Required by the Department of Homeland

   Establishes new employee’s identity and
    eligibility to work in the United States.

   Employer is subject to fines for mistakes.
I-9 Section 1

 Employee’s Signature   Date
         I-9 Section 2

List A          List B and List C
I-9 Employer Section
        Date of
   Employer Signature

 Employer Address
               Orientation Notice
   Schedules employee for New Employee
       Orientation is held each Friday pay day.

   Employee signs that they acknowledge certain
    terms of employment.
     Employee Acknowledgement
   Employee signs that they understand Worker’s
    Compensation procedures.

   Provided by CorVel.

   Employer Representative is person assisting
    with hire packet completion.
            Personal Data Sheet
   Employee fills out in its entirety to ensure that
    his or her personal information, such as address
    and phone number, is passed on to the

   Allows employee to claim exemption from
    Florida Statute, Chapter 119.
                     Sheet require
Common Personal Data All PDS’sErrorsa
                         physical address.
                        P.O. Boxes are not
                      permitted in the Home
                          Address field.

                       Employees fail to
                       answer the Public
                       Records question.

                        Obsolete version of
                        form is submitted.
                    W-4 Form
   Sets up employee’s tax withholdings.

   Middle portion of first page and all of second
    page are calculators for the employee’s use (if

   Bottom portion of first page must be filled in by
Common W-4 Form Errors

               Employee tries to
               claim versions
                of the form
             and claim exemption
                   from taxes.
                  Physical address
               Employee cannot
                    Marital status
                   claim both.
                  not completed.
              Bottom portion
                of form not
    Direct Deposit Authorization Form
   Sets up direct deposit for employee.

   Employee must fill in banking information
    regardless of documentation provided.

   If a checking account is used, then employee
    must submit a voided check along with form.
 Common Direct Depositpersonal
                       check not
Authorization Form Errors when
                    attached to
                    checking account
                     select more than
                    option is selected.
                       3 accounts for
                   Incorrect transit
                    routing number
                     provided when
                       the savings
                         attempts to
                   account option is
                       deposit money
                          in money
                      market account.
                  Loyalty Oath
   Oath of Loyalty to the state of Florida.

   Must be notarized by a notary in the state that it
    is signed.
                  County omitted on
Common Loyalty     the Errors
                 Oath top left hand
                    corner of form.

                    commission has
       Confidentiality Agreement

   Introduced in July of 2006.

   Required of all employees to complete.
     Common New Employee Sign-in
            Packet Errors
   Documents not signed
   Missing new hire documents
   I-9 issues
   W-4 Form – Employee claiming Exempt and also
    claiming deductions; marital status not completed
   Loyalty Oath – Notary’s signature/stamp missing
   Direct Deposit Authorization Form – missing
    account information, or voided check not attached
   Illegible photocopies
   Copy of Social Security Card not included
            What we covered…
   Types of New Employees

   Required Documents
     What they are
     Proper completion

     Common Errors
Thank you for attending this workshop.

If you have any questions regarding new employee
                  sign-in procedures,
   please contact the Human Resources-Records
                      Section at:

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