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					                 Just a few of many Companies

                   Federal Reserve Stockholders
                                                         Shares                Percent
    Bankers Trust Company                               438,831                ( 6%)
       Bank of New York                                 141,482                ( 2%)
    Chase Manhattan Bank                                1,011,862              (14%)
        Chemical Bank                                   544,962                ( 8%)
           Citibank                                     1,090,813              (15%)
European American Bank & Trust                          127,800                ( 2%)
J. Henry Schroder Bank & Trust                           37,493                ( .5%)
    Manufacturers Hanover                               509,852                ( 7%)
    Morgan Guaranty Trust                               655,443                ( 9%)
National Bank of North America                          105,600                ( 2%)

                   Bank for International Settlements

                      International Monetary fund

       The World Bank (which consists of these 5 institutions)

   a. international bank for reconstruction & development (ibrd)

            b. international development association (ida)

                c. international finance corporation (ifc)

         d. multilateral investment guarantee agency (miga)

 e. international centre for settlement of investment disputes (icsid)

                             J. Henry Schroder Bank
                            Schroders Ltd. of London
                      The National Bank of North America
                         The National Westminster Bank
                            European American Bank
                 The European American Bank, Bahamas, LTD
                         The international gold company
                        Engelhard Minerals and Chemical
                   J. Henry Schroder Bank & Trust attorneys
                 Shearman and Sterling (Citibank’s attorneys)
                            Midland Bank of London
            The Board of Governors, of the Federal Reserve System
                                 Bank of England
                                 Honkong Bank
                                 Shanghai Bank
                      Westinghouse Electric Corporation
                               Proctor and Gamble
                                 Honeywell, Inc.
                                Kennecott Copper
                            Owens-Corning Fiberglass
                             Rockefeller Center, Inc.
                        Equitable Life Assurance Society
   Citicorp (National City Bank and First National Bank of New York, merged)
                        Crop. Exchange Bank, New York
                           Bankers Trust of New York
                          First National Bank of Chicago
                          Continental Illinois Bank of Chicago
Chase Manhattan (Chase and Bank of Manhattan merged, the Rockefeller and Kuhn Loeb)
                         Manufacturers Hanover of New York
                          J.P. Morgan Company of New York
                             Chemical Bank of New York
                              First Chicago Corporation
                              First Securities Corporation
                                  Pet Milk Company
                         Mountain States Implement Company
                                 Amalgamated Sugar
                                 Allied Chemical Corp
                                Royal Bank of Canada
                           Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada
                    Alex Brown & Sons (Brown Brothers Harriman)
                                   Kuhn Loeb & Co.
                                     Standard Oil
                                    General Motors
                             Allied Chemical Corporation
                                    Equitable Life
                        Hamburg Amerika Shipping Company
                        Antony Gibbs & Son, merchant bankers
                              British Broadcasting System
       London School of Economics (training school for the international bankers)
                           New Zealand Shipping Company
                  Imperial Chemical Industries (the English DuPont)
                                  British Iron & Steel
                                      United Steel
                                 Bank of New Zealand
                               East India Coal Company
                                Mexican Railways Ltd
                            Schroder-Rockefeller Company
                                 Bechtel International
                                   Canadian Bechtel
        Bechtel Co, (former employee Caspar Weinberger - Secretary of Defense)
                               Schroder, Rockefeller, Inc
                              the London Schroder Bank
                          Cologne Bankhaus, J.H. Stein & Co
                           Bank of International Settlements
                           law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell
                                    Empire Biscuit
                             Southern Baking Corporation
                                   Columbia Baking
                                Cuba Cane Corporation
                                Manati Sugar Company
                    American British and Continental Corporation
                   North British and Mercantile Insurance Company
                                 Sao Paulo Coffee Ltd.
                          New York Life, and Guaranty Trust
                                   the Hanover bank
                                     Liberty bank
                                      Chase bank
                           L.P. Morton Company, New York
                              Morton-Rose and Company
                              Morton Chaplin of London
                   Equitable Life Insurance Company
                       Home Insurance Company
                            Guaranty Trust
                             Newport Trust
                     National City Bank (City Bank)
                   Law firm of Shearman and Sterling
                 Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb Company
                               Mutual Life
                      National Bank of Commerce
                          First National Bank
                           Wells Fargo Bank
                       Brown Brothers Harriman
                          the Washington Post
                          the New York Times
                           American Express
                        First Boston Corporation
                  Drexel and Company of Philadelphia
                    Grenfell and Company of London
                       Morgan Harjes Cie of Paris
           M.M. Warburg Company of Germany and America
     (5 City of London merchant banking firms of London control the
New York banks which own the controlling interest in the Federal Reserve)
                            1. Schroder Bank
       2. Morgan Grenfell (London branch of the House of Morgan)
                           3. Lazard Brothers
                           4. N.M. Rothschild
5. Brown Shipley Company (London branch of Brown Brothers Harriman)
                                 Shell Oil
                             Time Warmer

                       The entire list is far greater

                Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

                  National Conference of Charities

               Independent Order of Brith Abraham

                  Central Relief Committee (CRC)

                 People's Relief Committee (PRC)

                          The list goes on & on