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									                       Bridge Harbor Heights condo I
                               55 Poplar Street
                             Brooklyn, NY 11201

                              STORAGE AGREEMENT


          It is hereby agreed between Bridge Harbor Heights
Condo I (“BHHCI”) and               (“RESIDENT”), as follows:

             1. BHHCI will allow RESIDENT to store his/her
             belongings in the basement of 55 Poplar Street in a
             wired cage numbered ___.

             2. In consideration for the use of this storage
             space, RESIDENT will pay a fee of $400.00 per year,
             payable on the first day of the month.

             3.    RESIDENT will provide his/her own lock.

             4. This agreement will be in effect for one year,
             from the day of signing.

             6. Should RESIDENT be in arrears of the monthly fee
             for more than 60 days, BHHCI may, without further
             notice, remove the lock and dispose of the contents
             in the wire cage.

             7. This agreement is not a lease, and there is
             intention between the parties to create a landlord-
             tenant relationship.

                  DATED:________       Bridge Harbor Heights condo I




     The undersigned acknowledges as follows:

          Pursuant to a separate agreement, I have been
permitted to use certain storage space belonging to Bridge
Harbor Heights Condo I.

          I am using this space at my own risk. It is
expressly understood that no warranty is given by Bridge
Harbor Heights Condo I. and that I am exclusively
responsible for the space and any personal property

          Bridge Harbor Heights Condo I. shall not bear
any responsibility for loss, theft, or damage and
responsibility for same shall be my/our own.


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