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									Quality Improvement Process
         Workshop 3
                                                  Programme Day 3

 Recap previous learning          Value of the process
 Review SAR progress              Quality Improvement planning
 SAR challenge                    Questions
 Refine SARs and prepare to       Identification of further support
  present key points to full        needs
  group                            Evaluation
 Presentation of Strengths and
 Lunch

 Offer and receive peer support and challenge in
  reviewing SARs
 Identify changes and refinements needed in SARs
 Identify Key Strengths and Areas for Improvement
 Recognise the value of the process
 Identify how the SAR will inform Quality Improvement
                              Recap previous workshop session

 Advisers to provide formal recap and revisit key
  learning points
                                                                    Task 1

   Working in your allocated pairs:
   One at a time present your SAR to your partner
   Your partner will then use the prompt sheet provided to ask questions and
    challenge your judgements
   Jointly decide:
   how wording can be improved (judgement words)
   duplication eliminated
   all CIF covered
   Key Strengths and Areas for Improvement identified
   Individually put these onto a flip chart
 Short break

 Individuals to present Key Strengths and Areas for
  Improvement only to full group
 Group challenge
 Maximum of three questions to be asked of each
  presenter based on prompt sheet
                                                  Task 3

 Join with another pair (groups of four)
 Discuss the self assessment process:
 Who was involved and why
 How and why did you decide on the format of the final
 Has the process been of value to your organisation
 Key points onto a flip chart ready to present to the
  whole group
                                          SAR process

 Spokesperson from each group to present key points
 Questions
                                Quality Improvement Planning

 Purposes
 To plan actions and performance indicators regarding
  improvements that will impact on your learners
 To ensure that AfIs are addressed but also any areas
  that are satisfactory are improved
 Examples shared
                                                    Task 3

 Using blank pro forma start to develop your QIP from
  your SAR

 You will need to continue this with colleagues in your
 Final questions

 Identification of further support needs

 Evaluation

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