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Job Title:                 Portfolio Manager                     Date:                [January XX, 20XX]
Job Description:


             Identifying and analyzing areas of potential risk, which threaten the assets, earning capacity, related
              to investments and holdings of clients in the industrial, commercial or public sector.
             Developing client's asset management capabilities, investment process, compliance, systems and
             Devising overall strategy, proposing and implementing solutions to satisfy the regional and
              international profitability and investment diversification ambitions of the client.
             Working within established investment policy guidelines. Determining equity or fixed income
              investment strategy including market exposure, trade hedging and product prices. Managing the
              larger and potentially most complex, visible accounts. Demonstrating consistently strong investment
             Designing portfolio content, in view of client requirements as well as by using diverse financial
              instruments like PE ratio's to forecast EPS growth figures, to minimize risk factors associated with
             Managing market and credit risks on a daily basis, with specific focus on parameters like credit rating,
              market dynamics, and operational overheads associated with companies and product acceptability.
             Maintaining close tabs on financial markets, possible mergers, IPOs and market fluctuations.
             Realizing potential investment opportunities by conducting thorough research into the financial
              history of companies and organizations, studying balance sheets to pinpoint financial discrepancies,
              long term viability and future prospects.
             Keeping abreast of all government legislations, which may affect a company, and drafting future
              investment proposals as well as reviewing legal documents.

Job Location:              [Country]                             Company             [i.e.: Financial Services,
                                                                 Industry:           Banking]
Job Role:                  [i.e.: Finance]                       Joining Date:       [February XX, 20XX]
Employment Status:         [Full-time, Part-time]                Employment          [i.e.: Employee, Internship,
                                                                 Type:               Contractor, Temporary
Monthly Salary Range:      [$9,000-$12,000]                      Manages             [Yes or No]
Number of Vacancies:       [2]                                   Other:


         Bachelor's degree/higher diploma

             Portfolio Management Expertise & Risk Management Analytics
               Financial& Investment Analysis, Risk, Portfolio, Performance & Equity Analysis, Stock Options
               IPOs, Using Tools P / E ratio, EPS, Dividend yield, ROE
               Communication, leadership, team building, networking and interpersonal skills

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Residence Location:          [List country (s) ]                  Education:
Degree:                      [i.e.: Bachelor’s Degree/Higher      Other:
                             Diploma, Master’s Degree,

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Phone:                       [+971.4.449.3100]                    Fax:                [+971.4.447.0332]

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