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           Cooperation   Push & Pull
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 100 pt       100 pt       100 pt        100 pt       100 pt

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 300 pt       300 pt       300 pt        300 pt       300 pt

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Followers of Islam, those
who believe in Allah and
     the teachings of
Muhammad, are referred
        to as this.
What are Muslims?

      100 pts.
This is the title of the
modern day religious
 leaders of Judaism.
They may be found in
a synagogue, reading
   from the Torah.
What are Rabbis?

     200 pts.
 This religion began in
the Indus River Valley.
   Followers of this
  religion believe in
Brahman and they read
    from the Vedas.
What is Hinduism?

      300 pts.
Because of their belief
 in this individual, an
  important Christian
  symbol is the cross.
Who is Jesus?

    400 pts.
   This term means
“belief in many gods”.
What is polytheistic?

       500 pts.
       This term refers to
  disagreement and fighting
   among countries. It may
 occur because of differences
in languages, religious beliefs,
     or economic interests.
What is conflict?

     100 pts.
 This term means “depending on
each other to obtain the goods and
services that both of us need”. It’s
 one way that countries cooperate
      for economic reasons.
     What is

     200 pts.
 Because of West Asia’s arid, or
  very dry, climate, conflict has
  developed between countries
   trying to obtain this highly
valuable resource that is essential
              for life.
What is water?

    300 pts.
  This city, which is now the
capital of Israel, has been the
  site of much conflict over
 the centuries, because Jews,
 Christians, and Muslims all
    consider it a holy city.
What is Jerusalem?

      400 pts.
These are two reasons
why the Ataturk Dam
  caused so much
    What are any two of the following?
•Syria and Iraq are left without water for
•Syria and Iraq are left without water for
•Syria and Iraq consider the Euphrates to
be a sacred river, and Turkey has stopped
its flow.

                500 pts.
This term means “to move
from one place to settle in
another place”. Push and
 pull factors cause people
         to do this.
What is migrate?

     100 pts.
    People migrate to this
 biodiversity hotspot in West
     Asia, because of job
   opportunities in mining
     businesses, logging
businesses, and other factories.

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