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									               Guide to Files in MOUS Essentials:
                           Word 2000
     P#-L# or           Original Name of
    P#-ex type            Student File                Student File Saved As
P1-L3 thru L8          Blank               Campaign Proposal
P1-SD2                 Blank               Turner Note; Baxter Note
P1-CH1                 Blank               Introduction; Introduction Letter for
P1-CH2                 Blank               Phone List.txt
P1-DZ1                 Blank               Saving Documents
P2-L1 thru L7          W-0201              Campaign Proposal Letter
P2-L8                  Blank               Labels
P2-SD1 thru SD3        W-0202              Chambers Letter
P2-CH1                 W-0203              Mega Music
P2-CH2                 W-0204              Parking Memo
P2-CH3                 Blank               Donation Letter
P2-DZ1                 Blank               Word Disk Labels
P2-DZ2                 Blank               College Instructor Envelope
P3-L1 thru L8          W-0301              Office Software
P3-SD1 thru SD3        W-0302              October Newsletter
P3-CH1                 W-0303              Gift and Craft Show Tax Letter
P3-CH2                 Blank               Health Benefits Memo
P3-CH3                 W-0304              Mega Music Flier
P3-DZ1                 W-0305              Restaurant Review Article 1
P3-DZ2                 Blank               Van Buren Door Notice
P4-L1 thru L7          W-0401              Benefits Status Report
P4-L3                  W-0402              (no name given)
P4-SD1 thru SD3        W-0403              Newsletter Memo
P4-SD2                 W-0404              (no name given)
P4-CH1                 W-0405              Condominium Sales
P4-CH2                 W-0406              Welcome New Owners
P4-CH2                 W-0407              (no name given)
P4-CH3                 W-0408              Association Minutes
P4-DZ1                 Blank               Computer Club Officers
P4-DZ2                 W-0409              Workshops for Bradshaw;
                                           Workshops for Rowley
P5-L1 thru L7          W-0501              Annual Report
P5-SD1 thru SD3        W-0502              Internet Report
P5-CH1                 W-0503              Welcome Letter
P5-CH2                 W-0504              Halloween Party
P5-CH3                 Blank               Reference List
P5-DZ1                 W-0505              Osteoarthritis
P5-DZ2                 Blank               Course Description
P6-L1 thru L8          W-0601              Desktop Publishing
P6-SD1 thru SD3        W-0602              Interview Paper

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               Guide to Files in MOUS Essentials:
                           Word 2000
     P#-L# or           Original Name of
    P#-ex type            Student File                 Student File Saved As
P6-CH1                 W-0603              Status Report
P6-CH2                 W-0604              Domain Name
P6-CH3                 W-0605              Lab Assistant Rules
P6-DZ1                 W-0606              Font Characteristics
P6-DZ2                 W-0607              Outsourcing Document 1
P6-DZ2                 W-0608              Outsourcing Document 2
P7-L1 thru L8          W-0701              Book Sales Letter
P7-SD1 thru SD3        W-0702              Dallas Seminars
P7-CH1                 W-0703              Workshops
P7-CH2                 Blank               Book Project
P7-CH3                 W-0704              Candle Letter
P7-DZ1                 Candle Letter       Candle Letter Update
P7-DZ2                 Blank               Computer Systems Memo
P8-L1 thru L5          W-0801              Book Invoice Letter
P8-L6 thru L8          Blank               Sessions Table
P8-SD1 thru SD2        W-0802              February Expense Memo
P8-CH1                 W-0803              Flight Memo to Schuster
P8-CH2                 W-0804              Candle Distributor Sales;
                                           Final Candle Sales Memo
P8-CH3                 W-0805              Business Contacts
P8-DZ1                 W-0806              Fourth-Quarter Sales
P8-DZ2                 Blank               Personal College Expense
P9-L1 thru L8          W-0901              June Newsletter
P9-SD1 thru SD3        W-0902              PEA Newsletter
P9-CH1                 W-0903              Family Invitation
P9-CH2                 W-0904              Halloween Party
P9-CH3                 W-0905              Airline Information
P9-DZ1                 Blank               Digital Image
P9-DZ2                 W-0906              Hawaiian Paradise
P10-L1 thru L4         W-1001              Safe Driving Tips
P10-L5 thru L8         W-1002              February 2000 Newsletter
P10-SD1                W-1004              School Flier
P10-SD2                Blank               School Organization
P10-SD3                Blank               School Enrollment Chart
P10-CH1                Blank               Valentine’s Day Dance
P10-CH2                Blank               Organization
P10-CH3                W-1005              Music Sales Memo
P10-DZ1                Blank               Conflict Resolution
P10-DZ2                W-1006              Loan Letter
P11-L1 thru L5         W-1101              2001 Annual Report
P11-L6 thru L6         2001 Annual Rpt     2001 Annual Report with Link
P11-L7                 Blank               Email Note
P11-SD1 thru SD3       W-1104              Personal Letter

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               Guide to Files in MOUS Essentials:
                           Word 2000
     P#-L# or           Original Name of
     P#-ex type           Student File                 Student File Saved As
P11-SD1                W-1105              (no name given)
P11-SD2 thru SD3       W-1106.xls          (no name given)
P11-SD3                Blank               Personal Email Message
P11-CH1                W-1107              Conference Workshops
P11-CH1                W-1108              (no name given)
P11-CH2                W-1109              Loan Letter
P11-CH2                W-1110.xls          (no name given)
P11-CH3                W-1111              CTA Implementation Report
P11-CH3                W-1112.xls          Phases
P11-DZ1                W-1113              HealthFirst Fitness Club
P11-DZ1                W-1114              (no name given)
P11-DZ2                W-1115              Sales History
P11-DZ2                W-1116.xls          CTC Sales
P12-L1 thru L6         W-1201              Software Letter
P12-SD1 thru SD3       W-1202              CTC Proposal
P12-CH1                Blank               Word Workshops
P12-CH2                W-1203              Internet Information
P12-CH3                Blank               Teaching Responsibilities
P12-DZ1                W-1204              IFC Proposal
P12-DZ2                W-1205              Interview Speech Outline
P12-DZ2                Blank               Interview TOC
P13-L1 thru L7         W-1301              School Newsletter
P13-SD1 thru SD3       W-1303              Revised June Newsletter
P13-CH1                W-1304              Revised PEA Newsletter
P13-CH2                W-1305              Job Announcement
P13-CH3                Blank               Office 2000 Series
P13-DZ1                Blank               Condominium for Sale Flier
P13-DZ2                Blank               Awards Program
P14-L1                 Blank               Fax to Anita
P14-L2                 Blank               Monthly Calendar
P14-L3 thru L7         W-1401              Committee Status Report
P14-L6                 Blank               (no saved)
P14-L8                 W-1402              Request for Conference Room
P14-L8                 Blank               Request from Wiese
P14-SD1                Blank               Staff Meeting Memo
P14-SD2                W-1403              Memo Newsletter
P14-SD3                W-1403              Winter Newsletter Memo
P14-CH1                Blank               Kahn Letter
P14-CH1                W-1403              (no name given)
P14-CH2                W-1404              September 2001 Minutes
P14-CH3                Blank               Editor; Outlook Editors
P14-DZ1                W-1405              January 2002 Minutes

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               Guide to Files in MOUS Essentials:
                           Word 2000
     P#-L# or           Original Name of
     P#-ex type           Student File                  Student File Saved As
P14-DZ2                Blank               Tips
P14-DZ2                W-1406              April Tips Newsletter
P15-L1 thru L2         W-1505              Scholarship Application
P15-L3 thru L4         Blank               (file not saved)
P15-L5                 Blank               (file not saved)
P15-L6                 W-1502              Farnsworth Letter
P15-L7                 W-1502              Farnsworth Letter 2
P15-L8                 W-1503              Green Tree
P15-SD1                W-1504              (no name given)
P15-SD1                W-1505              Jordan Letter
P15-SD1                W-1506              Rheta Letter
P15-SD1                Blank               (no name given)
P15-SD2                W-1507              Table 1
P15-SD2                W-1508              Table 2
P15-SD3                W-1508              Table 3
P15-CH1                Blank               (no name given)
P15-CH1                Blank               (no name given)
P15-CH1                W-1509              Response to Request
P15-CH1                W-1510              Letter to Terry
P15-CH2                Blank               (no name given)
P15-CH2                W-1511              Company Proposal
P15-CH3                W-1512              Letter to Kara
P15-DZ1                W-1513              Hoge Letter
P15-DZ2                W-1507              Table 4
P15-DZ2                W-1508              Table 5
P15-DZ2                W-1514              Table 6
P16-L1 thru L5         W-1601              Conference Form Letter
P16-L4                                     Conference Confirmation Letters
P16-L5                 (merged)            Conference Mailing Labels
P16-L5                 Blank               Conference Label Form File
P16-L6                 W-1601              Additional Form Letter
P16-L6                 W-1602.mdb          (no name given)
P16-L6                 (merged)            Additional Letters
P16-L7                 (merged)            CA and UT Letter
P16-L8                 Blank               Conference Catalog
P16-L8                 (merged)            Conference Participants
P16-SD1 thru SD2       W-1603              Holiday Form Letter
P16-SD1 thru SD3       (data source)       Friends Data File.dat
P16-SD2                (merged)            Holiday Letter
P16-SD3                Blank               Friends Catalog
P16-SD3                (merged)            Friends Phone List
P16-CH1                W-1604              Cover Letter

e6fe4270-f9b9-436b-a534-d6e9a47143ec.doc                                        Page 4
               Guide to Files in MOUS Essentials:
                           Word 2000
     P#-L# or           Original Name of
     P#-ex type            Student File                Student File Saved As
P16-CH1                (merged)            Cover Letter for Jobs
P16-CH1                (merged)            Job Labels
P16-CH1                Blank               Job Form Labels
P16-CH2                W-1605              Product Form Letter
P16-CH2                W-1606.mdb          (no name given)
P16-CH2                (merged)            Wisconsin Customers
P16-CH3                Blank               Bonus Form Memo
P16-CH3                (data source)       Employee Data File
P16-CH3                (merged)            Bonus Memo $400
P16-CH3                (envelopes)         Bonus Envelopes
P16-DZ1                W-1607              Invitation Form File
P16-DZ1                W-1608.xls          (data source)
P16-DZ1                (merged)            1999 Employees
P16-DZ2                Blank               Emergency Catalog
P16-DZ2                W-1608.xls          (data source)
P16-DZ2                (merged)            Emergency List
P17-L1 thru L5         W-1701              Personal Interview
P17-L6                 Blank               Word Processing Master Document
P17-SD1 thru SD2       W-1702              Electronic Index
P17-SD3                Blank               Office Reference Manual Master Document
P17-CH1                W-1703              Training Conference
P17-CH2                W-1704              Great Depression
P17-CH3                W-1705              CTC Master Document
P17-CH3                W-1706              (subdocument)
P17-DZ1                W-1709              Cafe Loan Proposal
P17-DZ1                W-1710              New Food Cafe
P17-DZ2                W-1711              DP Title Page
P17-DZ2                W-1712              DP Design
P17-DZ2                W-1713              DP Spacing
P17-DZ2                W-1714              DP Bibliography
P17-DZ2                W-1715              DP Index
P18-DZ1                W-1802              Open Exploration
P18-DZ1                Blank               Open Options
P18-DZ2                Blank               Files Found
P19-L1 thru L7         W-1901              Cost Containment Report
P19-SD1 thru SD3       W-1902              Cafe Information
P19-CH1                W-1903              Prospectus
P19-CH2                W-1904              Edited Desktop Publishing
P19-CH3                W-1905              Lab Assistant Duties
P19-DZ1                W-1906              Edited Apartment Newsletter;
                                           Edited Apartment Newsletter 2
P19-DZ2                EAN 2               Edited Apartment Newsletter 3
P20-L1                 W-2001              Oak Grove Invoice

e6fe4270-f9b9-436b-a534-d6e9a47143ec.doc                                             Page 5
               Guide to Files in MOUS Essentials:
                           Word 2000
     P#-L# or           Original Name of
     P#-ex type           Student File                 Student File Saved As
P20-L1 thru L6         Oak Grove Invoice    Invoice
P20-L7                 Blank                Garden Club Invoice
P20-SD1 thru SD2       W-2002               Fax
P20-SD3                Blank                Fax to Ethel
P20-CH1                W-2003               Evaluation Form; Evaluation
P20-CH1                Blank                Evaluation of Brandon
P20-CH2                Invoice Form         Invoice Form
P20-CH2                Blank                Seeger Invoice
P20-CH3                W-2004               Shipping Request;
                                            Shipping Request Form
P20-CH3                Blank                Shipping Request for Marketing Brochures
P20-DZ1                W-2005               Travel Expense Form
P20-DZ1                Blank                My Travel Form
P20-DZ2                W-2006               Registration Form
P20-DZ2                Blank                My Registration
P21-L1 thru L8         Blank                OGP Home Page
P21-L2                 W-2101               (no name given)
P21-SD1 thru SD3       Blank                Heavenly Scents Candle Company.htm
P21-SD1                W-2102               (no name given)
P21-SD1                W-2103               (no name given)
P21-CH1 thru CH3       Blank                Cafe Home Page.htm
P21-CH1                W-2104               (no name given)
P21-CH1                W-2105               (no name given)
P21-CH1                W-2106               (no name given)
P21-CH1                W-2107               (no name given)
P21-DZ1                Blank                HealthFirst.htm
P21-DZ1                W-2108               (no name given)
P21-DZ1                W-2109               (no name given)
P21-DZ2                Blank                Web References

**Note: In Project 17, the files W-1707 and W-1708 are skipped in the exercises, but the files
exist in the Student Data files I received.

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