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									NAPLAN                                                     DATES TO REMEMBER
The National testing started today for our               th
                                                  May 11 -14th NAPLAN testing (years
years 3, 5 and 7 students. The Reading            3,5 & 7)
component of the testing is on tomorrow and
                                                  May 12th – assembly room 1
Numeracy testing will be on Thursday.
                                                  May 26th – assembly rooms 15 & 16
Students who are absent for any or all of the
                                                  May 27th – excursion rooms 7 & 8
testing will sit the test/s on Friday. Students
who are absent for the whole week will not be
able to sit the tests as we are directed to post tests off for marking on Monday. You can
help your child perform at their optimum during testing by ensuring they get a good night’s
sleep and have a healthy breakfast which includes slow release energy foods such as
porridge and bananas. If parents have any questions or concerns about the testing they
should speak to the classroom teacher or a Deputy Principal.

Last week I attended a building meeting and received a tour of the new teaching block
which is nearing completion. Most of the building is finished and fixtures and internal
fittings are the next part to be done. Completion and handover dates are changing
regularly but we still plan to move classes into the building in the last week of term so that
students and teachers can start term three in the new classrooms.

Well done to all the students (and parents) that walked to school last Friday. In our whole
school population we had over 80% of students walking. Rooms 11 and 18 had the most
students walking with 96% and 93% of the classes walking. Thank you to the staff who
came in early to cut up fruit for those students walking. Rockingham Council assisted us
with some funding for Walk to School Day which went towards the purchasing of fruit.

You have no doubt noticed that the dual carriage way on Warnbro Sound Rd was opened
last week. The road changes means that cars travelling south along Warnbro Sound Rd
cannot turn right into Maratea Pde and to access Kiss-n-Drive cars will have to go around
the round about and re-enter Warnbro Sound Rd travelling north. So to, exiting Maratea
Pde cars can only turn left onto Warnbro Sound Rd. These changes place added pressure
on Kiss-n-Drive and we thank parents for their patience when driving around the
school. The school’s Roadwise committee expressed their concerns with the changes when
they were originally tabled twelve months ago but unfortunately alternatives were not
Having a daily Crunch&Sip break also promotes good dental health. The best snack
foods are low in sugar, making fresh fruit and vegetables the perfect snack. Dried
fruit is in the permitted food list for Crunch&Sip, however we encourage parents to
limit dried fruit as it contains concentrated sugar and tends to cling to teeth,
increasing the risk of tooth decay. This risk is heightened if children graze on dried
fruit throughout the day. We are seeing more fruit straps and bars in children’s lunch
boxes and these are featuring more on supermarket shelves and are often marketed as
a simple way for kids to get their daily fruit. However, while some of these products
may not contain added sugar, often more than half the product is fructose (naturally
occurring sugar in fruit) and is not permitted for Crunch & Sip. While these bars can
be an occasional snack (as an alternative to chips or lollies) make sure that fresh fruit
stays on the menu. Check out the list of permitted foods for Crunch & Sip at
                                                                                      Lisa Fletcher
Attendance Bulletin
School Arrivals – We have some students who are arriving late to school on a regular basis. This
means they miss the start of fitness and cannot always locate their class. It also means they are not
as well-prepared for the day ahead. Please help your child to have a comfortable and productive day,
and ensure they arrive at school in good time.

It is a legal requirement that all absences are explained, that is a reason must be provided for the
absence. For Example it is not sufficient to say “my child was absent with my permission.” We need
“My child was absent due to …..” Please ring the school or provide written notification as soon as
possible if your child is absent.
Thank you for support with monitoring attendance. You are helping us to make sure our students are

         Literacy Corner

Hi, I am Miss Stone and welcome to Literacy
Corner. I have been teaching at Secret Harbour
Primary School for four years. This year I have taken
on the role as Literacy Specialist Teacher (LST). I am
currently teaching in Pre-Primary 1 on Mondays and
Tuesdays and working in the position as LST on
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday. This term, I am
working in the year four classrooms. I am really
enjoying working with some of my past students and
seeing their progress. I will be contributing to the
fortnightly newsletter with hints and tips for We write for a variety of purposes. Here I am
continuing the literacy learning process at home, so writing in my travel diary whilst waiting for the
stay tuned!                                            train to Narita Airport in Tokyo in January 2010.

                                                       Dinner time discussion: Brainstorm with your child
Miss Stone ☺                                           some purposes for writing in everyday life.

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MERIT CERTIFICATES                            Numeracy News
                       Understanding how mathematics works and how it is used in everyday
 Mitchell Wrankmore    situations is important for all children. Parents can have a huge impact
      Kiarah Kirk      on how confident and capable their children are in knowing and
  Latisha Hamilton     applying mathematical thinking. By involving your children in everyday
                       activities at home you can improve your child’s mathematical
      Harry Bolan
  Bailey Ainsworth     The more your child joins in, the more maths will make sense. Children
   Brianna Carbone     will learn that it is not just about numbers. Maths also involves shapes,
  Jonathan Cooper      direction, position and measuring things.
   Adam Goodbody       Some Tips for involving your child in everyday maths activities;
      Emma Lyons       • Let your child set the table. How many knives, forks, cups etc. will
                       we need? Have we got enough?
    Kyah Tocknell
    Jessica Green      • Involve your child in cooking- measure and weigh ingredients, read
                       and work out fractions like ½ and a ¼.
   Charlotte Wood
                       • Plant a vegetable garden- measure the distance between plants/
      Chad Booth
                       seeds and count out seeds to plant.
    Josh Stringer
                       • Use a map book to find your way to a destination- use grid
    Hannah Fields      references.
       Oscar Low       • Talk to your child about the time- use digital and analogue clocks.
     Leslie Russell    Ask them; How long until…? How long have we been…?
   Campbell Rankin     Let your child pay at the shops for small things (using real money). Ask
    Bayley Phillips    them; How much money do you need? How much money do you have?
                       How much change will you get?
 Mikayla Bettencourt
     Grace Quaid       An interactive maths web site for 4-11year olds
      Amy Slater
    Lynden Hughes
   Jacob Teasdale
     Jesse Bushby      Sarah Couzens
   Bailey Edwards
    Sophie Wiffen      WALK SAFELY TO SCHOOL DAY
   Gemma Ramage        On Friday many of the students at
   Chelsea Cassels     Secret Harbour Primary School
   Bailey Bramwell     participated in Walk safely to School
     Rachel Gillies    day.
   Amy Kenworthy
                       The Walk Safely to School Day is aimed
   Jai Hainsworth
                       at making school children more active
     Zac Kennedy       and healthy.
     Shauna Gray
   Jackson Russell     Benefits of walking to school are:
  Mathew Webster
      Lucy Dadds       •     Walking to school eases traffic
                       congestion by less cars on the road.
      Chad Booth
                       •     Eases global warming by reducing
  Breyton Newlands
                       car dependency.
      Olivia Dean      •     Active Kids are healthy kids!
   Jadelyn Jinman
    Harry Richens
     Kara Robson

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                                                          P&C News

Brand New! Entertainment Value Books now

Early orders receive free sample vouchers. Book now includes
more Mandurah Fremantle business's.
Some flyers have gone out to students with the rest to follow
shortly. Remember $13 for each book goes to the school to help
with buying various items for the students. If you would like to
order books, order forms are available at the school reception
or contact Lorry Rule 0416 951948. Order deadline has been
extended until Friday 14th May 2010.

Billy G's Cookie Dough

Due to popular demand Cookie Dough will be available to order this Term and flyers will be
sent out shortly.

•    Polo shirts are now in stock
•    Letterman Jackets are due in soon

Beanie with logo $5
Beanie with peak and logo $7
Cargo Pants (all sizes) $15
Long sleeve surf top (size 16 only) $10
Jenny Miskelly—Uniform Co Ordinator



Our annual Auditions are being held soon. The college
offers a comprehensive eight year curriculum for
students considering a career in dance and related
vocations. Students are able to combine full-time
dance studies with TER academic course-work. An
Introductory Dance Performance Course is also
available for younger students.

Please contact our Office Administrator on
Tel: 93800551
Fax: 93813500

                     Golf Coast Real Estate - Local business supporting our community since
                     1996. For all your Real Estae needs, call us on 9524 8880 or 0438 680 808
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