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Conference Proposals by lgh15536


Conference Proposals document sample

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									                                CALL FOR PROPOSALS
All proposals will be submitted online using the form found on this page. Please read session, proposal,
and submission information carefully in order to avoid delays and to give proposals the best opportunity
for acceptance. The Conference Committee will review proposals and notify presenters as to time and
place of presentation.

                   Autism Awareness Conference: April 1, 2009
                       Submission of Proposals Deadline: January 16, 2009
                      Result of Proposal Review: Within 2 weeks of submission
             Deadline to Confirm Acceptance of Invitation to Present: January 30, 2009

                                  Theme: “Autism Awareness”
Track 1: Family & Home

Session will address ideas and strategies to help parents and caregivers support children/adults on the
autism spectrum.

Track 2: Teaching Students on the Autism Spectrum

Session will address strategies for teachers to use to support the learning of students with autism in their

Track 3: Legal Issues/Rights

Session will address the legal issues/rights of the child/adult with autism, parents, and teachers.

Track 4: Education (Inclusion)

Session will deal with issues addressed when including children with autism in typical classrooms.

Track 5: Life Skills

Session will deal with helping children and adults on the autism spectrum with everyday life skills.

Track 6: Social Skills

Session will deal with how to help children/adults with autism with their social skills.

Track 7: Communication

Session will deal with a variety of communication techniques to help children/adults on the autism
spectrum learn to communicate with others at home and in the work place.

Track 8: Health, physical Development and Leisure Activities

Session will deal with the health issues and physical development of children/adults with autism.
Presentation Session Format: 45 minutes
A focused, interactive session/workshop is encouraged with clear objectives and learning outcomes for the
audience. Each 45 minute session will be presented TWICE to allow more participants to take advantage of
learning from your presentation.

Evaluation of Proposals

The reviewers will examine and evaluate proposals in these areas:

      Clear connection between the title of the session and its content (titles should be less than 10
       words and align with session content

      Significance and relevance of the topic for this conference

      Clarity and value of the objectives for the session

      Means of engaging the audience in the session

      Expressed learning outcomes for attendees

Acceptance of proposals

The result of the review process will be provided to submitters within two weeks of reception of the
proposals. Thus, the earlier proposals are received during the submission period, the sooner the review
results will be obtained. The presenters of all accepted proposals are to give confirmation to the
conference chair that they will present at the conference in April. Presenters are responsible for their own
conference registration and fee, travel, and lodging.

Presenters must supply abstracts of their presentations on the proposal form. These abstracts will be used
in the Conference Program Booklet and in the Conference Proceedings. The format for the abstract is as

      Presentation topic and name/school of presenter(s)

      Abstract text: 100 – 150 words

      Content: summarize content of the presentation, including its objectives and learning outcomes for
       the audience. Provide any relevant resources such as book or article titles and web sites.

Proposal Submission Form

Presenters must fill out the following Proposal Submission Form and sent either a hard copy in the mail or
an electronic copy by January 16, 2009.
                                 April 1, 2009
             Proposal Submission form: Due by January 16, 2009

                         Presentation Information
Conference Track:
____ Track 1: Family & Home
____ Track 2: Teaching Students on the Autism Spectrum
____ Track 3: Legal Issues / Rights
____ Track 4: Education (Inclusion)
____ Track 5: Life Skills
____ Track 6: Social Skills
____ Track 7: Communication
____ Track 8: Health & Physical Development


  Presenter’s Name:

Name of School or

    Mailing Address:

      Email Address:


Names and Affiliations
of any Co-Presenters:

Title of Presentation: (10 words or less)

Abstract: (to be published in conference program – 100-150 words)
Please describe the purpose of the presentation, its application to the
conference theme and focus, and a summary of the major outcomes.
Please provide a full description of the presentation that expands on the
abstract. (Try not to exceed an additional 250 words)

Equipment for Presentation:

Slippery Rock University is a PC campus and some rooms will be able to provide you
with various computer related equipment; however, it would be best if presenters were
able to bring whatever equipment they needed for these presentations. In this spirit,
please check what equipment is absolutely essential to your presentation. At the time of
invitation to present, we will advise you as to the availability of the equipment you
____ I’ll bring everything myself.                     ____ Computer (PC)
____ I don’t require anything.                         ____ I need a Mac computer
____ LCD Projector for my own computer                 ____ VCR/TV
____ Projector (for computer)                          ____ Overhead Projector
____ Flip Chart Stand                                  ____ Internet connection
Please be aware that if you bring your own computer, we will not be able to connect it to
the Internet. If you request a computer, we will usually be able to provide a projector
system and an internet connection (but we will need to know that you wish to use these,
so you don’t spend your presentation time trying to figure out our systems).

I hereby certify that, if this proposal is selected for the Autism Awareness Conference at
Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, PA, April 1, 2009, I will present the proposal
that I have submitted. I understand all presenters are required to register and pay the
registration fee.
____ I have read the agreement and accept the terms for the Autism Awareness

Please send all proposals to:        Dr. Sherry DuPont
                                     117 McKay Building         or     Slippery Rock University
                                     Slippery Rock, PA 16057

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