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									                      LES USA/Canada 2006 Annual Conference Report

We are pleased to report that the Annual Conference in New York was a very successful one for
the Life Sciences Committee.

Education Program
The LSC education program at NYC consisted of the sponsoring of a Workshop and a ½ day
Add-On Seminar. Both of these LSC sponsored activities went off quite well.

Owing perhaps to its status as a “niche” subject, attendance at the Bolar Workshop was less than
one would have hoped. Nonetheless, the feedback received from attendees and the conference
organizers was quite encouraging and positive, with the attendees complimenting it on being very
informative and useful to them in their work. A special thank you is due to Paule Douret-Gardrat,
Lise Abilgaard Ryberg, Hayley French and Steve Yoder for all of the energy and efforts that put
into making the content of the Workshop useful.

The Thursday Add-On on Global Licensing was a rousing success both in terms of the number of
attendees and in content. With approximately 50 attendees, it was one of the better attended
Add-Ons at the Conference. Further, the Organizers of the Conference have informed us that the
attendee feedback which they received was extremely positive, being one of the best that they
had experienced in years. Congratulations need to be extended to Tim Shea for all of his efforts
in gathering together a top-notch panel and to LSC members Edson Paula de Souza, Steve
Yoder, George Pickering, Rob McInnes and Colin Sandercock for their participation on the
Panel. A very special thank you is due to Rory Radding for his participation on the Panel. The
leadership fo the LSC is very pleased to announced that Rory has joined the LSC as a member
and we are fortunate to be able to count on the expertise that he will bring to our Committee.

We recruited 75 new members to the LSC, including 3 new liaisons (Cecilia Falconi for the
Andean Community, Martin Schneider for Switzerland and Louise Wong for Singapore) and
five new “Core Group” Members (Cecilia Falconi, Grace Khor, Louise Wong, France Côte and
Martin Schneider), so that the LSC now has 177 Members from 27 different Member Societies,
42 of whom are Core Group Members. We have now exceeded our original targets of 75 LSC
Members and 25 Core Group Members and, I believe that we have the largest Committee within
LESI. With these numbers, we should start being able to accomplish much within LESI.

LSC Meetings
The two LSC Meetings (one held during the Delegates Conference, the other during the general
Conference) both went off smoothly and were well-attended. 14 International Delegates attended
the LSC Meeting that held during the Delegates Meeting, while 20 people attended the LSC
meeting that was held during the main Conference.

In each meeting, the results of the eight (8) Projects undertaken by the LSC in 2005-2006 were
reviewed. Following this review, the eight (8) Projects proposed for 2006-2007 were reviewed
and discussed. Finally, the LSC attendees at the Meetings approved the proposal to carry-out
the eight (8) proposed Projects and the plan is to start these Projects as soon as possible.

International Delegates Meeting
The LSC was requested by the LESI Board to make a short presentation on: (1) what has worked
and what has not worked in the past; and (2) on its planned activities (primarily the 8 Projects) for

Of the Projects, the only changes requested by the LESI Board had to do with “Project: Life
Sciences Network” and both of these changes had to do more with form than substance. First,
the Board requested that the Message Board not be characterized as an “Advice Board” but that
calling it a “Message Board” or a “Q&A Forum” should be acceptable. Second, the Board

requested that persons to whom questions are “pushed” to not be referred to as “Experts” but that
they should be characterized as members of the “Panel of Licensing Executives”. We understood
that these two change requests were due primarily to liability issues.

Relations with LES USA & Canada Healthcare Committee
It is a priority of the LSC to forge greater links and to explore further areas of opportunity where the
LSC may be able to cooperate with the Healthcare Committee of LES USA/Canada.

To this end, the LSC not only participated in the sponsoring of a Cocktail Reception with the
Healthcare Committee (HC) of LES USA/Canada but it was also kindly given the opportunity by the
HC to present the LSC to the Healthcare Committee’s membership during the Healthcare
Committee’s Meeting held during the Conference. This presentation resulted in 10 new additions to
the LSC and in raising the LSC’s profile among members of LES USA/Canada.

We are also exploring areas where we may cooperate with the Healthcare Committee in the future
in a way that would inure to our mutual benefits. In this regard, Jake Schaible and Lauren
Silvernail have joined the LSC to assist in facilitating such cooperation and the LSC will soon be
appointing someone on the LSC who could . The LSC would like to thank the Healthcare
Committee for this opportunity.

Now it is on to prepare for Zurich in June where the LSC will, hopefully, be very, very visible in both
its attendance and participation.

Co-Chair Tetsushi Inada (
Co-Chair Kevin Nachtrab (
Co-Vice Chair José Solleiro (
Co-Vice Chair Timothy Shea, Jr. (

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