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									                            Technology Integration Short Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: The Polar Express

Subject: English and Math K-5

Brief description of Lesson (1 paragraph):
This thematic lesson will be presented at Christmastime to introduce or review concepts taught in
the first part of the school year.
ENGLISH LESSON- Describing words:
    After an introductory lesson on adjectives, TLW watch The Polar Express. While watching
       the movie, TLW record information on the Adjective Note-taking Guide. (The following
       adjective/noun pairs will be recorded on the note-taking guide: hissing steam, squeaking
       metal, hot cocoa, dark forest, lean wolves, quiet wilderness, barren desert, small box, little
       sister, loud blast, magical sound, silver bell, huge city, frozen sea.)
    After the movie, TLW share some of the adjectives that they listed to describe the nouns on
       the note-taking guide (in the last column).
    TTW introduce figurative language as another way to describe by using the Similes and
       Metaphors PowerPoint about The Polar Express. TT may choose to print the slide show as a
       handout/study guide for the students, and each student could write his/her own examples of
       similes and metaphors.
    TLW interact with a PPT slide show of math interactive questions. The slide show will end
       with a scenario for the students to gather information to create a graph in MaxCount or MS

Lesson GLE(s):
ELA: Apply knowledge of parts of speech in writing
Math: Varies according to grade level and problems selected

Materials Needed (including electronic templates):
Copy of the movie, The Polar Express
Adjective Note-taking guide
Similes and Metaphors PowerPoint… and handouts (optional)
Math PowerPoint
MaxCount or MS Excel

Name: Mandy Poche
Email Address:

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