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					Estimating the Number and Percent of Workers with No Paid Sick Days in Your State

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                                                                        DATA YOU
                                                                      FROM THE BLS
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       A                        B                           C               D                    E               F

                                                                                                              Percent of
                                                                                              Number of       workers in
                                                                                              workers in      your state
                                                                                              your state    without paid
                                                       Percent of                           without paid    sick days, by
                                                        workers        Number of            sick days, by    industry ( =
     NAICS                                            without paid    employees in           industry ( =    (Column I /
    industry                                           sick days      your state, by        (Column E *        Column
      code     Private Sector Industry                 nationally 1     industry 2         Column G)/100)      G)*100)

      21       Mining                                      52                                          0      #DIV/0!
      22       Utilities                                   15                                          0      #DIV/0!
      23       Construction                                75                                          0      #DIV/0!
     31-33     Manufacturing                               48                                          0      #DIV/0!
      42       WH trade                                    29                                          0      #DIV/0!
     44-45     Retail trade                                55                                          0      #DIV/0!
     48-49     Transportation and warehousing              44                                          0      #DIV/0!
      51       Information                                 26                                          0      #DIV/0!
      52       Finance and insurance                       18                                          0      #DIV/0!
      53       Real estate and rental                      33                                          0      #DIV/0!
      54       Professional and technical services         31                                          0      #DIV/0!
      55       Management                                  23                                          0      #DIV/0!
      56       Admin and waste services                    69                                          0      #DIV/0!
      61       Educational services                        32                                          0      #DIV/0!
      62       Health care and social assistance           29                                          0      #DIV/0!
      71       Arts, entertainment, and recreation         65                                          0      #DIV/0!
      72       Accommodation and food service              78                                          0      #DIV/0!
      81       Other services                              51                                          0      #DIV/0!
                Subtotal                                   48                          0               0      #DIV/0!

               Public Sector
               Federal 3                                   0                                           0      #DIV/0!
               State 4                                     15                                          0      #DIV/0!
               Local 4                                     15                                          0      #DIV/0!
                Subtotal                                   13                          0               0      #DIV/0!

               TOTAL                                       42                          0               0      #DIV/0!

Number with paid sick days                                                        0
Percent with paid sick days                                                 #DIV/0!

  Except where noted, industry-level paid sick days coverage rates are from Vicky Lovell, Taking Care: Adequacy
and Equity of Paid Leave (Washington, DC: Institute for Women's Policy Research, forthcoming), using data from
the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' March 2006 National Compensation Survey, adjusted for eligibility with data from
the November 2005 through October 2006 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Openings and Labor Turnover
  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, Data downloaded from
  All federal employes have flexible paid sick days.
  Vicky Lovell, No Time To Be Sick: Why Everyone Suffers When Workers Don't Have Paid Sick Leave
(Washington, DC: Institute for Women's Policy Research, 2004). (These are the most recent data collected by the
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on paid sick days policies in state and local governments.)
Estimating the Costs and Savings of a Minimum Paid Sick Days Standard in Your State

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                                WAGE DATA
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                                     A               B                   C

                                                   from a
                                                 paid sick
                                                    days            Costs of a
                                                standard in     minimum paid sick
                                                your state,      days standard in
                                                per worker        your state, per
                                                per week: 1     worker per week: 1

                                                   $0.00               $0.00

  Based on per-worker per-week costs (for workers getting new coverage under the paid sick days
proposal) and savings for the proposed Healthy Families Act, as reported in Valuing Good Health: An
Estimate of Costs and Savings for the Healthy Families Act (Vicky Lovell, 2005). That estimate used
data from the 2004 Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement and other
sources to estimate the impact of the Heatlhy Families Act, in 2003 dollars. Those figures have been
inflated to 2006 dollars for this tool using the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Inflation Calculator at The national-level estimate from Valuing Good Health is adjusted to individual
states' wage levels using the BLS' Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

Note on adjusting for inflation:
This tool estimates costs and savings in 2006 dollars. If you are working with this tool in 2007 or a
later year, you may follow these steps to adjust for inflation and provide an estimate in current-year
1. Go to the BLS webpage for the Consumer Price Index at
2. Scroll down to the heading "Get Detailed CPI Statistics" (this will likely be visible at the bottom of
your screen when you first open this webpage).
3. Select "Inflation Calculator."
4. Insert the cost or savings number you calculated in this spreadsheet. Select "2006" for the year to
convert from, and the current year for your desired conversion date.
Calculating the Percent of All Workers in Your State by Employer Size

                       ENTER THE DATA
                       ON THE NUMBER
                        OF WORKERS
                          FROM THE
                       CENSUS BUREAU
                        WEBSITE HERE

          A                  B               C                D

                        Number of        Percent of     percent of
 Establishment size      workers          workers        workers

Under 10                                  #DIV/0!          #DIV/0!
10 to 24                                  #DIV/0!          #DIV/0!
25 to 99                                  #DIV/0!          #DIV/0!
100 to 499                                #DIV/0!          #DIV/0!
500 to 999                                #DIV/0!          #DIV/0!
1000 or more workers                      #DIV/0!          #DIV/0!

Total                               0     #DIV/0!

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Annual Social and Economic Supplement, Current Population Survey <State>, 2008 .
Survey <State>, 2008 .

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