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					                      Workshop Proposal Form
                Submission must be received by November 1, 2004, for consideration.

Call for Workshop Proposals
Kristi House, Inc. and the Institute for Children and Families at Risk at Florida International
University requests workshop proposals for their second annual conference on the Multi-disciplinary
Approach to the Investigation of Child Abuse to be held on February 28 and March 1, 2005, at the
Kovens Conference Center, FIU, Miami, Florida. This year’s conference will focus on the mental
health component of the Multidisciplinary Team. Workshops will address best practices in mental
health treatment for abused children, promising developments in the field, and how the other various
disciplines are effected by mental health issues. Each workshop will be 90 minutes in length, unless
otherwise specified in the proposal.

Workshop presenters: Conference presenters will include victim advocates, counselors, program
managers, physicians, attorneys, social workers, criminal justice and other government officials,
psychologists, researchers, journalists, volunteers, clergy, and community leaders—anyone who is
involved in children’s mental health issues and/or a child advocacy center.

Proposal Deadline: Please complete and return the following form no later than November 1, 2004
(see address at bottom of form). Workshops will be selected, and presenters notified, by November
5, 2004.

Workshop Title:

Workshop Contact Person:



City:                                                      State:            Zip:

Phone:                                                     Fax:

Proposed Focus:
         o Best Practices in Children’s Mental Health
         o Promising Developments in Children’s Mental Health
         o Legal issues relating to Children’s Mental Health
         o Physician issues relating to Children’s Mental Health
         o Investigative issues relating to Children’s Mental Health

Program Materials: Please attach any handouts, even if preliminary
       I will be using printed materials and have attached them for review.
       I will be using printed materials, but they are in development.
       I will not be using printed materials.

Educational Objectives - List at least three expected goals and/or outcomes for participants:

Bibliography, list a minimum of three sources:

Workshop Session Description (50 word minimum; 150 word maximum):

Presenter Biographical Sketch:

Additional Panelists:

References for Presenter:
Name:                                                               Phone:

Name:                                                               Phone:

        Submission must be received by November 1, 2004, for consideration.
      Accepted applicants will be notified and given further instructions by November 5, 2004.

Please direct completed forms and further inquiry to Trudy Novicki, Executive Director, Kristi House
                Tel: (305) 547-6836 • Fax: (305) 547-6837 •


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