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             District and Teachers Union Reach Conceptual Agreement to
                            Further Reduce Teacher Layoffs

May 11, 2010 (San Francisco) - At 6:00 p.m. today the teachers union and the school district
leadership reached a conceptual agreement just as the full meeting of the Board of Education
was set to begin. While the agreement has yet to be ratified by either party, the superintendent
is confident that the agreement discussed between the two parties could allow the district to
bring layoff numbers to below 200 positions, down from the 350 that would have to be executed
without an agreement.

“We are grateful to have arrived at this conceptual agreement and look forward to finalizing the
details so that we can let more of our teachers know that their jobs are secure,” said
Superintendent Carlos Garcia.

California law requires that final layoff notices be sent to certificated staff by May 15. Until the
final agreement with the teachers union is ratified by their membership, given the legal time
constraints, the district will still have to issue final notices for nearly 350 certificated positions.
When this evening’s conceptual agreement is formally adopted at least 150 of these notices will
be rescinded.


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