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					Week     Trade theory                    Trade practical                           Engineering drawing     Workshop calculation
No.                                                                                                             & science

1        Familiarisation with trade      Visit to the different sections of the
         instructor, supervisor,         institute.
         foreman, principal.
                                         Demonstration on elementary first
         Activities, of the institute,   aid. Artificial respiration.
         importance of the trade,
         future prospect etc. Duties
         and responsibilities of
         trainees, safety measures
         to be observed.

         Elementary first aid.
         concept of standard and

    2.   Matter, Atoms-structure,                                                  Freehand sketching      Electricity and its
         importance of physics-                                                    of straight lines,      uses, electric current
         basic principles-work,                                                    rectangles, squares     positive. Use of
         power, energy .                                                           circle, polygons etc.   switchs and fuses.
                                                                                                           Conductors and
         Identification of trade,
         hand-tools – specifications
         and uses. Care and              Demonstration on trade hand tools.                                Applied workshop
         maintenance of hand tools.      Identification of simple types-screws,                            problems involving
                                         nuts and bolts, chasis, clamps, rivets                            multiplication and
                                         etc.                                                              division common
                                                                                                           fractions, add,
                                                                                                           multiplication and
                                                                                                           division. Application
                                                                                                           of friction to shop

3        Fundamental of electricity      practice in using steel rules, cutting    Proportionate free      ---do---
         electron theory- solar          pliers, screw drivers etc. skinning the   hand sketching with
         system-elements, free           cables, and joint practice on single      dimensions.
         electrons- fundamental          strand.
         terms, definitions, units &
         effects of electric current.
                                         Demonstration & practice on bare
                                         conductors such as- Britannia,
                                         straight, Tee, Western union.

                                                                                   Reading of simple
                                                                                                           Properties and uses
                                                                                   blue prints
                                                                                                           of copper, zinc, lead,
                                                                                                           tin, aluminium, brass,
                                                                                                           bronze, solder,
                                                                                                           bearing metals,
                                                                                                           timber rubber.

5        Solders, flux and soldering     Practice in soldering                     Conventional
         technique. Resistors types                                                symbols of electrical
         of resistors & properties of                                              installation
                                         -Measurement of ‘R’ and
                                         measurement of specific ‘R’.

6        Expl. Definition and            Demonstration and identification of       ---do---                Properties & uses of
         properties of conductors,       types of cables                                                   cast iron, wrought
         insulators and semi-                                                                              iron, plain carbon
         conductors.                                                                                       steel, high speed
                                                                                                           steel and alloy steel.
         Types of wires & cables
                                         Demonstration & practice on standard
         standard wire gauge.                                                                              Decimals-add,
                                         wire gauge
         Classification of wires &
                                         Safe use of cables and wires                                      conversion of
         cables-insulation and
                                                                                                           decimals of to
         voltage grades
                                                                                                           common fractions
                                                                                                           shop problems.
                                                                                                                                               ACHIEVEMENTS: The
           -Low, medium and high                                                                                                               trainees should be able to
           voltage                                                                                                                             make ckts with common
                                          As per I.S 732-1963-APP-D.                                                                           electrical accessories with
           precautions in using                                                                                                                domestic electrical
           various types of cables                                                                                                             appliances for a specified
                                          Practice in crimping Thimbles, lugs .                                                                voltage and current.

7&8        Common electrical              Demonstration and practice on fixing             --do--                    Brief description of
           accessories, their             common electrical accessories.                                             manufacturing
           specifications, Common                                                                                    process of pig iron &
           insulating material as per                                                                                cast iron.

           Concept of ckts.-types of
           ckts as per property as per
           current flow                   Building/Layout/assemble of small
                                          electrical ckts. with common electrical
                                          accessories-reading & ammeter                                              Reduction of common
           Ohm’s law, series and
                                          voltmeters                                                                 fractions to decimal
           parallel ckts. Kirchhoff’s
                                                                                                                     fractions shop
           Law Reading of Analogy
           digital Ammeter and            -Verification &Ohm’s Law
           voltmeters only use-of
           protective devices of ckts-
           Fuses & their types            -do- of series ckt.
           Earthling etc.
                                          -do- of parallel ckt
           -Simple problems on ckts.

           -Conception of
           developments of domestic
           ckts, Alarm & a switch, A
           lamp, A fan with individual
           switches etc./Two way          Practice in testing and connecting
           switch                         domestic appliances

      9           Chemicals effect of electric         Assembly of a Dry cell-                  Drawing the typical diagram of      C.G.S. & F.P..S.
                  current-principles of                Electrodes-Electrolytes.                 D-type cartridge fuse, H.R.C.       systems of units of
                  electrolysis. Faraday’s Law of                                                type fuse                           forces, weights etc.
                  electrolysis. Electro- chemicals                                                                                  their conversion
                                                       Grouping of dry cells for a
                  equivalents. Explanation of                                                                                       problems.
                                                       specified voltage and current.
                  Anodes and cathodes.

      10          Rechargeable dry cell-               Preparation of battery                   Draw of the typical diagram of      Ratio & proportion
                  description advantages and           charging                                 plug and socket out lets.           shop problems
                  disadvantages                                                                                                     plotting and reading
                                                                                                                                    of simple graphs.
                                                       -Testing of cells                        Graphical symbols used in
                  Care and maintenance of cells.                                                electric technology, ckt.
                                                                                                Elements.                           Mensuration areas of
                                                                                                                                    rectangles squares,
                  Grouping of cells of specified
                                                                                                                                    Triangles, circles,
                  voltage and current. Lead acid
                                                                                                                                    regular polygons etc.
                  cell-description methods of
                                                                                                                                    Calculation of areas.
                  charging- precautions to be
                  taken & testing equipment.


      11 &        Lead Acid cells general defects      -Charging of a lead acid call,           Simple isometric drawing,           Algebra- algebraic
      12          & remedies.                          filling of electrolytes – testing        isometric views of simple           symbols add, subtract
                                                       of charging checking of                  objects – squares rectangles        multiplication &
                                                       discharged and fully charged             cubes. Rectangular blocks etc       division of expression
                  Nickel Alkale cell-description
                                                       battery.                                 detailed diagram of calling bell    involving algebraic
                  charging. Power & capacity of
                                                                                                electromagnet etc.                  symbols. Simple
                  cells. Efficiency of cells.
                                                                                                                                    equation &
                  Wheat stone bridge and its                                                                                        problems.

13.         ALLIED TRADES                               Introduction of fitting trade       Symbols indicating the method      Brief description of
                                                                                            of operation of the instrument     manufacturing
                                                                                            and accessories.                   process of steel
            Marking use of chisel and                   safety precautions to be
                                                                                                                               copper and
            hacksaw on flats, sheet metal               observed description of files
            filling practice, filling true to line      hammers, chisel, hacksaw,           IS: 1248- 2968 /APP. A.A-6
                                                        frames & blades- their
                                                        specification & grades. Care.
                                                        Maintenance of steel rule try
                                                        square and files.

14          Drilling practice in hand drilling          Marking tools description &         Free hand sketching of nuts &      Metric systems metric
            % power drilling machines.                  use. Types of drills description    bolts with dimensions from         weights &
            Grinding of drill bits.                     & drilling machines, proper         samples.                           measurements units-
                                                        use, care and maintenance.                                             conversion factors.

15          Practice in using tapes and                 Description of taps and dies        Free hand sketching of rivets      Meaning of tenacity
            dies, threading hexagonal and               types in rivets and riveted         and washer with dimensions         elasticity, malleability
            square nuts etc. cutting                    joints. Use of thread gauge.        from samples.                      and ductility
            external threads on stud and on                                                                                    examples.
            pipes riveting practice.

16          Sawing and planning practice.               Description of carpenter’s          Free hand sketching of keys        Shop problems on
            Practice in using firemer chisel            common hand tools such as           and screw threads with             metric system or
            and preparing simple half lap               saws planes, chisels mallet         dimensions from samples.           weight and
            joint.                                      claw hammer, marking,                                                  measurement.
                                                        dividing and holding tools their
                                                        care and maintenance.

17          Practice in using snips, marking            Description of marking &            Explanation of simple              Mass-unit of mass
            and cutting of straight and                 cutting tools such as snibs         orthographic projection 3rd        force, absolute unit of
            curved pieces in sheet metals.              shear punches and other tools       angle.                             force. The weight of a
            Bending the edges of sheets                 like hammers, mallets etc.                                             body unit of weight
            metals. Reviting practice in                used by sheet metal workers.                                           shop problems.
            sheet metal. Practice in                    Types of soldering irons-their
            marking different joints in sheet           proper uses. Use of different
            metal in soldering the joints.              bench tools used by sheet
                                                        metal worker. Soldering
                                                        materials, fluxes and process.


      1.    The trainee should be able to mark according to the given sketch, to file thee given job with an accuracy of +/- 0.25 mm, be able to drill and tap
      2.    Should be able to use simple carpenter’s hand tools.
      3.    Should be able to use simple sheet metal workers hand tools.

18         Define-magnetism                          Tracing the magnetic Field of a          Draw the typical symbols used in     Simple problems
           &classification of magnets.               needle & bar magnet.                     electrical ckts.                     on work, power
           Properties, care and                                                                                                    energy.
           maintenance, methods of
                                                     Practice in magnetising mg.
           magnetising magnetic
           material and Ferro magnetic

19         Principles of Electro-                    Tracing the magnetic field set up by     Graphical symbol used in             Standard algebraic
           magnetism corkscrew rule,                 a current carrying conductor and a       electrotechnology, kinds of          formula (a+b)2 (a-
           right and left hand rules. Mg.            loop.                                    currents, distribution systems       b)2 Simultaneous
           Field of current carrying                                                          and methods of connections.          equations with two
           conductors and loop. Earth                                                                                              unknown
                                                     Tracing the field of an Electro-
           magnetism, solenoid its                                                                                                 quantities.
                                                     magnet and study the variation of
                                                     field strength by varying current
                                                     number of turns etc.
           Magnetic terms
                                                     Assembly/winding of a simple
           Principle of Electro-magnetic             Electro magnet.
      Induction, Faraday’s Law,
      Lenz’s law.

20    Expl. types of resitsors used     of a metal with the change of             --do--                           Meaning of friction,
      in electrical ckts. Factors       temperature.                                                               Examples,
      controlling the ‘R’ of a                                                                                     meaning of C.G.
      material. Specific resistance                                                                                Example specific
      variation of ‘R’ with change of            Expl. to demonstrate                                             gravity- Unit of
      temperature.                                variation of ‘R’ Concept                                         work power and
                                                  development Expl. on                                             energy applied
                                                  specific resistance of a                                         problems.
                                                 Connection of a calling
                                                 Assembly of a calling
                                                  bell/buzzer and rewinding
                                                  of its Electro magnets.
                                                 Measure of ‘R’ by drop
                                                 Series & shunt ckts.-use
                                                  of Ohm meter.

21    Principle of generator.           Expl./Demonstration on Fleming’s          Sketching of brush and brush     Simple problem on
      Fleming’s right hand rules.       rule                                      and gear of D.C. Panel board     straight and bell
      Use of slip-ring & slit rings.                                              arrangement.                     cranked levers.
      Use of commutator.

22    Principle of D.C. generator-      Identification and testing of the parts   Lettering-Numbering Alphabets.   Calculation of
      function types-parts. E.M.F.      of D.C. Generators.                                                        volume and weight
      equation-self excitation and                                                                                 of simple solid
      separately excited                                                                                           bodies cubes
                                        -Demonstration and use of Ohm
      Generators-practical uses.                                                                                   squares and
      Use of Ohm meter and                                                                                         hexagonal prisms
      Megger.                                                                                                      and shop
                                        -Demonstration and use of Megger.                                          problems.

23    Types and characters of D.C.      -Practice indismantling the D.C.          Sketching of D.C. 3 point face   Heat and
&24   generators                        generators.                               plate starter to scale           temperature.
                                                                                                                   scales- centigrade.
      -Series Generators and types      -Study of parts of the D.G.
                                                                                                                   Fahrenheit scale
                                                                                                                   and their
      -Shunt Generators and types                                                                                  conversion. Name
                                        -Voltage Building.                                                         and uses of
      -Their applications                                                                                          measuring
                                        -Connection with panel Board                                               instruments used
      -Simple problems on                                                                                          in workshop
      generator types, capacity etc.             measurement of series.
                                                  Shunt field resistance
                                                 -Identification of terminals
                                                  of D.C. Generators
                                                 -testing by megger

25    Define and expl. arm armature              connection of shunt
      reaction, interpoles and their              generators, Measurement
      uses, connection of interpoles,             of voltage. No load &
      commutation. Electromagnetic                character.
                                                 -demonstration on field
      Fleming’s left hand rule                   -load character of series
      .Principle of D.C. motor                    Gen.
                                                 -connection of a
                                                  compound Generator-
                                                  Voltage measurement –
                                                  commulative and
                                                  differential – controlling
                                                  and protecting equipment,
                                                  No load & load ch. Of a
                                                        compound Gen.

26      Terms used in D.C. motor          Demonstration and practice in identification and testing
        Torque, speed , Back -e.m.f.      of D.C. motor parts & terminals. Running, speed control
        etc. their relation practical     & reversing
                                                                                                         --------do----    -------do
        application, Related problems

Week      Trade Theory              Trade Practical                Engineering          Workshop,Calculation
No.                                                                Drawing              & Science

27        Types , characters        Study of the characters of
          and practical             D.C. Motors .
          application of D.C.
                                    -study of 3 point & 4 point
                                                                   ------do----         -------do-----
          Starting of D.C.
                                    -connection, starting,
                                    speed control of starters
          -3 point & 4 point        with motors

28        Types of speed            Use of tachometers             Free hand
          control , their           revolution counters with       isometric
          advantages &              stop watch                     sketching of
          disadvantages &                                          simple objects
          industrial application                                   with dimension,
                                    Routine maintenance
                                                                   Sketching of
                                                                   D.C. –4 point
                                                                   starter to scale


                                    1.   should be able to build up voltage in a D.C. generator
                                    2.   should be able to connect , test and run a D.C. Motor and reverse its direction of
                                         rotation by a starter

29&30     Expl. of electrical       Fixing of switches.            Freehand             Meaning of stress, strain modules of
&31       wirings . importance.     Holder, plugs etc. the         sketching of         elasticity, ultimate strength examples ]
          I.E.E. rules .            T.W. Board.                    simple object.
                                                                                        Geometry –properties of lines, angles,
                                                                   arrangement of
          Types of wiring both      Identification and use of                           triangles and circles,.
                                                                   D.C. generators.
          domestic & industrial     wiring accessories
                                                                   Control panel
                                                                                        Factor of safety examples , types of
          Specification for         Practice in C.T.S. wiring                           stresses
                                                                   Do for motors
          wiring accessories –      with minimum to more
          wires cables, buttons     number of points
                                    Use of two way switches
          IS 732 –1963/5
                                    Testing of installation by
          Principle of laying out   meggar
          in domestic wiring
          testing by meggar
                                    Fixing of calling
          C.T.S. system
                                    Making of test boards &
          P.V.C. concealed          extension boards
                                    IS 732-1963/61
          Maintenance &
          Repairing data sheet
                                    Repairing and testing of
                                    domestic electrical

32        Specification,            Identification &               Freehand             Simple problems on lines, angles , tri-
&33       standards for             demonstration on               sketching of         angles and circles
        conduits &                conduits and accessories      plan, elevation ,
        accessories.              & their uses cutting &        of hexagon , bar,
        Earthing, laying          threading laying earthing,    sp. Bar , circular
        diagram for industrial    use of flexible conduit &     bar, tapered bar,
        conduit wiring            testing by meggar             staircase wiring

                                  Measurement of earth


34&35   Comparison D.C. &         Demonstration of sine         Freehand             Effect of force on materials such
        A.C. advantages of        wave, instantaneous           sketching of         application as expanding bending,
        A.C. Alternating          values etc. Study of the      simple               twisting and shearing
        current & related         behavior of R, XL, & XC in    geometrical
        terms frequency,          A.C. ckts, both in series     shapes & hollow
                                                                                     Trigonometry-function use of
        Instantaneous value,      and in parallel               shapes
                                                                                     trigonometric tables-applied problems
        R.M.S. value Average
        value, Peak factor,
                                                                Drawing of
        Load factor.                                                                 Mechanical advantages, velocity ratio,
                                                                simple electrical
        Generation of sine                                                           applied problems
                                                                ckts. Using
        wave, phase, in
        phase out phase.
        Obstruction of A.C.
        ‘R’ XL &
                                                                View of simple
                                                                solid & hollow

        Impedance , power
                                                                Drawing of sine
        factor, Average
        power, reactive
        power, Reactive

        Simple problems of
        A.C. obstruction &
        T.P. A.P. etc.

36      Problems on A.C.          Explanation on poly           Views of simple      Calculation of areas of triangles,
        ckts. Both series &       phase ckts. Current,          solid and hollow     polygons etc. with the aid of
        parallel power            voltage &power                bodies. Ckt.         trigonometry.
        consumption P.F. etc.     measurement in poly-          Diagram of
                                  phase ckts.                   battery charging
                                                                ckts. With all
        Concept of poly-
                                                                details of panel
        phase star & Delta        Measurement of energy in
        Connection Line           single & poly-phase ckts.
        Voltage & phase
        voltage, current                                        -do- Blue print
        power in a3 ph. Ckt.                                    reading.

37      Explanation of            Demonstration on              Exercises on         Useful work of a machine mechanical
        alternator                alternators parts voltage     blue print           efficiency of a machine –problems,
        prime/mover type          building , load character &   reading of           further use of trigonometric function and
        advantages, parts,        regulation                    connection to        applied problems.
        regulation, phase                                       motors through
        sequence,                                               Ammeter,
                                                                                     Machines basic principle. Determination
        specification of                                        voltmeter & K.W.
                                                                                     of velocity ratio, mechanical advantage
        alternators & practical                                 meters
                                                                                     & efficiency
        places of uses

38&39   Explanation &             Identification of types of    Exercises on         Logarithms-Use of Logarithmic tables for
        definition of             transformers. Connection      Blue print           multiplication & division. Determination
        transformer,              of transformers               reading, tracing     of efficiency of simple m/cs. Like winch,
        classification C.T. ,     efficiencies of               the wiring           pulley blocks, wheel and compound
        P.T. Instrument and       transformers testing of       diagram of a         axle. Effects of electric current.
        auto/VARIAC               transformer parallel          alternator &
        construction, parts       operation of transformer.     reproducing it in
        working E.M.F.            Use of C.T. & P.T. use of     proper sequence
        equations                 Instrument transformer        with protective
        efficiencies, parallel                                  equipment
        operation & poly                                        sketching the
        phase types of their                                    synchroniser
        connection Cooling,
        protective devices .                                      connections.
        Specification simple
        problems on E.M.F.
        equation, turns ratio
        and efficiency.
        Special transformers                                      Free hand
                                                                  sketching of
                                                                  simple objects
                                                                  related to the

40      Explanation of A.C.       Identification of induction     Diagram of           Applied workshop problems involving ,
        motors , comparison       motors (I –ph-) squirrel        connection to a      Use of logarithmic tables,. Different
        with D.C.                 cage type .                     squirrel cage        forms of energy, heat mechanical and
        classification –                                          induction motor.     electrical , conversion from one to
        pulsating field & split                                   Sketching the        another
                                  -split phase type
        phasing. Working                                          connection
        principle construction                                    diagram of
        of 1-ph Motors            -capacitor type                 controling &
        characters                                                protective
                                                                  devices for
                                  slip ring type                  induction ,
                                  starting of induction motor


                                  Dismantling Assembling

41&42   Single phase motors       ------do--------                Development of       plotting & reading of simple graphs
        contd. Split                                              winding diagram
        capacitors, repulsion                                     for a two pole
                                  Demonstration of stepper
        and series motor                                          D.C dynamo or
                                  & universal motor
        working principle –                                       motor
        parts- characters
        starting- running &
                                                                  Preparation of
        reversing. Stepper
                                                                  working drawing
        motor & Universal
                                                                  from sketches..

43      Explanation of            Demonstration on scales         Sketching of         Meaning of Horse power & Brake horse
44&45   Electrical measuring      on meters                       simple objects       power , Simple problems on work power
        instruments                                               related to trades.   & energy.’ calculation of volume, weight
                                                                                       of simple solid bodies by using
                                  -study of M.C.P.M. Meter
                                                                                       logarithm, Further problems on
        -types                                                    Sketching of
                                                                  different shapes
                                  -do-M.I. meter
                                                                  of coils
        -forces necessary to
        work instruments
                                  -do-Range extension
                                                                  Further practice
                                                                  in blue print
        -moving coil
        permanent magnet                     -do-Wattmeter       reading
                                             -do-Multi meter
        -moving iron                         do-energy           Drawing
                                              meter               development
                                                                  diagram for
        -range extension                     do-frequency        single phase
                                              meter               A.C. motors
                                             do-calibration of
        Multi Meter-                          meter


        -energy meter

        -frequency meter


46      Explanation of light      Study of intensity of light     Drawing the          . Rectifier Maximum Average current in
47&48   white lights-                                             development          rectifiers R.M.S. form factor ripple factor.
        illumination factors,                                     diagram for D.C.     .
                                  -do---Neon sign
        intensity of light –                                      Simplex lamps &
        importance of light.                                      Wave winding
          Human eye factor            -do-Mercury vapour (H.P.
          units                       & L.P.)

          Types illumination &        --do-Sodium vapour
                                      --do-Halogen lamps
          -Neon sign halogen
                                      -do-Single tube
          mercury vapour,
          sodium vapour,
                                      Double tube
          Flourescent tube.

                                      Practice in Decoration
          -characters watt
                                      lighting –do-S.N. & R.N.
          ages, fixing places.
          Types of lighting
          Decoration lighting –
          Drum switches, Direct
          & indirect lighting –
          efficiency in lumens
          per watt, colour
          available Thumb rule
          calculation of lumens.

          Estimating placement
          of lights and fans and
          ratings Explanation of
          S.N. and R.N.

49&50     Revision                    Revision                         Revision            Revision

51        Test                        Test                             Test                Test


     1.   Test and connect domestic electric wiring and appliances
     2.   Carryout simple wiring in T.R.S. P.V.C wires on T.W. button
     3.   Install and test the lighting ckt.s in conduct system on T.W. button as per IE rules
     4.   Test & connect D.C. generators & motor & repair minor faults
     5.   Connect , run and reverse A.C. motors
     6.   Carryout decoration lighting

Week          Trade Theory                       Trade Practical                   Engineering Drawing              Workshop,Calculation
No.                                                                                                                 & Science

52&53&54      TECHNIQUES ,                       Installation of conduit pipe      Practice in reading panel        Practice in the use of
              Procedures of layout of            wiring for lighting and power     diagram.                         Logarithmic tables for
              conduit wiring as per IS 732       circuits for both 230 V & 440                                      multiplication, division
              –1963. Use of flame proof          V Practice in Earthing                                             square, root, cube root.
                                                                                   Practice in reading ckts.
              and explosion proof.                                                                                  Insulating material
                                                                                   Containing Resistance,
              Installation of P.V.C.conduit                                                                         including transformer
                                                 -do-in P.V.C. conduit.            Inductance practice in
              switches. Types of Earthing                                                                           oil.
                                                 Measurement of earth              reading typical examples of
              –technique , their relative
                                                 resistance & Insulation           ckts. Containing. R.X & C.
                                                 resistance.                                                        -do- Natural

55 & 56       A.C Winding terms,                 Making forma, coil insulation,    Further practice in Blue print   Insulating materials
              Armature winding terms,            slot insulation, Insertion of     reading, Drawing the             synthetic. Use of Log
              coil side, end coil &              coils in slots, coil connection   development diagram for          tables. Brief description
              grouping of coils.                 Practice, in single layer         simple lap & wave winding        & properties of
              Connection to adjacent             concentric winding.                                                electrical materials
              poles, connected armature                                                                             silicon. Nichrome silver
              winding, alternate pole                                                                               etc.
              connection, armature
              winding – Lap & wave

57 & 58       D.C. Winding terms, pole           Winding practice in               Tracing wiring diagram of an     Calculation on area,
              pitch, coil pitch back pitch.      distributed type, testing for     alternator & reproducing it.     volume and weight of
              Front pitch-Progressive &         faults, Growled testing-                                           simple solid bodies
              retrogressive winding.            baking impregnating &                                              such as cubes.

Achievements : 1. Carryout domestic & Power wiring in conduit system and testing earth & earthing.

                                     1.   Carryout simple winding, re-winding of detected faults in both D.C. & A.C.M./Cs.

59.         Revision of A.C. ckts. &         Expl.. On A.C. ckts. 1 ph and    Drawing the schematic           Brief description & properties
            obstructions & their             poly phase.                      diagram of automatic            of electric materials.
            behaviour in series & in                                          voltage regulators of A.C.      Problems on mensuration
            parallel ckts. Measurement                                        generators. Drawing the         .Forms & properties of
                                             Expts. On Improvement of
            of power and power factor                                         schematic diagram of A.C.       matter. The molecule and
                                             P.F. Measuring of power &
            & improvement of P.F. in 1-                                       3-phrevering magnetic           atoms. Difference between
                                             energy in 1-ph & poly phase.
            ph and in poly phases.                                            starter. Sketching a            mass and weight.
                                             Building up of voltage in an
                                             alternator & to find out No-
                                             load & Load characteristics.

60 & 61     Transformer construction         Cleaning & maintenance of        Free hand sketching of          ---do---
            cores winding shielding,         transformer-changing of          transformer & auxiliary
            auxiliary parts-breather,        silicajel, Conducting No.-load   parts & sectional views.
            conservator buchltz relay,       & short ckt tests. Testing &
            other protective devices.        1-ph & poly ph.
            Cooling of transformer.          Transformers.
            Transformer oil testing and
            top changing off load and
            on load. Transformer
            bushings and termination.

62 &        Induction motor.                 Measuring the line & the ph.     Drawing the schematic           Problems on Mensuration.
63.                                          Voltage in star & Data           diagram of the starting and     Atmospheric pressure gauge
                                             connection. Study of Star-       controlling gears of slipring   and absolute pressure.***
            Slip Squirrel Cage-Double
                                             Delta Starter.                   & squirrel cage Ind. Motor
            Squirrel Cage Ind. Motor &
                                                                              IS. 3914-1967**
            their Chs. Slip-ring
            induction motor-                 -do- Automatic
            Construction & Characters
            Starting & controlling
                                             -do- Measurement of slip.

                                             -do- P.F. at various loads.

64          Earthing as per I.E. rules       Testing of Insulation of motor   Drawing the schematic           Density of solids and liquids,
            Testing & Inspections of         with H. V. Tester,               diagram of plok & pipe          Simple expts. On density.
            Installations as per I.E.        Identification, connection,      earthing.                       Simple problems involving
            Rules. Improvement on            testing, running & reversing                                     Trigonometric function.
            earthing IS-3043-1966.           of repulsion motor.
                                                                              I.S. 3043.
            Repulsion motor-
            advantages principle-
            characters, Fault Location                                        Wiring diagram of the
            & Rectification.                                                  connection of arrangement
                                                                              and push button control of
                                                                              two speed AC motor.

                                                                              IS : 3914-1967.

** Drawing the schematic diagram of Auto transformer starter.

-do- Push button starter, -do- Start Delta Starter.
*** Trigonometric function. Use of trigonometric tables-supplied problems – Calculation of areas of triangles & polygons.

65.        Define-converter-inverter,       Starting, running and building   Drawing the schematic           Specific gravity, Archimedes
           M.G. Set-description-            up voltage & loading of M.G.     diagram of 4 typical D.C.       principle. Relation between
           Characters, specifications-      set. Maintenance of M.G.         speed regulators for shunt      Sp. Gravity & density.
           running & Maintenance.           sets.                            & compound motors.              Problems On trigonometry.

                                                                             -do- Magnetic controller
                                                                             with dynamic breaking.

66 &       Working of thermo-couple         Study of thermo Couple           Schematic diagram of            Qty. of heat, specific heat of
67.        and its uses, KVAR & max.        instruments.                     magnetically rated. D.C.        solid, liquid and gases. Heat
           demand indicator. Ferrental                                       motor with three push           gained and heat lost. Simple
           type DC energy meter,                                             button control station.         problems on heat gained &
                                            -do- KVAR meter
           Ampere-hour meter 3 plds.                                                                         heat lost. Further problems
           Energy meters                                                                                     on mensuration.
                                                                             -do- Luminescent Lamps.
           Specifications maintenance       -do- Max. demand indicator.
           & repair.
                                            -do- D.C. energy meter.

                                            -do- A.C. plan 3 ph. Energy

                                            Connection of C.T. and P.T.
                                            with K.W. and energy

68 &       Insulating materials, their      Development of sequence of       Sketching indicating            Resolution & composition of
69.        classifications, and their       operation in detecting           instruments.                    forces. Representation of
           uses in industries.              electrical & mechanical                                          force by vectors, simple
                                            troubles in motors and                                           problems on lifting tackles
                                                                             Drawing the diagram of
                                            Generators. Overhauling of                                       like jib wall, crane-Solution of
                                                                             typical marking plate of a
                                            A.C. and D.C. m/cs.                                              problems with the aid of
                                                                             distribution transformer.
                                                                             Typical wiring diagram for
                                                                             drum & controller operation
                                                                             of A.C. wound rotor motor.

70 to      Types, specifications,           Study of different ckt.          Layout diagram of a             Examples a simple
74         advantages of different          breakers.                        substation.                     sopported load. General
           types of circuit breakers                                                                         condition of equilibrium for
           construction and                                                                                  series of forces on a body.
                                            Study maintenance & repair       Sketching different shapes
           maintenance I.E.E. rules for                                                                      Plotting of point.
                                            of domestic & agricultural       of coils, sketches indicating
           over head service lines.
                                            equipment.                       possible faults in stator
           Study of U.G. Cables and
                                                                             winding. Drawing the            -do- graph simple Reading
           laying techniques.
                                                                             development diagram for         and plotting of simple graph.
                                            Electric kettle
                                                                             dupler tap and wave
           Working principle and                                             winding with brush position.
           construction of Domestic         -do- heater/Immersion
           and agricultural appliances-
           their maintenance.
                                            -do- hot plate

                                            -do- cooking range

                                            -do- Incubators

                                            -do- Furnaces etc.

                                            - Pump set.

75.        Wiring of light & fan ckts. on   Practice of wiring of lights     -do-                            Centre of gravity simple
           rolling stock Installation       and fans on rolling stock.                                       expts. For determination,
           Lighting arrestor/lighting       Practice of fixing lightening                                    reading and plotting of
           conductor.                       arrestors and lightening                                         graphs. Stable, unstable and
                                            conductors.                                                      neutral equilibrium bodies.

                                                                                                             Friction Limitation Laws of
                                                                                                             friction, co-efficient of friction,
                                                                                                             angle of friction.
            Achievement : Should be
            able to repair lighting ckts,
            Horn ckts. etc.

76.         Study of the arc controlling       Study of miniature relays.         Single line diagram of             Simple estimation of the
            devices. Explanation and                                              substation feeders                 requirement of materials etc.
            classification & uses of                                              Connection diagram of              as applicable to the trade.
                                               -do- Electro-mag. Clutches.
            miniature relays & protector                                          typical overload current           Mechanical advantages
            devices. Use of electro-                                              relays. Key diagram of a           velocity ratio, efficiency of
            magnetic clutches.                 -do- Mercury Arc 1 ph/Poly         power station.                     simple pulley wheel screw
                                               phase rectifier                                                       jack and winch.
            Explanation and principle of                                          Central controlling panel.
            operation.                         -do- Metal rectifier.

            Achievement : Should be
            able to install a rectifier and
            repair the same for minor

77.         Introduction to electronics        Identification of                  Drawing B.I.S. symbols for         -do-
            conductor-Insulator-semi           semiconductor. Diodes-             electronic components.
            conductor energy level             symbol codes-Tests on
            atomic structure. ‘P’ & ‘N’        Diodes. Characters of
                                                                                  DIODE, TRANSISTOR
            type of materials – P – N-         Diodes.
                                                                                  Zener diode, S.C.R.I.C. etc.
            junction. Diode-
            classification of Diodes-
                                               I.S. 2032 of VIII 1965.
            Reversed Bias and Forward

Week No.                Trade Theory                   Trade Practical                           Engineering                Workshop,Calculation
                                                                                                 Drawing                    & Science

78 to 80.               Expl. and importance of        Study of Half wave rectifier ckt.         Filling of m/cs            Problems as estimation
                        D.C. Rectifier ckt. – Half                                               history card &
                        wave, Full wave and                                                      maintenance
                                                       -do- Full " "
                        Bridge ckt. L.E.D. and                                                   cards and
                        Solar cells.                                                             Inventory control
                                                       -do- Bridge " "                           card.
                        Filter ckts-passive filter.
                        Expl. and importance of        -do- Filter ckts
                        oscilloscope working
                                                       -do- Oscilloscope

                                                       -do- Different wave shapes and
                                                       their values.

81 to 82                Expl. of principle of          Study of a transistors-Identification     Drawing of                 -do-
                        working of a transistor-       of construction and terminals.            B.I.S./I.S.I.
                        Types of Transistors,                                                    symbols for
                        Characters of a                                                          Electronic
                        transistors, Biasing of                                                  devices, Drawing
                        Transistors. Mode of use                                                 of half wave, Full
                        of transistor.                 Study of the characters of                wave & Bridge
                                                       transistors.                              ckts.

83 to 84                Expl. 7 Definition of          Assembly & testing of a single            Drawing ckts for           -do-
                        Amplifiers. How a              stage Amplifier and checking in an        a single stage
                        transistor Amplifiers.         oscilloscope. Study of Types of           Amplifiers and
                        Signals-Pulse shapers          wave shapes.                              Multi stage
                        cascade system                                                           Amplifiers and
                                                                                                 types of signals.
                                                       -do- Cascade Amplifier.

85 to 86                Expl. and definition of        Study of oscillator ckt.                  -do-                       -do-
                        principle Explanation of
                                                       Voltage measurement-current
                        stages and types.


                                                       And study wave shapes in scope.
87 to 90               Expl. and working              Study of simple ckts. contain U.J.T.      Drawing of ckts      -do-
                       principle and practical        for triggering                            containing U.J.T.,
                       applications of U.J.T.,                                                  F.E.T. & Simple
                       F.E.T., S.C.R. Diac &                                                    power control
                                                      -do- FET as an amplifier
                       Triac.                                                                   ckts.

                                                      -do- Power control ckts. by S.C.R.
                                                      & Triac & Diac

91 & 92.               Power Supply Stabilizer        Demonstration on power supply             -do-                 -do-

Achievement            Should be able to
                       assemble, test and
                       rectify the faults of
                       simple power supply
                       ckts, amplifiers and
                       control ckts.

93 & 94.               Complete House wiring          Practice in wiring and in                 Drawing of simple    -do-
                       Layout. Circuit spliting       maintenance of institute & Hostel         Lap and wave
                       load wire.                     building.                                 winding.

                       I.E.E. rules.                  Layout & repairing of workshop
                                                      electrical installation.
                       Multistoried house wiring

                       Fault finding & repair.

                       Repairing of domestic
                       electrical appliances.

95 to 97               Fault finding techniques       Fault finding practice                    -do-                 -do-
                       in Decoration lighting.

                       -do- Commercial

                       -do- Dynamos,
                       Generators etc.

98                                                    INDUSTRIAL VISIT & STUDY

99 to 100: Fault finding in simple electronic ckts. & controls attached in the electrical controls.

101102 &103: REVISION

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