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									WP M a g e B l u eP r i n t

          H o w t o Bui l d
  W o r d P r e s s Af f i l i a t e Si t e s
T h a t A c t u a l l y M a k e M o n e y...

    “Discover the power of these easy to build websites
  that find visitors for you, save hours of work and make
                 you money while you sleep”

                              In t r o d u c ti o n
This Blueprint teaches you everything you need to know to build profitable, set and forget, Wordpress
Sites from the ground up. But before we begin let me introduce myself.

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Greg Jacobs. I am 32 years old and a successful
affiliate marketer. My success has come from the ground up. It is the result of trial and error and
much sweat and tears.

Over time I learned to refine the process and increase the results. But at the end of the day, my sites
are profitable on Auto-pilot. Once they get up and running, they bring me a steady stream of income
and require no more of my time.

This means that if I am happy with what I am earning, then I don't need to do anything else. However
if I want to increase my income, then I just build a few more sites and it adds to the lot.

So I am not sure what you have been taught before. Maybe you have taken some coaching or SEO
course or follow some methods. If you do all that, and it works for you then great. However...

What I am about to show you may contradict some things that you have learned.        Remember
throughout this blueprint I am showing you how to make money the way I know how. A system that is
proven to work. That is the bottom line.

The information in this course is easily worth $1997 because, if properly applied, you can embark on a
new career and way of life. Best of all, all this information can be applied completely for free, and in
your spare time.

Other than basic webhosting and a few domain registrations, we provide you with all the information
you need to execute your profitable Mage site without ever spending a dime.

Now since time is valuable, and many of the readers of this report are familiar already with Internet
basics we are NOT going to walkthough things that you may already know or can easily find
information on. For example, we aren't going to show you how to FTP or setup an Adsense account
or other such basic concepts.

If we just skim over something like this and you want or need to know more, do a search on Google or
YouTube and you will ind some excellent free tutorials.

To get the most out of this Blueprint and to fully grasp the concept contained within I ask that you read
through beginning to end as it may be slightly different than the 'same old formula'. There are quite
a few original concepts presented. As I mentioned before, some of these will likey go against what
others have taught you.

So if your mind is open, and you are ready to suspend all previous ideas for the moment, then please
proceed to Module One.

             Tab l e o f C o n t e n t s
Module One: Correct Domain Selection             5

Module Two: Correct Niche Selection              10

Module Three: Setting up your Mage site          16

Module Four: Proper Keyword Selection            21

Module Five: Correct Content Creation            29

Module Six: Philosophies of Monetization         32

Module Seven: Automate and Profit                37

                                   Mo du le One
                               Selecting the Correct Domain

Ok lets just shatter some concepts right off the bat. I know all “those guys” teach you that the first
thing you need to do is niche and keyword research. Their way may work, I am not sure. I have
never tried it.

But I do know what makes me money. So just bear with me for a bit (in my experience, going against
the herd has its benefits).

The first thing you need to do is select your domain. Selecting the correct domain is perhaps the
most important thing you will need to do. These just aren't any domains that you are going to get.
You need to get something called a “Used Domain”

A Used Domain means that it was previously owned by someone else who had a “real site” on it with
real content and real backlinks. Why is this important?

Well because for those of you that have created your own websites before you know that actually
creating the site is the easy part (relatively). The hard part is getting the “quality” backlinks and traffic.

So instead of doing all this troublesome labor, we simply take a shortcut and buy domains that
already have these backlinks and “authority”

So how to do this? Where do we find these
Used Authority Domains?

Well there may be a few places on the net that
you know, but I have found that or
better known as the GoDaddy Aftermarket
constantly has the best selection.

How good of a selection? Well usually that have well over 100,000 domains that are going to expire
soon and you can buy for just $5 plus registration fees.

However the big problem is that while there may be over 100k domains for sale, only a few thousand
of these domains have the necessary quality for them to become a profitable Mage Site.

So how do you sort through the masses to find the Gems?          Well there are 2 ways...

The fast way, and the slow way.

The slow way is you goto and browse all of the expiring domains.               When you find

one that you think is interesting, you simply use the WPMage free pagerank checking tool at

What we are looking for is the following.

   •   Does it have a Google Page Rank?
   •   Is the Google Page Rank valid? (not faked)
   •   The age of the domain
   •   How many Google indexed pages
   •   How many Yahoo Backlinks

There is no single factor that should weigh your determination.

You should also look at the Archive results, Yahoo Cache and even quality of backlinks to determine
what sort of site it used to be. You want sites that used to be “Real” content websites. Not affiliate
sites, or feeder sites or 'make money sites'.

You want sites that were real sites, with real content and real backlinks.

An example of a perfect site would be a blog where a guy wrote about his snowboarding trips.

See the next page for an example of a report from the free PageRank tool

                     Screen Shot of WP Mage Free PageRank Checking Tool

We actually go into greater detail in the training video that comes with this Blueprint.   If you don't
already have access you can get it by going to

Ok so that is the “slow' way of picking out quality used domains to use.

Ie... you find a domain at GoDaddy Aftermarket that looks good, and you manually input it into the free
Pagerank Checker. If that doesn't work then you try the next one. I started out doing it like this, but
it was just too SLOW.

So, what I did was develop a tool called Domain Mage that actually takes and pre-sorts over 100,000
expiring domains from GoDaddy and brings you back only the gems.

So instead of having to sort though hundreds of thousand domains yourself to find the gems, we have

done that for you and present in a concise format. You can see it here.

So the fastest, surest way to get great domains to buy is to use Domain Mage, and buy one of these
$5 domains. In doing so, you will effectively shortcut months and maybe years of backlink and
authority building.

Now you may understand why we said to pick your Domain before your Niche. Because you never
know what domains are going to be available at any given moment, and you need to first find the
domain and then from there get creative with the niche.

One thing you need to keep in mind, is when you buy your Domain from GoDaddy, it will usually take
3-5 days to show up in your account. So you do have to have a minimal amount of patience.

Now I have shown you the first step I recommend you watch the Module One training video included
with your blueprint.

Which then brings us to Module #2....

                                 M o d u l e Tw o
                                   Correct Niche Selection

Ok, so we have now our magic $5 domain. This domain used to be somebody's website and is the
result of months and years of care and “quality” backlink building.

What we need to do now is decide what niche we are going to select to put on there.

Before we continue we need to make a somewhat firm decision at this point on what type of site we
are going to pursue. Ie.. do we want an

                                   “Informational Focused Niche”

or do we want a

                                 “Physical Product Focused Niche”

OK, the difference is that an Info-Niche will most likely be monetized by Adsense (or other contextual
services), or even other info-products such as things from ClickBank. Great examples of info-niches
would be information on law, health or travel.

Whereas Product-Niches are usually monetized by displaying products for sale from such places as
eBay, Amazon or Overstock.    Great examples of product niches would be Gi Joes, Darkroom
equipment or Baseball cards.

There are a number of ways to correctly select your niche. If we are doing an informational niche, it
is NOT always necessary to have a niche that is related to our domain name.

Let me explain why.

Many times we will buy “expired” domains where the actual name of the domain is completely
irrelevant, eg... or - ie... you aren't going to find searchable
keywords within the domain.   (Remember we buy the domains not for their name, but for the
backlinks and history.)

Keeping that in mind, we are going to select a niche that will give us the ability to create lots of pages
on the subject matter. There are dozens of ways to pick out informational niches. However I will
now go through a few tricky ways to find profitable ones right off the bat without having to spend a

Method #1 for Discovering Informational Niches

Goto the ClickBank Marketplace at -

Now this does NOT mean you need to promote a ClickBank (CB) product.          You can promote a CB
product if you like. But we are simply using CB right now for research.

The reason being is that by doing so we can effectively shortcut weeks of niche research. This is
because most ClickBank products are created in response to market demand. Meaning that the
creator of that product has ALREADY done the niche research for you.

They researched and determined that there was a profitable niche in a certain area and then
subsequently created a product to match that niche.

This means that simply by browsing and doing a little research on the ClickBank marketplace you will
be able to find a new and untapped niche in which to focus your informational site. More walk-though
on this in the training video.

Method #2 for Discovering Untapped Informational Niches,

Now while the ClickBank Marketplace is a superb source for finding more long haul niches. Ie things
that are a bit established, Google Trends is a hot source for finding those up to the minute niches.
Go to:

So what you are seeing here is a daily hot snapshot of what people are searching for.    What we are
looking for are trends that meet a few criteria

   1. They look like they might have some longevity. We want to put our Mage sites up and
      forget about them and come back and they will still be profiting a year from now. We DONT
      want trends that are obviously going to be here today and gone tomorrow.

   2. We want trends that we can reasonably find enough information on. As you continue
      reading the Mage Blueprint, you will see that we have the options to create the content ourself,
      or to use a few intelligent methods to acquire or generate the content.

       Since we want niches that we can easily create many pages of content, we don't want topics
       that are TOO obscure.

That being said, here is a screenshot I just took of the Hot Trends for the day. Lets take a look and
analyze (the video will provide deeper analysis):

Ok you can see that I marked a few with a red mark.

These immediately stood out to me for a few reasons. First off you can see I marked two sports
trends. Sports is always a great informational niche because it is timeless and generally has lots of

I marked “ncaa football scores today”   and “ncsl soccer”

So there, we just have 2 ideas for hot Info-niches. NCAA or NCSL. Each of those can be used to
use as a seed to generate keywords (see module 4), and the sky is the limit from there.

You can also see I marked “SNL” which is short for “Saturday night live”. Since this report was done
on a Sunday morning google time, obviously lots of people were searching for info about “SNL”

Nevertheless it brings up a nice trail to follow in terms of selecting our niche ideas.

Ones on this list that we DONT want are obviously trendy topics that will be here today and gone

Now we have our informational niche. We need to hold tight before we learn how to expand this and
get our keywords. First let's discover how to find a hot product niche.

Discovering Profitable Product Niches.

So if you have decided that you want to do a “product” oriented site, you will most likely be promoting
affiliate products from places like eBay, Amazon and Overstock. (Don't worry we will show you how
shortly.)    You want to find hot niches that are searched by lots of people but don't have a lot of
competing results.

So to start we look in the Grandmaster of niche products: eBay. However we don't look on their
homepage, but rather on a few secret links that are valuable for research.

Method 1: eBay category Browse

If you look at this link here:

you will see that is is all the top level eBay categories.   The Numbers in the brackets are actually the
number of items within that category.

Take a look and find the top level category that you like and click on the “See all ...Categories”
something like this.

This is going to drill you down into the full category structure. Again the numbers in brackets are the
sum of all the products in the sub category.
What we are doing here is trying to find a nice little niche category in which to focus our product
orientated site.

Your mileage may vary, but generally what we want are sub-niches with between 10,000-50,000 items
listed. Again that is not a hard rule, so you can take exception as needed. It is however a good

place to start.

Here I am looking in the electronics category:

I can see that Stage and Lighting Effects looks like a great little niche, and I could even drill that down
into Lighting Effects if I like.

Since there are generally 30 million items for sale on eBay at any given time – there is no shortage of
great niches. And the best thing is that I KNOW it will be a profitable niche because there are already
10,000+ people that have items listed and trying to sell in this niche.

If it was not profitable and had a market for buyers, then they would not be here in the first place.

Later on when we learn about using Keyword Mage, we will also see why selecting via category is

Next: Using Amazon Directory to find hot product niches

The above example showed us how to find Product Niches by number of products available.
However you should be aware of another niche research tool that you may have used without even
knowing it. Its the Amazon Directory.

For Amazon US it can be found at

This is a top level directory of all the Amazon products. What's really cool is as you browse, Amazon
will dynamically place at top and in your view Keywords and products that are currently hot. Meaning
if you see them, then they are valuable to an affiliate.

What you want to do is drill down until you have a semi-specific product niche. Looking here. “Floor
Fans” or “Space Heaters” would be a good start - but not something so broad as “Air Conditioners”

Got it?

Now we have gone through how to find your Informational or Product orientated niche. There will be
further detailed walk-throughs on the videos so you may find a few extra gems of information there.

While the niche and your keywords to use are directly related, we are not going to get into that quite

                               M o d u le Th ree
                         Setting up your Profitable Mage Site

I am going to assume that you already have basic web hosting, and know how to buy a domain name
and point it to your host.

If you do not, then you can visit our resources section for some recommendations on webhosts to get
your started.

That being out of the way, what we want to do first is setup a WordPress (WP) blog.

                      NB - If you are using CP Mage, you can skip this whole
                     section as it is done in just 2 clicks. See below for details.

The slowest way to setup a WP blog is to download the latest files from and unzip on
your hard rive. You will then need to upload them using FTP and create databases in MYSQL and
install manually. There are many tutorials how to do this, just search on Google or YouTube.

However a slightly faster way to do it is using Fantastico, or something similar.        This is a simple
system supplied by many hosts in the Cpanel area.

This quickly installs a WordPress blog with just a few clicks. However that is just the start...

However we are going to assume for now you are doing it manually. Here's how:

   1. Get Hosting (any of the recommended hosts comes free with the Fantastico option)
   2. Install WordPress (using the long or the quick method)
   3. Pick and install a nice theme (ensure it is compatible with the version of WP you have
   4. Install the following Crucial Plugins (download them, then reupload to your server using an
      FTP client)
      - All in One SEO Pack
      - Akismet Spam Protection
      - Google XML Sitemaps
      - Affiliate Mage

   5. Login to you WordPress admin area. Activate and configure the plugins.

OK, so there are a zillion more plugins you can install in theory, and everybody has their own personal
preferences. If you know of others that achieve the same goal then feel free to use those instead.

We have the All In One SEO to optimize our Mage site for the search engines. We have the
Sitemaps Plugin so that the search engines can find all our pages and the spam protection for the

If you are going to use Adsense, again there are so many options, and everybody has their own
preferences. I personally prefer the WhyDoWork Adsense plugin. So if you have one you like, then
go with that, but if not try the recommended.

Advanced Mages: You have a copy of CP Mage. This installs Blogs in just a few clicks, however
CPMage not only installs and lets you manage multiple copies of WordPress, but it automatically
installs and pre-configures all the plugins and themes in seconds.

It not only comes with the above suggested plugins, but some extra very cool ones too (more on those

Unfortunately if you don't already have a copy of CP Mage there is a good chance you just have to do
this the long way.

So by this point we have a WordPress Blog installed with a nice looking theme and a few crucial
plugins. What next?

Well before we go any further I want to say what not to do, and give you a few precautionary

Over the years as a successful affiliate marketer, I have found a few basic laws that I follow to help
me succeed. Most of them revolve around the notion of 'blending' in.

Please read the 4 laws below to understand why I suggest you follow these rules.

                               M a s t e r Af f i l i a t e La w #1

                      Use Google Analytics with affiliate sites

I hope I made myself clear there.

The Google Analytics TOS basically says they can do anything they want with the data they collect
and this includes using it to determine search engine rankings.

By installing their code on your site, you are giving them a backdoor window into your traffic patterns
and they will quickly discover that your site is not the type of site they want in their index.

You may also want to consider whether to use the Google Pagerank toolbar and Google Webmaster
tools. The proof with these is not as blatant as with Analytics, so some seem to think they are ok to

I can preach and preach this and you may or may not believe me.             However myself, and many
marketers I know, all have the same evidence. Sites that had Google Analytics got banned and sites
that did not use Google Analytics did not get banned. That should be enough to learn the lesson.
You can learn it the hard way (getting sites banned) or simply avoid the risk and don't do it.

                          Af f i l i a t e LAW #2
   Use private registration or alternative information when possible

Google has filed for a patent that allows them to use Whois domain registration information for the
purposes of search engine rankings.

This means that if they happen to catch one of your sites and ban it, they are going to cross reference
with all the other sites registered under your same name. For this reason, Affiliate Law #3 states that
you should use alternative registration services.

Why not private registration?

Well private registration helps prevent snooping against 'human' eyes so if you don't want real life
people spying on your sites then do them private. However since Google is a registrar, (enom) they
can see through all the private details anyways.

What they do is use a computer algorithm to cross reference and associate any domain registrations
with the exact same name or email assigned to a domain.

So what can you do?

You do NOT want to be putting false registration information in, however perhaps a slight misspelling
in your name or an alternative email address may do the trick.

Another cool method is the gmail trick which has seemed to work. Simply get a gmail account and
put a dot . In somewhere in the address and it is the same email, but will show up as different
addresses when cross-referenced by their snoopers. ie....
and etc... (the dot is discarded)

all lead to the same address, but for the sake of search engines show up as separate addresses.

                                 Af f i l i a t e LAW #3
                          Keep your sites on separate hosts

Again – trust me on this one.

You should keep no more than 25% of your sites on a single hosting account. With shared hosting
cost so low these days this is not so much of an issue.

You can get hosting for anywhere from $2.00 to $10.00 per month and most of the hosts will host as
many sites as you need. I generally try to limit a shared host to 20-30 Mage sites per host, though
most will take many more.

The reason is the cost is so low compared to what you can be earning.

For example, on average I pay $4 a month hosting for a shared web hosting account and put 30
Mage sites on it. From those 30 sites I can earn anywhere from $1000-$4000 per month depending
on a number of factors.

That extra $4 a month for a separate shared host keeps my sites safe. Just in case Google or the
search engines decide one day that they don't like my sites anymore, all they have to do then is cross
reference all the other sites in the same host and eliminate them all with one swoop.

                S umma t i o n o f t h e t h r e e Af f i l i a t e La w s
                          Google is a Blind Elephant

Despite their marketing department doing an excellent job convincing us that Google is all
Omnipresent, the fact is that they are somewhat blind.

Lets take these following statements into account and then consider:
   • Google has the power to drive hundreds of thousands of $$$$ worth of traffic monthly for free.
        They are who we want to appease. We want them to send free traffic to our sites.

   •   Google does NOT want affiliate sites in its index. And even if they are recognized and
       allowed, then they will still get a lower ranking because of the fact that they are affiliate sites
       (ie... earn us $$)

   •   Usually just by scanning and indexing a page, Google cannot tell the quality of that page. It
       requires other factors to make its judgment.

   •   Google employs thousands of people who spend all day doing snap 'manual' reviews on
       websites. About 99% of these reviews are no more than a 2 second glance at the homepage.
       Only 1% will go in for a deeper look. (This means we need to make our homepage look nice,
       but more on that later.)

   •   Google requires various other factors and input to determine the 'quality' of a page, which
       include cross reference and data gathered from other places as discussed above.

   •   We want to blend in and be quiet. We want to use common themes and templates for our sites
       and give up as little information as possible about our sites to Google. Any system that gives us
       “Custom Templates” for our affiliate sites is most likely not going to be effective due to a
       footprint. If we just let them discover the surface information on their own, then we should be

We go though these points of Basic setup and Mage sites within the Video training series as well.

Now we have our basic site setup and now we need to learn about the important steps of Keyword
selection, content generation and monetization. To learn this, please continue to the next module...

                                     Module 4
                     Proper Keyword Selection and Research

After your domain name, keyword selection is the 2nd most important thing you will do to get your
Mage Site profitable. Without correct keyword selection you will be wasting your time and money.

Unfortunately it is not easy to find the correct Keywords for the job. However through our experiences
we have come up with a few methods and resources to help you out.

Like we stated above, while you can mix up your sites, for sake of planning you need to decide if an
individual site is going to be focused on an Informational Niche or a Product Niche as the method in
which you select keywords will differ.


Selecting keywords for your informational niche site is going to be a process that many of you are
familiar with, especially if you have previously engaged in SEO or PPC practices. I will not get too far
into detail here as there are volumes of resources already written on the methods. I have put some
links to these in our resource section.

The basic premise is that you want to have your keyword be a term that someone is going to be
searching for. Since we are not the BBC, we are not going to want overly competitive terms.

If you will want a good assortment (minimum 500) of keywords that we can use to seed our content.
You will use these to search for content from article directories to help you create plenty of pages of

(Master Mages use a system called Content Mage that generates a unique page for each keyword

Suppose I got the used domain

Obviously I am going to want a keyword list based on law and lawyers to seed my content and my
contextual ads.

I would NOT want my list to look like an Adwords Keyword list. Ie...

       best lawyers
       cheap lawyers

This is not going to help too much. I would want my keyword list to be a little more broad within the

general spectrum, something like

       pet law
       dui attorney
       florida lawsuit

Hopefully, you get the general idea.

Be diverse and don't be afraid to get away from your initial seed keyword as long as you stay within
the general niche, remembering that the keywords you select are going to be used as the seed of
your content so it is important to find the proper balance between broad and narrow.

So where to find these keywords?       We actually found that the best free tool out there is the Google
Adwords External Tool.

This is valuable because it gives you terms that people are already searching for along with data and

You can experiment by putting in a basic Word as seed or even put in the address of a competing
website to get relevant keywords. Here is an example of the results for the term 'football' which
would be a good starting point for an info-niche:

Then if we scroll down we can see that it actually makes recommendations for related terms that we
can go with as well.

So what is great about all these Keywords is that they are things that people are searching for.

I wouldn't quite recommend taking the top ones, but scroll down and see if you can find a nice
balance between the long tail and searchability.

What you are going to need to do is search multiple times on the Adwords External tool. And create a
spreadsheet with all the best keywords and manually filter them out. So it will take some time and
work to do manually.

If you do have the full WPMage Master Membership you will also have access to Word Wizard.
Word Wizard mines Google Suggest data. So for instance when you are searching for a term such
as 'football' on google it gives you suggestions like this

What Word Wizard does is basically takes your seed keyword and searches google with it many times
to get you a list of thousands of keywords that google recommends and people are searching for.

Word Wizard looks something like this

It also allows you to filter out any phrases with unwanted keywords, and generate specific search
combinations. This allows you to generate lists of hundreds, or even thousands of highly targeted
long tail keyword lists.

More detail on this in our training Video and within the Mage Membership area.

Those Master Mages that use Word Wizard all agree that it is an extremely powerful tool to get you
the keywords you desire.

Once you have your Info-Niche Keywords you can start building your site.     But before we do that,
lets talk about Keywords focused on Product Niches (my personal preference).

PRODUCT NICHE: Keyword Selection

Now I must tell you immediately that before you go forward to selecting your Product Niche Keywords,
if you have ever done keyword research for PPC or SEO, you need to FORGET EVERYTHING YOU

Thats right.

It's a completely different game than if you use the SEO or Info-Niche Keyword selection methods.

Selecting your product niche keywords you need to find a balance between the two poles of:

       1) Being specific enough to call a variety of targeted auctions and products

       2) While being general enough to be able to pull relevant content

Let me explain a bit. Let's say that you research your keywords and get down to exact product
names. Say you get a keyword.

       Blue Widget version 3 with feathers

Ok, whats going to happen here is that you are going to put this keyword into Affiliate Mage and you
might get a result of all the exact items listed on eBay for:

       “Blue Widget version 3 with feathers”

so since people list lots of the same things, all your listings are going to be about the same.

So the end result of you using that hyper-niched keyword is you have a page with a few eBay listings
that all say the same thing and no other content.

Well pages like this don't last long.

The secret trick behind the Mage Blueprint is that we use not-too-specific keywords to call our product

For example. Let's say that I have a site on Widgets.

Instead of using keywords like “Blue Widget Version 3 with Feathers”
I am going to use simple 2 word keyword combinations. For Example:

   •   Blue Widget
   •   Green Widget
   •   Red Widget
   •   Feather Widget
   •   Round Widget

Well you get the point!

The reason that we want to use these general, but niche oriented keywords is so that Affiliate Mage
will pull a profitable mashup of listings that will attract the search engines.

So by using the general keyword of “Blue Widget” what I am going to do is actually pull lots of
different eBay listings that all will be slightly different, but indexed and lead to lots of visitors.

Some examples of listings that I will receive based on “blue widget”

   •   Blue widget with feathers
   •   aftermarket blue factory with widget
   •   Widget for less red or blue

What is happening is that all these auction titles become content in the eyes of the search engine.

Where you will get your results is when that user goes to Google and searches for “blue factory with
widget” which just happens to match one of the auction titles in your listing.

If you had put that very Specific keyword from earlier, you would have never had this listing in your
Affiliate Mage results and never this visitor.

Also keep in mind that visitors searching for long and obscure terms are more likely to be buyers so by
having these terms in your content and results, you are setting the correct bait.

For instance here are a few results (out of 50 on the page) from Overstock based on the seed term
“Barbecue Grill” You can see they are varied and provide lots of great content for the search engines

The system is very powerful, but has its limitations as well.

If the keyword you input is TOO specific, there is a chance you may not get a result. For this reason,
input your keywords, but do not get too detailed or aim for EXACT product names.

Keep it general enough so each keyword will pull a nice range of products.

So how to get these Non-Specific product Keywords that will pull us hundreds of juicy product listing
embedded with our affiliate links?

Well the problem is all traditional Keyword research tools are focused on general searches, and it is
very difficult to filter out product type names from info-type names. Meaning if we use them to do our
research then we are going to get keywords that will NOT return results.

So we came up with a solution. Its called Keyword Mage and its part of the WPMage Membership.

You simply input an eBay category number (remember from Module 2 – its all coming together now!)
and it returns to you combinations of all the words that are present in eBay auction titles within that

This means if you can search eBay, Amazon or Overstock for ANY of these keywords and be assured
that you will receive relevant and pertinent affiliate listings.

And your keyword lists will look something like:

And thats just the beginning of this report what has over 14,000 keywords ready to see profitable
products in Affiliate Mage. More on this within the WPMage area.

Now that you know how to select your keywords for seeding, let's move forward on how to actually
use these Keywords to Generate compelling and profitable content.

                                 M o d u l e Fiv e
                     Efficient and Profitable Content Creation

Ok, before we get too deep into Content Creation, we need to examine two very important points as
displayed in the sub-title above

   •   Profitable Content Creation. Meaning that we place content within our Mage site NOT to
       win a Pulitzer prize, but for the express purpose of showing a little authority to the search
       engines with the ultimate goal of people clicking on our Ads or affiliate links.

       We are here to make money and need to remember this.

   •   Efficient Content Creation. Since our Mage sites will earn us money through a combination
       of good keywords and quantity of Pages, we need an efficient way in order to grab content.

       We need to streamline the process so we can put up lots of profitable pages and sites within
       the shortest period of time.

The Mage Blueprint addresses both of these points in various ways depending on your commitment.

The Free and Fast way to get Content.

Ok, lets say you need content. Its not worth your time to go and write it, but you need lots of it fast.
The best legal way to do this is:

   1. Goto Ezine Articles or Article Base and use their search box (in built google search is better)
      for your keyword.

   2. Take the First result and copy the entire article including the author resource box.

   3. Paste the Article in your Site.

   4. Goto Flickr Advanced Search and search for a Creative Commons licensed Photo (its the tic
      box at the bottom)

   5. Copy and upload the photo to your site.

So by doing this, you have gotten a great Article and made it unique and now you have content.

The Ultimate Content Creation Plugin

Master Mages can relax. It is nowhere near this complicated.

Using Content Mage is the difference between putting up 10 posts in 1 minute and putting up only 1
post in 10 minutes. We will go further into the specifics of using Content Mage in the Training
Section, but the simple overview is that you have a number of options for sources of content.

You then insert the Content Mage Tag into your WordPress post and enter a few parameters
   • Source - This is telling it if you want
       ◦ An Article
       ◦ Q+A
       ◦ Video
       ◦ Photo
       ◦ Tags
   • Language - This tells Content Mage if you want your new Content Translated to other
       languages and back to English. This is the process in which we make the content unique.
       Currently Content Mage Supports translating between 24 different languages.
   • As we mentioned above, you can also use this to translate the content into a foreign language
       and run a profitable foreign language website if you so please.
   • Backup - This lets you set a backup value for your Content if there is no matches for the
       keyword. In this way if you use obscure keywords you are still sure to get results by setting a
   • KEYWORD. Of course this is the most important Part. As we discussed in the last lesson the
       Keyword will the important seed in which your content is called.

So within your WordPress Post you will enter a few variables into the plugin and then when the post is
published, it will look something like this.

   Then if we scroll down the page, we can see that the post has been tagged and there is a YouTube
   video as well:

So you can see, that by simply putting in seed keywords within a Post, Content Mage went and
actually created an entire and unique post for us complete with Article, Photo, Video and Tags. We
of course go though this all in the Video.

Now if you think that is cool, keep reading to Module 6 where we talk about how to put in the Affiliate
Links that will earn you the $$$ (and how to automate this even further in chapter 7).

                                  M o d u l e Si x
                              Philosophies of Monetization

As we discussed earlier, in Module two (niche selection) we are generally going to want to focus on
an informational or product oriented niche.

Depending on our niche, it will change the focus of how we are going to Monetize our Mage sites.

Now we can in theory use both (Adsense) and Product feeds on our sites, however there is still an
ongoing debate on whether it is better to focus only on one or the other.

Proponents of the debate say that using Adsense alongside your product feeds causes the following to

   •   That you receive increased Adsense earning by converting a higher percentage of page
       impressions into clicks. However by having product feeds on your page, you greatly reduce
       the amount of Adsense Ads clicked and thus reduce the payout for each click .

   •   That by having Adsense on your page, you subject yourself to a manual review by Google,
       who will then see that you pretty much only have Adsense and lots of product feeds. Hence it
       gives a greater chance for your account being banned.

That all being said, it is still an unresolved debate on whether to use BOTH Adsense and product
feeds. So we recommend you start slowly and experiment with what works best.

However for the sake of this training module we will discuss each method individually and let you
combine per your implementation.

         M o n e t i z a t i o n M o d e l #1: I n f o r m a t i o n a l N i c h e

Ok, so by this point you have the following:

   •   Expired domain name from GoDaddy

   •   Info-niche Selected after browsing on ClickBank or Google Trends

   •   Basic WordPress install setup with common theme and basic plugins

What we want to do now is setup how we are going to monetize our Info-Blog.

I am going to assume that you installed the Plugin – WhyDoWork and have an Adsense Account


Goto Adsense and create a 336x280 Ad Box.

After you get the code for this, goto WhyDoWork and paste the code to display at the top of every
page. So it will look something like:

You can see that we adjusted the colors slightly and you can do as well to match your own theme.
However the bottom line is that we discovered that the 336x280 box at the top of every post is the
proven winner.

Now Adsense allows you to place 3 Ad blocks and 3 contextual link blocks on your page. There are
many different schools of thought of how many to place on each page, however I personally have
found success by just placing a single 336x280 (seen above) and possibly a link box in the sidebar.


Well because you get paid higher clicks then and the results will generally be more contextual. Again
this is a debated subject, but take it as you will.

In addition to Adsense, you may want to consider putting banners or text links up for various ClickBank
products or even using contextual services such as Kontera, Chitika or InfoLinks

So none of this information is revolutionary just yet, you should already know how to do this all or

learn quickly. For this reason we are going to quickly move on so you can get an Idea for the true
Power behind this Blueprint.

               M o n e t i z a t i o n M o d e l #2: P r o d u c t N i c h e

To monetize your site with product feeds you are going to have to join some affiliate networks.
Everybody agrees that the best paying hands down is the eBay Partner Network.

If you are not already a member we strongly recommend that you DO NOT apply until you have read
and fully understood this EPN Acceptance guide as they are very particular on who they will accept
and you must meet certain guidelines.

The other two recommended networks are Amazon Associates which should accept you automatically
and Overstock which is part of the Commission Junction Network.

So with all three of these networks there is a hard way and an easy way to add affiliate products to
your new Mage site:

The Hard Way:

This is not possible with Overstock, but both eBay and Amazon have editor toolkit areas where you
can manually input a keyword per post and it displays relevant products.

However, there are two very Serious issues with doing this.

First off, the listing are displayed via flash or javascript. What that means it that you cannot get search
engine juice and traffic from the product listings.

Secondly their listings look too much 'like advertisements' Studies show that consumers will click on
a link 2x-3x more often if it is not expressly framed as an advertisement.

So that all being said, we went and came up with what we call the Easy Way which you can get for
free as well.

The Easy Way:

Affiliate Mage

What Affiliate Mage does is it allows you to input a 'seed' keyword and it will automatically return
targeted listings from the network of your choice, based on this seed keyword. Just input a seed
keyword into the template and the rest is done for you.

This is going to be what we see in our post (all automatically done for you):

You can see with Affiliate Mage, it returned on the published page products pre-loaded with your
affiliate link. So that whenever someone would click on these links I would have the potential to make
a big commission depending on a number of factors.

The reason why Affiliate Mage is so powerful is because of the speed and ease in which I can add
products to my site.

All I need to do is select the source of my product, (ebay, amazon, overstock) how many I want to
display (1-100) and my seed keyword and it creates magic.

Why this is even more Powerful is that it is compatible with both Content Mage (Module 5) and
Posting Mage (Module 7) so it gives you the power to effectively creates thousands of keyword
targeted posts loaded with affiliate products in just a few clicks.

Now in these past 6 lessons we have discussed how to select your domain and setup and populate
your complete Mage site. That should be enough no?

Well that is great and all, but you should know that generally your income is going to be capped on a
single site.

My best earning site earned me into the 5 figures last year. Now that may seem like a lot to some of
you, however it is not much in the grand scheme of things.

The real money comes through automation. Most of your sites will not earn you $10,000 in a year. If
you do average you can expect $500-$1000 per site per year.

This doesn't sound like much until you realize that I am about to show you how to put up 20 sites in a
single afternoon with the full Automate and Profit System.

Are you Ready?

                                      Module 7
                                     Automate and Profit

Module Seven, Automate and Profit is teaching you the "secret doctrine" of how to take the previous 6
lessons and Automate them so you can put up profitable sites quickly and effectively.

Remember that one site can only make you so much, but 100 sites can make you a whole lot more.

The key to the Automation and subsequent profitability of the Mage system is being able to put up as
many sites as quickly as possible.

One possible way to do this is outsource your work. You can hire workers to pick keywords, grab
articles and put up sites. If you want to look for someone to do this for you expect to pay about
$10/hour. One of the best resources for outsources workers is

However you are limited by their abilities, and having to pay by the hour/job.

We understand this concern and came up with a way to really speed up the process. Unfortunately it
is limited to Master Mages only, of which there is a limited number of places. (at the time of writing
access to becoming a Master Mage is closed, but please do check to see if this is
still the case).

You already have an idea of how its all done manually. Lets speed up the process.

Enter Posting Mage.

   •   You select what sort of Content you want.

   •   You select what sort of Affiliate products you want

   •   You paste a list of thousands of Keywords

   •   You Click Go!

In just a few minutes you will have thousands of complete posts (one for each keyword).

Each of these posts will have been seeded and have unique Photo, Article, video, Tags and Affiliate
Feeds all based on the Keywords you supplied.

This is what the Posting Mage input looks like:

So each of these keywords becomes a post. If you paste 1000 keywords then you have 1000 posts.
Pretty cool yeah?

You may have noticed you can even post date or future date posts so for better search engine

Ok so that is how you do thousands of posts at once.

But how do you create dozens of sites in a single day?

Uploading WordPress Manually takes too long and even using Fantastico or other blog creators
leaves you with an empty blog that requires too much work to get up to speed.

So that why we have something called CPMage.

This is a simple web interface that allows you to create new sites in just a few clicks.

   •   Sets up your new domain without ever having to go to Cpanel

   •   Creates your databases and installs your domain.

   •   Creates your WordPress site

   •   Installs and configures all recommended plugins (including Affiliate Mage, Content Mage and
       Posting Mage)

   •   Create thousands of posts with content and Affiliate Feeds

   •   Gives you complete multi-MageSite management abilities from a single controlling panel.

What it basically means is that you can put up a complete and profitable website in just 5 minutes.

Now you do the math!

CP Mage integrates Affiliate Mage, Content Mage and Posting Mage into one seamless system.

In our training video we go though as well how to Use CPMage and Posting Mage to automate the
complete process.

If you have not already got access to the free training videos, then please do so now .

The Mage System has helped me and many others find freedom and a lifetime of income. We hope it
can do the same for you

See you on the Inside
-Greg Jacobs

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