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					                                 FOUNDATION FOR THE FUTURE

                    CONCEPT PAPER1 TEMPLATE
1.        Applicant:
         Full name of applicant Organization, and acronym
         Country
         Legal Status
         Creation date
         Official Address
         Postal address
         Contact person (telephone, and e-mail address)

2.        Title of the proposal:

3.        Expected project duration (months):

4.        Geographical regions(s) where the action is to be implemented:

5.        Summary of the proposed action (maximum 1 page):
Brief description of the proposed project including statement of the problem(s) that the action will attempt
to address, project’s objectives, main activities and anticipated results and impact

6.        Applicant operational capacity and expertise:
6.1       What is the experience of your organization in project management?
6.2       What is the experience of your organization of the issues to be addressed?

7.        Relevance
7.1       How relevant is your proposal to the needs and constraints of the targeted regions and groups?
7.2       What are the problems to be resolved and the needs to be met?
7.3       Who are the actors to be involved in the proposed project (beneficiaries, target groups, other
          stakeholders and partners, etc.)?
7.4       What are the project objectives (overall, specific) and the anticipated impact?

8.        Methodology and sustainability
8.1       What are the main project activities?
8.2       What are the key anticipated results?
8.3       How the project activities will be monitored and evaluated?
8.4       How will the project achieve long-lasting impact, and sustainability

9.        Budget (in USD)
9.1       Total project cost
9.2       Requested FFF grant

 The concept paper should not exceed 6 (six) pages. The applicant organization can submit the concept
paper in English, Arabic, and French

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