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									                                                                      Curriculum Map for IPR II

Unit Name /          Benchmark                 Key Learnings (written          Activities used                  Resources used                Assessment of
Topic (specific                                as statement)                                                                                  learning
timeframe, if any)
Community Building   Familiarize students with Course of study can be          Ice-breaker activities.          Teacher guidance              Observation
                     one another; formulate    more enriching with a sense                                      Multi-colored candies
                     comfortable relationships of community.                                                    Paper/pen
                                                                                                                Name tags
Infant Simulator:    Understand and            Just like real infants, the     Video                            VCR/Videos; "Baby Think It    Observation
Training             demonstrate care giving   infant simulator requires the   Demonstration                    Over"                         Student' demonstration
                     skills for computerized   caregiver to provide basic      Hands-on training                Teacher guidance              Post tests
                     infant simulators         needs, such as rocking,                                          Realcare infant simulators
                                               feeding, burping, and diaper                                     Batteries
                                               changes, along with loving                                       Control units
                                               and attentive care .

Infant Simulator:    Apply and evaluate        It can be emotionally,      Infant simulator parenting           Infant simulator              Thorough and reflective
Parenting            experience based on a     psychologically, and        assignment; student to               Diaper bag                    completion of parenting
                     45 hour parenting         physically, challenging to  schedule and parent a                Baby clothes                  packet at the conclusion
                     simulation.               meet the daily needs of an  simulator once during the            Baby bottle, diapers          of student's scheduled
                                               infant.                     quarter for a period of 45           Car seat                      simulator assignment
                                                                           hours.                               Packet
                                                                           Packet: birth certificate, parent-
                                                                           care log, daily journal, end
Development of Love Comprehend and             Understand and recognize    Discussion                           Overhead/note sheets:        Test I
                    evaluate the               the developmental stages of Overhead/notes                       Developmental Stages of Love
                    developmental stages of    love.
Dating              Evaluate the purposes      Dating provides valuable        Brainstorm purpose               Whiteboard/markers           Observation
                    and potential challenges   experiences and                 Read/discuss article             Article: "* Simple Rules of  Written reflection
                    of dating.                 opportunities to enable one     Video                            Dating"
                                               to make wiser choices in                                         VCR/Video: "No Brain Dating"
                                               long-tem relationships.                                          (second half).

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                                                                        Curriculum Map for IPR II

Unit Name /            Benchmark                  Key Learnings (written        Activities used                   Resources used                   Assessment of
Topic (specific                                   as statement)                                                                                    learning
timeframe, if any)
                       Compare and contrast       Men and women may have        Carousel learning; brainstorm     Timer/newsprint/markers          Reflective discussion
                       differences between men    different communication       and fill in the blank on posted   Interview: "Understanding        and newsprint.
                       and women in               styles, behaviors, and        statements in classroom.          Each Other"                      Interview reflection
                       relationships.             patterns in dating            Discussion
                                                  relationships.                Interview assignment

Healthy Relationships Examine and evaluate        Healthy relationships provide Brainstorm traits                 Post-its/whiteboard/markers      Observation
                      the characteristics and     a trusting, honest, and         Speaker: Psychologist           Speaker                          Written reflection
                      qualities of a healthy      respectful haven,               Read/discuss article            VCR/Video clip; example of       Test I
                      relationship                                                Video clip                      healthy relationship
                                                                                  Overhead/notes                  Overhead
                                                                                  Worksheet                       Wkst: "Twenty Expectations"
                                                                                  Circle time
Unhealthy              Examine and evaluate       Unhealthy relationships do      Brainstorm traits               Teacher Guidance                 Observation
Relationships          the characteristics and    not meet our individual         Speaker: Cornerstone            Post-its/whiteboard/markers      Written reflection
                       qualities of a unhealthy   needs and do not always         Read/discuss article            Speaker                          Test 1
                       relationship               feel safe emotionally,          Video clip                      Article: "Heather's Night Out"
                                                  psychologically, or physically. Overhead/notes                  VCR/Video clip; example of
                                                                                  Circle time                     un healthy relationship
                                                                                                                  Circle time
Infatuation vs. Love   Examine and understand It is important to recognize      Break down and define each        Teacher guidance                 Reflective discussion
                       the differences between and understand the               concept.                          Paper/pen                        Definitions
                       infatuation and love    differences between love         Discuss                           Whiteboard/markers               Test I
                                               and infatuation.                 Overheads/Notes                   VCR/Video: 20/20 clip
                                                                                video clip                        Note sheets; "Four Kinds of
Cohabitation           Examine and understand     Many couples decide to live   Discussion                        News clip                        Test I
                       the pros and cons of       together before marriage      Overhead/notes                    Overhead/note sheets
                       living together before     and there are positives and
                       marriage.                  negatives to this living

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                                                                      Curriculum Map for IPR II

Unit Name /          Benchmark                  Key Learnings (written        Activities used                 Resources used                 Assessment of
Topic (specific                                 as statement)                                                                                learning
timeframe, if any)
Marriage             Examine and understand There are laws governing       Discussion                         Overhead/note sheets: Laws,    Test I
                     the basic marriage legal marriage and the dissolution Overhead/notes                     licenses.
                     requirements to marry    of marriage.
                     and laws of annulment.
Sexuality            Define and examine       Sexuality is complex and        Brainstorm/discussion           Whiteboard/markers             Written reflection
                     sexuality                pivotal to our individuality    Overhead/Notes                  Overheads: Sexuality Circles   Test II
                                              and is based on many            Video                           VCR/Video: Katie Couric
                                              factors, such as thoughts,                                      Special
                                              feelings, behaviors and
Birth Control        Understand and evaluate Birth control is an individual   Brainstorm choices              Whiteboard/markers             Reflective Commercial
                     different forms of birth and personal choice that        Notes                           Note sheets                    Test II
                     control                  needs to fit one's health       Birth control "demos"           Forms of birth control
                                              concerns, lifestyle, morals,    News clip videos                VCR/Video clips
                                              and values.                     Student commercials for types   Bags/Drawing for commercial
                                                                              of birth control                Newsprint/markers
Pregnancy            Understand signs,         It is important to be          Speaker                         Speaker: District Health       Speaker reaction
                     symptoms, stages of       knowledgeable about            Read articles/wkst              Article "Most Vulnerable       Written reflection
                     pregnancy and delivery.   pregnancy in order to make     Video" Birthing                 Time" & wkst                   Test II
                                               healthy choices for yourself   Research terms                  Services                       Completed wkst
                                               and unborn child.              Overheads/notes                 VCR/Video
                                                                                                              Computer lab
                                                                                                              Overhead/note sheets
Abortion             Understand and evaluate Students will understand the Speakers; Prolife and               Speakers                       Speaker evaluations
                     the pros and cons of     procedures, legalities, and Prochoice                           Evaluation forms               Group reflections
                     abortion.                controversy of abortion.    Speaker evaluation wkst             Overhead of group questions
                                                                          Small group
Sexually Transmitted Evaluate risk factors of Students need to understand Discussion                          Overhead                       Reflective discussion
Infections           becoming infected.       the increase of risk        Exposure chart                      Letters
                                              associated with increase of Dear Abby letters                   Role-play scenarios
                                              exposure.                   Role play

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                                                                               Curriculum Map for IPR II

Sexually Transmitted
Unit Name /
Infections             Benchmark                       Key Learnings (written            Activities used         Resources used                   Assessment of
Topic (specific                                        as statement)                                                                              learning
timeframe, if any)
                       Identify STI signs,       Students need to understand             Speaker; Teen Clinic    Speaker                          Written reaction
                       symptoms, possible        the potential of becoming               Discussion              Computer/projector               Speaker evaluation
                       treatment and protection. infected with a sexually                Video: Teens and Sex    VCR/Video                        Test III
                                                 transmitted infection, the              Circle Time
                                                 responsibility and means to
                                                 protect oneself, and the
                                                 treatment required in case of

HIV/AIDS               Comprehend the                  HIV/AIDs is an incurable          Speaker                 Speaker                          Speaker evaluation
                       transmission,                   virus that can often be           Discussion              Overheads/note sheets            Test III
                       demographics, signs,            prevented by avoiding             Overheads/Notes         VCR/Video
                       symptoms, and treatment         associated risk factors.          Video; CNN
                       of HIV/AIDs
Loss                   Identify and understand         Everyone experiences some   Brainstorm types of loss      Whiteboard/Markers               Reflective Discussion
                       the probability of loss in      type of loss during their   Discussion                    Pretest
                       life and the stages of grief.                               Pretest
                                                       lifetime and will go through a                            Article/wkst: "Blossoming
                                                       process of grief.           Read/wkst/discuss article     Rose"
                       Identify and understand                                     Discussion
                                                       It is important to identify and                           Whiteboard/Markers               Written reflection
                       the purpose of grief and        understand the purpose of   Notes                         VCR/Video: "* Simple Rules       Test III
                       the stages associated           grief and the stages and    Video                         To Dating My Daughters"
                       with it.                        process associated with it. Discuss and identify stages
                                                                                   from video
                       Become knowledgeable            Students should be aware of Discussions                   Overheads/note sheets            Written reflection from
                       of funeral and burial           and understand the          Overheads/wkst                Photos from Lakewood             field trip
                       terms and the funeral           terminology, decision-      Photos                        Filed trip to funeral home and   Test III
                       process                         making, and process         Field Trip                    cemetery.
                                                       associated with the         Circle time
                                                       determination of final

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