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					                                                      Studies excluded from the review

                                     Papers excluded from analysis                                                     Reason for exclusion
Ambrus P, Böhmer D. Mobilat Salbe bei akuten Distorsionen. Fortschritte der Medizin 1987;105(13):259-62              no useable dichotomous data

Arioli G, Scaramelli M, Pillosu W. [Topical therapy of acute skeletal muscle diseases. Results of a comparative      not double blind; included in
study on piroxicam cream 1% versus diclofenac emulgel 1%] La terapia topica delle affezioni acte                     Moore 1998
musculoscheletriche. Risultati di uno studio comparativo sul piroxicam crema 1% versus diclofenac emulgel
1%. Clinica Terapeutica 1990;134(6):363-9.
Ascherl R, Schlemmer H, Blumel G, Lechner F. [The effectiveness of etofenamate in minor sports injuries of           no useable dichotomous data
the knee and ankle joint. A double blind study] Fortschr Med 1982;100(37):1729-34
Assandri A, Canali S, Giachetti C. Local tolerability and pharmacokinetic profile of a new transdermal delivery      experimental study; patients are
system, diclofenac hydroxyethylpyrrolidine plaster. Drugs Under Experimental & Clinical Research                     volunteers
Bagliani A, Montalbetti L. [Topical treatment of thrombophlebitis with feprazone and benzydamine. Controlled         not randomised controlled trial
clinical study]. Minerva Medica 1976;67(14):880-4
Baixauli F, Inglés F, Alcántara P, Navarrete R, Puchol E, Vidal F. Percutaneous treatment of acute soft tissue       not double blind; included
lesions with naproxen gel and ketoprofen gel. Journal of International Medical Research 1990;18(5):372-8.            Moore 1998
Böhmer D, Ambrus P. Behandlung von muskelverletzungen mit diclofenac-diethylammonium emugel.                         active control invalid
Sportveretz Sportschaden 1995;9:94-5
Bouchier-Hayes TA, Rotman H, Darekar BS . Comparison of the efficacy and tolerability of diclofenac gel              not double blind; included
(Voltarol Emulgel) and felbinac gel (Traxam) in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. British Journal of Clinical   Moore 1998
Practice 1990;44(8):319-20.
Boutrón F, Galicia A, Zamora G, Martinez-Zurita F. Single-blind study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of         not double blind; included
naproxen gel compared with diclophenac emulgel in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. Proc West Pharmacol         Moore 1998
Soc 1994;37:153-6.
Candela V, Bagarone A. Studio in cieco semplice sull'attivita terapeutica del "Fastum Gel" nelle lesioni             not double blind; included
traumatiche da sport. Medicina dello Sport 1986;39:57-63.                                                            Moore 1998
Chatterjee DS. A double-blind clinical study with benzydamine 3% cream on soft tissue injuries in an                 bendyzamine; included Moore
occupational health centre. Journal of International Medical Research 1977;5(6):450-8.                               1998
Commandre F, Zakarian H, Corriol-rohou S. Comparison of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of               not double blind; included
topical niflumic acid gel versus piroxicam gel in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Curr Ther Res          Moore 1998
Dhaon BK, Farooque MF, Sharma DR, Bhutani S. Open labelled clinical evaluation of local application of               not randomised controlled trial
Nimesulide Trandermal gel in painful musculoskeletal conditions. Indian Journal of Orthopaedics
1998;32(2):75-8 OP, Gupta SP, Maini L, Sharma DK, Bhutani S. Efficacy and safety of nimesulide
Dhaon BK, Singh                                                                                                      not double blind (single)
transdermal gel versus diclofenac and piroxicam gel in patients with acute musculoskeletal condition. Indian J
Orthopedics 2000; 34: 288-292
Diebschlag W. [Diclofenac in blunt traumatic ankle joint swelling. Volumetric monitoring in a placebo controlled     inappropriate randomisation;
double blind trial]. Fortschr Med 1986;104(21):437-40                                                                included Moore 1998

Diebschlag W. Benzydamine cream in post-traumatic oedema. International Journal of Tissue Reactions                  no useable dichotomous data
Diebschlag W, Knocker W . [The effect of topical treatment in the treatment of disease in ankle sprains]             salicylate; included Moore 1998
Einfluß einer topischen Behandlung auf den Krankheitsverlauf bei Sprunggelenks-Distorsionen. Arzneimittel
Forschung - Drug Research 1987;37(9):1076-81.
Diebschlag W, Nocker W, Lehmacher W. Treatment of acute sprains of the ankle joint. A comparison of the              no useful data; included Moore
effectiveness and tolerance of two gel preparations containing indomethacin. Fortschr. Med. 1992;110:64-72.          1998
Fantato S, De Gregorio M. Clinical evaluation of topical benzydamine in traumatology. Arzneimittel Forschung -       bendyzamine; included Moore
Drug Research 1971;21(10):1530-5.                                                                                    1998
Frahm E, Elsasser U, Kämmereit A. Topical treatment of acute sprains. Br J Clin Pract 1993;47:321-2.                 salicylate; included Moore 1998
Gallacchi G, Mautone G, Lualdi P. Painful inflammatory conditions. Topical treatment with diclofenac                 mixed conditions, not acute;
hydroxyethylpyrrolidine. Clin Trials J 1990;27:58-64.                                                                included Moore 1998
Governali E, Casalini D. Ricerda clinica controllata tra ketoprofene gel 5% e ketoprofene crema 1% in pazienti       questionable blinding; included
con postumi di lesioni traumatiche. La Riabilitazione 1995;28:61-69.                                                 Moore 1998
Haig G. Portable thermogram technique for topically applied benzydamine cream in acute soft-tissue injuries.         bendyzamine; included Moore
International Journal of Tissue Reactions 1986;8(2):145-7.                                                           1998

Heasman PA, Benn DK, Kelly PJ, Seymour RA, Aitken D. The use of topical flurbiprofen as an adjunct to non-           oral condition
surgical management of periodontal disease. Journal of Clinical Periodontology 1993;20(6):457-64
Hallmeier B, Michelbach B. Etofenamat unter tape-verbänden. Die Medizinische Welt 1986;37:1344-1348.                 not double blind; included
                                                                                                                     Moore 1998
Hallmeier B. Efficacy and tolerance of etofenamate and diclofenac in acute sports injuries. Rheuma                  not double blind; included
Jenoure P, Segesser B, Luhti U, Gremion G. A trial with diclofenac HEP plaster as topical treatment in minor        Moore 1998
                                                                                                                    not randomised controlled trial
sport injuries. Drugs Exp Clin Res 1993;19(3):125-31
Kaneko M, Shimojo H, Saito H, Onuma Y, Yamashita K. Clinical evaluation of felbinac patch (SELSPOT) on              quasi-randomised
post-traumatic disease: clinical comparitive study versus commercially available patch. Jpn Pharmacol Ther
Kockelbergh M, Verspeelt P, Caloine R, Dermaux F. [Local anti-inflammatory treatment with a ketoprofen gel:         treatment not applied daily
recent clinical data]. Medica Physica 1985;8:205-13 (study 2)
Kroll MP, Wiseman RL, Guttadauria M. A clinical eveluation of piroxicam gel: an open comparative trial with         not double blind; included
diclofenac gel in the treatment of acute musculoskeletal disorders. Clin Ther 1989;11:382-91.                       Moore 1998
Lee EH, Lee PYC, Ngai ATK, Chiu EHK. Treatment of acute soft tissue trauma with a topical non-steroidal anti-       not randomised controlled trial
inflammatory drug (biphenylacetic acid 3% gel). Singapore Med J 1991;32:238-41
Leeb B. [Topical felbinac in therapy of athletic injuries] Topisches Felbinac in der Therapie von                   review of eight different studies
Sportverletzungen. Fortschr Med 1994;112(6):77-80
Link R Balint G, Pavlik G, Otto J, Krause W. [Topical treatment of soft tissue rheumatism and athletic injuries.    no useable dichotomous data
Effectiveness and tolerance of a new ketoprofen gel- study 2 ] Fortschr Med 1996;114(25):311-4
Lester AA. Management of sprained ankles. Practitioner 1983;225:935-6.                                              salicylate; included Moore 1998
 Linde F, Hvass I, Jürgensen U, Madsen F. Ankelforstuvninger behandlet med benzydamin 5% creme.                     bendyzamine; included Moore
Ugesker Laeger 1985;148:12-3.                                                                                       1998
Montagna CG, Turroni L, Martinelli D, Orlandini MC. Single-blind comparative study of meclofenamic acid gel         not double blind; included
versus naproxen gel in acute musculoskeletal disorders. Curr Ther Res 1990;47:933-939.                              Moore 1998
Oakland C RC. A comparison of the efficacy of the topical NSAID felbinac and ultrasound in the treatment of         Inappropriate add-on design
acute ankle injuries. Br J Clin Res 1994; 4 :89-96.
Odaglia G, Sereni G. Sports Minor traumatology:Results of a double-blind controlled clinical study ketoprofen       not randomised controlled trial
(fastum gel 2.5%) versus placebo. 1987. A. Menarini unpublished data
Park NS, Seong CM, Jung YS, Kim WB, Kim SH. Topical analgesic. Drugs Future 2000;25(11):1131-1137                   review article
Patel RK, Leswell PF, and the General Practice Study Group. Comparison of ketoprofen , piroxicam, and               not double blind (open)
diclofenac gels in the treatment of acute soft tissue injury in general practice. Clin Ther 1996; 18: 497-506.
Picardi E, De Iasio R. Efficacia dei farmaci antinfiammatori (FANS) per via percutanea in atleti di nuoto e         not randomised controlled trial
pallanuoto. La Clinica Terapeutica 1993;143:507-509
Pineda MD, Capulong OM, De Guzman DL, Te CV. The topical NSAIDs, felbinac and piroxicam: a comparison               not double blind; included
of efficacy and safety in the treatment of acute soft tissue trauma. British Journal of Clinical Research           Moore 1998
1993;4:63-72. C, Duteil L, Padilla JM, Poncet M, Czernielewski J. Objective assessment of topical anti-
Queille-Roussel                                                                                                     experimental study
inflammatory drug activity on experimentally induced nickel contact dermatitis: comparison between visual
scoring, colorimetry, laser Doppler velocimetry and transepidermal water loss. Skin Pharmacol 1990;3:248-55
Rosemeyer B. Behandlung von distorsionen des sprunggelenkes. Die Medizinische Welt 1991;42:166-170.                 not double blind; included
 Seligra A, Inglés F. A comparative study of naproxen gel and flufenamic acid gel in the treatment of soft tissue   Moore 1998
                                                                                                                    not double blind; included
injuries. Curr Med Res 1990;12:249-54.                                                                              Moore 1998
Taboada A. Experienca controlada con gel de piroxicam asociado a ultrasonidos en afecciones agudas del              dose and duration of treatment
aparato locomotor. Prens Med Argent 1992:79:630-32                                                                  unclear; included Moore 1998
Unknown. Comparative clinical efficacy of Oruvail, piroxicam and diclofenac gels in soft tissue injury.             not double blind; included
Unpublished 1993;:                                                                                                  Moore 1998
Vanderstraeten G, Schuermans P. Study on the effect of etofenamate 10% cream in comparison with an oral             not double blind; included
NSAID in strains and sprains due to sports injuries. Acta Belgica - Medica Physica 1990;13(3):139-41.               Moore 1998
Von Klug H. Erfahrungen mit einem local anwendbaren antirheumatikum. Arzneim Forsch/Drug Res 1977;27(I)             chronic and acute outcomes
Nr.6b:1350-1354                                                                                                     combined
Von Rau R, Hockel S. Piroxicam gel versus diclofenac gel bei aktivierten gonarthrosen. Fortscr Med 1989;            not double blind
107: 485-488.
Wanet G. [Controlled clinical study of a topic associating nopoxamine with diethylamine salicylate (Algésal         salicylate; included Moore 1998
suractivé) in physical medicine and rehabilitation (author's transl)] Etude clinique contrôlée d'un topique
associant la nopoxamine au salicylate de diéthylamine (Algésal suractivé) en médecine physique et
réhabilitation. Journal Belge de Médecine Physique et de Réhabilitation 1979;2(2):119-26.
Young JR . A comparative study of benzydamine hydrochloride ("Difflam" pump spray) and placebo as                   inappropriate randomisation
analgesics following tonsillectomy. International Journal of Tissue Reactions 1987;9(2):131-3
Zerbi E, Pace A, Demarchi F, Bassi F, Arrigo A, Garagiola U. Ketoprofen lysine salt in a new foam formulation       not double blind; included
for the topical treatment of traumatic injuries: a controlled, between-patient, clinical trial. Curr Ther Res       Moore 1998

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