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 address &
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 2009         Registrar           2
        Who is here today?
  Regional Commissioners?
   Experienced registrars?
    Brand new registrars?
   Other Board Members?

2010             Registrar   3
       Understand the role & responsibilities
       of the Regional Registrar
       Review the resources available to
       help a Registrar be successful
       Separate “Fact” from Fiction about

2010                  Registrar                 4
             AYSO Mission
       “To develop and deliver quality
                      Can you name
       youth soccer programs, which
       promote a fun, family
       environment based on our six

2010                Registrar            5
       • Everyone Plays
       • Balanced Teams
       • Open Registration *
       • Positive Coaching is
          The AYSO Program
           open to all children
       • Good Sportsmanship
        between 4 and 19 years of
       • age whoDevelopment
         Player want to register
                and play soccer.

         That’s why we’re here!

2010    Registrar                   6
               AYSO Volunteers
                are required to:
       1.   Complete and submit a Volunteer
            Application every year
       2.   Be authorized to perform their jobs by their
            Region, Area, Section or other AYSO
       3.   Act within their Job Descriptions and the
            AYSO policies, procedures and guidelines
       4.   Complete Safe Haven and be properly
            trained to do their jobs

2010                       Registrar                       7
       Plan annual Registration of all players
       and volunteers with the help of the
       CVPA(volunteers) and Treasurer(fees
       Reconcile Registration forms with
       fees paid for each Registration event
       Maintain the Region player database
       in eAYSO
2010                   Registrar                 8
       Every player and volunteer must be
       registered with AYSO EACH year to
       be covered by AYSO insurance.
       The National Player Registration fee
       must be paid for each player prior to
       the start of the season; once per
       Membership Year.

2010                  Registrar                9
        What does AYSO provide so
       that a Registrar knows what to
            do and when to do it?

2010               Registrar            10
           Your Job Description!

       Where can you find it?

2010              Registrar        11

            Reference Book


2010              Registrar            12
       Did you receive your

                    What kind of
                   information is in
                    the Registrar’s

2010          Registrar                13
          The Registrar’s Manual
       contains everything you need
          to know to do your job.

        *Need a manual, Contact the Supply
            Center at 1-888-297-6786
2010                 Registrar               14
   • What is the Certification component for
       • B.A.S.I.C.
            Board and Staff Introductory Certification

       • How many of you have taken B.A.S.I.C.?
                                      *Use the “Raise Hand” feature*

         Did you know you can take B.A.S.I.C. online
2010                           Registrar                               15
   • What is the Training component for
        • Registrar Workshop or Webinar
   • Other training?
        • Registration Day – A Survival Guide
        • eAYSO for Registrars

2010                   Registrar                16
                   What is the
                   best friend?

2010   Registrar                  17
       AYSO’s Online Registration &
         Administration System!

        How many of you have used the eAYSO
              Registration functions?
2010                 Registrar                18
             Advantages of eAYSO
       • Parents input player and volunteer
         information themselves
       • Automatically calculates National
         Player fee invoices
       • Features team balancing/formation
       • Team/Coach look-up for parents
2010                   Registrar              19
       Check out the tools and reports
       which make your job easier by
                  going to

                                          Be sure to use
                                         the online HELP

2010                      Registrar                    20
              eAYSO Online HELP
                    Look for answers
                      in the eAYSO
                       Online HELP
                                  Go to
                                   for eAYSO
2010                       Registrar                       21
           New and experienced
       Registrars – let’s see how much
            you already know…..

2010                Registrar            22
          What is the current
       membership year for AYSO?

2010              Registrar        23
   •      ,
              Membership Year
       • A registered player is an official
         member of AYSO for a full year
         from August 1st through July 31st
       • The membership year is
         designated as MYXXXX, where
         XXXX is the year when the
         membership period starts –
         MY2009 (previously FS2009)
2010                   Registrar              24
       If a Region has multiple
       playing seasons (Fall, Spring) and a
              No, only once a membership year!
       registration for each one, does a player
              Regions may “sign up” players and
       need to complete a new registrationa
            collect fees for each season but once
               player is registered in season?
       form with AYSO for eacheAYSO in a
         Membership Year, they are registered with
          AYSO Region pay the National
       Does the for the whole Membership Year.
         The Fee for each season?
       PlayerNational Player Fee is only paid once.

2010                       Registrar                  25
                       What are the 2 phases
                        of the Registration

1. Completion of an application (volunteer
   or player) and Submission of fees
2. Acceptance of the application by the:
       •   Registrar(player) & placement on a team
       •   CVPA(volunteer) & assignment of a
           volunteer position
2010                     Registrar                   26
            •Completing a player or
            volunteer application
            either online or in person
            is the first phase.
            •Registrars must
            “accept” players and the
            CVPA must “accept”
            volunteers in eAYSO
            using the Registration
2010   Registrar                     27
       Under NO circumstances should
                     Did you know…
       non-registered players or volunteers
       be allowed to participate in the
          All players and volunteers must be
       program (either practice or play)
        properly registered in eAYSO in order
            for SAI claims not covered by
       because they are to be processed. the
       SAI plan. Doing so would create an
          AYSO and the Region may become
       unacceptable exposure to liability
         liable for any claims made by a non-
             registered player or volunteer.
         (SAI = Soccer Accident Insurance)
2010                  Registrar                 28
          What are the standard
       playing divisions identified in
       the AYSO National Rules &

2010                Registrar            29
       Playing Divisions
                     • U5    • U12
                     • U6    • U14
                     • U8    • U16
                     • U10   • U19

2010          Registrar              30
       How are ages determined
              in AYSO?

2010             Registrar       31
           Age Determination
       A player’s age as of July 31st each
       year (the day before the membership
       year BEGINS) is used to determine
       placement in the proper age division
       for that year.
             Age on July 31st            Birthday on or After
                                         August 1st
             9 years old – U10           10 years old – U10
             10 year old – U12

2010                             Registrar                      32
       What is the minimum age to
               play AYSO?

2010              Registrar         33
               Minimum Age
       • Effective August 1, 2008, Regions
         that secure the approval of the Area
         & Section Director may register 4
         year olds as long as they are 4 at
         the time they first participate in
         any activity.
       • For all other ages, the Julyyou
                    How many of 31 age
         determination date will determine
                    participate in this
         their placement in age divisions.
2010                   Registrar                34
                  Proof of Age
       • Considered Best-Practice to require a
         parent to present a birth certificate (or
         other government issued document
         with date of birth) upon initial
         registration with the Region
       • Proper age is necessary
         for Balanced Teams
          Is ID required for
          volunteers? Yes!
2010                     Registrar                   35
       What is contained in a
         Registration Kit?

2010           Registrar        36
               The Kit contains:
       •   Pre-printed registration forms
       •   Blank player registration forms
       •   Blank volunteer application forms
       •   Recruitment brochures
       •   Sign up posters
       •   A Parent’s Guide to AYSO booklet
       •   Soccer Accident Insurance brochures
2010                     Registrar               37
       Once each year, the NSTC will provide
       each Region with a complete set of pre-
       printed forms with the previous year’s
       player and volunteer data (if in eAYSO).

           Only the Regional Commissioner or
       the Registrar of record in eAYSO can
       order Registration Kits/Forms

2010                    Registrar                 38
       How much does the
       Registration Kit cost?

2010            Registrar       39
       It’s Free!!!!!!!

2010        Registrar     40
               Registration Fees
                Did you know…
       • The National Player Registration fee is
         approved by vote of the Executive
               How much is the
         Membership at NAGM
            National Player Fee?
       • National fees pay for the cost of the
         nationwide program including: insurance,
         training, & membership in USSF
       • Regions must submit this fee to NSTC for
         each registered player prior to the start of
         the season
2010                       Registrar                    41
                Registration Fees
                 Things to do..
       • Work with Regional Board to develop
         Region Budget & Calendar to determine
         Player Registration Fees & Registration
       • Consider “Early Bird” & other “discounts”
         on Registration Fees rather than a “Late”
         Registration penalty
       • Confer with Regional Board regarding
         what scholarship policy, if any, is in place.
2010                       Registrar                     42
              Refund Policy
               “Words to the Wise”
   • Ensure that Regional Board has defined and
     approved Late Registration and Refund
   • Prominently display policies at Registration
   • Be sure polices are communicated in all
     Registration packets, mailings, & web sites
   • Refer to Standard Regional Guidelines and
     National Policy Statements for best practices

2010                   Registrar                 43
       Some helpful hints….

2010          Registrar       44
   • Determine Registration Dates and
     secure facilities at least 6 months in
   • Choose a large enough space and
     make sure there is ample parking
   • Order Registration Kits at least 6
     weeks in advance
2010                 Registrar                45
  • Use Pre-printed forms to minimize errors
  • Coordinate Board Members to work on
    Registration Days & to recruit volunteers
  • Promote Online Registration!
  • Update the Application Membership Year
    setting & Registration messages in

2010                Registrar               46
       eAYSO Setup Membership Year

2010             Registrar           47
        Registration Promotions

   • Advertise registration days, online
     registration, “early bird” discounts, etc.
   • Use eAYSO email blasts to announce
   • Promote online registration to save a
     lot of time!
   • Update Web sites
2010                  Registrar                   48
        Registration Promotions
   • Design a Give-Away !
     – Refrigerator Magnet, Button,
     Business Card, etc. –
     with Region Name and Number, &
     Contact Information so that families
     can find help after they walk away or
     when coaches haven’t called.

2010                 Registrar               49
       Registration Contact Info

2010             Registrar         50
           After - Registration
   • All Player Forms must be updated in eAYSO
     to be registered; volunteers by the CVPA.
   • Original Copy of Player Registration Form
     given to Coach (emergency medical release)
   • Copy #2 sent to NSTC unless registered
     using eAYSO
   • Copy #3 kept by Registrar until otherwise
     notified by NSTC….Why?

2010                  Registrar                   51
              After - Registration
        Why must player registration forms
                 be archived?
       A minor child has until up to 1-3 years
       after reaching majority age to file a claim
       for injuries incurred as a minor
       depending on the State.
       Forms must be kept until the player turns
       24 years old!
2010                    Registrar                52
                  New in 2010

   • Electronic Signatures
       • New feature in eAYSO
       • $1 per registered Player & Volunteer
       • Eliminates hard copy storage of forms
   • Player I.D. Cards

2010                    Registrar                53

    Use the
      in the

2010                Registrar   54
       Additional Training

              See Registrar Resources on:
              •     Registration Day – A Survival Guide
              •     30 Great Volunteer Recruiting Ideas
              •     30 Fantastic Volunteer Retention Ideas
              •     Developing a Regional Calendar
              •     Budgeting for the Regional Board

2010              Registrar                                  55
       •   Get trained and certified
       •   Plan ahead
       •   Ask for help
       •   Involve the entire Regional Board
       •   Be prepared
       •   Follow up with After-Registration

2010                       Registrar           56
         Rosanne MacPhail                Karen Mihara
          National Management          National Management
          Program Administrator        Program Coordinator
             1-800-595-2976              1-800-872-2976

2010                       Registrar                         57

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