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					        ANC 6A Transportation & Public Space Committee Meeting Minutes
                    Capitol Hill Towers (900 G Street NE)
                                 July 21, 2008

 I. Meeting called to order at 7:07 pm

II. Announcements

      A. H Street Reconstruction Contract Approval

             i. Mr. Mahmud updated the committee on progress with the H Street
                construction contract. On July 10, the DC City Council approved the
                $30,328,964.50 contract. Mr. Mahmud was informed construction would
                start soon.

      B. Kingman Park/Rosedale Community Garden reception – July 27 from 4-8 pm @
         400 block of 20th and 21st Sts. NE

III. New Business

      A. Community Partnership on Streetcars with Sierra Club

             i. Mr. Mahmud introduced Sierra Club member, Brad Green, who addressed
                the committee on his group’s effort to promote establishment of streetcar
                service on H Street.

             ii. Mr. Green is interested in discussing ways the Sierra Club and ANC 6A
                 can work together to bring streetcar service to H Street.

            iii. Mr. Brown informed the committee he is a member of the Sierra Club’s
                 DC chapter.

            iv. Mr. Green hopes to hold a kickoff meeting of various groups interested in
                bringing streetcar service to H Street in September. The group then
                discussed various date possibilities and considered which neighborhood
                groups may be invited including, but not limited to, H Street Main Street,
                merchants associated with the “Atlas BID,” Atlas Theater and H Street
                Playhouse, merchants with businesses on the West end of H Street and Jim

             v. Mr. Green hopes to get all concerned parties focused on pushing city
                officials to move the streetcar project forward and resolve unanswered
                questions about project implementation (e.g. streetcar route, location of
                storage and maintenance facility, etc.).

            vi. Mr. Green informed the committee he plans to meet with DDOT officials
                the upcoming Wednesday morning. The committee suggested he ask
                DDOT about its plans to address the L’Enfant City overhead wire
                 restriction, streetcar route and stops, facility location, specifics regarding
                 the H Street construction contract (i.e. whether construction of the
                 streetcar tracks is included in the current contract).

      B. August Meeting Cancellation

             i. Mr. Mahmud made a motion that the committee cancel its August
                meeting. Mr. Brown seconded the motion, which passed without

IV. Old Business

      A. 1400 Maryland Ave. NE Shell Station Follow-Up: Request for Volunteers

             i. Mr. Mahmud informed the committee Commissioner Schultheiss is
                looking for volunteers to help with the campaign’s website, review and
                analysis of applicable city codes and other activities.

V. Community Comment

      A. A question was asked about conversion of 19th and 17th Streets to two way traffic,
         as was recommended in the Capitol Hill Transportation Study. It was decided the
         committee should reach out to ANC 6C and DDOT representatives on this issue.

VI. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.


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