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					Annual Report 2009 - 2010
DOWN SYNDROME NSW                                     Contents
                                                      Philosophy, Vision and Mission
Down Syndrome Associa on of NSW Inc
trading as                                            Board and Staff
Down Syndrome NSW
                                                      President’s Report
ABN: 39 023 586 389
Registered Charity No CFN 11321                       CEO’s Report

                                                      Support and informa on
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Harris Park 2150                                      Events

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Harris Park NSW 2150
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Editor: Jill O’Connor
                                                18 year old Rei Kuchar likes to swim
                                                compe vely. He is an enthusias c
Printer: White Lion Graphics                    member of the UP! Club

2                                                              Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010
Philosophy, vision,mission
                                         Down Syndrome NSW is an independent, registered charity established and run
                                         by parents, siblings and grandparents. The work of Down Syndrome NSW depends
                                         on the generosity of its members and the general public in making dona ons and
                                         suppor ng its fundraising efforts. Annual funding from the State Government
                                         through the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care assists in partly
                                         mee ng administra ve costs, but it does not cover the costs of our support and
                                         informa on services.

                                         The Aim of Down Syndrome NSW is to encourage people with Down syndrome to
                                         fulfil their poten al for successful and happy lives, in a society which knows their
                                         abili es and is suppor ve of their needs.

                                         The Work of Down Syndrome NSW is to represent the interests and respond to
                                         the needs of people with Down syndrome in the major aspects of their lives,
                                         as members of the family, in their individual pursuits, and as members of the

                                         Our Vision
                                         The Vision of Down Syndrome NSW is for all people with Down syndrome to reach
                                         their full poten al as individuals and ci zens within the wider community in NSW
                                         and Australia.

                                         Our Mission
                                         The Mission of Down Syndrome NSW is to support and promote the interests of
                                         all people with Down syndrome, their families and carers in NSW. We will work
                                         to improve the quality of life of people with Down syndrome by empowering and
                                         enabling our members and supporters through:

                                         •    Contact support for families and carers of individuals of all ages with Down

                                         •    Genera ng and dissemina ng informa on to our membership, professionals
                                              and the community at large.

                                         •    Crea ng and promo ng innova ve programmes which further the
                                              development of individuals with Down syndrome

                                         •    Raising posi ve public awareness about Down syndrome.

                                         •    Promo ng equal rights for people with Down syndrome both individually and
                                              collec vely

                                         •    Contribu ng to the shaping of Government policy and service provision

                                         •    Represen ng the interest of our cons tuency in local, state and na onal

                                         •    Encouraging and assis ng research ini a ves into issues rela ng to Down

                                         •    Raising funds for the above purposes.

Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010                                                                                    3
Down Syndrome NSW Board                                          Staff
2009 - 2010                                                      Chief Executive Officer                  Stephen Clarke

President                                                        Director of Informa on and Services       Jill O’Connor
Ken Hancock                                                                                       (until January 2010)
                                                                 Parent Support Manager                  Judy Davidson
Margot Elliffe
                                                                 Parent Support Coordinator                  Lynn Bailey
Treasurer                                                        Parent Support Worker                    Miriam Parker
Karen Houghton                                                   Health Professionals Educator          Mary Thompson
Board Members
                                                                 Information Services
Maha Daizli
                                                                 Librarian                                     Kathi Beck
Hannah Edwards
                                                                 Publicatons Editor                          Jill O’Connor
Joe Lawler
                                                                 Desktop Publisher                         Lena Henson
Jackie Li le
                                                                                                   (un l December 2010)
Christopher Pollock
                                                                 All the Way Project
                                                                 Project Coordinator                         Helen Haigh
                                                                 Carer Educa on Coordinator               Siena O’Brien
                                                                 Clerical Assistant                    Michelle Bamber

Staff                                                            UP! Club
Our success owes much to our dedicated and tenacious             Project Coordinator                       Brooke Jones
staff and their capacity to own and deliver valuable services,    Assistant                                  Tara Grech
educa on and support to us all.
                                                                 Up, Up and Away Project
We are constantly impressed by the commitment and
                                                                 Coordinator                                 Maria Short
innova on of our people and the focus they bring to our work
                                                                 Team Voice                               James Vantol
so that we can provide the best possible support to people
                                                                                                  (un l December 2009)
with Down syndrome, their parents and carers. Most of our
                                                                 Team Coaches                                 Lisa Sloan
staff work part- me and we are fortunate to have been able to
                                                                                                          Sonal Prewar
assemble a stable team of devoted professionals all of whom
                                                                                                          Elise Nandan
are focused on the work that will make a real difference to
                                                                                                          Osmond Jone
people with Down syndrome, their families, and the community.
What has been achieved during the last year is a tribute to      Finance & Administration
the commitment and hard work of the staff who drive the           Manager                                 Angela Adams
organisa on forward. Many of them have children of varying       Clerical Assistant                     Nidhi Shekaran
ages with Down syndrome so understand the issues and
problems that face our members, parents, carers and other        Marketing and Fundraising
stakeholders. Our people are invariably helpful, suppor ve and   Events Coordinator                        Priscilla Leong
generous with their me and their energy.                         Submission Writer                       Kate McNamara

4                                                                            Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010
President’s report
Thirty years on
In 2010 we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding     Our resources have grown immensely and we have an
of Down Syndrome NSW. In 1980 a group of dedicated and        extremely comprehensive library and an enthusias c
far sighted parents banded together to form the original      librarian. This facility provides a range of printed material,
associa on. They correctly saw that there was a pressing      DVD’s, manuals and computerized informa on. We are
need for support for new families and par cularly for         constantly upda ng it from overseas and Australia and a
informa on that help new families deal with the many          new parent’s pack has been available for some me which is
issues of having a child with Down syndrome. Just some of     provided to all new families.
the parents who started the organiza on were Di Cook, Julie
                                                              We have a marvellous web site which is updated daily and is
Cromer, Carolyn Smith, Angus Gordon and Paul Chapman.
                                                              a valuable resource for members. In addi on we have our
The office was a single room in Parrama a with a part me
                                                              newsle er and the quarterly journal Voice, produced as a
secretary assistant.
                                                              result of a partnership arrangement between us and Down
There was very li le non-medical material available for       Syndrome Victoria.
families and the associa on set about developing the
                                                              The Centre promotes a range of training workshops for
appropriate material and organizing members to be
                                                              professionals of all types. Unfortunately we con nue to
available to visit new parents to provide encouragement and
                                                              get the occasional report of inappropriate treatment by
real life experiences. The early interven on program was in
                                                              professionals in regard to pre- and post-natal care. The
its early stages and emanated from Macquarie University
                                                              life me health needs of our members is a ma er that
through the visionary work of Moira Pieterse.
                                                              is requiring more resources from the associa on. Our
Our son Tom was born in May 1981 which happened to be         membership with Down syndrome are living considerably
the Interna onal Year of the Disabled. He will be 30 next     longer than previous genera ons and as a result are
May and we are of course very proud of his achievements       requiring more care because of the long term effects of the
and the interes ng individual he has become. In one sense     syndrome.
he is an example of the development and changes in the
                                                              We have an increasing number of adult members with Down
associa on.
                                                              syndrome. Having had the benefits of early interven on

The present                                                   they are o en quite clear as to what they want out of life.
                                                              We have developed a number of programs that you will
Our core business remains support for new families. There     read about in this report assis ng some of our members
has been no abatement in the rate of new births despite       to achieve their life goals and it is an increasing focus of
medical advances and it would appear that this is likely      the associa on to develop facili es for young people. Our
to con nue. However, we are developing resources to           Up Club is a prime example of our work being done in this
assist families seeking informa on with regard to current     regard.
medical tests and we make available a range of unbiased       A small group of members and parents a ended the
informa on.                                                   Interna onal Conference in Dublin Ireland. The range of

Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010                                                                                5
speakers and informa on provided was considerable and          a na onal associa on. A number of mee ngs have taken
the hospitality was marvellous. The next Interna onal          place, more par cularly by telephone hookups and a
Conference in 2012 will be in Cape Town, South Africa and I    na onal voice is developing. Prior to the recent Federal
encourage those of you who are able to a end.                  elec on we were assured by Bill Shorten MP that the State
                                                               associa ons would be provided with funds to a end a
The associa on surveyed members on a range of topics
                                                               mee ng with him in Melbourne. It is hoped that by the me
and the informa on provided was helpful par cularly in
                                                               you read this report such a mee ng has occurred and the
regard to the formula on of a strategic plan. We obtained
                                                               na onal associa on has been progressed further.
professional support for developing this strategic plan and
a range of interviews were carried out and a plan adopted      We have been fortunate to obtain the benefit of a contract
by the Board. This plan provides a guide line for future       with NSW Department of Human Services (Ageing, Disability
ac vi es. In par cular it was emphasized that we endeavour     and Home Care) for the development of a manual and other
to engage with regional parts of NSW and steps are being       material to be used by service providers to provide training
taken to establish groups in regional areas.                   for people with an intellectual disability, with a view to
                                                               their becoming more independent and being in a posi on
The future                                                     to move into independent accommoda on. A considerable
                                                               amount of work is being applied to this contract which
Our organiza on has grown considerably over the years,         will run for 2 years and we an cipate that it will have
both in numbers and in employed staff. We now occupy            considerable benefits for both the Associa on and its
marvellous new premises at Harris Park. The facili es there    members.
are used for a variety of mee ngs.
                                                               It remains for me to thank our CEO Steve Clarke and his
We have been fortunate to form rela onships with several       dedicated and enthusias c staff for their excellent work
organiza ons in recent years and this has resulted in our      during the year and for all the results that have been
being the beneficiaries of a number of significant events.       achieved along the way. We have a number of events
We propose to con nue such events but at the same me to        planned for the coming 12 months and I am sure our staff
increase our core membership which is the life blood of the    will respond as they have in the past by doing an excellent
associa on.                                                    job.
The changes in the commercial and financial life of Australia   I also wish to thank my fellow Board Members. They have
have meant that we have been obliged to move more to           been ac vely involved in the ac vi es of the Board and the
a modern management enterprise. There are increasing           some mes difficult ma ers that have required a decision.
financial demands upon us and we are therefore obliged to       I sincerely appreciate their friendship and support. This
priori se certain ac vi es. The recent interna onal financial   will be my last Annual Report as I will be stepping down as
difficul es have not made it any easier.                         President at the 2010 Annual General Mee ng. I will remain
One of our principal ac vi es is lobbying Governments          on the Board to assist for some me and I look forward to
in regard to the needs of our members and to that end          seeing the Associa on con nue to progress.
we have been working steadily with the development of                                                         Ken Hancock,

6                                                                             Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010
CEO’s report
Our President has provided a comprehensive retrospec ve           recommenda ons for the final report to Government. We
and ‘prospec ve’ in his report. You will also find detailed        made submissions to federal inquiries on adult support
reports inside on the very large number of ac vi es,              needs and on immigra on. And we worked closely with
services, programs and events we have conducted over the          our interstate colleagues to advocate for and achieve a
past year, so I shall keep mine brief.                            breakthrough na onal policy providing real support and
As we con nue to grow our organisa on, our financial               funding for early interven on and therapies for children
posi on is sound, despite a large end of financial year            with Down syndrome and other condi ons, which will be
deficit. This was mainly due to the economic slowdown              implemented in the new term of Government.
affec ng income in the first quarter, and to two large           • Buddy Walk – Australia 2010 Our first na onal event
dona ons of $175,000 pledged during 2009 – 10, but which          celebra ng the lives of people with Down syndrome, with
will not appear as income un l 2010 -11. The con nued             Buddy Walks held in all mainland state capitals. We look
development of the organisa on is due largely to the very         forward to Tasmania ‘Walking’ alongside the mainland in
loyal and generous support of so many members, donors             the new financial year.
and fundraisers some of whom are listed inside, and to         • Launch of the documentary ‘Up, Up and Away’ at the
the growing ins tu onal and government support we are             Sydney Opera House. First the project, then the film .…
receiving.                                                        now available on DVD, it provides an informa ve and
Despite our advancing years we again achieved a number of         entertaining guide to how adults with Down syndrome
‘firsts’ in 2009 – 2010:                                           can achieve life goals with the right support. It will have
• The journal Voice journal launched jointly by Down              its first screening on free to air TV in the new financial
   Syndrome NSW and Down Syndrome Victoria. We                    year. If you have not watched it yet, you must!
   an cipate this exci ng partnership will lead to many        • Down Syndrome DVD for new parents available in major
   more interstate and na onal collabora ons between              community languages. We have now translated the very
   our state Down syndrome organisa ons. It is clear that         informa ve DVD for new parents “Down Syndrome: The
   by working together, we can achieve so much more than          First 18 months” into some of NSW’s major community
   we can individually for people with Down syndrome and          languages Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin, with the
   their families wherever they live in Australia.                expert assistance of the SBS transla ons unit. This DVD
• Down Syndrome NSW 5 Year Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015             will help more people get good quality informa on about
   developed. Thanks to all those who took part in focus          Down syndrome, more easily.
   groups, responded to surveys and those who have given       • First World Down Syndrome Day Film Fes val The
   their feedback and views frankly in whatever form. Down        audience were cap vated by the screening of the two
   Syndrome NSW exists for and by its members. Please             Australian made films (one non-fic on, one fic on) both
   never hesitate to tell us what you think, so we can all        starring people with Down syndrome, and even more by
   work towards an Associa on that serves its membership          the Q & A session with the two directors and actors. We
   in the best possible way. Some priori es iden fied in the       would love this to become more than a one-off event.
   strategic plan include: Engaging and suppor ng siblings     • Scrapheap Adventure Ride 2010 – all I can say about this
   more; reaching out to regional areas in be er and more         unique fund raising and awareness-raising event, is that
   strategic ways; increasing the access to informa on and        if you want to find out more please drop in at Cameron
   support for people with a prenatal diagnosis; working          Corner at Easter 2011.
   na onally to maximise impact and results.
                                                               While there were many firsts in the year now gone, there
• Down Syndrome Educa on and Resource Centre                   will be many more in the years ahead. I’m sure there are
   established at Harris Park (edge of Parrama a) in the       many ‘firsts’ we can’t yet dream of, just as 30 years ago our
   centre of the greater metropolitan Sydney. For the first     founding members couldn’t have dreamt of all the things we
     me, we can hold workshops, meet with families, house      have achieved today, and all we now take for granted.
   our library and offices, and have morning tea together all
                                                               I must thank Ken Hancock, who has served as President for
   under the one roof. If you have not visited us in our new
                                                               the last three years, and all the Board members for their
   loca on yet, please do soon.
                                                               uns n ng support of myself and all the staff. And of course
   Of course, we will con nue to outreach to regional and      the staff – as I reflect over the year and read the reports
   country areas as much as we can (and work to do more),      inside I am astonished at how a small team (the equivalent
   and will con nue to use emerging technologies to help       of around 9 full- me staff members) have done so much.
   shorten the distances between our members.
                                                               Down Syndrome NSW is blessed with so many wonderful
• Advocacy and policy development – Down Syndrome              staff, members, donors, fund raisers and volunteers, that
   NSW and other state Associa ons have started to             this report would be considerably thicker if we men oned
   have a voice and influence in Government policy and          everyone by name – but to all of you I say a huge “thank
   decision-making like never before. The Associa on           you”.
   has made oral and verbal submissions (along with
                                                                                                               Stephen Clarke
   a number of members’ individual submissions) to a
   NSW Parliamentary inquiry into educa on. Many of                                                     Chief Execu ve Officer
   our recommenda ons were cited and reflected in the

Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010                                                                                7
Support and information
Supporting infants
                and young children

Families of 87 families of babies born with Down syndrome
were referred in 2009 – 2010. We supported them
by making personal visits, via phone calls, providing
informa on in print, online, on video, through mee ngs and
networking with other families – what they needed, when
and how they needed it.
Providing informa on about Down syndrome, infant
and childhood development, the latest research to early
childhood professionals enhanced the support we offered to
families directly.
Funding from the Cecelia Kilkeary Founda on enabled us       Twenty two mothers of all ages joined us for a weekend
to provide support and informa on to 879 family members      away in Terrigal. We hold this event in a different region of
and professionals through our Crea ng a Posi ve Beginning    NSW each year, to allow as many members as possible to
program.                                                     get there over me. This year, a quarter of the mums were
Baby Day and the follow-up key-sign workshop provided        a ending for the first me.
  mely networking opportuni es. Mums and Dads both           As the number of babies born with Down syndrome
had opportuni es to par cipate, breaking down isola on       remains rela vely stable, with a small upward trend,
and celebra ng our beau ful babies. It was a wonderful       support for new families remains a high priority, as it
opportunity for 22 new mums and their babies to connect,     has for thirty years. We plan to con nue to provide and
ask ques ons, swap stories and gain some informa on.         develop effec ve support services for new families. We will
A number of Dads and siblings joined us for lunch at the     do that in the coming year by -
conclusion of the formal ac vi es.                           • con nuing to provide new families with informa on
And this year we added a support and informa on                   and access to the growing range of resources and
a ernoon especially for grandparents, for the first me.            support networks and services, using new and exis ng
It was a valuable me for grandparents to ask their own            technologies
ques ons and to support one another through sharing of       • ensuring health professionals have current and
stories and experiences.                                          accurate informa on about Down syndrome through a
Addi onal funding from the Cecelia Kilkeary Founda on             range of resources and ac vi es
enabled us to provide more formal parent and professional    • comple ng the development and distribu on of our
educa on events, a ended by a total 405 people -                  Prenatal Informa on Kit to hospitals, gene cists and
   2 ‘Preparing for School ‘ seminars, in Newcastle and in        obstetricians, and gene cs counsellors, to ensure that
   Sydney                                                         all parents with a prenatal diagnosis have access to the
   2 metropolitan Playing to their strengths educa onal           informa on they want and need.
   workshops for parents and professionals                   Our members willingly offer their me and experience to
   4 regional based workshops for educa onal professionals   new families, providing invaluable support to both the
   and parents                                               families and to the Parent Support Team. We thank you,
   a social and informa on morning for Arabic speaking       and all the staff of Down Syndrome NSW for the support,
   mothers.                                                  wisdom and knowledge they share with us.

8                                                                            Dow S d           A    lR
                                                                             Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010
Supporting families at all stages
                           and across the State
The need for support and informa on services across NSW and to families
at all stages from newborn to adulthood is con nually developing and
expanding. Families want more finely tuned informa on on specific topics,    Library highlights
and to keep up with the latest research on Down syndrome. At the same      The move to Harris Park allowed for a
  me, the formats at our disposal for providing informa on and support     more easily accessible and useful library.
con nue to develop, and offer greater opportuni es for being more in        Volunteers from Bunnings Hardware did
touch and be er informed, and right up to date.                            a tremendous job packing, moving and
During the last year we have seen a drama c growth in the availability     reassembling the library.
of online events, designed for families and for professionals. Families    A ending the 10th World Down Syndrome
can access many events live, and most of them are made available           Congress in Dublin. It was a great
for later viewing, along with notes from the live presenta ons. Highly     experience to listen to all the experts
regarded interna onal organiza ons such as Down Syndrome Educa on          on Down syndrome and to meet up and
Interna onal, and the Down Syndrome Program at Children’s Hospital         discuss things with so many in the Down
Boston have been leaders in bringing informa on to families in ‘webinar’   syndrome community throughout the
formats, about the latest research into Down syndrome, advice on prac ce   world. Many good resources were obtained
and health in children with Down syndrome.                                         the
                                                                               for th library.
Our own online services have seen significant
                                                                               Moira Pieterse’s dona on of materials
growth. Sta s cs from our blog (Keeping Up
                                                                               to th library. The director of the
with Down Syndrome NSW), website and email
                                                                               Macquarie University Down Syndrome
lists indicate that online access to informa on is
                                                                                program in the 1970s and beyond
well used by members and the community.
                                                                                who co-wrote Small Steps: an early
More tradi onal ac vi es and events retain                                       interven on program for children
their place, as evidenced by use of our library,                                 with developmental delays, donated
a endances at events, and the popularity of our                                   her research papers, Small steps
print publica ons. Telephone enquiries con nue    e                                edi ons in various languages,
to be the first choice for specific informa on for                                   photographs and other papers
individual family members, with email enquiries a                                  which give a good view into the
close second.                                                              progression of early learning programs and
From the beginning of 2010 our quarterly journal has been published in     research into educa on for people with
collabora on with Down Syndrome Victoria, under                            Down sysyndrome.
the masthead of Voice, as a means of forging na onal
                                                                                   Thank you to Edme Steirn who
links, avoiding duplica on and containing costs while
                                                                                   volunteers each week covering
maintaining high quality. An editorial commi ee
                                                                                   books, shelving, colla ng, and
with equal representa on from each State guides
                                                                                  providing other valuable assistance
the publica on, with produc on and distribu on
                                                                                  to the library and parent support.
management provided by Down Syndrome NSW.
A major publica on this year has been the comple on                              Po
                                                                                 Pos ng a weekly Library Thursday
of transla on of the transcripts and produc on of a                              en
                                                                                 entry on the Keeping up with Down
mul lingual edi on of the DVD, Down Syndrome: the                                Sy
                                                                                 Syndrome NSW blog.
First Eighteen months, into Vietnamese, Arabic and
Chinese. The project was undertaken in collabora on                              Po
                                                                                 Popular topics for loan items were
with the US producer, Blueberry Shoes, and with                                  • early childhood development
funding support from the NSW Government. It is                                   • puberty
available with an accompanying print transla on of
the Down Syndrome Educa on Interna onal publica on, Living with Down
                                                                                 • anything on DVD - Dance Like
                                                                                    Nobody’s Watching was very
Events from informal coffee mornings held all around the State to
structured informa on workshops for parents and professionals provide
                                                                                 • an increasing collec on on older
                                                                                    people with Down syndrome
opportuni es to meet others interested in people with Down syndrome,
invaluable support and the most up-to-date informa on available.

Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010                                                                             9
Families Weekend
                                      Information and support events
It was great to see
the siblings enjoy                    •   approximately 5,000 enquiries were received by
hanging out with                          phone, email and personal visits
each other and just                   •   over 500 teachers, early childhood professionals
                                          and disability support workers a ended seminars
having fun.                               with us, throughout NSW
                                      •   279 parents and family carers a ended informa on
                                          events in Sydney, Tamworth, Orange, Newcastle
                                          and Kiama
                                      •   topics covered estate planning, making and being
                                          friends, posi ve behaviour support, adolescence,
                                          housing, long term accommoda on planning,
                                          Proloquo2Go, health, preparing for school and for
                                          high school, communica on and behaviour, siblings,
                                          growing older with Down syndrome
                                      •   speakers included Prof Keith McVilly (Deakin
                                          University), Julie McCrossin, Susan Jones (Step
                                          Ahead Consul ng), and Down Syndrome NSW
                                          informa on and support staff
                                      •   22 mothers a ended Mothers Weekend
                                      •   30 families a ended Families’ Weekend at Stanwell
                                          Tops (124 family members and 25 volunteers)
We enjoyed                            •   95 family members from Vietnamese and Arabic
spending me in a                          speaking families a ended 4 events with Down
                                          Syndrome NSW staff and interpreters
relaxed environment
with other families                   •   approximately 25,000 individual users visited our
                                          blog, and 480 entries were posted
of people with
                                      •   approximately 75,000 individual users visited our
Down syndrome                             website
                                      •   907 loans were made from our library
                                      •   we published four issues of a quarterly members’
                                          journal (two Newsle ers, two issues of Voice), two
                                          issues of Down Syndrome NSW News (as a journal
10th World Down Syndrome Congress -       supplement), 11 issues of Down Syndrome NSW
Dublin                                    Update in print and online edi ons

                                      Hours of work
                                      Over the year, a total of 32 full- me, part- me and
                                      casual staff were employed by Down Syndrome
                                                  NSW, including some people that were
                                                  employed for very short s nts (eg for
                                                 Families Weekend). In total they all put in an
                                                impressive 16,772 hours

     .... the program was very
     empowering and full of
     informa on, delivered in
     a way accessible to those
     a ending .....

10                                                  Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010
Supporting adults with
         Down syndrome
UP! Club
                                                                           UP! Club provides opportuni es for adults
What a year the UP! Club has had!                                        with Down syndrome to make friends, sustain
Ac vi es have included old favourites like the 3 Weeds pub              friendships, and enjoy social ac vi es through
in Rozelle, movies days, boys and girls days out, a week-
                                                                      par cipa on in regular community events, with
end camp, and new ones like the Moscow circus, aqua golf,
footy matches, concerts, fitness and exercise and nutri on                  the support of other young adult volunteers.
workshops.                                                                        Members devise their own programs.
Tara Grech came on board this year to help support
and assist at ac vi es once a month, with energy,
commitment and enthusiasm.
Membership of UP! Club has reached its highest levels
ever! A number of 16 year olds have signed up which
has been fantas c. These new UP! Club members as
well as the exis ng members have been given a chance
to meet new people and make new friendships. Best
buddies Tom Maxwell, Tara Elliffe, and Saxon Graham,
have done a wonderful job of making new members
feel welcome.
Our volunteers have truly made a difference to the
lives of the UP! Club members and without them, we
simply would not func on. Thank you for being a part
of the UP! Club. We have had a record number of en-         Camp, Berry - 2009
quiries from volunteers this year with one of the strong-
est, most commi ed team of volunteers ever.                     We have begun the process of ge ng a group started in
We recognise the important role that siblings play in the       Wollongong. We are almost there! We have had a group
lives of the UP! Clubbers and have thoroughly enjoyed the       forum discussion with interested members and are a stone’s
siblings being involved in our ac vi es. We will con nue to     throw from it all coming together.
expand sibling opportuni es, and thank the siblings for their   The UP! Club has secured a number of very generous dona-
support.                                                          ons and support. I would like to thank Anne Sherry and
UP Club Would like to thank the NSW/ACT AFL, Graham             Michael Hogan once again, and Kris n Beasley to name a
Glassford and Maria Cosmidis from the AFL provided an           few. Their dona ons will be used to improve and expand the
opportunity for two UP! Clubbers to support and assist AFL      UP! Club.
umpires at training and some matches. This has provided         We have many achievements to celebrate and look forward
the people involved with many skills, confidence and valu-       to the exci ng future of the UP! Club as it con nues to grow
able experience they will take with them for life.              and provide you with great opportuni es and experiences.

Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010                                                                              11
Up, Up and Away                                                                              Up, Up and Away ac vi es
                                                                                              support adults with Down
Up, Up and Away ac vi es engage young adults who
                                                                                               syndrome to iden fy and
have Down syndrome in working towards life goals and                                           meet their own life goals
enjoying their rights as adults ci zens, supported by trained
facilitators (team coaches). The aims of the program are to
develop inten onal support networks (circle of supports) for
adults with Down syndrome and their families
• set goals
• build life skills
• provide opportuni es for peer support and
     developmental work as a group through a workshop
• support parents and carers as their son or daughter
     transi ons into adulthood
In the past year 5 par cipants and 3 team coaches have
worked within the program. Personal goals achieved by
par cipants include
     joining a kni ng group                                     Sydney Opera House, October 2009 - DVD launch

     making a short film
     building friendships                                           ADHC, two disability service providers and Down
     healthy ea ng                                                  Syndrome NSW, as a two-year pilot project (2010-2012)
                                                                    to promote person-centred planning strategies based
     ge ng fit                                                       on the Up, Up and Away model.
The DVD and manual developed during the ini al three            •   Maria Short and Gerard O’Dwyer feature in Na onal
years of the Up, Up and Away Project (funded by the                 Disability Services’ care career media campaign,
Founda on for Young Australians) was launched with a                launched in February 2010, aimed at promo ng careers
celebra on at the Sydney Opera House in October 2009, and           within the caring sector.
can now be purchased as a package by other organisa ons
and individuals. Nego a ons are under way for a television      •   regular presenta ons by people with Down syndrome
broadcast of the documentary during Interna onal Day of             who have undertaken Young Educators training, at
People With Disability events program in December.                  the University of Western Sydney, Australian Catholic
                                                                    university, University of Sydney, and TAFE have engaged
We are seeing some very worthwhile flow-on effects from               large numbers of students in a variety of disciplines.
the demonstra on phase of the Up, Up and Away Project –
                                                                •   development of an new Up, Up Toastmasters group,
• The NSW Human Services Department (Ageing,                        where adults with Down syndrome will come together,
     Disability and Home Care) is funding the Independent           learn how to speak confidently, and be part of a group
     Living Support Ini a ve as a partnership between               that has similar interests and develop friendships.

12                                                                             Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010
Comedy is King
Comedy is King was a Gala Night of entertainment, a tribute to comedian Brian
Doyle, and raised valuable funds for the work of Down Syndrome NSW. Our
thanks to all involved, par cularly to
Brian Doyle
Craig Wing, Alan Jones AO. Richard Wilkins (Master of Ceremonies)
Special guests: Gerard O’Dwyer, John Raper, Roy Billing and Bessie Bardot
The Kings of Comedy: Chris Kirby, Keith Sco , Sean Kramer and Vince Sorren
Entertainers: Leo Sayer, Glenn Shorrock, Phil Davidson and First Flight Crew
Auc oneer: Michael Hawkins
Guest speakers: Anthony Bell and Kevin Corcoran, Fiona Cohen and Joe Lawler
Interna onal Events: Max Markson, Melanie Hendra, staff and volunteers,
and to our guests and our very generous donors.

                                                                                                            Film festival

                                          Down Syndrome NSW held its first Film Fes val at the splendid Cremorne
                                          Orpheum in celebra on of World Down Syndrome Day 2010. The audience
                                          were cap vated by two compelling and award-winning films, the documentary
                                           “Dance like nobody’s watching” and the fic onal short film “Be My Brother” .
                                           What made the night memorable though was the presence of both the films’
                                           directors, Elizabeth Collins and Genevieve Clay, and stars Paul Matley and
                                            Gerard O’Dwyer (who both have Down syndrome).
                                              Following the screening these four talented ar sts took part in a fascina ng ‘q
                                              & a’ panel discussion with the audience which would have lasted all night had
                                               the cinema staff not needed to go home. Elizabeth and Genevieve discussed
                                               what inspired them – Elizabeth witnessing a roman c interlude between two
                                                people with Down syndrome, and Genevieve’s passion for social jus ce and
                                                rights for people with disabili es, what frustrated them, lack of funding and
                                                 air me for any film about disability. Paul and Gerard were asked about the
                                                 next step in their careers, both “winning an Oscar”. In a discussion that was
                                                 wide ranging, Paul was asked about what it was like living in his own flat for
                                                  10 years. He answered without pause “I’ve had the me of my life!”

Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010                                                                                 13
                                          T 4 321
                                          An informal, enjoyable event that can take place anywhere, T4321 is firmly
                                          established as a World Down Syndrome Day celebra on, and fund raiser when
                                          organisers of individual event choose it to be. Like Buddy Walk, T4321 is a local
                                          community event, and can be held in the city, in the bush, in the town, at home,
                                          at work or in the park - wherever you like. It’s a way to reach out to the local
                                          community, thank them for their support and tell about people with Down
                                          syndrome everywhere.
                                          This year, for example, Marion Pike organised a BBQ for families at Narrabri
                                          Lakes - “a very no-stress event” enjoyed by people with Down syndrome, their
                                          families and friends. Sarah Clarke again hosted a morning tea at St Patrick’s
                                          College Sutherland, catered by Yr 11 hospitality students.

Buddy Walk 2009                                                                        Thank you to everyone who
Buddy Walk events were held in Newcastle, Wagga Wagga,                           organised this wonderful day – it
Wollongong and Sydney during October - fun days raising com-            was a great success! I look forward to next
munity awareness, and valuable funds. In Sydney the Japanese
                                                                                       year – and so do my family!
dance group LoveJunx added a new dimension to the entertain-
ment and fun of the day. The theme was It’s a GAS - Grandpar-                                 Buddy Walkers, 2009
ents and Siblings, celebra ng the importance of our extended
The organisa on of such events is an enormous task - we thank
everyone who contributed in so many ways. See Dona ons,
sponsors and volunteers page for details

     For each Buddy Walk, we owe great thanks to our
     army of Buddy Walk volunteers, who organise,
     marshall, entertain, supervise and help us to clean
     up - we could not do it without you!

14                                                                           Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010
Scrapheap Adventure

                                                                         The inaugural Scrapheap Adventure, held over
                                                                         Easter 2010 was a resounding success - a wonderful
                                                                         adventure in the outback, through floods and mud,
                                                                         a great welcome in Wanaaring and a terrific ride,
                                                                         that raised an extraordinary $20,000 for the work
                                                                         of Down Syndrome NSW from a generous band of
                                                                         sponsors and donors. We could not have asked for
                                                                         The event was ini ated by Down Syndrome NSW
                                                                         member and keen biker Perry Gilsenan. Par cipants
                                                                         included Cassie Kelly and her parents Rod and Fiona,
                                                                         who raised an amazing $7,000. There will be more
                                                                         Scrapheap Adventures!

Enchanted Forest Ball
Kids for Life annual gala ball raised $125,000 for the benefit
of Down Syndrome NSW in the next financial year.

      The gorgeous Danceability group bought tears
        to our eyes with their fabulous performance,
     showing us that they really deserve every bit of
    support we can give (kids with Down syndrome)

                                 Special Children’s Christmas Party
                                 There was so much to do at Special Children’s Christmas
                                 Party events held in SYdney and Wollongong, it was hard
                                 to know where to start. Sebas an Britos danced just for
                                 the fun of it at Rosehill Gardens.
                                 SCCP also donated toys that were distributed to families
                                 in regional NSW, and made a much appreciated large cash  h
                                 dona on to Down Syndrome NSW.
                                                         A huge thank you to Irene, Amanda,
                                                       Maree and all the team at SCCP for
                                                       t joy you have brought to so many  y

                                                        Dreamnight at the Zoo
                                                        We were pleased to be able to invite families to
                                                        a end the inaugural Taronga Zoo Dreamnight event.
                                                        An opportunity to visit the zoo at twilight, without
                                                        the usual crowds, it was a great hit with both kids
                                                        and parents.

Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010                                                                               15
Donors, sponsors,
   volunteers, supporters
$50,000 +
                              Mrs Sonya Darcy              Mr Ivan Dundovic              Mr Charles Curran
Sydney Special Children's
Christmas Party               Mrs Maria Short              Mr Jeff Guy                    Mr Bruce Corle
Sherry-Hogan Founda on        Mrs Carmel Lawler            Mr Paul Petrusma              Mr Angus Gordon
                              Mrs Elizabeth Collins        Mr Kevin Choong               Michael and Mary Whelan
$30.000 +                                                                                Trust
                              Mr Adam Hyland               Mr Ian Reeve
Cecilia Kilkeary Founda on                                                               Mr Benjamin Futcher
                              Mr David Livian              Mr Anthony Medich
                              Mr Mike Perro a              Mr David Jung                 Mrs Helen Macarthur
$10,000 +                     Mr James Beavis              Mr Tim Meachin                Mr KIM ROBINS
The Loyal Founda on           Mr John Corcoran             Brandy Hill Haulage Pty       Mr Peter Haggstrom
Seven Hills Toongabbie RSL    Burleigh Heads Boardriders   Limited                       Ms Chris ne Golenia
Club                          Club Inc                     Galston Rotary Club           Ms Kathleen Speirs
The Eusebius Trust            Dance Ability                Thompson (Taree) Motor        Mrs Hilda Clune
Moorebank Sports Club         Stage Right Pty Ltd          Body Builders Pty Ltd         Mrs Julie Bligh
Limited                                                    Chatham Smash Repairs
                              Sir Roden & Lady Cutler                                    Mrs Jodie Tipping
$5,000 +                      Founda on                    Hall Chadwick (NSW) Pty Ltd   Mrs Rhondda Torrecilla
Mrs Joanna Fleming            Body Inc Bath House          Mrs Jeane e Ellis             Mrs Maria Beardmore
Mrs Natascha Milsom           Mosman Sovereign Council     Funding Wine Services         Mrs Deborah Fullwood
Mr Michael Co erill                                        Mr Paterson Country           Mrs Susan Conroy
                              $700 +
Gerard Ligh ng                                             Community
                              Mrs Chris ne Bacci                                         Mr Rod Mcleod
Larry Walsh Pty Limited                                    Mrs Melissa Co erill
                              Access Valua ons Pty Ltd                                   Mr Parames Ghosh
Greg Gilbert Real Estate                                   Ms Annie Cheung
                              Mr Jon Bonnar                                              Mr John Mulholland
Italian Affair Commitee                                     Ritchies Stores
                              Unimog Sales Australia/                                    Mr Chris Georgiou
Limited                                                    Mr Phillip Prideaux
                              New Zealand                                                Mr Grameme Dougherty
                                                           Bidvest Australia
$3,000 +                      Dr Denise Ladwig                                           Mr Mike Foster
Red Hot Rela onships Pty      Inner Wheel Club Penrith                                   Mr Adrian Roberts
Ltd                           Inc                          Mrs Hannah Edwards
                                                                                         Mr Emanuel Zammi
Westpac                       Mrs Jacqulene Elbadaoui      Mrs Bronwyn Thompson
                                                                                         Mr Andrew Walis
Mrs Denise Emme               Ms Leila Sweeney             Ms Kathi Beck
                                                                                         Mr Marks Pumps
Mr J Weatherstone                                          Mrs Sacha Efstathiou
                              $500 +                                                     Mr Peter Donkin
                                                           Mr Cameron Steele
$2,000 +                      Dr. Graeme Dunlop                                          Mr Dean Blundell
                                                           Mr Chris Jackson
Azoo Insula on                Carlingford Women's                                        Mr Simon Gilsenan
                              Bowling Club                 Mr Pierre St Just Malherbe
Mrs Anne Case                                                                            Mr Lenny Prideaux
                              Rose Bay Hotel               Scope Project Management
The Pra Foundatrion                                                                      Mr Tom George
                                                           Pty Limited
                              Ms Marie Hughes                                            Mr Ross Green
$1,000 +                                                   Elero Pty Limited
                              Mrs Megan Crowe                                            Dr Patrick Moore
Mr Kenneth Hancock                                         $300 +
                              Mrs Therese Calleija                                       South Sydney District Junior
Taree Lions Club                                           Miss Loren Zarb               Rugby Football League
                              Mrs Joanne Harris
Ms Sharon Bain                                             Stuck On You Labels           HCU Rocket Tools
                              Mrs Melissa Uremovic
Mr Owen Zac's Glass Service                                Mr Chris Giles                Machines Saw Mills
                              Mrs Gail Nay
Rev Peter Baines                                           Mr Steve Clarke               Ma rix Engineering
                              Mr Patrick Gallagher
Ms Dianna Georges                                          Mrs Ann O'Dwyer               Solu ons
                              Mr Andrew Wilson
Mrs Kris n Hernandez                                       Mr. Darron Wa
                              Mr Michael Halliday

16                                                                       Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010
$200 +                         Mr Samuel Thompson         Mr Mark Jones                  Mr Ian Pirrie Highlander
Russell Tate - Corporate       Ms Donna George            Mr Ray Birchall                Electcomms
Advisory                       Ms Colleen Hacker          Mr Peter Reeves                Mr Phil Hodgens
Ms Liz Blake                   Ms Chris ne Watson         Mr Harvey Chalker              Mr Nigel Nowlan
Holroyd City Council           Ms Natala Cogger           Mr Trevor Foley                Mr Don Schmitzer
Ms Manda Johnston              Ms Jenny Ewbank            Mr Peter Jones                 Mr Burne Prideaux
Mrs Candy Connors              Ms Fran Purbrick           Mr Alan Edwards                Miss Hannah Mills
Mr Jeffery Sewell               Ms Carolyn Ellul           Mr Stephen Leeming             Miss Thithy Brumfield
Mr Tony Moran                  Ms Carmel Girolami         Mr Ibrahim Usta                Dr Geoffrey Prideaux
Cowra Shire Council Staff       Ms Anna Sophie Gibson      Mr Frank Crinto                Dr Elaine Rigby
Ms Anne e Waters               Ms Kerry-Ann Prideaux      Mr Marcello Principessa        Dr Gerry Markezinis
Ms Barbara Perry               Mrs Sandy Lonegran         Mr Mick Tedeschi               Chris Burden
Mr Charles Behrens             Mrs Pauline Lee            Mr Tony Rudd                   Mick & Maree
Mr Curt Rendall                Mrs Tara Cowper            Mr Luke Brumfield               Lowes Manha an Pty
Mr Michael Circosta                                                                      Limited
                               Mrs Jennifer Ann Bentley   Mr Brian Roberts
Mr Warwick Noon                                                                          Jeffrey and Lisa Klein
                               Mrs Kerry Fiedler          Mr Mark Moen ng
Mayor Angelo Tsirekas                                                                    Custom Truck Pain ng
                               Mrs Janice Sands           Mr Joshy Brown
Canterbury- Bankstown                                                                    Nova Construc ons
                               Mrs Norma McKellar         Mr Adrian Shepherd
District Rugby League                                                                    Commercial Comforts
                               Mrs Wendy Worrell          Mr Brian Ma hews
Referees' Associa on Inc.
                               Mrs Carolyn Townsend       Mr Alan Sco
Aluminium Speciali es
                               Mrs Robyn Quinn
$100 +                         Mrs Kerrie Phillips         …. and our thanks to every donor – every contribu on
MOOO Fundraising               Mrs Maxine Downing                         is greatly appreciated.
Mrs Maria Confor               Mrs Ann Thomas
Mr Graham Rich                 Mrs Winnie Mujunen
Mr Warren Passlow              Mrs Joan Croker
                                                          Commemorative gifts
Mr Perry Gilsenan              Mrs Nina Fairweather
GE Capital                                                Dr Denise Ladwig and Mr Jamie Slaven, Rebecca Maiden,
                               Mrs Michelle Kew
                                                          Doug Foster, Gideon Walker, Julia Morton, Gillian Lenz,
Ms Lynne Fletcher              Mrs Carol Ann Reid         Sue Moyes, Snjezana Hrncic, Rima Lauge-Kristensen, Bob
Ms Angela Adams                Mrs Rose-Marie Clarke      Stephens and Gareth Munro, in remembrance of Daniel Ryan
Mrs Susan Maxwell              Mrs Claudine Pincock       Ladwig-Slaven
Mr. Patrick Blake                                         Mrs Joanne Harris, in memory of Stevie Lambrou
                               Mrs Pearl Wilson
Mr Colin Freer                 Mrs Carolyn Quinn
Mr Maric Langocn               Mrs Carmen Morris
                                                          Celebration gifts
Miss Janice Joy Sawyer         Mr. John Frewen            Mrs Sacha Efstathiou, bonboniere gi in celebra on of the
                                                          wedding of Sacha and Simon
Office of Western Sydney         Mr. Adam Quinn
and Department of Premier      Mr. Brendan O'Connor       Mr Cameron Steele, in honour of Ursula
& Cabinet                                                 Ms Anna Sophie Gibson, in honour of my mum
                               Mr John Dowd
Paterson Catholic Parish                                  Mr. Darron Wa , in honour of Emily
Church                         Mr Murray Cro
                               Mr Francis Brunato         Ms Kerry-Ann Prideaux, in honour of Felise
Mr Andrew Wells
                               Mr Mario Falchoni          Mrs Carmen Morris, in honour of Khari
The Publican
                               Mr Danny Lee               Mr. Adam Quinn, in honour of Addi
Miss Rebecca Maiden
Ms Ellen Thomas                Mr Ken Adamthwaite
Mrs Sigrid Kaly                Mr Trevor Jewell
Mr Joshua Cuthbertson          Mr Neil Meys
Adamstown Child Care           Mr Rob Baguley
Centre                         Mr Kevin Drovandi
Mr Rod Kelly                   Mr Ken Apps
Mr. Bradley Edwards            Mr Brian Pember

Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010                                                                          17
As well as at our major events,
Buddy Walk, T4321, Scrapheap
Adventure and Comedy is King,
a number of our supporters
celebrated events in their lives
and held their own fundraising
events. We thank all those who
expended great time and
energy to raise vital funds on
behalf of Down Syndrome NSW

Bronwyn and Jeff Thompson and Team       Anthony Bell, Chairman of the Loyal Founda on said a er his professional and
MOG - Tuff Truck Challenge 2010          celebrity crew placed fourth in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race on Investec LOYAL
Robyn Blackley - Vintage by the Sea      “It was one of the most enduring and tough experiences that I have ever
Markets, Cronulla                        undertaken. Whilst we trained very hard, nothing could prepare us for what was
NSW Rugby League Referees Premier        to come. All of the crew were very pleased to have gone through the process
Squad                                    for such great causes as Down Syndrome NSW.”
Leila Sweeney- An A ernoon of Fashion
(Walcha) and Penguin Party (Coffs
Harbour)                                Anthony George and his team                Scrapheap Adventure Ride 2010
Wes ield Liverpool - Community Day      Corrine Rixon and the OCC Health Team      Team CT
Ben Goodland Cole Classic Swim          Ruth Cromer                                Team ‘Voodoo Child’
Buddy Walk Newcastle                    Aziz Abwi and The Superstar Cheeky         Ned Danvers
Karley Moran and team                   Monkey Team                                Mr Bill Wilkin
Ashton and Meaghan Hepplewhite and      Luke and Marina Saric and team             Mr David Leeming
Team                                                                               Mr David Principessa
Lily Giles and her team                 Buddy Walk Wollongong
                                                                                   Mr Ian James
Elarnie Taylor and team                 Rebecca Pollard (in honour of Ebony
Ka nka and Mary Pe et and Team Tink     Gillis)                                    Mr Julian Hopper
Alexander Brown and his team            Marlene Heffernan in support of her         Mr Joe Thompson
Sophie Lonergan and her team            friends with Down syndrome                 Mr Liam Basil
Buddy Walk Sydney                                                                  Mr Ma hew Fletcher
                                        Buddy Walk Wagga Wagga
Irene Newby and Special Children’s      Amanda, Drew and Tori Errington            Mrs Mary Givney-Clark
Christmas Party                                                                    Mr Perry Gilsenan
Cecilia Cheung and team                 T4321                                      Mr Rod Kelly
                                        Michelle Maranda
Daninelle Mahoney and team
                                        Jacqulene Elbadaoui                        DS NSW Money Boxes
Freeman Catholic College                                                           The Muffin Break Stockland Bay Village
                                        Mary Givney Clarke
Rachel Frewen and her team                                                         Il Topolino
                                        Sandra Brown
Amrita Ramjas and her team                                                         café 45
                                        Liz Blake
Jack and The Gaucis                                                                ACD Petroleum
                                        Ms Tara Elliffe at AHDC, Burwood
Team Ciara                                                                         BP Beresfield
                                        Ms Kathleen Collins at All Hallows
Georgia Lily and her team               Catholic Church                            Debra Cush Therapy Centre
Aaron Sanchez and Team Socks                                                       Darling River Medical Centre
Flynn’s Flyers                          City to Surf
                                                                                   Galliano’s Deli
                                        Brad Dewhurst
Hanna in support of Anu                                                            Michel’s Pa sserie
                                        Tamzyn Bielecka
Will’s Walker’s                         Joe Hedger                                 Wood Bros - Bourke
Ginger’s Barmy Pink Army                Daniel Fleming
Emily Laws and her team                 Allan Le
                                        Shmulik Kachlon
Felise & Kerry-Ann Kenelly
                                        Andrew Rojas
Addison & Lisa Quinn                    Jenni Sco
Allyson Confor and her team

18                                                                            Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010
UP! Club volunteers
Amy Sacco                      Sarah Patane                    Emma O’Connor                   John Paull
Brendon Upson                  Joe Lawler                      Jason Brady                     Hayley Griffin
Ryan Blunden                   Michelle Montgomery             Helen O’Driscoll                Ashleigh Roe
Edwina Brennan                 Rhiannon Brodie                 Jermine Devalia                 Sco Bridges
Fiona Eaton                    Shannon Elliffe                  Kristen Beasley                 Nerina Bridges
Tom Eaton                      Connor Elliffe                   Lyne e Roberts                  Louise Andrews
Hilary Goldman                 Elisse Zarimis                  Rebecca Arthur                  Chris ne Mckenna
Jackie Li le                   Bevalee Small                   Rebecca Sco                     Ma hew Jones
Jenny Melville                 Briony Cook                     Ashlee Theendam                 Nikki Gatland
Nick Gotsis                    Carol Lam                       Danielle Underwood              Pauline Zammit
Alison Stephen                 Chris na Biel                   Steven Marshall                 Tim Dormer
Grant Winton                   Christyanne Nilsen
                                                               Buddy Walk - Sydney volunteers
Families’ Weekend volunteers
                                                               Rotary Club of St George          Ruby Cannon
Gina Cantarakis                Marry Ward                      Central                           Greg Prowse
Rhiannon Fotheringham          Karen Pursar                    Rotary Club of Sydney Cove        Anita Catalano
Marilyn Beckenham              Beverley Stewart                Loushiana Rajakumar and St        Ivana Coco
Pramodh Johnson                Judy Ring                       Vincent’s Youth Group             Suncorp staff
Timothy Holah                  Jenine Mendazona                Tristan Liles and University      Tara Grech and Shannon
Leeanne Scruton                April Broadbere                 of Notre Dame                     Elliffe - Coordinators
Renee Blok                     Ruth Parker                     Wes ield staff                     Lachlan Elliffe and Stuart
Jeremy Hodson                  Toni Gaunson                    The Gerber family                 Cook - Marshal Leaders
Else Klavins                   David Parker
                                                               ..... all our Buddy Walk marshals and helpers for making a
Zac Pursar                     Sera Cortese
                                                               wonderful day!
Alayna Gray                    Ian Cable
Alexandra Doukas               Joy Cable                       Sponsors and supporters
                                                               Supporters who donated goods and prizes and those
Buddy Walk - Newcastle thanks                                  who donated their services, me and exper se
Newcastle City Council         Bunna Banoo Olive Farm @        included:
Energy Australia               Vacey                           V Australia and the Virgin Lounge - airline ckets and use of
St John’s Ambulance            Bronwyn Thompson                a mee ng room
Charlestown Lions Club         Kim & Tony Moran                Ci zen Watches - Vagary Watches
Coles Toronto;                 Meg & Paul Hepplewhite          Bridge Climb Sydney
Joe’s Meat Market              Australian College of Beauty    Sydney Theatre Company
Toronto                        Therapy                         PJ Gallagher’s- raffle prizes
Woolworths Glendale;           Pa erson Country Café           Sydney Special Children’s Christmas Party
Coca-Cola Ama l                Pa erson Tavern                 Look Design
Leah Murray                    Pa erson Butchery               Clinton May and the boys
Hunter School of               Amy Samson                      Butlers Hire
Performing Arts                Erica Reese                     Coates Hire
Marching Band                  David Reese                     Impressive Alliance
Dance Dynamix Inc              Medieval Display – Andrew       Bunning Warehouse staff - Head Office, Auburn and
Newcastle Knights & Ben        Daniel; Thomas Bacchus;         Lidcombe stores
Rogers                         Sernissa Eriksdo or; Roland     Gemma Deavin of Tellwell Communica ons
Civic Theatre                  Bridgeford; and Griffin           Volunteers from Westpac
Deniese Sanders                Westcastle
Ant Moore                      Face painters – Larna Staley;   Craig Peihopa
Ci zen Watches                 Amy Hindmarsh; Rachel           Craig is a long-term member and former Commi ee member
Be er Loosen Up Muscle         Davies; Ashley Dive; Megan      of Down Syndrome NSW, and Dad to Denzel. Each year
Therapy                        Taylor; and Erin Sa ler.        since 2000 Craig has volunteered his me and exper se to
Sydney Special Children’s      Organisers – Jennine Taylor;    produce a calendar for Down Sydnrome NSW, showcasing
Christmas Party                Mary & Darren Pe et;            the ac vi es of people with Down syndrome and their
Bandit Mechanical              Meaghan Hepplewhite; Kim        families.
Repairs Pty Limited            Moran and Anna Brown            In addi on, Craig regularly donates his professional
                                                               photography skills and many hours of his me as our event
                                                               photographer, contribu ng to our records of events and
                                                               raising our profile through various media.

Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010                                                                                  19
Financial statements
                                 DOWN SYNDROME ASSOCIATION OF NSW INC

                                               Declara on by President

     I, Ken Hancock, President of the Down Syndrome Associa on of NSW Inc. declare that in my opinion:

           (a)        the statement of financial performance give a true and fair view of all income and expenditure
                      of the down Syndrome Associa on of NSW Inc with respect to fundraising appeals; and

           (b)        the statement of financial posi on gives a true and fair view of the state of affairs with respect to
                      fundraising appeals; and

           (c)        the provisions of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 and the regula ons under that Act and the
                      condi ons a ached to the authority have been complied with.

           (d)        the internal audit controls exercised by the Down Syndrome Associa on of NSW Inc are
                      appropriate and effec ve in accoun ng for all income received.

           Ken Hancock

            4th November 2010

20                                                                          Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010

Statement of Financial Posi on as at June 30, 2010

                                                     Note       2010        2009
Investments                                          2      1,257,246     382,369
Cash                                                           26,704      13,692
Receivables                                          3          3,114       3,190
TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS                                        1,287,064     399,251

Office Equipment 5                                              50,649       77,670

TOTAL NON CURRENT ASSETS                                      50,649       77,670

Prepayments                                          4          8,677       9,342
TOTAL OTHER ASSETS                                              8,677       9,342

TOTAL ASSETS                                                1,346,390    486,263

PAYE Tax Payable                                                2,873           0
Trade Creditors                                                 7,860       6,224
Provision for Annual Leave                                     48,783      39,075
Provision for Long Service Leave                               31,276      27,272
Income Received in Advance                           6        987,752      12,160
TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES                                   1,078,543      84,731

GST Amounts Due / payable
GST on sales                                                   107,652          0
GST on purchases                                               -10,296       -343
TOTAL GST amounts due/payable                                   97,356       -343

TOTAL LIABILITIES                                            1,175,899    84,388

NET ASSETS                                                    170,490    401,875

Balance at Beginning of Financial Year                         401,875    530,067
Surplus/(Deficit) for Year                                     -231,385   -128,192

Balance at End of Financial Year                              170,490    401,875

Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010                                         21
                                      DOWN SYNDROME ASSOCIATION NSW INC

                                    FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2010

1.       Statement of Accoun ng Policies

Basis of Accoun ng
The financial statements are general purpose financial reports that have been prepared in accordance with applicable Ac-
coun ng Standards and other mandatory professional requirements of the Corpora ons Law. The financial statements have
also been prepared on the basis of historical costs and do not take into account changing money values or, except where
stated, current valua ons of non-current assets. Cost is based on the fair values of the considera on given in exchange for
assets. The accoun ng policies have been consistently applied, unless otherwise stated.

The following is a summary of the significant accoun ng policies adopted by DS NSW in the prepara on of the financial

(a) Property, Plant & Equipment
Plant and equipment is depreciated over the useful life of the asset commencing from the me the asset is held ready for
use. Gains or losses in respect of the disposal of plant and equipment are taken up at the me of disposal and included in the
Statement of Financial Performance.

The deprecia on rates used for each class of depreciable assets are:

Class of Fixed Assets      Deprecia on Rate
Furniture                  10% – 20%
Equipment                  15% - 40%

(b) Investments and Recogni on of Income from Investments
Bank deposits are brought to account at cost. Interest is brought to account when it is received.

Investments are stated at the lower of cost and net realisable value. Where there has been a significant diminu on in the
value of an investment a write-down to the realisable value is made.

(c) Employee En tlements
Provision is made for the Associa on’s liability for annual leave and long service leave at balance date. Long service leave is
accrued in respect of all employees with more than 5 years service with the Associa on.

Contribu ons are made by the Associa on to eligible superannua on funds and are charged as expenses when paid.

Sick leave, which is not ves ng, is not expected to give rise to future expenditures in excess of employees’ future en tle-
ments. Accordingly, and consistent with the recommenda ons of the Australian accoun ng profession’s Urgent Issues
Group, no provision is made at year end for sick leave.

(d) Income Tax
The Associa on is exempt from Income Tax.

(e) Membership Subscrip ons
Members’ subscrip ons are brought to account as income only when received. Sundry debtors as noted in the accounts
arise through the sale of workshops and educa onal in-services.

(f) Creditors
The accounts are prepared on an accrual basis which recognises expenses incurred but not paid for at year end.

2        Investments                               2010          2009
                ING Maximiser – General         1,257,246       382,369
                                               $1,257,246      $382,369

22                                                                                Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010
                                        FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2010
                                                  (Con nued)

                                                                               2010       2009
3       Receivables

                 Other Debtors                                                 3,114      3,190
                                                                              $3,114     $3,190

4       Other Assets

                 Prepayments                                                   8,677      9,342
                                                                              $8,677     $9,342

5       Office Equipment

                 Furniture & Equipment, at cost                              226,278    208,655
                 Less Provision for Deprecia on                              174,294    130,985
                                                                             $51,984    $77,670

6       Income Received in Advance

                 Membership Subscrip ons
                       DS NSW                                                958,333     12,160

                                                                            $958,333    $12,160

7       Statement showing how funds received were applied to charitable purposes

        1) Net surplus from fundraising appeals                             $330,009   $312,537

        2)       This was applied to charitable purposes in the following manner:

                 Payments on specific projects                                 11,007      3,912

                 Payment on informa on provision                              50,683     52,909

                 Direct Service Wages & Associated Costs                     528,149    537,110

                 Other Direct Expenses and
                 Administra on Overheads                                     314,976    259,855

                                                                            $904,815   $863,786

Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010                                                       23
3)   The shor all of $343,421 (2009: $426,701) between the $330,009 (2009: $312,537) available from fundraising
     appeals conducted and total expenditure of $903,934 (2009: $863,786) was provided from the following sources:

                      Government Funding
                      ADHC                                                       75,736                         62,688
                      Department of Health & Ageing                              19,964                              0
                      Other Government Grants                                    30,550                         66,700
                      Other Non-Government Grants                                 5,988                         12,045
                      Cecilia Kilkeary Founda on                                 30,858                         31,130
                      All The Way Project (NSW Health)                         103,300
                      Founda on for Young Australians                             4,000                         52,408
                      Membership subscrip ons                                    36,805                         37,541
                      Educa onal Workshops                                       16,705                         33,691
                      Investment Income                                          14,881                         22,953
                      Other                                                       2,134                          4,246
                      Total income from other sources                         $343,421                       $426,701

8    Rent
     DS NSW premises located at 80 Weston Street, Harris Park are commercially leased from Weston Street Joint

9    Insurances
     DS NSW carries a comprehensive range of insurance through Business Insurance Australia covering Public Liability,
     Workers Compensa on, Machinery and other con ngencies.

24                                                                         Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010
                                 INDEPENDENT AUDIT REPORT TO THE MEMBERS OF
                                 THE DOWN SYNDROME ASSOCIATION OF NSW INC


    1 have audited the accounts of Down Syndrome NSW for the financial year ended 30 June 2010 as set out on the
    following pages. The accounts consist of the Statement of Financial Posi on and Statement of Financial Performance
    together with the notes thereto, and the informa on contained therein is the responsibility of the Commi ee of
    Management. I have conducted an independent audit of these accounts in order to express an opinion on them to the
    members of the Associa on.

    My audit has been conducted in accordance with Australian Audi ng Standards and the requirements of The Charitable
    Fundraising Act to provide reasonable assurance as to whether the accounts are free of material misstatement. My
    procedures included examina on, on a test basis, of evidence suppor ng the amounts and other disclosures in the
    accounts, and the evalua on of accoun ng policies and significant accoun ng es mates. These procedures have been
    undertaken to form an opinion whether, in all material respects, the accounts are prepared in accordance with an
    accruals basis of accoun ng. Accoun ng Standards and other mandatory professional repor ng requirements have not
    been applied in the prepara on and presenta on of the accounts.

    The audit opinion expressed in this report has been formed on the above basis.

    Qualifica on

    As is common for organisa ons of this type, it is not prac cable for the Associa on to maintain an effec ve system
    of internal control over dona ons and other fund raising ac vi es un l their ini al entry in the accoun ng records.
    Accordingly my audit has therefore been restricted to amounts recorded in the accoun ng records of the Associa on.

    Audit Opinion

    (a)   In my opinion, subject to the effects of such adjustments, if any. that might have been determined to be
    necessary had the limita on referred to in the qualifica on paragraph above not existed, the accounts present fairly
    the financial posi on of the Down Syndrome NSW Inc as at 30 June 2010 and its deficit for the year then ended in
    accordance with the accrual basis of accoun ng as described above.

    (b)    My report, in accordance with Sec on 24 of the Charitable Fundraising Act. 1Q-QI. that:
    (i)    the accounts and associated records of the Down Syndrome NSW Inc have been properly kept during the year in
           accordance with the Act:
    (ii)   money received as a result of fundraising appeals conducted during the year has been properly accounted for
           and applied in accordance with the Act; subject to the limita on referred in the qualifica on paragraph above
     (iii) there are reasonable grounds to believe that the Down Syndrome NSW Inc will be able to pay its debts as and
           when they fall due.

    Ronald Smith & Co
    Chartered Accountant

    Ronald Smith

    Hornsby, 4th November 2010

Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010                                                                               25
                                      Down Syndrome Associa on of NSW Ine
                               Disclaimer to Down Syndrome Associa on of NSW Inc

     The addi onal financial data presented in the next page is in accordance with the books and records of Down
     Syndrome Associa on of NSW Inc. which have been subjected to the audi ng procedures applied in our statutory
     audit of the company for the year ended 30 June 2010.

     It will be appreciated that our statutory audit did not cover all details of the addi onal financial data. Accordingly,
     we do not express an opinion on such financial data and no warranty of accuracy or reliability is given.

     Neither the firm nor any member or employee of the firm undertakes responsibility in any way whatsoever any
     persons (other than Down Syndrome Associa on of NSW Inc.) in respect of such data, including any errors or
     omissions therein however caused.

     Ronald Smith & Co
     Chartered Accountant

     Ronald Smith
     Hornsby, 4th November 2010

26                                                                             Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010
DOWN SYNDROME Associa on of NSW Inc
Detailed Profit & Loss for the year ended June 30, 2010
                                                           2,010       2,009
Government Funding - ADHC                                 75,736      62,688
ATW Project (NSW Health)                                 105,800     103,300
Department of Health & Ageing                             19,964           0
Cecilia Kilkeary Fund                                     30,858      31,130
Young Australian Founda on                                 4,000      52,408
Other Government Grants                                   30,550      66,700
Other Non Government Grants                                5,988      12,045
Membership Subscrip ons - DSNSW                           36,805      37,541
Investment Income                                         14,881      22,953
Educa onal Workshops                                      16,705      33,691
Speakers                                                      912      1,175
Miscellaneous                                                   0      3,072
Informa on - Video / Books                                 1,221           0
Fundraising - Dona ons                                   121,015     144,151
              Annual Charity Ball                         32,010      25,622
              Special Children’s Christmas Party          73,968      35,865
              Buddy Walk                                  41,951      40,913
              T4321                                       40,290      43,438
              Xmas Appeal                                  2,000         370
              Midyear Appeal                                   0           0
              Cause Related                                4,865       3,775
              Calendars                                     9,741     16,378
              Workplace Giving                             4,170       2,025
TOTAL INCOME                                             673,430     739,239

Wages & Superannua on                                    519,610     523,297
Annual Leave                                                4,535      7,738
Long Service Leave                                          4,004      6,074
Audi ng Fees                                                2,000      2,000
Projects- Upclub                                           -1,496      8,356
Volunteers                                                    724        102
Mothers Weekend                                             1,244      1,149
Families Weekend                                            8,536      2,306
Informa on - Newsle ers & Bulle n                         38,127      31,633
             Library & Subscrip ons                         5,460      4,583
             Seminars & Staff Training                       7,095     15,853
             Video, books                                       0        841
Fundraising - Buddywalk                                   15,305     10,089
             T4321                                         3,895         502
             Calendars                                     4,790       4,771
U li es                                                     6,165      4,254
Rent                                                      35,684      19,729
Telephone & Postage                                       24,960      19,631
Insurance                                                 26,933      24,242
Prin ng & Sta onary                                       15,966       8,074
Office Equipment & Computer So ware                             980      4,045
Deprecia on - Office & Computer Equipment                   42,651      39,721
Catering                                                  11,755      10,769
Accommoda on / Room Hire                                    6,241     17,398
Repairs & Maintenance                                     15,861     22,150
IT                                                        19,632           0
Bank Charges                                               2,000      1,688
PR & Personnel                                             2,350       2,662
Transla ons                                               44,002       5,973
Speakers                                                        0          0
Contractors                                               18,035     39,005
Internet                                                      707      2,057
Website Maintenance                                           439      4,604
AGM & Commi ee Expenses                                       476        377
Travel & Entertainment (Speakers)                         11,203     16,810
Office Ameni es                                                 466        379
Adver sing                                                    240        625
Graphic Design                                                  0        300
Miscellaneous                                               4,241          0
Provision for Doub ul Debts (write back)                         0         0
Gain / Loss on Disposal                                          0         0
TOTAL EXPENDITURE                                        904,815     863,786

SURPLUS/(DEFICIT) FOR YEAR                               -231,385    -124,547

Down Syndrome NSW Annual Report 2009 - 2010                                     27