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                                      Two Sections, Section A                    •       076510            •       Vol. 155            •        No. 12            •        July 25, 2008

It’s Summer – it must be time for mission trips!
The Costa Rica Mission Experience                                                            A Teen’s Perspective:
                                                                                             By Tara Howard, first-time
                                                                                                                                                Freely you have received;
                                                        try with warm, friendly,
                                                        loving people. The                   missioner, 13 years old                            now freely give. Matthew 10:8
                                                        Methodists there are also      Before I went on Operation
                                                        very energetic about their Paintbrush, I was told this would                                The mailings make me laugh. It always
                                                        faith. Whether it was sift-be a life-changing experience.                               amazes me that some people believe them.
                                                        ing sand, shoveling rock,  But I went on this trip ready to                             “You may have just won $1,000,000.” We
                                                        digging trenches, bending  change someone else’s, which,                                received one at the church which read,
                                                        rebar and constructing     I was excited about. My group                                “Dear Mr. Church. You may already own
                                                                                                                                                a new car!”                                        Dr. Tom Pace
                                                        frames, mixing and car-    was assigned a house owned by a
                                                        rying mortar and cement,   Hispanic family. Though verbal                                   When the telemarketers call, they
                                                        carrying cinderblocks, or  communication was a little hard                              argue with me when I try to decline their offers. “Don’t you
    I think that my fellow Costa              building walls, St. Luke’s mission-  with one of the ladies, her face                             want a free month’s insurance? Why would anyone not want
Rica missioners would agree that,             ers worked hand-in-hand with our     showed how grateful she was that                             a free month’s insurance?”
although serving on a mission                 hosts in building their church. Our  we were there. The first day at the                               The answer is simple; it is because we don’t believe any-
team is hard work, the rewards are            lives were enriched by our experi-   work site was mainly scraping                                thing in life is free. We know that we have to earn everything
out of all proportion to the effort           ences.                               the old paint off the wood. We                               that comes our way. Our hearts tell us that anything of real
you put in. This was certainly true                                Maisie Temme    worked hard and after lunch we                               value must be paid for with effort. And that is true. Except…
of our experience in Palmares.                                                     had already started painting the                                   the gift of God’s undying, unwavering love…
Fourteen of us spent a week dig-                                                                 first coat. The next                                  the gift of new life…
ging trenches, pouring concrete,                At that moment I realized why, painting day we had to paint                                           the presence of the power of the Holy Spirit…
shoveling rocks and sand, and                     a stranger’s house in the middle of            the whole second                                   We receive them as gifts. There is nothing we can do to
building cinderblock walls for a                     my summer was so important.                 coat and finish the                             earn them. They are free… to us. Well… they are not really
new Methodist church. We were                                                                    trim all in one day. It                        free; it is simply that Christ has already paid for them on our
very fortunate to have a lot of in-                                                          was really time-consum-                            behalf.
teraction with the congregants—a                                                             ing and we were tired                                  So what does receiving a gift like this do for us? Very sim-
friendlier, more welcoming group                                                             and sore from the day                              ply, it changes our lives. We spend our lives in gratitude for
of people would be hard to imag-                                                             before. We were tempted                            it. We live offering ourselves to God and others in gratitude
ine! The men worked side by side                                                             to take breaks, but I was                          for these gifts. It isn’t enough to sit around and feel guilty
with us on the worksite, the ladies                                                          determined to get this                             about it…gratitude and guilt are very different emotions.
made terrific lunches and dinners                                                             job finished in time. Our                           Guilt moves us to wallow; gratitude moves us to respond. In
for us each day, and we joined                                                               leaders worked as hard                             the words of the great Isaac Watts:
everyone for a joyful and festive                                                            as us, and they kept us                                But drops of tears can ne’er repay the debt of love I owe.
church service at one point during                                                           focused and working.                                   Here, Lord, I give myself away; ‘tis all that I can do.
the week. Although most of us                 Junior High youth from St. Luke’s UMC              When we were about
didn’t speak Spanish—and most                 partnered with Friendswood UMC to paint to go to lunch, our client
of the congregants didn’t speak               eight houses in Corpus Christi in July.        (See mission, p 3)
English—a lot can be communi-
cated through smiles and hugs, and
these we had in abundance.
                                              Julie Ellerbrock starts August 1
    The progress we made on the                                         “What’s              at St. Luke’s for over a year.
church in Palmares is but one                                       in the bag?”                 I have served as a teacher then
small indication of the success of                                  Those four               director of Westbury Methodist
the trip-- far more important are                                   words were               Day School for the past 12 years.
the relationships we built and the                                  often shouted            During that time, I also taught                       Summer Vivation Bible School
                                                                    with enthusi-            Sunday School at Bellaire United
memories we’ve brought home
with us, and it’s thanks to those                                   asm by chil-             Methodist Church in classes                               for Senior Adults
great memories that many of us                                      dren during              ranging from 2-year-olds through                  July 29 Study of The Lord’s Prayer, led by Corky Fowler,
plan to sign up for more mission              Chapel at my previous preschool.               eighth grade. I have served seven                          10:30 a.m. in the Parlor. Lunch at noon. Assemble gift
work next year!                               I cherish those words because the              years on the Early Childhood                               boxes for Interfaith Ministries “Food For Seniors” pro-
                      Laura Russell           children’s enthusiasm is conta-                Methodist Conference Committee,                            gram, 12:30-2:30 p.m.
    Costa Rica is a beautiful coun-           gious, and it is with that same en-            as the General Chairperson for two                July 30 Introduction to the YMCA senior exercise class that
                                              thusiasm that I am blessed to share            years.                                                     addresses flexibility, strength and balance at 10:30 a.m.
                                              God’s word with children.                          I am truly honored to be the                           in Fellowship Hall. Study of The Good Samaritan led by
    St. Luke’s United                             I have lived in Houston most               Director of Children’s Ministries                          Corky Fowler at 11:45 a.m. in the Parlor. Lunch at
    Methodist Church                          of my life, with a few detours to              at St. Luke’s. I am passionate                             1 p.m. Get in a rousing game of Chicken Foot or
                                              Wyoming, Dallas, College Station,              about building relationships and                           Rumikub or bring a game to share, 1:30-3:30 p.m.
    3471 Westheimer                           and Dubai. My husband, Bill, and               working as a team to guide God’s
                                                                                                                                               July 31 “Mystery” Bible Study and tour at Gethsemane UMC,
          at Edloe                            I have been married for 22 years.              children. We don’t always know
                                                                                                                                                        bus leaves at 9:30 a.m. Lunch at noon. Tour of the
     P.O. Box 22013                           We have two children, Taylor and               what is in the bag, but my prayer
                                                                                                                                                        Dunham Bible Museum at Houston Baptist University
   Houston, Texas 77227                       Cole. Taylor just graduated from               is that it will be filled with many
                                                                                                                                                        and Sharpstown neighborhood tour, 1 p.m.
                                              Bellaire and will attend Texas                 exciting adventures as we, the staff
      713-622-5710                            A&M in a few short weeks! Cole                 and church family, minister to                    Come for any part, or all, of Summer Vivation Bible School.                    will be a sophomore at Strake                  the children of St. Luke’s and the                Reservations needed are for lunch ($7 each day). Bring your friends!
                                              Jesuit. We have been worshipping               community.

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                                                                             THE SPIRE 2
Caring Ministries                                                                 Reuse,                               Rob Landes and Friends
Caring and Sharing in Our Church Family                                         Recycle, and                           this Sunday!
Cares and Concerns:
Memorial City Hospital
                                       Don and Roy Anne Beckham and
                                       Alex and Sydney Beckham on the
                                       death of Don’s father, Joe Edward
                                                                                  Reduce                                   Be sure to join The Rob Landes Trio and
                                                                                                                       friends, this Sunday, July 27, at 4 p.m. in
    Corinne Lawrence                                                             Most Americans could cut
                                       Beckham, on Friday, July 11, 2008.                                              the Sanctuary. Rob has invited some
Memorial Hermann TIRR                                                        down on what they consume! Do
                                                                                                                       musical friends to join him in
    George Pierce                      Julie and Mark Jacobs and Kristin,    you really need polystyrene cups
                                                                                                                       merry music making, just for you!
Recently Discharged:                   Chloe, and Catherine Jacobs on        or paper napkins wrapped in layers
                                                                                                                       The great Ed Gerlach will play his
    Karol Barnhart                     the death of Julie’s father, Emmett   of plastic? Do you find yourself
                                                                                                                       saxophone with Rob and the guys,
    Margaret Carl                      Vern Stewart, on Friday, July 11,     throwing away things that are us-
                                                                                                                       and singer Jennifer Johnson will
    Bill England                       2008.                                 able? Could you give it to a friend,
                                                                                                                       sing some songs for you too!
    Jackie Greer                       Family and friends of Paula           sell it in a garage sale, or give it to
                                                                                                                       And as always, Rob has some
    Frost Haenchen                     Marchand Heck, who died on            a thrift shop?
                                                                                                                       surprises up his sleeve. Bring
    Laura Jo Moody                     Sunday, July 13, 2008.                    There is an old rhyme that goes:
                                                                                                                       your family and friends along for
    Gail Nash                          Merrill and Gladys O’Neal of the           Use it up,
                                                                                                                       this super musical event. There will be a free-will offering taken to
    Mary Dale Shinn                    death of their son, Robert Alan           Wear it out,
                                                                                                                       benefit the Organ Maintenance Fund.
                                       O’Neal, on Sunday, July 13, 2008.         Make it do,
Congratulations to:                                                              Or do without.
                                                                                                                       Club 08.08.08 Life is a Cabaret!
Hal and Catherine Clark on the         Chris and Dale Smith, Joel and
                                       Tina Smith, and Scott and Emily           We live in a throw away
birth of their daughter, Sarah Blair                                         society but we can change our bad
Clark, on Friday, July 11, 2008.       Smith and their families on the
                                                                             habits! People are becoming more              Join us for a cool                           enables the faculty mem-
Proud older brother is Schuyler        death of Chris’ mother, Mary
                                                                             aware of their actions and realize        evening of cabaret mu-                           bers to pursue continuing
Clark.                                 LeClair Edwards, on Tuesday,
                                                                             how their actions could put the           sic featuring members                            education in their fields.
Jennifer Anne Rabbitt and Byron        July 15, 2008.
                                                                             environment in danger. We can             of the Bridges Academy                           For instance, earlier this
Keith Murray, Jr., who were            Have a prayer request? Call the                                                 of Fine Arts faculty                             month, Bridges Director
                                                                             change our attitudes and behaviors
united in marriage on Saturday,        PRAYER LINE, at any time, day                                                   and some exceptional                             Beverly Laubach and As-
                                                                             in order to save our earth. The
July 19, 2008.                         or night, 713-402-5088.                                                         students! The doors of                           sociate Director Monica
                                                                             Welcoming team at St. Luke’s is
                                       If you know of a concern or joy                                                 Club 08.08.08 (also                              Griffin traveled to Vir-
Our Sympathy to:                       that the church should know
                                                                             committed to informing you how
Family and friends of Dorothy                                                you can Go Green and help save            known as the Rotunda                             ginia to study techniques
                                       about, please contact Caring Min-     the planet!                               Theatre) open at 7 p.m.                          of teaching commercial
Tutt Sinclair, who died on
                                       istries at 713-402-5086 or -5114.                                               on Friday, August 8, and                         singing (Broadway, pop
Wednesday, July 9, 2008.
                                                                                                                       with Steve McCurdy as the emcee,       and rock). Beverly says, “We’ve
The Sacrament of Baptism was received by:                                          Christian                           the show promises to be filled with     had a recent influx of students
Not Pictured                                                                                                           laughter, fun and terrific music.       requesting this sort of training,
William Davis Darby, son of                                                      Community                             During the intermission, there will    and our ability to offer it will
William Derek Darby and Crystin
Holmann Darby on Saturday, July                                                 Service Center                         be an espresso bar with homemade
                                                                                                                       desserts available.
                                                                                                                                                              be greatly beneficial to Bridges
                                                                                                                                                              and the Fine Arts Ministry at St.
19, 2008.
Wylie Reese Ward, son of Wesley
                                                                               set to help 6,000                           There is no admission charge
                                                                                                                       for the evening, however a free
                                                                                                                                                                  So come early for a good spot,
Ralph Ward and Molly Reese Ward                                                  students get                          will offering will be collected.       as seating is limited! Doors open
on Saturday, July 19, 2008.                                                                                            Donations will benefit the Bridges      at 6:30. If you have any questions,
                                                                              Back To School                           Teacher Education Fund, which          contact Monica at 713-402-5110.
                                       Harrison Barton Hughes, Hayden            The Back to School program,

                                                                                                                       Food Drive help
                                       Elise Hughes, and Haylie Elizabeth    sponsored by the Christian
                                       Hughes, children of Mark Barton       Community Service Center, will
                                       Hughes and Jill Lynette Hughes        distribute school supplies and
                                                                                                                           The heat of summer has more than doubled the number of families
                                       on Sunday, July 13, 2008.             other school needs on August 8
                                                                                                                       going to Gethsemane UMC for a meal. CCSC’s food pantry at Gethse-
                                                                             and 9. There are still things to be
                                                                                                                       mane will give each family a five-day food package beginning in August.
                                                                             done before then. Here’s how you
                                                                                                                           Exciting matching opportunity: A supportive donor of Christian
                                                                             can help:
                                                                                                                       Community Service Center has pledged to contribute $1 for every $1
                                                                             Provide Financial Support                 of donated food items for Gethsemane UMC up to $50,000! So bring
Anna Marie Wolf, daughter of                                                 Back to School collection at the
Aaron James Wolf and Kelly Haun                                                                                        in those donations! Outreach will gladly take your food donations of
                                                                             Connections Center                        canned veggies, fruit, peanut butter and cereals at the Connections
Wolf on Sunday, July 13, 2008.                                               Sundays, July 20, 27 and August 3         Center on Sunday, July 27 to help “beef up” the food stockpile!
                                                                             Help send 5,500 children back to
                                                                             school ready to learn with new
                                                                             school supplies, new shoes and a
                                                                             new uniform. Just $45 sponsors            Stephen Ministry—helping others
                                                                             one underprivileged child.                    “I recently benefitted                         in Christian caregiving.
                                                                             Sort and Pack School Supplies             from the Stephen Ministry                         They offer a confidential,
                                       Elizabeth Graham Eades, daughter      Back to School Sort and Set Up            program at St. Luke’s                             nonjudgmental, healing
                                       of Jonathan Eric Eades and            Saturday, August 2, 7:45 a.m.             United Methodist church.                          relationship to people in
                                       Elizabeth Anne Perrin Eades on        -1 p.m. at Faith Lutheran Church          At some point, if there is                        need of support. We are
Celeste Lee Smith, daughter of         Sunday, July 13, 2008.                (4600 Bellaire)                           a crisis in your life, it is                      now recruiting for a new
Joel Garrett Smith and Tina Lee                                              Sort school supplies and get ready        comforting to know there                          class of Stephen Minis-
on Sunday, July 20, 2008.                                                    to pass them out to the registered        is someone there to listen                        ters whose training will
                                                                             participants. Contact Katie in Out-       and who cares. It is great                        begin in September. If
                                                                             reach or Amy Phillips at CCSC at          to be able to trust someone who        your friends think of you as a good
                                                                                     will pray for you and help keep        listener, a great support in times
                                                                             Help Distribute                           your thoughts confidential and let      of need, and you have a heart for
                                                                             Back to School Distribution               you know you are not alone.            helping others, Stephen Ministry
                                                                             Friday, August 8 and Saturday,                Sometimes we must reach out        may be right for you!
                                                                             August 9, 7:45 a.m.-1 p.m. at Faith       and ask for help. What a beauti-           If you are interested in apply-
                                                                             Lutheran Church (4600 Bellaire)           ful way for one Christian to be        ing for our fall Stephen Ministry
                                                                             Pass out the new uniform and shoe         there for another. It does work and    training class, pick up an informa-
                                                                             vouchers and school supplies to           can make all the difference in a       tion packet and application at the
Mia Grace Paulsen, daughter of         Riley Claire Miller, daughter of      registered participants. Contact          person’s life.”                        Connection Center on Sunday.
Brian Michael Paulsen and Ashley       Mark Wayne Miller and Jennifer        Katie in Outreach or Amy Phillips             A Stephen Minister is a            You can also contact St. Luke’s
Bryn Atwood Paulsen on Sunday,         Beato-Miller on Sunday, July 13,      at CCSC at seasonal@ccschous-             volunteer from the congregation        Center for Counseling and Life
July 20, 2008.                         2008.                                                         that receives extensive training       Enrichment at 713-402-5046.
                                                                                 THE SPIRE 3
                                                                                 Volunteering—It’s a family affair!
                                                                                 Second in a series
                                                                                     Volunteering is rewarding          absence upon his recent marriage.      very thorough and starts with the
                                                                                 in and of itself, but when family      I continue to enjoy working in         basics. There is a place for every-
                                                                                 members work together, the bless-      this ministry, however, and do         one within this ministry!
Alley Theater Summer Chills, August 2: Agatha Christie’s The                     ings can be doubled –as is the case    my best to arrange my busy travel
Unexpected Guest. Lunch at Pronto’s. Leave St. Luke’s at noon. $24 for           with the father/son team of the        schedule around my “Sunday                            ****
ticket and transportation, lunch “on your own.”                                  Blakes. Read their stories, and that   work” schedule.
Upcoming events:                                                                 of other family duos helping to            Favorite aspects:
Thursday, August 7: Game Day and Ice Cream Social, B141,                         take worship to the airwaves in the    Our family has volun-
1-3:30 p.m. No reservations necessary.                                           Houston region. In Media Ministry      teered in this area of
Thursday, August 14: Mainstreamer Day programs and luncheon:                     alone, there are six family groups     the ministry for close to
Nancy Benthien, The Climate Project at 10 a.m.; Bee Moorhead, Texas              serving together – many of whom        10 years. We all have
Impact/Texas Interfaith Power and Light at 11 a.m.                               have done so for decades and de-       enjoyed learning new
Saturday, August 16: Caregivers Conference: a free event of work-                veloped a “diary” of funny stories     skills and working with
shops and resources for family members caring for loved ones.                    and special memories. This is Part     the great staff and other
8:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Includes lunch for registrants.                                 2 of the series:                       volunteers. There is a
                                                                                 Meet the Nolingbergs
Recurring events:                                                                    Susan: My son,
Mondays, Line Dancing class: 1-2:30 p.m. Fellowship Hall. $30 per                Blake, started working in
10-week session.                                                                 Television Ministry dur-
Wednesdays and Fridays, Senior Adult YMCA exercise class:                                                                                                      From a Teenager’s View
                                                                                 ing high school. He was                                                           Robbie Blake: I started work-
10:30-11:30 a.m. Crossroads Building. Free to Y city-wide or Weekley             involved in a garage band
Y members or $5 per session for church members, $10 for others.                                                                                                ing with my Dad, Larry, last year
                                                                                 at that time and knew a                                                       at age 14. We started the same
Call 713-402-5031 for reservations and information about programs                lot about audio equip-                                                        time. I wanted to gain technical
and activities for senior adults, or stop by the Connection Center in The        ment, so he began work-                                                       theatre experience and Dad wanted
Commons on Sunday mornings.                                                      ing on the audio board.                                                       to try and bond with me. I work
                                                                                 Blake had such a good                                                         on the sound board and Dad does
Looking for Love?
                                                                                 time in this ministry, that                                                   remote cameras. It’s nice having
                                                                                 he recruited his brother, Jason, to    great sense of excitement in the
                                                                                                                        control room each week and, after      someone you know there. Work-
    Do you                                                  • Pray for           help operate the Sanctuary cam-                                               ing here is just great ‘cause I get to
                                                            them, specifi-        eras. One Sunday, as I was sitting     performing our work, we leave
want to share                                                                                                                                                  practice working with technology
                                                            cally for our ris-   in church, an appeal was made          feeling a great sense of accom-
some love?                                                                                                                                                     and increase my skills.
                                                            ing freshmen,        for volunteers for the Television      plishment.
Join the Home                                                                                                                                                  Lights… Camera… Take
                                                            be a prayer          Ministry and I thought, “I can do          My favorite memory of
Team. We want                                                                                                                                                  Action!
                                                            partner for a        that! This will give me something      working in this ministry is a
to send each of                                                                                                                                                    Any individual OR husband/
                                                            student.             additional that I can share with my    bittersweet one. The first Christ-
our high school                                                                                                                                                wife or parent/child team that is
                                                            • For your           sons.” So, we became a “family         mas after my husband’s death, I
graduates off                                                                                                                                                  interested in learning to be a part
                                                            prayer partner,      team”! Although we were assigned       wasn’t up to participating in the
knowing that                                                                                                                                                   of a TV crew can come take a
                                                            send at least        to different teams, on occasion we     extended family Christmas Eve
there is at least                                                                                                                                              sneak peek one Sunday this sum-
                                       two greeting cards (one per semes-        were able to work together... Jason    celebration as it was too painful
one person from home who really                                                                                                                                mer between 8:30 a.m. and noon.
                                       ter) just to let them know you care.      continued with his work until he       for me at the time. Instead, I vol-
cares about them (besides their                                                                                                                                Contact
                                       • Help one time during the year           departed for college and Blake         unteered to assist with the Christ-
immediate family.) It’s our aim                                                                                                                                for more information. In terms of
                                       with a college care package mail-         continued until he took a leave of     mas Eve services and so I spent
to let these vital members of our                                                                                                                              time commitments for service in
                                       ing (there will be four opportuni-                                               my evening filming the wonderful
community know we love them,                                                                                                                                   this area, each team is scheduled
                                       ties during the year to do this task                                             celebrations at St. Luke’s and left
care for them and are here to sup-                                                                                                                             to work approximately one Sunday
                                       which consists of stuffing enve-                                                  church with a much lighter heart
                                                                                   Habitat for
port them during this important                                                                                                                                a month. Read more family stories
                                       lopes with letters and gift cards or                                             as a result.
time in their lives. We want them                                                                                                                              next week in The Spire.
                                       sending baked goods from home).                                                      No worries: The training is
to know they are loved by their
church family.
    We are looking for adults
                                           For more information on
                                       “the Home Team,” please con-
                                                                                 Humanity needs Mission trips
who are willing to commit a year
of their time to caring for our
                                       tact Rev. Taylor Meador Fuerst
                                       at 713-402-5084 or tfuerst@
                                                                                   volunteers   (Continued from front page
college-aged members. (You don’t or Susan Ishmael              Sign up for the Habitat for        was driving up in her car.
have to be a parent to be on this      at 713-402-5139 or sishmael@              Humanity community “4x4 Build”         As soon as she saw her
team) Your job will be to:                             which involves working 5 morn-         freshly-painted house, she
                                                                                 ings a week, Tuesday through           broke out into this huge
                                                                                 Saturday, from July 15 - August 9.     grin and tears were form-

New home for the Covenant Class                                                  Only a few hours of building can
                                                                                 change lives. No prior construc-
                                                                                                                        ing in her eyes. This trip
                                                                                                                        wasn’t about me or hang-
    Room C262 is the                               out things in the scrip-      tion experience is necessary. The      ing out with my friends.
new home of the Cov-                               ture that most people         work days are 7 a.m.-12 noon           This was about me helping
enant Class, an ener-                              would miss and pose           through August 9.                      someone I didn’t know,
gizing Sunday School                               a question about it…              The project involves building      just because it was the
class whose vision is to                           I have always found           four houses in four weeks with a       right thing to do. This experience     working through you to help those
use studies and discus-                            it refreshing and quite       goal of 2000 volunteers, and you       has changed me because now I am        in need.” Emily Christians stated
sions of the Bible to help class       inspiring to be able to sit and listen    can sign up individually or put        so much more grateful for what         that “it was a lot of fun helping
members understand the life-trans-     and learn, as well as discuss, the        together your own crew.                I have and has made me want to         people not as fortunate as me. This
forming power of Jesus Christ.         lessons in the Covenant class.”               Founded in 1987, Houston           help others.                           really impacted my life a lot.”
    The class is made up of singles        The Book of Romans is the             Habitat for Humanity embraces all          I liked Operation Paintbrush           Operation Paintbrush has been
and couples of all ages. It is rela-   current study, so, if you are             faiths and is dedicated to eliminat-   so much that now every time I          many youths’ first mission trip.
tively small and enjoys a round-       searching for an introspective look       ing substandard housing in our         see a house with peeling paint I       It’s amazing to see how much this
table discussion format. One of St     into your own discipleship, come          community by helping low-in-           just want to go scrape it and then     has changed teens’ lives, just after
Luke’s most endearing long time        visit the Covenant class.                 come families purchase a simple,       repaint it all. I loved that amazing   one time. I know this is something
members, Jackie Greer, a formi-            The Covenant Class meets              decent home in which to live. To       feeling I got knowing how much         I will continue doing throughout
dable Bible scholar and teacher        Sundays at 9:45 a.m. in C262.             date, Houston Habitat has built        I impacted someone’s life. My          my life. I hope other kids will do
herself, has this to say about the     Contact Duane and Haley Smith             over 650 homes and served more         friends who were on this mission       something like this, at least just
teaching team of Judy Hollinger,       at 713-270-0959 or hsmithx2@              than 2,700 people – half of whom       trip too, responded in ways similar    once. I know it will change people
Bill and Nancy Cobb, Sallie and or JaneWilliams at                are children. Register online at       to me. Laura Penalver reacted to       in a way that pleases Christ – and
Ted Davis, Haley and Duane    or     or call         this experience saying, “It felt       into a person that God wants them
Smith and Ned Price. “They pick        713-402-5042.                             713-671-9993, ext. 216.                amazing to know that God is            to be.
                                                                              THE SPIRE 4
Outreach Opportunities                                                                                                                              to the beautiful Texas Hill Country
No Second Saturday Service projects scheduled for                                                                                                   for tubing and relaxing on the river.
July or August. Join us when we resume in September.                                                                                                A great opportunity for senior high
Commit to Care                                                                                                                                      students to grow in their relation-
                                                                                                                                                    ships with Christ and each other.
Blood Drive and Food Drive on August 3                                                                                                              Cost is $335. Register online
Make a difference in two ways: give blood and give
to CCSC’s new food pantry at the same time. Sign up                                                                                     August 3 Junior High MYF - Pool Party,
online ( to make your donation appoint-                           Sunday, July 27                                                     5:30-7 p.m., $3, meet at the Blanton
ment, stop by the Connections Center or just go to the                          9:45-10:45 p.m., Summer Sunday School                               Building.
Activities Center on Sunday morning, August 3. The                              Junior High will meet in the Attic and Senior           August 9 All Youth ChristWalkers, 1-5 p.m.
online code to register at is 4301.                           High will meet in the Youth Chapel. Students                        ChristWalkers is a day of mission
Bring non-perishable food items for CCSC’s new food                             will play games, hear a talk, and break out into                    and outreach open to all youth. Meet
pantry at Gethsemane UMC to the Activities Center. A                            small discussion groups.                                            in the loft.
special CCSC donor will match one dollar for dollar of food donated, so         New 6th graders (starting junior high in the fall)      August 13 - 16 Junior High Get Away -
please help! This will make a big impact in allowing CCSC to purchase           will meet in the Attic for announcements and then                   heading to San Antonio to visit Sea
more effectively and stretch your donation dollars!                             go to their own Sunday school class.                                World and Fiesta Texas, as well as
Health Fair                                                                     5:30-7:30 p.m., Junior High MYF, Messy                              worship and connecting with new
On August 2, St. Luke’s will partner with St. Martin’s Episcopal Church         Games Night, meet in the Youth Loft.                                and old friends. Cost: $155. Register
to serve 1,200 children and adults in southwest Houston. Volunteers will        5:30-7 p.m., Senior High Sunday Night, meet                         online at
register families to receive vital health services including immunizations,     in host homes, call 713-569-1089 for address            August 17 All Youth MYF, Back to School
screenings and dental check-ups. Shifts are 8:30-11 a.m. and 11 a.m.-1:30       $3 for snack supper                                                 Bash, 5:30-7:30 p.m., $3
                                                                                                                                        August 24 All Youth MYF - Mellissa’s Going
p.m. The Health Fair will be held at the Westland YMCA at 10402 Fon-            Mark Your Calendar                                                  Away Party, 5:30-7 p.m., $3
dren 77096, just south of Braeswood. To sign up, contact Lynda Isensee in       August 1-4 Senior High Get Away: We will go
Outreach or stop by the Connection Center.
Helping our Neighbors                                                           Check out the Luke’s Youth website for more youth news at
Pets are so much a part of our lives that we can’t imagine living without
them, and for homebound senior adults these furry friends make the dif-
ference between companionship and loneliness.
In addition to their “people food,” the Meals on Wheels program of              ChristWalkers                                         Celebrating Lives
Interfaith Ministries is a pet food delivery program called “AniMeals on
Wheels,” and for the first time they’ve had to scale back on the amount
of pet food they can deliver because of low donations. Could you donate
                                                                                  bring joy                          CCSC BACK TO SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                                             John H. Buck
                                                                                                                                                             Ruthie Cosby
                                                                                                                     In Memory of:                           James H. Greer
an extra bag of pet food or a gift card to a local pet store? If so, you’ll                                            Richard Denis Lloyd by                Charles & Susanne Hooper
help continue this greatly appreciated service for the pets of homebound                                                Rosemary Lloyd                       Ed Michna, Frost Bank
seniors in the Meals on Wheels program. Their address is 3217 Mon-                                                   CHILDREN & FAMILY                       Ed A. Smith
trose Blvd. at Westheimer (77006) or call 713-533-4948.                                                              MINISTRIES                              Frank & Martha Smith
Bonita House of Hope                                                                                                 In Honor of:                         ST. LUKE’S MISSIONS
Our friends at Bonita House (womans’ shelter with 40 women and 30                                                      Riley Miller’s Baptism by          In appreciation of their leadership
children in residence) need help with a Data Entry Project. The hours                                                   Michelle & Bob Mueller            on the Costa Rica Mission Trip:
are flexible and more than one volunteer can be assigned to the project.           New Hope Housing residents         EDLOE WOODSHOP                         Krista Heide
Please contact Patricia Ott, 713-691-0900 x106 or        expressed appreciation to Youth        In Honor of:                           Sue Muenks
Make a Difference                                                             ChristWalkers for a fun-filled            Jim Weatherly by                     Susan Silvus by
Check out for lots of ways to              ice cream and bingo social. This          Gail Nash                            Bobbie Wisecup
make a difference in Houston and the world.                                   group of low income adults was         ST. LUKE’S METHODIST                 SUSANNA WESLEY
Outreach Ministries                                                           very grateful to the St. Luke’s        CHURCH FOUNDATION                    SCHOLARSHIP
Susan Silvus, Director: or 713-402-5045               volunteers:                            In Memory of:                        In Memory of:
Lynda Isensee, Local Missions Coordinator: lisensee@stlukes-hou.                  Youth ChristWalkers meets on         Walter Allen Stockard by             Signa Brown Patrick by
                                                                              Wednesdays during the summer              Big “6” Drilling Co.                 Susanna Wesley Bible Class
org or 713-402-5155
                                                                              to serve the community at one of          Margaret & Chester Benge
Katie Fields, Program Associate: or                    our partner organizations. The
713-402-5067                                                                  remaining summer Christwalker
Margaret Wheless, Kids Hope USA: or
                                                                              date is Wednesday, July 23 from
                                                                              1-5 p.m. On August 9, Christ-                    WORSHIP THIS SUNDAY, JULY 27
Anne Adams, Outreach Admin. Assistant:                 walkers will resume their normal
                                                                                                                        Sunday Worship: 8:30 with Communion; 9:45 and 11 a.m.
or 713-402-5039                                                               second Saturday schedule. Contact
                                                                              Lisa Lett in Youth Ministries to                    Contemporary Worship: 8:45 a.m.
                                                                              sign up at or                 Sunday Communion: 12:05 p.m.
Fine Arts at St. Luke’s                                                       713-402-5092.                                Ninth in the Series: Embracing the Challenge:
                                                                                                                                       The Model of St. Paul
                             Over      songsters meet some Strangers in
                         20 of Pure    the Night who spin them back to                                                                        “Introduction”
                         Sound’s       the ‘60s to become Day Dream           August 21, 22, 23 at 7 p.m. with                        Rev. Linda Christians, preaching
                         “Babes”       Believers on the Last Train To         matinees on Saturday and Sunday,
                         are pre-      Clarksville. Others will try to Stop   August 23 and 24 at 2:30 p.m. All                               Acts 17:22-34
                         paring to     in the Name of Love because they       performances take place in the                               Sunday School: 9:45 a.m.
                         head for      Heard It Through The Grapevine.        Rotunda Theatre. There is no ad-                       Monday 2 a.m. on Channel 55/KTBU
                         the ‘60s      Without a doubt, an Unchained          mission fee, but a free will “peace
                         in this       Melody will make you Shout and         and love” offering will be taken.
                                                                                                                                        (Channel 55 on Comcast cable)
                         year’s        insist that All You Need Is Love -     The doors open a half hour prior to                    Sunday 11 a.m. on Channel 51/KNWS
                         edition       or at least that was true Yesterday.   showtime; come early for a good                            (Channel 2 on Comcast cable)
                         of their          These and other memorable          seat! Experienced Pure Sound fans                         Website:
                         annual        trips to a tumultuous time will take   know that these shows are often
summer musical revue, Babes on         you back to The Age of Aquarius        SRO, so if there is only one seat           Altar flowers: The altar flowers are dedicated to the Glory
Broadway: I’ve Got You, Babe(s).       when we tried so hard to be Happy      left you’ll be saying, Let it be Me.              of God and in celebration of the marriage of
   They say if you remember the        Together but no one could get          (Everyone else will be left Crying            Rebecca Brandon Creel and Richard Barrett Alsup
‘60’s - you weren’t really there!      no Respect. Written and directed       in the Chapel.)                            by the Creel and Alsup families and in loving memory of
But, if you remember when you          by Steve McCurdy with musical              For more information about the      Dr. Claude C. Cody III by Muriel Cody, Claude and Ann Cody,
were California Dreamin’ then          direction by Sid Davis, the show       Fine Arts at St. Luke’s, visit www.
you’ll say you’re Goin’ Out of My      promises fun for folks of all ages! and click on              Carol and Charlie Herder and the grandchildren.
Head when our crack team of teen           So mark your calendars for         Ministries/Music and Fine Arts.

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