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									                                                      BA (INB) DEGREE PLANNING DOCUMENT for students who started in January 2008 or later.

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BA DEGREE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS OU validated as BA (HONS) Business Administration: International Business with Combined Studies

LOWER DIVISION MAJOR REQUIREMENTS                                       Semester Taken                          RICHMOND CORE CURRICULUM                               Semester Taken
Business Core Course                                                                                            LEVEL ONE (indicate course number)
MGT 100 Introduction to Business                                                                                1. Numerical
Quantitative and Economic Core                                                                                  2. Experimental
MTH 115 Basic Calculus with Applications                                                                        3. Behavioral
ACC 201 Financial Accounting                                                                                    4. Expressive
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting                                                                                   5. Temporal and Spatial
ECN 210 Introduction to Microeconomics                                                                          6. First Year Seminar
ECN 211 Introduction to Macroeconomics                                                                          LEVEL TWO (indicate course number)
MTH 212 Quantitative Methods for Business                                                                       7. academic area one
Writing and Information Technology Skills                                                                       8. academic area two
MGT 205 Computer Applications in Management                                                                     9. academic area three
MGT 220 Research and Writing for Management                                                                     LEVEL THREE (indicate course number)
                                                                                                                10. outside area of major
Business Core Courses                                                                                           GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS
FNN 301 Corporate Finance                                                                                       BASIC SKILLS
MGT 301 Organizational Behavior                                                                                 1. Writing Skills
MKT 301 Principles of Marketing                                                                                 ENG 111 Principles of Writing I
MGT 303 Ethical Issues in Management                                                                            ENG 112 Principles of Writing II
MGT 305 Information Systems in Management                                                                       2. Information Literacy
MGT 307 Operations Management                                                                                   ENG 112 Principles of Writing II
ECN 308 Managerial Economics                                                                                    exemption as documented in file
MGT 309 Legal Concepts in Management                                                                            3. Mathematical Skills
Capstone Courses                                                                                                MTH 100 Fundamentals of Mathematics
MGT 401 Leadership                                                                                              exemption via Mathematics Placement Test
MGT 403 Competition and Strategy                                                                                exemption as documented in file
International Business Concentration Courses (seven courses required)                                           4. Modern Language
INB 302 Foreign Trade Policy                                                                                    (French/Italian/Spanish) 111
INB 304 Country Risk Analysis                                                                                   (same language as above) 112
INB 402 Managing the Multinational Corporation                                                                  exemption as documented in file
plus four of the following:
INB 306 European Business Environment                                                                           Total Number of Upper Division Courses (at least 18)
FNN 402 International Finance
MKT 402 Global Marketing Management                                                                             Total Number of Credits (at least 120)
FNN 404 The Global Investor
ECN 450 International Economics                                                                                 Studies to be completed (month/year)
INB 483 Internship in International Business
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