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					                                      David Smith Klein
                                       11041 Hesby St, Suite 218
                                   North Hollywood, California 91601
                                (310) 936-6599

     Technical and Creative Quality Control Engineer: Independent Contractor with International Quality
             Control (IQC/Testronic). 2001-present Master, Compression, Audio, Menu, Subtitle,
             Authoring, Emulation & Compatibility QC for UMD, DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray on major
             studio projects (domestic and international) including:
     New Line Cinema: Lord of the Rings trilogy (theatrical & extended editions); A History of Violence;
             Wedding Crashers; Blade II & III; Running Scared (2006); Vera Drake; Elf
     Disney / Miramax: Snow White; Sleeping Beauty; Bambi; The Queen; Toy Story I & II; The
             Incredibles; The Sixth Sense; Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2; Tron; Chicago; The English
     Warner Brothers: The Departed; Batman Begins; Harry Potter 4; Charlie & the Chocolate Factory;
             The Last Samurai; Million Dollar Baby; Constantine
     DreamWorks: Flushed Away; Shrek 2; Wallace & Gromit; Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio; Saving
             Private Ryan; Collateral; Old School; Gladiator; American Beauty; Into the West (2005
     The Weinstein Company: School for Scoundrels; Mrs. Henderson Presents; Derailed; Doogal
     Paramount: Dreamgirls; Babel; Flags of Our Fathers; World Trade Center; Tomb Raider; Hustle &
             Flow; The Ten Commandments (1923)
     LionsGate/Artisan: Step into Liquid; Saw; Terminator 2; Rambo trilogy; Dirty Dancing
     Others (Sony, Universal, et al): Spiderman; Empire Strikes Back; Kingdom of Heaven; Curb Your
             Enthusiasm; Monster; From the Earth to the Moon; The Bourne Identity/Supremacy;
     Respectful, professional and friendly relationships with the people and processes at many authoring
             houses, such as Technicolor, Deluxe, Sony, Ascent Media, Panasonic, GDMX, Cinram-PA,
             Ambient, Laser-Pacific, and others

     Voice-Over Engineer, Sound Editor, Rerecording Mixer: Paramount Domestic Television – Robert
            Faulk Inc. Promotions. Cut and Mix for daily promos and sales presentations for immediate
            airing, (Entertainment Tonight, RealTV, Hard Copy, et al) 1996-2001.
     Sound Design, Sound Editor, Rerecording Mixer, Supervising Sound Editor, Show Final Mixer:
            RealTV, RTV Inc. Paramount Television productions. Sweetening of reality video footage for
            ½hr daily show. 1999-2000.
     Studio Manager: USC School of Cinema-Television, Sound Department. 1998.
     Teacher's Assistant: University of Southern California with Tomlinson Holman (THX / TMH Labs),
            Ron Curfman (Disney Interactive), and Midge Costin (Crimson Tide). Assist and educate
            students about introductory and advanced aspects of film sound, 1996-97.
     Supervising Sound Editor (including Music, FX, ADR, foley and Dialogue Recording/Editing),
            Rerecording Mixer: Between Girls, 16mm, mono. 24 min. Julie Blumberg productions. 1998
            (USC). Viewable at
     Production Mixer/Boom, Supervising Sound Editor, Foley Artist/Engineer: “i”. 35mm.
            DTS/Dolby Digital. 20 min. An experimental, experience-oriented film (similar to Imax
            formats) about sentient awareness. Sperling Productions, 1998. (USC) Viewable at
     ADR Engineer, Sound Editor: Colorful Flags USC-Center for Multi-ethnic and Transnational
            Studies; United Nations grant. Production of multilingual, instructional projects, 1996-97.
     Machine Room Operator: University of Southern California - School of Cinema-Television. Paul
            Evans, supervisor, 1995-1998.
                                       David Smith Klein
                                        11041 Hesby St, Suite 218
                                    North Hollywood, California 91601
                                 (310) 936-6599

Other Skills:   Alias Maya 6, Photoshop, Illustrator, ProTools, Avid's AudioVision, Various digital/machine
                Control Systems, Various Studio Recording Consoles, TC Nagra & Tascam (location
                recording, analog & digital.), Magnetic Film and Tape editing, Mac/PC tech support.
Education:      M.F.A., Film and Television Production, 1997, Cinematography and Sound Design
                University of Southern California - School of Cinema-Television, Los Angeles, California
                Advanced Sound studies with Tomlinson Holman (TMH Labs & THX) & John Haeny, Todd-
                 B.A., Psychology and Philosophy, 1994: cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa
                Centre College of Kentucky -- Danville, Kentucky
                A Trustee Scholar; A Knight Foundation/John C. Young Scholar

                More information and samples at

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