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									Michigan Medicaid Citizenship
 Documentation policies may
     violate federal laws

Issue Alert (Issue alert dated 4/14/09
    CHIPRA- Children’s Health
Insurance Program Reauthorization
    • Changes/clarifications for Medicaid
      citizenship documentation (“Cit Doc”)
      – (Birth certificate and photo ID)

    • Effective February 2009

    • Still not implemented in Michigan
      No Cit Doc Required if

Received automatic 12 months Medicaid
 because mom was on MA at birth (1984)

• Clients born on MA should not be asked
  for Cit Doc
  No delay, denial or termination of
            MA unless…

Failed to provide Cit Doc after reasonable
 period to do so
      Presumptive eligibility
• Allowed for both children (<19) and
  pregnant women

• Under CHIPRA, may be processed by
  agencies that make MA eligibility decisions

• DHS could provide Guarantee of Payment
  Letters to pregnant women and immediate
  eligibility to both children and pregnant
     Children (<19) and pregnant
       women applying for MA

• No verification needed for Healthy Kids MA,
  except citizenship or immigration status.

• For otherwise eligible child/pregnant woman,
  MA should open when a verification checklist
  asking for Cit Doc is sent
  – No delay/denial/termination until reasonable
    verification period expires
        Non-pregnant adults
• Same prohibition against delay, denial, or
  termination of eligible individual w/out
  reasonable period to provide Cit Doc

• More likely to require additional info to
  verify “otherwise eligible”
    Clients with this problem?
• Call CCJ

• Genesee County HELPLine (810)238-

• Saginaw office (989) 755-3120
           Tell DCH and DHS
• Different treatment for pregnant women because
  they apply at DHS instead of the Health Dept or
  health clinic is NOT acceptable

• Delays in eligibility (and prenatal care) for
  pregnant women is NOT acceptable

Medicaid Director Paul Reinhart, Acting Director
 Stephen Fitton, DCH Director Janet Olszewski
DHS Director Ismael Ahmed

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