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									                                                                                      January 26, 2010

Topaz Cove                                                                         3328 Sunset Key Cir, C

Condominium Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

  Board Members Present:               Dick Capek, Mike Livingston Jr, Tommy Thompson,
                                       Jim Lawler

  Board Members Absent:                Dennis Douglas

  Management Representative:           Brad Koehn; Benson’s Inc.

  Owners Present:                      Deb Wiegand

  I.     Call to Order
  The meeting was called to order by Board President Dick Capek at 1:00 PM. Mr. Capek
  confirmed that a quorum of the Board was present. Proof of notice was confirmed in
  accordance with state statute.

  II.    Meeting Minutes
  The Board reviewed the meeting minutes of the November and December, 2009 meetings. It
  was noted that the word “Ty” on the December 9th minutes should be the word “By”. By
  proper motion Mr. Livingston moved to approve the minutes as corrected, supported by
  Mr. Lawler. Motion carried unanimously.

  III.    Treasurers Report & Financial Statement
  The Board reviewed the financial statement from December 31, 2009 (the year end statement).
  Mr. Brad Koehn addressed the Board regarding the items on the balance sheet and the total
  year end income and expenses. It was noted that the balance sheet shows $23,404.49 due to
  reserves, additional clarification on this number is necessary. The Board discussed the current
  status of the reserve funds and the operating account. It is necessary that funds be transferred
  to other financial institutions to maintain proper FDIC coverage. Interest rates will be reviewed.
  The approval of the December 31st statement was tabled pending further review of the
  reserves and reconciliation of the balance sheet and reserve statement.

  The Board reviewed and discussed the delinquency issues. Further information was requested
  on the bank owned unit.

  The Board directed that the financial statement be provided via email by management no later
  than the 10th of the month.
Topaz Cove Condominium Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – January 26, 2010
Page 2

IV.    Management Report
Mr. Brad Koehn presented the Board with a written management report and attachments. The
following topics were discussed.

       A.     The Board reviewed a memo from the insurance company listing mandatory
              action the Association must take to maintain current premiums. The action
              items include the trimming of the palms away from the roofs and buildings, and
              the replacement of a missing pipe cover. It was noted that the palm trimming
              project is currently underway and is expected to be completed by January 27 th.
              It was requested that the maintenance man address the missing cover issue.
              Further the Board instructed Brad to respond to Statewide Condo Ins. Company
              prior to 2/19/2010 that the palm fronds have been cut back from the roof and
              the wall surfaces to reduce damage in the event of high winds and that the
              missing cover over the clean out pipe in front of building 3304 has been replaced
              and secured.

       B.     The Board reviewed the previous discussion relative to the replacement of the
              lanai screens and frames. It was noted that this work is an owner responsibility,
              however, the Association will locate a contractor to provide a group rate to
              individual owners who wish to have such work done. The same program will be
              set up for owners who need to have window screens replaced.

       C.     The Board discussed the window washing project. It was noted that additional
              information must be reviewed relative to maintenance requirements and
              liabilities. It was suggested that the window washing project be treated the
              same as the proposed lanai screen project.

       D.     The Board reviewed and discussed the retainer agreement provided by Becker
              and Poliakoff. It was noted that additional review of the services provided by
              Becker and Poliakoff and Associa/Benson’s relative to collections is required. By
              proper motion, with support, the Board approved the retainer agreement as

       The Board reviewed the information items listed in the management report.

V.     Old Business
It was noted that the Association has been repairing roofs and replacing roof crickets (a.k.a.
saddles) on an as needed basis. Additionally, it was noted that the Association may have a
contract with a roofing company for a locked price on the saddle repairs.
Topaz Cove Condominium Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – January 26, 2010
Page 2

The Board discussed the cable TV agreement. Further review of any written agreements is
necessary to determine if the Association has the ability to renegotiate with other providers or
with the current provider for additional services.

VI.   New Business
The Board discussed management’s processes, changes, and authority. The Board directed that
any known expenditures over $250.00 must be brought to the Board’s attention before the
expense is incurred. Any non-emergency work over $500 requires written proposals unless
otherwise noted.

The Board discussed various maintenance needs and projects. The Board also discussed the

The Board reviewed the idea of surveying the community for feedback on a variety of possible
subjects. It was noted that this issue will be tabled until after the current Board has the
opportunity to become established.

The Board discussed the need for a key control project to ensure that all owner keys are
accounted for and secured.

VII.    Landscape Committee Report
Ms. Deb Wiegand provided the Board with an update on the current status of the landscaping
projects including the current palm tree trimming and the planned review of the frost damage
in the spring. It was noted that the trimming of the hardwoods should be done every other

VIII. Board Comments
No additional comments noted.

IX.   Owner Comments
No owner comments noted.

X.      Confirmation of Next Meeting
Until further notice the meetings will be held on the 4 th Tuesday of each month at 1:00 PM.
The February meeting will be held at Mr. Capek’s home.

XI.    Adjournment
With no additional business having come before the Board of Directors and by proper motion
with support the meeting was adjourned at 3:35 PM.
Respectfully Submitted: Brad Koehn – Benson’s Inc

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