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           August 22, 2007

• Opening Remarks / GSA Overview (9:00 am)
  – Don Karrer, Penn National Gaming
• The Power of GSA Standards (9:10 am)
  – Don Karrer, Penn National Gaming
• Vendor Product Release Schedule (10:15 am)
  – Peter DeRaedt, GSA President
• Break (10:30 am)
• Preparing for the Implementation Process (10:45 am)
  – Lyle Bell, Seminole Gaming
  – Moti Vyas, Viejas Enterprises
• Manufacturer’s Roundtable and Lunch (12:00 pm)
  – Manufacturer’s Representatives
Who are we?
• Who is GSA?
  - We are a non-profit organization established in May 1998
• Who are we affiliated with?
  -   Australian Gaming Machine Manufacturers Association
  -   Macao Polytechnic Institute
  -   Multi-State Lottery Association
  -   UNLV
• How many members do we have?
  - A total of members = 71
            13 Platinum, 20 Gold, 29 Silver
            5 Advisory, 4 Affiliate
Who are we?

• Vision
  - To be the leading standards forum that creates value by facilitating
     innovation and efficiencies for the gaming community.
• Mission
  - The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) is an international trade
     association that creates benefits for gaming manufacturers, suppliers,
     operators and regulators. We facilitate the identification, definition,
     development, promotion and implementation of open standards to
     enable innovation, education, and communication for the benefit of
     the entire industry.
• Values
  - We will operate with integrity, fairness and transparency
  - We believe that open standards benefit our industry because they
     provide speed to market, innovation, value, and extended useful life
Global Membership


  14%                      Americas
Membership Composition

                         Advisors 5
          Affiliates 4                            Operators/Hotel 16
               6%                                       23%
  OEM 7

                               Manufacturers 40

• Donated funds to UNLV Foundation to establish a GSA
  Certified Engineering Program
   - International Gaming Institute & School of Informatics at the UNLV
   - Two GSA Affiliate Professors of Gaming Technology
• Collaboration with Macau Polytechnic Institute
• Course focus: XML & Web services, Game Play,
  Configuration & Player Management
• Certification Levels:
   - G2S Intern (G2S-I), G2S Certified Engineer (G2S-E),
   - GSA Certified Engineer (GSA-E)
Why are we holding an
Operator’s Forum?

• To educate our members and member prospects on the
  existing capabilities and unlimited potential of the protocols
• To share implementation experience of early adopters
• To discuss G2S migration strategy
• To announce the formation of a GSA Operator’s Advisory
  Committee consisting of some of the leading gaming
• Ensure alignment between the operator and manufacturer
The Power of

GSA Standards

• Introduction to the protocols

• Review current capabilities

• Determine future requirements
GSA Protocols

Introduction to the GSA Protocols

• G2S - Game to System

• S2S - System to System

• GDS - Gaming Device Standard
Intro to the Protocols

• G2S - Game to System Protocol
   – Used to connect Gaming Devices to back of house systems
   – SAS Replacement

• S2S - System to System Protocol
   – Used to connect servers to servers
   – In the field connecting EGM (Electronic Gaming Machine) Central Servers to a
     Central Accounting server
Intro to the Protocols

• G2S and S2S protocols are made up of “classes”
   – The classes separate the protocol into smaller parts with each performing a specific
        •   The name of the class is typically the function it provides
   – Some classes represent physical devices (money acceptors, printers etc.)
   – Some class functions represent a business need (such as vouchers or handpay)
   – Some represent a protocol function (such as Communications, or registerClient)
Intro to the Protocols

• All Classes have at least one Host
   – Owner host - the computer/Server that owns and is responsible for managing a class

   – Guest host - primarily a “listen only” computer/server that can subscribe to events and
     request meters status, logs and profile information from a class (G2S Only)
        • Guest host capability varies by class
Intro to the Protocols

• G2S and S2S protocols generate events
   – Everything that happens on the floor generates an event. For example: money in,
     money out, coin jam, game started, game ended, secondary game started, player
     card activity, hot player threshold reached, etc.
   – An application / operator can elect to subscribe to any event of interest and can elect
     to include the data affected by the event
   – When an event occurs, a message is sent to all who subscribe to the event
Intro to the Protocols

• Transport Protocol
   –   Applies to G2S and S2S
   –   The Transport is the cargo truck – the cargo is the G2S and S2S messages.
   –   Provides security (SSL) for both protocols
   –   Ensures the G2S and S2S messages get to the correct destination
        • Point to Point: guarantees delivery
        • Multicast: broadcast to select group of games (e.g.: progressive updates…)
Intro to the Protocols

• GDS – Gaming Device Standard
   – Internal to EGM
   – USB protocol which connects peripherals (note acceptor, card reader, printer, etc.) to
     the main computer board in the EGM

• SAS – Slot Accounting System
   – This protocol is the most widely used in the industry
   – GSA Certification process for SAS currently in place (Operators are now starting to
     require certification from their manufacturers)
GSA Protocols

Current Capabilities

  What can they do today?
Current Capabilities

• Real-time or Scheduled Software Download to EGMs
   Major benefits:
   – More flexible floor, allowing dynamic addition of the games patrons want to play
   – Software downloading for peripheral devices such as printers and note acceptors is
   – Reduced down time by not having to shut down individual games
Current Capabilities

• Central management of EGMs
   Major benefits:
   – Allows for theme, denomination and pay table changes
   – Denomination changes on slot machines are now as easy as denomination changes
     on table games
   – Changes to any G2S enabled EGM can be made from a central server, independent
     of the EGM manufacturer
Current Capabilities

• Provide 3rd party application access to floor data
   Major benefits:
   – Reduce reliance on a single vendor solution
   – Offer solutions at the speed of business
   – Ability to react to events as they happen
       • Locate hot players while they are still hot
       • Locate un-carded big players while they are playing
       • There are 5 “Hot Player” levels; event indicates card number when one is present
Current Capabilities

• Improved access to machine meter information
   Can be sent
        •   on demand
        •   on periodic intervals
        •   at end of day
        •   as result of a particular event
   Major benefits;
   – Reduce audit timing variances due to more flexibility in meter requests
   – Any G2S host can request the meters they need
Current Capabilities

• Player tracking integration
   -   Player tracking functionality is fully integrated into the protocol
   -   Player peripherals can be on the EGM or on the SMIB
   -   Prevents loss of partial ratings
   -   Any G2S host can find out information about players of the game
Current Capabilities

• Secure off-line voucher validation
   -   Allow players to continue to cash-out and redeem vouchers securely when the EGM
       is offline
        - Vouchers can be patron coupons or tickets
   -   Allows for a potential relaxing of current offline regulations and MICS
Current Capabilities

• New software can be downloaded to the printer
   – Coupons, comp slips, and marketing greetings can be printed on the fly
   – Player specific information can be printed on the ticket
       • Print the player’s name on the ticket or coupon
   – New printer templates can downloaded to the printer
       • A template is a printed layout with graphics and blank fields to fill in
Current Capabilities

• New software can be downloaded to the note acceptor
   – Provides for easy updates as new bills are released
   – Saves labor costs and reduces downtime
   – The note denomination ($5, $50, etc.) accepted can be adjusted from a central host
     computer for the entire floor
   – Ability to quickly disable specific bills when new counterfeits come out in order to limit
   – Ability to turn on/off voucher acceptance
   – Support for multi-coin acceptors
Current Capabilities

• GAT – Game Authentication Terminal
   – Provides validation of EGM software
        • At the EGM, or the Server, or from a remote location
   – Reduce completion time and effort to perform regulatory software verification
   – Benefits:
        • Software in EGM can be validated automatically, as often as needed
        • Could compare results to those obtained by regulatory lab – be assured you are running
          legitimate code
GSA Protocols

Future Requirements

  What Do You Want Next?

     Here are a few ideas for consideration…
Future Requirements

• What additional capabilities do you need to…
   – Enhance your patron experience?
   – Enhance your ability to reach your players?
   – Gather information required to make your business more successful?
Future Requirements

• Employee class (S2S, G2S)
   – Provide performance information
        • Total resolution time for machine related issues, such as; tilts, hand pays, jackpots, etc.
   – Automate the “meal book”
   – Automate the tracking of mechanic’s play activity at each EGM

• Point Of Sale class (S2S)
   – Issue a comp for food or beverage directly to the outlet
   – Purchase show tickets with points
Future Requirements

• Entertainment class (G2S, S2S)
   –   Make restaurant and show reservations
   –   Enter sweepstakes / promotions from the EGM
   –   Apply sweepstakes / promotional winnings to the EGM as non-cashable credits
   –   Call for your car from valet
   –   Reserve a table game from the EGM
   –   Receive notification when your car or your table is ready
Future Requirements

• Shopping class (S2S)
   – Use player points to make purchases in retail outlets
   – Use retail purchases to accumulate player points

• Smart Card class (G2S, S2S)
   – Card can be loaded with personal information such a as game preferences, play
     history, comp level, birthday, etc.
   – Information can be available and updated every time the card is inserted or removed
Future Requirements

• Estimated Completion Timeline example for adding a new class or
  feature set

   - 6 – 12 months for protocol enhancements
   - 6 – 18 months for manufacturer EGM and Systems implementation after the features
       have been incorporated into the protocol
   - 3 - 6 months for regulatory approval
   - Overall estimated time frame; 15 to 36 months
   - The above example assumes the operators and manufacturers priorities are in
       alignment and have worked together on requesting regulatory approvals

• We need more operators to actively participate in driving
  innovation as opposed to waiting for others to make it happen
Future Requirements

• Now think about 3 years from now, what capabilities will be
  required relative to
   – Player tracking
   – Table Games
   – Multi-player games
   – Others?
   – What new types of devices will be connected to the EGM?
   – What new technologies will you be attempting to loosely/tightly integrate into the
   – What new businesses will you be building?
Future Requirements

        There is no limit to what
       can be accomplished using
            GSA standards

   We need to start thinking outside the box!
 Vendor Product
Release Schedule
How to achieve Interoperability

• How do we know that vendors have all correctly implemented the
   – Validation through GSA’s Certification program
   – Standard Version implementation

• Aiming towards G2E interoperability demonstration for minimum agreed
  upon functionality
GSA Standards Implementation

 What does it mean to the Operator?
   What does it take to prepare?
A few Cold Hard Facts

• Every manufacturer is aggressively implementing G2S in its games

• SAS funeral is 1/1/11

• Most server-based games will use G2S and require a high speed
• Existing slot floor networks are obsolete
• G2S-based games will have cool new features that every casino HAS
  to have to remain competitive
Cost Justification

• GSA has commissioned a case study to assist in justifying the
  investment to senior management

• Costs/Benefits aside, the change is inevitable

• History repeats itself
    – Bill Acceptors
    – Ticket-In Ticket-Out
Major Migration Issues

• G2S game features likely to be available on premium games before
  “Legacy” slot accounting, player tracking and TITO systems can
  support G2S (a Bell Supposition, completely unsupported by
  substantiated facts but consistent with past industry experience
  in major new innovation)

• Impossible to make overnight conversion from Legacy to new G2S-
  based floor system. Time frame is multi-month to multi-year
Major Migration Issues (continued)

• Legacy and G2S-based systems MUST operate in parallel
  and harmony with each other to continue normal operations
  and minimize impact on casino operations

• Cold Hard Fact: Senior Management expects a
  transparent migration with no revenue interruption and a
  continuing level of superb customer service
Migration Strategies
Option 1

• Buy G2S games when Senior Management wants them,
  wire floor as required for new games and continue
  purchasing SAS-based player tracking hardware for the
  next few years

• Wait for somebody to create an innovative, simple migration
  solution; or retire soon
Migration Strategies
Option 2

• Wait a year or two and plan a massive, multi-
  million dollar Big-Bang conversion by perfectly
  executing a project plan which, in reality, can only
  be accomplished with Mythical Man Months

• Develop contingency career plan
Migration Strategies
Option 3

• Work with your system vendor to implement S2S
  solutions for bridging the gap between Legacy and
  G2S floor systems

• DEMAND GSA-certified G2S games and S2S
Migration Methodology
                            Legacy Systems

                              Ticketing                    Accounting

        S2S                      S2S                          S2S
       Gateway                  Gateway                      Gateway

             S2S Protocol                   S2S Protocol

             S2S                           G2S
            Gateway                   Floor Network

            Proprietary             G2S              G2S

             GTM               GTM
                                GTM                   GTM
                                                      G2S Games
                 Floor           SMIB

                 SAS             SAS                       G2S
Organization Impact From New
  GSA Protocol Capabilities
Traditional Silos


 Marketing                       IT
Overlapping Responsibilities


                   Promo           Promo
                   Setup &        Execution
                         Keep        Slot
              IT         Floor
                         Alive     Operations
Network Dependency

• Operating the Network is like flying an airplane
   – 99% Boredom
   – 1% Sheer Terror
   – “When the crew received the instruction, the main
     landing gear was on the ground. According to the
     crew statement, they noted the urgency in the
     controller's voice so they knew they had to get the
     aircraft airborne. FAA reported DAL1489 flew over
     UAL1544 by less than 100 feet.”
     Source: NTSB report Fort Lauderdale near miss 7/11/07 (Lucky Day)
Inter Property Wide Area Network
Intra Property VLANS’s
         Appendix 2: Logical Layout
                                                      Hard Rock Casino & Hotel


                                                                                                      2650 Router                 2650 Router
                                                                                                        x.x.x.x                     x.x.x.x


                                     Cat 6513 MSFC
                                                                                         Cat 6513 MSFC

                                                                                                                              Cisco PIX
                                                                                                                                              PIX 525

                       VLAN 33               VLAN 40            VLAN 41                VLAN 42              VLAN 43             Vlan 64
                      Office VLAN           MVS VLan              MICS                  RT860              MICS OLAP          Hotel Rooms

                                                                                                                                 Vlan 33
                                                                                                               Vlan 32
        Vlan 20              Vlan 24                                                         Vlan 52
                                                 Vlan 53         Vlan 201                              General Office                                         
                                                                     Accounting/          Users
        Servers              Printers                                                     SDG Switches
                                               InfoGenesis       SDG Net                                        Execs

                                                                                                                  2610 Rtr
                                                                  Vlan 19
                                                                                         Vlan 17
                                                                                                                   Frame Relay to TribeNet

Intra Property Physical Infrastructure
Everybody’s Best Friend!
…Network Nerd
Key Success Factors for Migration

•   Network Planning, with Network owned and operated by the Operator
•   IT Staff who understand urgency of slot floor problems and Slot Operations Staff
    who can work with IT Staff
     – Mutual trust, respect, and confidence
     – Leave egos at the door
     – IT Staff who are not service-oriented and “Slot Mechanics” are obsolete
•   Detailed migration plan developed with vendor support but owned by the
•   Insist on GSA certifications - - not negotiable, no variations from the standard
•   Operator-owned testing facilities
•   Stress Management skills

                                                                  GSA 2007 Operator's Forum
Manufacturer’s Roundtable
  Discussion And Lunch
Interoperability of GSA
• Aristocrat Technologies
  Jim Morrow and Jamal Azzam
• Atronic Americas
  Graham Falvey and Ken Bossingham
• Bally Technologies
  Bruce Rowe and Walt Eisele
• Cyberview Technologies
  Thierry Brunet and David Kern
  Rich Schneider
• WMS Gaming
  Rob Siemasko

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