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									                                                               Amphitheater Public Schools
                                                        First Grade Standards Based Report Card

Student Name:                                                                                  DOB:
Teacher:                                                                                        Year:

                         Grade Level Proficiency                                        1st     2nd     3rd   4th Attendance
       Making limited progress toward grade level standards (The student is below the
 1     level expected for the current reporting period. Improvement is needed.)                                     Days Present
       Making progress toward end of year grade level standards (The student is
 2     approaching the end or the year grade level standards).                                                      Days Absent
       Meeting end of year grade level standards (The student has met the end
 3     of year grade level standards.)                                                                              Days Tardy
       Exceeding end of year grade level standards (The student has
 4     significantly exceeded the end of year grade level standards.)
       Blank box indicates skill not assessed during reporting period.

 1st    2nd     3rd    4th    Reading Development                                        1st     2nd    3rd   4th   Math Development
                                     Reading                                                                   Number Sense and Operations

                              Identifies letter names                                                               Identifies numbers 0-100

                              Applies letter sounds                                                                 Writes numbers 0-100

                              Reads sight words                                                                     Understands place value

                              Decodes words                                                                         Counts by 2's to 100

                              Comprehends text                                                                      Counts by 5's to 100

                              Reads grade level materials                                                           Counts by 10's, forward and backward to 100

                              Uses comprehension strategies                                                         Solves addition problems up to 20
Comments                                                                                                            Solves subtraction problems from 20 or less

                                                                                                                        Data Analysis

                                                                                                                    Uses graphs/charts

 1st    2nd     3rd    4th    Writing                                                                                      Patterns

                              Writes to convey ideas                                                                Identifies patterns

                              Writing is logically organized                                                        Extends patterns

                              Uses correct conventions                                                          Geometry and Measurement

                              Spells high frequency words                                                           Sequences Months of Year

                              Uses common spelling patterns/phonetic spelling                                       Sequences Days of week

                              Writes legibly                                                                        Measure and compare lengths

                                                                                                                    Identifies shapes/attributes

 1st    2nd     3rd    4th    Science                                                                                 Structure and Logic
                                                                                                                    Identify questions and information needed to find a
                              Understands concepts/skills                                                           solution
                                                                                                                    Demonstrates problem solving skills using a variety
                              Uses scientific process                                                               of strategies.

                              Participates in discussions/investigations

 1st    2nd     3rd    4th    Social Studies
                              Understands concepts/skills

                              Participates in discussions and activities

 1st    2nd     3rd    4th    Specials                                                   1st     2nd    3rd   4th   Technology
                              Art                                                                                   Uses technology responsibly

                              Music                                                                                 Understands basic functions

                              Physical Education                                                                    Produces a simple product

          Draft Revision 5/29/09
Student Name                                               Grade 1

             C                          O                        I
       Consistently                    Often            Improvement Needed

                                                                                       Additional Support and Services:
Work Ethic/Social Development                     1st      2nd       3rd   4th   Services:
Works independently
Follows directions
Listens attentively
Resolves conflicts using appropriate strategies
Demonstrates responsibility                                                             Grade Assignment for Year 20__
Uses time wisely                                                                             This child is promoted to 2nd grade.
Respects rights/feelings/property of others                                                  This child is retained in 1st grade.
Follows classroom/school rules
Homework is done in a timely manner
Works cooperatively
Demonstrates self-control
Demonstrates effort


          Draft Revision 5/29/09
1) Your child receives additional support
through (program), in the area(s) of skill
cluster(s). (see attached Progress Report)
2) Academic standards, accommodations,
and achievement of goals are addressed in
your child's IEP (see attached Progress
3) Other:

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